\*casual fans watching avengers 5 wondering why deadpool is there and why there are four spider-men.\*


Why are HULK and Logan fighting?


And why does Hulk look like Santa?


Why would you say it's a casual fans worst nightmare? I never really got myself invested in the entire MCU, I like some of the ones I've seen like the Spider-Man movies, Ant-Man, the first Iron Man, and i liked Infinity War, but the rest I've seen just didn't really do it for me. But WandaVision is really great so far, probably the most I've ever been invested into something within the MCU. I've been wanting them to dip their toes into horror and this is somewhat getting there, and I'm loving the mystery and the implications of what's happening, and of course the multi-verse stuff is pretty awesome. It has me even more excited for what they're planning with the new Doctor Strange movie, which is even being directed by Raimi which is one of my favorite directors, but also his involvement considering Spider-Man has me super interested.


I'm so glad someone else sees the horror vibe! I'm bingewatching american horror story at the same time and honestly wandavision scared me more than any ahs season


Hardcore horror fan here. WandaVision is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m talking years, possibly a decade. It’s not even just the weird “everything is slightly off” vibe. If anything, it’s knowing Wanda is in such a vulnerable spot and she could literally snap at any moment, if she hasn’t already. As someone who relates to her immensely, that is equal parts heartbreaking and terrifying.


I hate horror because I get scared too easily and I have yet to get any scary vibes. I thought the beekeeper could’ve been horror elementy, but so far nothing.


It’s an unusual, more psychological take on horror for sure, but still something I’d classify as horror. The cinematography change as Mrs. Hart begs Wanda both cheerfully and tearfully to “stop it”, the abrupt cuts, the creepy laugh track in earlier episodes, Herb cutting through a wall as if he’s glitching out, the general feeling that this woman who has lived a life full of trauma could snap at any moment or maybe already has, the implication of her doing anything with her dead husband’s corpse...the implications are more disturbing than what’s on screen most of the time, which I love because it forces you to think about what you’re seeing. It’s not a jumpscare fest like most horror cheapily gets away with (although that one shot of dead Vision was extremely well done), but the eerie atmosphere and watching this human ticking time bomb a la Carrie White just gets under my skin in all the best ways. It’s not someone with a cattle prod going “be scared now”, this is pure dread, and I love it.




That Stephen King kid sounds smart. He’d be a pretty great artist some day.


>We all know something's wrong, and it's making us feel like something's wrong, but we can't quite reach it yet. I'd classify that as dread.


I think the framing device of sword agents literally containing everything prevents it from being terrifying for me. There’s a definite creeping discomfort that’s great but the fact we have something of a birds eye view as well as the feeling on the ground in Wanda’s show keeps it a few clicks back from true terror.


Yeah I kind of wish they would have held back, at least another episode or two, on the sword agents. I really was enjoying the creep factor of trying to understand everything. Though, I do have to say that I'm glad to see Darcy back.


I’m loving the pace of it now actually


Darcy is killing it. I had forgotten how much I liked her character from the Thor movies. I still occasionally watch Two Broke Girls just for her delivery of lines. She's pulls off the sarcastic character super well


I just don’t see it. Maybe it’s the lack of knowing anything about the original comics or whatever this is based on. I am genuinely just confused as to what the fuck is going on the whole time. Just feels like a weird Truman show vibe


When Agnes asked if they should take it from the top and Wanda and Vision reacted in utter confusion, the unsettling, uncomfortable feeling it gave me was unlike any other that I had experienced with a work of fiction. I did not like the feeling, but I really appreciate this show’s ability and the creators willingness to invoke it on their audience.


The exorcist was both, explains why it is considered one of scariest movies.


It’s the Twilight Zone


I'll be honest I know it's weird by I definitely got almost scared feeling when the credits started to role in this episode. I can't put my finger on it but it was just that idea that someone could have so much control they don't just control reality bit also the meta narrative around reality itself really creepy.


I feel like at this point she’s lost control of how much she is in control, and for someone like her with her experiences, that must be utterly terrifying.


I hope the beekeeper makes another appearance his character looked scary as hell and it was cool to see how he was changed into that when he crossed over, within Wanda's "reality"


The Rosemary's Baby behavior around the crib, the Zombie Vision shot, and Agnes' confirmation that Wanda's children aren't hers to control, are short but distinctive horror elements.


