So they accidentally spoiled their own show. Now I kind of want to read the other notes 😱


they just had a note for herb "Wanda & Vision's neighbor. Vision notices Herb behaving strangely and seems confused by his actions"


We already saw herb acting strange and vision being confused


that was when he was sawing through the stone fence


Prob by next ep maybe? Or maybe in modern family ones


We already saw herb acting strange and vision being confused


We already saw herb acting strange and vision being confused


we already saw vision acting herb and strange being confused


We already saw strange acting confused and herb being vision


Saw we already herb strange being vision acting and confused


we already saw vision acting herb and strange being confused


we confused saw strange being vision and herb acting already


Herb cut vision dr strange behavior acting already


we already saw vision acting herb and strange being confused


Herb cutting the cementa wall was the scene


Probably a mistake but my head canon is Vision has done this a bunch and Wanda keeps rebooting him. Only now she’s starting to lose too much control and Vision is pushing back


I mean it’s kind of true. We saw her rewinding stuff as far back as episode 2 and in 3 she did a jump cut to erase vision’s question and he didn’t remember it. So she absolutely is “rebooting” him or holding his memory back. But it seems she can’t hide the inner good that he inherited from Tony and Jarvis.


Also he’s a robot, so his brain seems to being doing the math faster than she can keep up. He even says something to that affect


Ohhhhhhhh, that would be crazy, like Wanda keeps redoing the show?


It's been 9 days since she broke into the SWORD complex and stole his body. And only 4 episodes (ep 4 was an interruption in the program) . Safe to say we're watching reruns as they are only 30 minutes long...


Mmmmm, true, so I wonder what the real timeline looks like. Heres my assumption. She walked out in her Scarlet Witch MCU look, WHILE we were watching the episode where the dog ran outside. So, here me out, the entire thing is technically prerecorded, because we’ve already seen events not necessarily matching up to when they happened in the episode, and since the Anomaly has been around for 8-9 days, and we know that episode 4 takes place within the time of 2ish days, what has been happening the other 6 or 7 days? My guess is that there could be some shenanigans going on.


And it's been pointed out that day and night time do not match inside and outside the Hex. Something doesn't add up timewise.


My guess, there is more here than Wanda, especially since she managed to change the barriers look in ep5 maybe she’s taking more control


I was just thinking that in an effort to camouflage the place she focused more of her power on making it invisible than making it hard to enter. Now that she knows SWORD is right there outside the wall there’s no sense in trying to hide it so she’s completely fortified the place.


Yeah, sounds about right, especially from the trailers with the vehicles impacting the wall, perhaps she’ll even try to assimilate the Sword wguys by expanding the barrier at some point.


But they’re were talking to her live on the radio, and then on the drone...


Right, but that part of the episode doesn’t match the day cycle in the hex.


But in ep4 the talk about all these 'episodes' but are 'still in the 50s'


So... Reruns


No like, everytime there’s a rerun, they reshoot it as well.


I smell some Good Place vibes in this headcanon. I like it!


It's Very Jeremy Beremy


Vision keeps seeing the time knife


We’ve all seen the time knife


That Norm-to-Abilash-to-Norm rollercoaster was INTENSE.


Absolutely! I had to pause and rewind just to watch his acting again. He went from sitcom jokes-to full on panic attack-back to sitcom in only a few moments!


A couple of seconds before Vision release him from Wanda's spell, when he is saying "you know this is a joke. This isn't real" he looks like he is desperately trying to convey his situation to Vision but cannot completely break from the spell. It must be terrifying from the townspeople perspective.


Man his acting was superb !!! I love when everyone in the office started chanting the email. So Twilight Zone.


Why did they do that?


My guess is some kind of glitch in the mind control.


Which episode is the upper one from?


Episode 4, when they show the board of people they've identified.