What makes WandaVision work so well as a creepy horror show is so fascinating. It's not trying to scare us by being overtly gorey or physically threatening, but way more subtle. It's scary because characters we care about are going through something superficially saccharine and wholesome, but clearly out of place and just under the surface is something sinister, and the underlying tension is palpable. We know something is wrong from minute 1 because we are familiar with the characters and the events prior to the show. No matter how sweet and pleasant it may be, we are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop at any moment. There's the realization that it may be a psychological prison of Wanda's own making made manifest, and the dread of what she may be capable of and how much worse things could get when she's forced to face the reality, and the anticipation just to see how it all plays out. Plus the realization that one of the most sympathetic characters on the show we happen to know is already dead, so no matter how this plays out, things probably aren't going to end well


Dead grey vision reveal scared the eff out of me. And I knew it was coming. But seeing him dead and talking. Freaked me out.


Off topic but seeing Evan Peters as all of his fucked up characters in AHS and then here as Pietro makes me not trust him at all LOL what is he gonna be? An insane cult leader? School shooter? Like what is he hiding!!!


I dont know that Wandavision is full on horror, maybe more psychological horror. Thriller/mystery kinda seems to fit better. Theres definitely some creepy shit going on, but it doesn't quite have the horror feel to me, which is nice as I'm not a huge fan of horrors, but those tamer psychological horrors kinda like WandaVision are more up my alley.


SAME!! just made it to the end of AHS this week so the end of ep 5 is the perfect crossover :) and yeah this show might be scarier than an AHS scene so far like i'm so creeped out


Thoroughly recommend FX's Legion for more Marvel horror vibes


Seconded as a "casual"


Thirded. I stopped keeping up after Iron Man 2, but WandaVision is just so good, and with D+ I have pretty much the whole backlog at my disposal, so...


My mom has seen about 75% of the movies, nothing else, and has been loving it


It's a way of gatekeeping without gatekeeping, that's why.


Dude if sam raimi makes evil dead a refference in Doctor Strange i will love it even more


Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum is full of all kinds of weird mystical artifacts. I'm sure we'll see the Necronomicon or maybe the Kandarian dagger sitting on a shelf in the background at some point. Won't be referenced or mentioned but we will see it. Bruce Campbell will probably show up in a cameo role too


Strange is looking at how Wanda could have possibly brought Vision back to life. Finds Necronomicon in the library of the Sanctum Sanctorum, picks it up, brushes off the dust and nods "Groovy".


> Bruce Campbell will probably show up in a cameo role too Things I didn't know I needed that badly: Bruce Campbell in MCU.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvel_Zombies_vs._The_Army_of_Darkness Oh lord and possibly a cameo as Ash


Ted Rami too. Probably a Stan Lee-esk cameo, like a hotdog vender or shocked office worker or something, but he’ll be there.


I would die (out of pure joy) of any of this happens.


I think because the more casual you are, then the less you’ll understand the references. The show is still enjoyable of course, but there’s another layer to the characters, lines, and plot if you’re a serious fan. For example, if you don’t recognize Evan Peters as “the other Quicksilver” then the joke and implications kinda falls flat cuz you’re like, “who the heck is this guy” Edit: the same could be said for Star Wars and the Mandalorian


I consider myself as a casual fan. Grew up in France where let's face it the comic book culture is not massive. I think my first big impression with superhero was the first Spiderman at the cinema and I think I was 9. Always been obsessed with Raimi's work on Spiderman and watched every MCU movies but never read a comic in my life. As an avid Cinema lover, Wandavision is bringing so much more interesting things that some of the previous installment. I like to come to Reddit after the episode to have explanation about secret messages and Easter eggs as I'm missing a lot but I think for casual fan it's very cool to have these gigantic fanbase able to give insights on little details. I gasped audibly at Quicksilver because I adore Evan Peters and he made a very impressive first impression in Days of Future Past and I was not expecting to be his version of Quicksilver behind the door. Can I hope for Fassbender, sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Patrick Mckellen to join the party ? Wandavision has been so exciting and so refreshing, can't wait for next week and I hope marvel will keep trying new things because it is very exciting. (Last show I have been waiting impatiently each week for new episodes were Lovecraft country and I mmay destroy you!) Edit: not Patrick Mckellen, but the legend Sir Ian Mckellen


You are definitely not a casual marvel fan if you’ve seen all of the movies, and are now looking through Reddit to see theories, Easter eggs, etc. Maybe just not hardcore? Because you are obviously a serious fan. You can’t let some person who has read 1000 marvel comics act all high and mighty and call you a casual just cause you don’t want to read a comic book


*Ian Mckellen but you good


The show is very well done and you don't have to understand all the in jokes to enjoy it. I am a casual fan, know nothing about Quicksilver, and am thoroughly enjoying the show.


> there’s another layer to the characters, lines, and plot if you’re a serious fan. This is why I enjoy hanging out in this sub afterwards. I get to see all the extra fun bits that I would've otherwise missed.


I dunno I genuinely enjoyed the mandolorian. I did not watch all of the Star Wars movies. I barely remember the ones I did. But I don’t feel scared like a lot of people seem to feel after watching Wandavision. It comes off as a weird Truman show to me. Generally confused from the whole show as well. Soo I agree with you on the casual viewers won’t pick up on a lot. We don’t. I didn’t even know vision was supposed to be dead.. even though I definitely seen the movie he died in..


Yeah, I’ve always been big into DC but could care less about Marvel. I actively disliked marvel if I can be honest. I have seen some of the movies but they never interested me. This show is great because it’s different. It has depth and suspense, I feel like marvel hasn’t ever put out anything like it.


This was kinda my thought to. I’m definitely invested and have been since the beginning, but I think shows like this are exactly how you get people invested like that. Look at the mandalorian. I have friends who aren’t Star Wars fans who watched It, loved It, and are getting into Star Wars so much more right now and seeing It differently. Sometimes everyone just needs an entry point.


The more you talk the more you sound like you got yourself really invested in the MCU. 2 more paragraphs and I thought you'd be offering to share pics of your authentic Jack Kirby tie that he once owned.


I hear this. I started reading comments feeling equally defensive already drafting my comment, “I’m a casual fan and I’m already counting WandaVision in the top fb shows I’ve seen in my life. I only just got into the MCU last year when I watched all the movies and tv shows in chronological order....oh.” I still think of myself as a casual fan, mainly because I’m a 43-year-old white suburban mom who never read any of the comics growing up. I came to this party late, but I guess I arrived with enthusiasm. At any rate, I get maybe half the references, probably because all my consumption has been so recent. The other half of the Easter eggs that I miss, I loooooove reading about on Reddit after the fact. I don’t need to be a cool kid, I just wanna hang with y’all.


I thought I was getting the references but then I came to Reddit for the first time in 6 episodes and clearly I had no fucking clue.


before this*


I don't think anything in their comment goes beyond being a casual fan. Being excited about what's going on in the show isn't same as knowing all the background, understanding all the references, etc.


Exactly. I understand the majority of references, but I still only consider myself a casual fan of the MCU films. I've seen them all, but haven't necessarily liked them all.


People I know who are hardcore Star Wars/casual Marvel fans tell me they couldn't get through the first episode


Have you seen the latest episode? it has way deeper cuts than anything else in the MCU and certainly rewards the viewer for having seen and kept track of all previous Marvel films beyond just the main characters. Casual fans can certainly still appreciate it but there's a lot of things from other movies and comics that add a lot if you're familiar with them, though not so alienating that it can't be watched without having seen them.


The little squabble about SW Vs. Thanos Vs. CM was perfect. The meta commentary in this series is on-point. Yet it clearly still meant something when Rambeau clearly got pissed at the mention of CM.


This seems like a comment from more than a casual fan lol


It's funny, my sister is the opposite. She's seen like two MCU movies and absolutely refuses to watch any of them with me but is obsessed with Wandavision


Similar here. My wife doesn't care for the MCU films because she finds long action scenes pretty boring -- but I've had a lot of conversations with her about the story and lore. She's always been interested in the characters of comics (and introduced me to several when we first met), but it's tricky to find media that she enjoys because of the focus on violence and action. She's WAY into Wandavision because so far it's all about characters and their story -- plus she's watched enough classic TV to be really good at pointing out the references to a slew of old shows. It's also kind of a freaky supernatural mindfuck without being a gore-filled horror flick, which can be hard to find.


Almost like this post is a dumb generalization made for absolutely zero reason.


Welcome to the internet.


People like to feel elite/snobby about things


I know I do! But you wouldn't get it, because... y'know...


I mean in fairness, the way episode 5 ended really is a big marvel fans detail.


Eh I think Evan peters quicksilver is popular enough to where casual fans would recognize him. I mean look at how many views his scenes have on YouTube.


I dunno, I’m not a marvel fan. I’ve seen black panther, guardians of the galaxy 1&2, and parts of some of the others and I’m obsessed with the show. It reminds me of Fringe. Edit: I just realized you are taking about the actual post and not the one you’re responding to.


Yup. My boyfriend has never seen an MCU show or movie and he loves it. So far the only thing I had to explain was the blip, and I boiled it down to “the biggest villain in the series decided overpopulation was a problem, so he made half the world’s population disappear. The Avengers got everyone back five years later.” And he was like “k.” Hopefully it doesn’t get more complicated than that!