It's really strange that the notes where there from the beginning. Scenography mistake?


i was thinking about this as well like it made no sense how did they know about it before it even took place?? But again they only added this note about Abhilash, they even added a note about Herb but the scene already happened no idea really all i can say is time is different in wanda's reality


Yes time is different but so far it seems that there are no time jumps between what we are seeing in the episodes and what is happening outside. Ep. 4 made this clear and ep. 5 clearer: we saw the reaction to the drone broadcasted live


There was also a partially visible "...used magic in front of her" in Agnes's card, which also happened in this episode.




Not this different. This was a legitimate fuckup on Marvel’s part.


Unless this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Who’s to say Wanda didn’t successfully undo a similar event earlier?


The fact that this is a tv show and not a documentary. This is clearly a mistake made by the creators of the show.


It's real hard to say that given the extreme meta-conscious concept of the show. It certainly seems like a fuck-up, but I'm happy to give them the benefit of the doubt on it for the time being. Still a few episodes to go!


Yeah this has to be a mistake because even considering time on the inside and the outside is different. This was put in place before Monica was out of the Hex and this scene with Norm happened after Monica was outside.


I think there definitely were scenography mistakes here, they had cast listings for Herb and Beverly before they watched ep 2.


Darcy says something about Wanda washing dishes “once every episode,” and that paired with Monica’s first appearance in a scene (that Darcy and Jimmy watch) not being in episodes 1-3 might imply that there are other episodes being broadcasted that we don’t see.


That's the impression I got from that line. We've only seen about an hour of footage; SWORD seems to have had a continuous stream for a few days. Darcy has to have seen episodes that we haven't.


Lucky Darcy.


I think the original show format was probably: sitcom, sitcom, sitcom, SWORD, sitcom, sitcom, sitcom, SWORD, finale. This scene could've originally been shot as part of the second SWORD episode, that was covering the second batch of sitcom episodes. But then they restructured to include SWORD content side-by-side along with the sitcom stuff and this slipped through the cracks.


What makes you think that?


Short answer: baseless conjecture lol Long answer: I think that such a structure is a little more consistent with how the show seemed to be initially conceived/described. Plus, a lot of the leaks seem to be mostly focused on stuff that happens in the sitcom world -- to me that suggests that the leakers somehow have seen just the sitcom stuff; there are certainly other possibilities, but I think the simplest explanation is that they originally stuck much closer to the format of putting out self-contained sitcom episodes, but then later on realized that it would work better if we kept tabs on SWORD throughout the sitcom stuff once we've caught up with them initially.


I keep hearing people off-hand mentioning the "live studio audience" as if that's a known fact, but is that actually true, or people just misunderstanding the title of the first episode? If it is, it's possible that the leaks have come from that audience, so they've only seen the sit-com scenes for that reason.


Yeah that’s true. The director was talking about it in a podcast by Vanity Fair and I’m sure in other interviews as well. That was just for the first episode, the 50s one.


An error or change while editing, I’m inclined to think.


Maybe this has happened multiple times. Vision gets confused and confronts Wanda almost every episode, so maybe he has unhexed Abbash before, but Wanda retconned it everytime. So Abbash and Vision might be looped.


They probably intended to make ep. 4 the fifth, so they already prepared the sheets, but then decided to let us see the SWORD pov earlier.


Maybe Vision has done this before to Herb, just wasnt shown on screen and blipped from the broadcast, hence the note being visible in episode 4 even though this was only seen in 5. Wanda's powers are weakening the more complex and \*in color\* her "world" gets so Vision is able to somewhat break through the hex and remember doing this to Norm this time. Really only way this would make sense in terms of continuity


Regardless of whether it was a mistake for that to be visible, I'm interested in the fact that they saw that scene in the broadcast. That means 1) this scene was broadcast without the 'awakening' being 'censored' and 2) even though Wanda sent Vision to work to distract him and she didn't know what happened there, their collective email read or Norm waking up. Vision had to tell her, meaning she doesn't see everything that is broadcast out to SWORD and she is not the one—or not the only one—editing the broadcast.


For anyone struggling to read it (pls call me out if something is wrong): "Abilash expresses concern for his father and sister. his information was obtained when Vision awakened him. Is Wanda controlling a whole town? Physical safety of residents is now in question. When Vision restores him, Abilash becomes Norm again."