> Hopefully it doesn’t get more complicated than that! Aaaaaand then Wanda opens the door


Wouldn’t that mean she isn’t a casual fan and was not a fan at all? (General mcu that is) lol sorry, just arguing semantics.


I’m loving this show way more than I thought and it’s amazing. I hope Mephisto really is behind this, it would make things so much more interesting plot wise at least.


Oh for sure, but that also means we will see the rider soon too....


Ghost Rider, and Wolverine were my favorite comics as a kid, I can't wait to see how the MCU portrays them!


Is Agents of Shield only pseudo-canon? Because [i didn't mind their portrayal.](https://youtu.be/r7DUi1OjxaQ?t=116)


Yes your right I liked Ghost Rider in that series, and I was hoping for a Ghost Rider spinoff. But Agents of Shield is not MCU canon, but I am sure that can adapt it through a multiverse story line. But also who knows which version of Ghost Rider they would decide to go with.


Technically it’s not not cannon. It started as very much cannon, tried to regain cannon status around infinity war but no one bothered to tell them about the blip. There’s some smudging they could do to fit it back into cannon. Until it’s explicitly written into a film or Disney+ show it’s in the same grey area as the Netflix shows, Cloak & Dagger, & The Runaways. Oh, and that Inhumans show as well but I doubt anyone is rushing to make that cannon.


This is the second Marvel series ever I’m watching (the first was Jessica Jones), and I’m not interested in anything else but absolutely love this one


Jessica Jones season 1 was one of my favorite Netflix marvel seasons and the second best Netflix villain.


It's also my second favourite David Tennant role (first obviously The Doctor)


> second best Netflix villain Kilgrave was really excellent, but yeah, D'Onofrio as Kingpin is just unbeatable.


Should watch Daredevil


Maybe in a more free time :/


Still is the best thing marvel has made. And I do mean out of everything


I disagree tbh. I’ve always been a Marvel fan but never hardcore. This series is the first time I’ve really gotten invested into something in the MCU, because it’s not the same old formula that’s been repeated so many times in the movies. I think there’s stuff for hardcore AND casual fans to enjoy with this series.


I'm really really casual fan and I love most of the movies. I love this series so much!


I have seen some very heated discussions in this sub and on /r/marvelstudios already where people are just ADAMANT that casting Evan Peters, who played an extremely iconic version of Quicksilver in the X-Men movies, is some meaningless incidental metajoke, despite the fact that Disney now owns the X-Men, they're literally setting up the Multiverse in future movies (which this series has been confirmed to be a lead-in to)... and for what? Because casual fans might not recognise the actor and the character he played? Fuck that shit. Refuting the significance of this is literally more of a reach than just accepting that it really is exactly as it seems.


>!I actually have doubts that he’s playing Peter based on that leaked clip from last week. It would be weird for that line to come from him.!<


I’ve only seen around half of the mcu, haven’t even watched age of ultron but i’m really liking wandavision.


Age of Ultron, you should watch.


Eh, I saw some of the movies, couldn't care less about them. This is the first marvel studio product that hooked me up. The whole style of the show itself, and the possibility of the next movies being mutch more interesting, especially if we get mutants somehow. Also Wiccan and Hulkling ❤️❤️❤️


I’m a casual fan and I have to say it’s both a dream and nightmare but it is for sure my favorite thing right now.


I’ve actually never seen any marvel films but WandaVision is my favourite show atm EDIT: Just to clear the air, i went in with basic knowledge of Marvel and when they started referencing things like visions death i watched a couple clips of marvel so i would get it ( plus i watched a bunch of theory/explanation videos)


To get the back-story of the two main characters, you really only need three films, not the full 23: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain American: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. There are references in the series to what happens in those films. Obviously, some of what happens in those films refers back to other films, but those three will give you the back-story of Wanda and Vision which sets up the show.


Might wanna start catching up.


That's just weird to me... how can someone be into a show that is so intricate and reliant on its history? Do they even realize what is happening?


You don’t need the backstory to follow the plot or enjoy the show. It might make it easier to understand at times or easier to guess what’s happening next, but that’s it. It’s not like you would be completely lost if you haven’t seen a marvel movie or show.