Were there other notes like that in that episode? I never read those dossiers.


I have a feeling that time isn’t linear inside Westview. Anything they see on the outside only syncs up with reality when someone leaves the bubble.


I agree, the twins seem to think it's Saturday but Wanda says it's Monday. Then she accepts that it's Saturday and changes why Vis isn't home


The message I took from that scene was that Wanda uses her powers to engineer Vision's day or "script" to lead him iback nto work to"reset" him back to the sitcom reality


The way I understood it was that Wanda sends people off to work and on their routines etc, but she can't do the same kind of thing for the kids. They're too aware and keep track of things more than the other people she's controlling are.


I’m generally confused about what is being “broadcasted” (seen by sword on the outside) and what we see. And if Wanda is truly in control of what is being broadcasted, why would she let that be shown?


did SWORD see this scene? or was it shown just for us


no the picture above about Abhilash was shown in episode 4 and we got to see what happened in episode 5 it made us all so lost and im still lost till now like ?? how ?


so sword didn’t see vision get the mail right??? would make sense


I mean doesn't it make sense that time runs differently? That would mean that time simply sync'd up around the drone time, and wasn't sync'd before. She seems to be genuinely be broadcasting episode-times at a time, compared to whole days that seem to be passing by in the SWORD camp, so undoubtedly they must desync at some point.


I mean, at a *bare* minimum, they watch the "edited" jump cuts occur in real time (so time is removed). Honestly, whether or not it's "real time" is *super* inconsistent. Even before the drone from episode 5 was "synced" Darcy and Woo tried the radio trick in reaction to seeing the radio on screen. In essence it's both live, and also impossible for it to be live. I'm increasingly leaning towards it's just the type of detail that gave up on maintaining consistency on.


But that makes no sense right?! Monica came out before Vision did it, but she was still inside when they got that information. So wtf?!


I don't remember him mentioning his father in the scene, only his sister. I think vision had done this before.


I believe he said his sister was taking care of their father and that’s why he needed his phone


Not gonna lie norm looks like chairman rose from Pokémon sword and shield


Perhaps intentional and what we see in real world and sitcom is not simultaneous?


I feel like this must have been a script supervisor mistake or something.


I believe that they put up all the notes as set dressing and didn’t really bother to make a different one


Quick theory here. This happened with Vision at work on Saturday because he "needed a distraction" and the twins saw through it. Perhaps this exact situation had happened before (on an ep we didn't see) and when Vision needed to be distracted (per Wanda) she just sent him to repeat the previous Monday on Saturday. (Since she also said to the twins "its Monday"). This is convoluted a bit, but we know SWORD is seeing things we aren't, we also know that Wanda can kinda replay things. This was all further emphasized by Agnes's whole do the shot again thing earlier in this episode. So, in short: SWORD saw Vision and Abhilash have this interaction at work on Monday, an episode we don't get to see. When Vision questions Wanda on Saturday, she sends Vision to repeat Monday as a distraction, and so the entire thing plays out again for us.


This could explain why everyone in the office recited the email when most of them weren’t looking at it. Maybe they’ve heard it several times already...


it's painfull I can't read that style of write


"Notes: Abhilash expresses concerns for his father and sister. This information was obtained when Vision awakened him. Is wanda controlling a whole town? Phycical safety of residents is now in question. When Vision releases him, Abhilash becomes Norm again"


‘Abhilash’ and ‘releases’ respectively.


Thank you, updated it!


If Luis from Ant Man and Tommy from Parks and Rec had a kid, this is what he would look like.


This is weird because it makes the show out of chronology with the real world, doesn't it? Is that a mistake or they're just taking liberties?


Yo u/marcebeboomin I've already seen the episode but I would put a spoiler tag


I only just realised that


I don’t think it’s reruns judging by the fact that Darcy was surprised by Quicksilvers recasting


Oops, Abilash or Alibash?