The beauty of the MCU is that while there is a heavy reliance on history when you deep dive, on its face, you only need a tangential understanding of the context to enjoy an entry. My wife had only seen iron man avengers 2 and both guardians before seeing Infinity War and Endgame. She understood it just fine but now we've been watching the entire series and she's picking up on a lot of the deeper references now. Disney has been pretty good in managing that in both MCU and Star Wars. The latter has had some things I wish they did better but it's still a marked improvement over the old EU that required a reading of like 30 books to understand the context of everything. And yes I said it. Old EU sucked, disney sequel era is better. Come at me.


No, that is part of the draw and as someone who never watched any Marvel movies it is kind of like falling into the credits at the end. I know there is much more to the story but have no clue other than little puzzle pieces. I'm still enjoying it without knowing all the background.


In fairness so far the whole deal it's near impossible to tell what's happening.


You wouldn't understand all the subtle fan service and references, but its still a standalone story.


I got around to watching all of the mcu movies because I was stuck at home and while I enjoyed them, I wasn't too invested. WandaVision has me hooked mainly because of the mystery, the effort they put into building those era-appropriate sitcoms that explain the budget, and genuine appreciation I've grown to have for Lizzie Olsen's acting chops. Now, I'm reading House of M, going down the rabbit hole on YouTube and deep diving in discussion threads. I got the ad's Easter egg from episode 5 this time around without having to read about it online and I like to think I'm ready to Ace a Scarlet Witch test lol.


False I am probably a causal fan and I am LOVING this


Here's my hot take: People who catch all the easter eggs and references are inclined to always overstate their importance because it suggests that there is a greater purpose to their dedication, when really these are just supposed to be easter eggs that are not meant to get in the way of enjoying something that is designed to be as popular as possible.


When they announced WandaVision me and a friend freaked out because we knew this show would break our hearts in a painful way and I remember a lot of 'marvel fanboys' out there saying they did not understand why it would be sad. I mean... do they even understand Wanda? It's heartbreaking.


I’m a VERY casual fan and I’m really enjoying WandaVision so I guess I can’t change your mind but you’re still off the mark a little bit


Haha. Yes. I wish Loki is the same. There is so much to explore




There's a week off after Wandavision before Falcon and the Winter Soldier, then Loki is up next in May.


I am an MCU hardcore, love the films, love Agents of Shield, love Agent Carter. Have watched all the films and shows multiple time. I've never read a marvel comic in my life. I hate that theres so much just openly talked about from comics as if it's well known info. I have no idea who agatha harkness is, who mafesto is, had never heard of Monica Rambo before people just openly referring to "Geraldine" as Monica long before the reveal in the show. I'm looking right at the right hand column of "no spoilers" yet I'm fully not going to be shocked by some future reveals coz of comic book readers just openly discussing book storylines with no spoiler tags. So yes, nightmare for us hardcore MCU/noncomic readers too...


Low effort shitpost




I hate reading comic books. I stopped watching shield after season 2 because I was bored. I only sort of remember most of the movies, though I have seen them all. And I I haven't watched most of them more than once. I am usually a super casual fan that loves IMDb trivia nuggets. But I love wandavison. It's the most interesting thing Marvel has ever done. I was drawn in by the amazingly well done recreations of old television styles. But the mystery of it is so intriguing. And the acting is phenomenal. This is the first time I've watched anything Marvel and needed to know more.


My girlfriend asked me about Wandavision. She asked if she needed to watch the first few episodes. Then I told her she needed to be caught up with Wanda and Visions story. She asked what she’d need to watch. I couldn’t tell her that she’d need to watch, like, 7 movies. I offered to just catch her up myself.


There's a recap show on Disney+ Called Legends.


I mean you could probably show her a few key clips to educate her on JUST Wanda and Visions past - so maybe 1-2hours?


I mean. Yeah you’re probably right. I just know my gf. She’s going to eventually want to know who Woo is and who Darcy is and who Geraldine is and what Westview is and what SWORD is, and where the other avengers are


Disney+ has both their stories as some Heroes series or something like that...


My friend has only seen the main avengers movies and a few of the standalone movies like civil war and guardians of the galaxy. She loves this show and has starting watching the rest of the mcu because of it. Just because it's full of references and tie ins doesnt mean it's impossible for a casual fan to understand.


Disagree. My wife and daughter aren’t into Marvel movies much but they love WandaVision


It's been fun for me. Watching WandaVision with the family every Friday, and I pause every couple minutes to answer their questions. Half of the time, I have to say "I have no idea, let's see what happens next" but sometimes I get to say crap like "That lady was Captian Marvel's friend's daughter, who grew up but then was lost for 5 years after the snap. And remember that police officer that Ant-Man talked to about magic for about 5 seconds that one time, who was really bad at talking to kids? That's him! Oh, and this lady used to call Thor's hammer 'MeowMeow'." Yeah, I'm not sure I'm making it any better for them or not.


Let’s be honest- if your paying the money- and watching this niche show..... your already a hardcore fan 😎


All this does is make me want to punch Steve Crowder


To be clear; not a fan of that guy


No worries. I wasn’t taking it as an implication that you did.


Obligatory fuck Steven crowder


I'm a casual fan and loving Wandavision.


It’s actually every hardcore Marvel fan’s wet dream. And every casual Marvel fan’s wet dream.


So my wife isn't really fond of action movies or superhero movies, they're just not her thing and I'm not trying to change that about her at all. She hasn't watched most of the Avengers movies and has almost no prior knowledge as to who all of these characters are (I told her about what happened during the Thanos snap, Vision's death, and Pietro's death). She absolutely LOVES WandaVision. She, like all of us, originally came for the sitcom parody, but now she loves the intrigue and mystery behind Wanda's reality and gets excited every week for the new episode.


Warning: long personal story/answer incoming. Also, I haven’t seen the latest episode (episode 5) at the moment of posting this. TL;DR - The show is a masterpiece and anyone who still isn’t invested, with all due respect, I think is simply watching the franchise to see shallow comic book references put to live-action and not watch beautiful original stories evolve with some of the best characters fiction has to offer. Hmm...yes and no. It depends on how you see it, I guess. I’d call myself a hardcore MCU fan but not a hardcore Marvel fan. The MCU is the only Marvel-related franchise I really like and outside of some Jessica Jones stuff, I’ve never read the comics. That doesn’t mean there’s not the absolute utmost respect for what Marvel does, there just isn’t enough dedication for me personally to call myself a hardcore Marvel fan, and since we do live in the age of “read the comics, stupid”, I feel uncomfortable to equate my fanboy status with that of someone who’s been reading the comics for decades. Now, in the case of WandaVision, it definitely is pretty damn close to the wet dream of this particular MCU fan. I come from a horror and psychological thriller background. Disturbing stuff that focuses on the darker aspect of the human psyche has always been my first love when it comes to storytelling. The more fucked up, the better. I’ve always seen the potential of these darker aspects of the MCU, and I love how they up until now have used very subtle clever ways of including some very dark content into family-friendly films. It’s the strength of the MCU and Marvel and even Disney in general, if you ask me. Wanda has been my favorite character from the beginning. Age of Ultron was the first MCU film I saw in theatres (which peaked my interest after a very dark trailer that also featured AI and 2 characters from my then other new big franchise love, Godzilla) and much like some of my favorite horror characters Carrie White, Ginger Fitzgerald and Mary Mason, she’s a complex woman who essentially just gets the shit beaten out of emotionally throughout her arc and desperately is looking for some way to find some control over her life. She survives trauma after trauma and just wants to find a place where she can be herself. As someone who is no stranger to trauma themselves, I relate to that immensely. This show is the MCU equivalent to a Lars von Trier film, and as someone who is also a huge admirer of his work, I appreciate that. WandaVision goes places I always wanted to see the MCU get to. They don’t have to go full R-rated horror, explicit content has never been the strength of the genre. They just have to be very intelligent about the dark implications of her story and treat her story of trauma with respect, and so far they’ve been absolutely nailing it. They’re doing a better job than most “serious” drama pieces about that exact subject. It’s only different if all you care about are references to the comics, which in my opinion is a disrespectful way of looking at a franchise with this much love and care put into it. So, long story short: This is what I’ve always wanted the MCU to be. I hope that down the line they will focus on even more character pieces that aren’t afraid to be more cerebral, multi-layered and complex. You don’t need huge action sequences with tons of CGI every 10 minutes (and even then, Marvel has been doing a great job of implementing storytelling in those action pieces). It’s a love letter to characters who desperately need and deserve it. It’s the story that needed to be told.


I read this more as hardcore "fan" as opposed to how it was literally written ("hardcore marvel fan"). Basically I'm an MCU fan, and I read all the juicy studio politics behind the movies. Contrast that with my dad who likes all the MCU movies, but frequently asks me questions about who's who, and why I got excited for when a character showed up. BTW, I'm not a comic reader at all, but I chew up news blurbs, and read wiki entries on character name-drops before a movie comes out. So I think of myself as a "hardcore" fan, instead of a "casual" fan. I think the difference depends on a person's investment not which content they've consumed. But, that's just my take on it.


Makes perfect sense and I totally agree. I may have gotten a bit too hung up on the Marvel/MCU thing. I tend to do that quite a bit, haha.


Oh my god yes! My intention is not to gate keeping but I hate how people (whose mental age is 14) slam Wandavision because it doesn’t have an action scene once a minute...


I disagree. It’s one of those shows that’s like an onion. The more you know the more little things you pick up on, but missing those little things doesn’t make the show less enjoyable. Knowing more add flavor to the Wandavision dish, but without that flavor the it’s still a quality show. It’s not like you can’t follow the plot without knowing more.


Im a casual fan and I love the show. This is just unnecessary gate keeping


Get off your high horse haha, My grandma hasn't seen any marvel stuff and enjoyed the first 2 episodes.


Actually untrue! I’m not into Marvel but am loving WandaVision for the nostalgia factor of yesteryear’s TV shows (grew up with I Love Lucy, Brady Bunch, and I Dream of Jeannie). They are nailing that. And it’s super fascinating from a trauma standpoint; the way the show handles repressed memories is the best depiction of them I’ve ever seen. AND from a Neurodivergent standpoint I love thinking about Wanda and Vision as being neurodiverse! It’s a great show and a possible gateway drug. We’ll see.


Holy shit i hate gatekeepers. Ive not read a SINGLE COMIC BOOK or anything besides the movies (even then ant man and the wasp does not seem interesting to me)and i love wanda vision.


I'm a DC fan and I like Wandavision very much


define “casual fan” 🤔 i’ve watched all the movies and consider myself a casual fan, but i also love the series so i’d have to disagree with this.


I've never read a comic book about Marvel, never even have heard of half of these characters before the movies, but I just enjoy a good show and movie and most Marvel movies have been pretty good in my opinion. The other shows like Netflix have been lackluster. WandaVision is trying to blow your mind, just like it's doing to the scientists and S.W.O.R.D.


Idk man. I wouldn’t say I’m that a hardcore marvel fan boy but that’s how I feel about wandavision


I'm not a big MCU guy. I like a few of the movies, but for the most part I pass on them. But this concept really interested me. I love when a story is set up with askew rules, you accept them, but then the characters start to notice something is wrong. I'm hooked to that moment or realization, that breaking of format. I'm finding it somewhat similar to Maniac, an (underappreciated) show that also has mentally ill characters diving into their own minds and experiencing some kind of alternate reality. You'll be in their real world, then in the next episode they have new identities in an 80s heist movie or a fantasy flick, but having some deeper hidden meaning going on.


I live the show and I've only seen the first Avengers movie.


I don’t believe this is a hot take. I agree with this heavily. Scarlet Witch is a favorite of mine, the entirety of the X-Men really. But my other friends are more casual fans. Their extent of knowledge is the MCU. I’ve loved every episode, all the Easter eggs are great, the steady ramp up of the story, how crazy it already is... this is everything I wished it be. But they kinda hate it. When the Blip was mentioned last episode they got all happy because it’s what they knew. But otherwise they’ve just been trashing the show every episode.


Me trying to get my husband to watch WandaVision me:”No way! It’s Monica Rambeau! She’s all grown up!” Hubs: “who?” Me: *pauses show to explain* Two minutes later Me: “OH MY GOSH ITS WOO!” Hubs: “who?” Me: *pauses show to explain* Me five minutes later: “DARCY!!” Hubs: *gives up and gets on his phone*


I haven’t seen half of the Marvel movies and honestly don’t know the difference between DC/Marvel, but I just started my Marvel marathon after Wandavision sucked me in!


This is true. I'm casual. Enjoying the show but have to spend 4hrs aftrr watching to get what's going on...


Fake news. I am very casual and like wandavision a lot


I tried to have a room full of people watch it they were all on their phones 😡😂😂


Not really, it's just another marvel studios product with the same tone that the last 20 movies have had, but you keep up the gatekeeping if that's what works for you.


The problem I have we watch as a family is wife who has watched not any MCU movieS is that I must explain e v e r y t h I n g.


I see people getting upset at this post. It’s just supposed to be a funny take. Not to be taken seriously.


It feels like an obtuse form of gatekeeping, though I know that's not your intention. That's where the negative response is coming from I think. The sitcom throwback nature means it's the new favourite of my dad who has not cared to watch 2/3rds of the movies


I’ve seen more hardcore marvel fans getting mad at the show, at least in the early episodes, because of the lack of action.


people not understanding that casual fans who don't like the show ARE PROBABLY NOT YOU IF YOU ARE ON THIS SUB


I mean, I'm not really seeing people being upset so much as they are disagreeing. Maybe don't take their disagreement so seriously?


Especially after episode 5


I'm a hardcore above average casual fan and it's working out well


Episode five probably got me more scared than episode four just because the norm scene


I'm a bit in the middle of these two. As someone who has watched all of the movies what should I read comics-wise?


I’m a casual fan and I’m loving it!!


WandaVision is literally the first thing that I'm watching from the MCU and it really isn't that bad


My brother has seen all the marvel films and just watched episode 4. He didn’t know Monica was the same character from Captain Marvel. He didn’t remember Darcy or Jimmy Woo. I was he didn’t connect the ties and see the magical reintroduction of Jimmy.


Disagree, casual fan and I love it more than I love main marvel films.


Disagree I'm a casual fan and I love it. Makes me want to go back and watch Age of Ultron.


I’m not really a hardcore fan I saw all the movies in theaters and I love wandavision but my friend who watches it saw 3 mcu movies in total and I’d obsessed with wandavision and is watching all the movies so everything makes sense in this show


I’ve found it to be the opposite. My hardcore marvel fans weren’t into the first 3 episodes at all and are still have big expectations. My casual friends are enjoying each episode as an individual show with no care in the world


nahhh I am the epitome of a casual fan lol I never even heard of either of these characters before this show but have seen some of the avengers movies before, and I fucking LOOOOVE this show


I'm a casual fan, only seen a few of the movies and never read a comic in my life. This is one of my favorite shows ever. It got me wiki-ing all the characters and references after every episode and watching the discussion threads and reading reviews to make sure I didn't miss any Easter eggs. It's just a really good show with a cool meta-premise which I always love.


I am not sure about this. I consider myself a pretty casual marvel fan. Something about the formulas of some of the recent movies kept me from seeing them until a few years after release. WandaVision on the other hand seems to be a breath of fresh air into the MCU


Never saw an Avengers movie before WandaVision. I really enjoy the show so I started watching all the movies now to catch up and know more about what’s happening.


Wanda vision got me into MCU. Before that I just saw endgame because my girlfriend wanted me to go with her and a couple random ones like a Spider-Man or something when I was a kid. Now I’m hooked, just watched age of ultron for the first time last night! So yeah idk if you can get much more casual than me lol


and I'm perfectly in the middle <3


My family started watching Wandavision together. My daughter and I are hard-core fans, and my husband is an extremely casual fan - the only Marvel superhero movies he's seen are Captain America: The First Avenger and Deadpool. We all really enjoyed the first two episodes of Wandavision. Episode 3, as soon as they cut away to what was happening outside the bubble, I heard snores - my husband was fast asleep LOL. He slept through most of ep 4 as well, but he's still insisting he wants to watch it with us for the sitcom parts!




The exact opposite applies to the fact that Mephisto ain’t in this.


I agree with this so hard.


Casual fans are loving it just as much as the hardcore ones. Just because they don’t understand the tiny references doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the fact that it’s an enthralling mystery and people are hooked like any good tv show


I don't know. I know quite a few "casuals" who are loving the show. Wandavision definitely pushes the boundaries of what we expect from a comic book show, but I think it's only a nightmare if you need your superheros loud + dumb.


I'm very casual with Marvel and I enjoyed every moment of Wandavision so far. I guess I'm just a big nerd for old-timey pictures.


Im kind of a casual fan and I am loving the show.


Would be great if after the finale, Disney+ would put on the Scarlet Witch movie...


How did you know I came?


My mom is a very casual fan and enjoys this show more than any marvel movie I forced her to watch. My dad always enjoyed the movies and thinks the show is kinda meh (he’s only seen the first 2 episodes). It’s just very different from anything else marvel has done.


That's a hot take and i can't disagree more. I watched most of the movies but never read a comics so I could be considered as a casual fan. If by that you mean we don't get some references maybe, but the show is quite standalone as long as you watched the three lasts avengers.


My mom has only seen Endgame and she loves WandaVision. I thought she would only enjoy the sitcom elements but episode 4 ended up being her favorite. I think WandaVision has the potential to draw in more casual viewers to the larger MCU (or at least more interest in the upcoming shows)


Those who prefere a lot of action may not like this show vary much


I feel its absolutely the other way around.


There’s no way this is accurate. This is probably my parents favorite Marvel thing made as of yet, and they’re absolutely casual watchers. Plus they made marvel legends to fill in any gaps in people’s knowledge.


I'd say im a casual fan, I've only seen the movies, and don't know anything about the comics, but I'm loving it so far


My mom and stepdad couldn’t give less of a shit about the MCU but they love Wandavision


I guess so because I have absolute zero interest in it.