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If dicks are the problem, Dick’s is the solution.






Theoretically, it's a nice gesture these companies are making, but from a practical perspective, who the fuck wants to tell their employer they need approval for abortion travel reimbursement. what a nightmare.


Pro tip travel for any medical procedure is already legal and tax deductible under irs sec 215. It’s not any different for abortion than going to Mayo Clinic or Hopkins for rare cancer treatment. Edit: you won’t need to tell anyone other than “it’s a medical procedure”


But you need the funds now to be able to get the abortion. Not when your tax rebate comes in. I don't imagine that most employees of Dicks, have a thousand sitting around in order to do it.


hopefully, it’s done entirely through Dick’s health insurance provider. which still isn’t ideal but it’s better than asking their manager for abortion allowance.


I'm all but certain this would be the case.


honestly though dicks are the reason this happened in the first place


just take your upvote and get out of here


True, but as opposed the 'lol fuck you' that is the position of the Supreme Court and the Republican party it's a clear improvement. Terrible that it's necessary, but good that some people will at least have the option.


Not to mention, the lesser paid employees can't afford it up front... so it is still, screw the poor.


Welcome to the Land of the Free*


It doesn't need to be complicated. You just submit paperwork like any other medical procedure.


It's not even a nice gesture. A company would much rather pay a few thousand for their employees to get an abortion than have to pay for months and months of maternity leave


damn, i didn't even think about it that way... good point. you've got c-suite written all over you!


Dicks doesn't give more than a month off of pay for maternity/paternity leave. The 4000 is much more than 99% of the employees make in a month.


Especially when it's the eighth time you have to go in and get reimbursed.


We are setting the uplifting news bar so fuckin low


Welcome to the world.


Cheaper to pay for travel to a legal state than the cost and employer bears when an employee gets pregnant. Good investment.


Not to mention the company insurance having to pay for the birth.


It's always all about the money. Capitalistic greed


Next article will be about boycotts of Dick's Sporting Goods in every southern and flyover state. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


They already are boycotting them because they stopped selling guns.


Is it really a boycott if they just don't sell the one thing you wanted? I mean, that is just a store not carrying what I want to buy.


Even if we disregard the issue of compromising your own privacy during a potentially incredibly difficult time, there is now a concrete paper trail employers will be generating to anyone who utilizes this gesture. Who's to say that this cannot be used against you in legal prosecution?


So they'll stop donating to GOP funds right?....right?


Given that 6 of the current Supreme Court are clearly dicks, it’s uplifting to see that more enlightened Dick’s can show some actual leadership and compassion


Dick’s store has less dicks than the Supreme Court


Don't forget the super rich. Conservative activist judges don't install themselves.


[Was Dick's supporting women seeking abortions when they donated to Republicans in the past?](https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/dick-s-sporting-goods/totals?id=D000050167) Don't trust companies


I'm curious how this will work under criminalization policies... If you're caught getting one out of state, couldn't you still be charged for it?


that's not how things are *supposed* to work in this country, but you can bet they're going to try


I'm just horrified. I have no /uplifting things to say about this.


For getting an abortion itself, probably not. If someone from State A goes to State B for an abortion, the essential part of that "crime" takes place in State B, so State A isn't allowed to prosecute it. No state has managed to come up with an abortion-related activity that can be criminalized in State A. It's one of the key reasons that Texas's abortion bounty law focuses on civil penalties rather than criminal.


Cheaper than maternity leave. All about the bottom line.


Best thing I’ve heard all day


Certainly cheaper than giving them paid maternity leave. Uplifting (corporate profits)!


I don't like this. I like what happened with RvW even less, but I dont like this. My gut screams hollow support, like Pride Month burgers and Juneteenth icecream.


Dick’s isnt doing this because its fashionable. As a company they walk the walk. They’re a really solid organization


I hope more companies do this. Im more inclined to shop here as a result of this.


is there a limit to the number of procedures one can get reimbursed for?


Tell Dicks and the rest to go write some more ghost laws so we can get healthcare put into law instead


Pfizer too


Imagine having to tell your employer that you're pregnant and want an abortion.


Gonna change the meaning of "Dick Move"


I would go out of my way to support a company like this.


Hey Boss,, do you have any of those abortion reimbursement forms,, I have seem to run out..lol


Let's do one better. If companies are really committed to supporting abortion rights (or any of the other ridiculous rulings SCOTUS has made this week) clear out of those states. As they lose jobs and their economies go to shit when major chains leave they might reconsider. $$$ is the only thing that will change their minds.


Its nice to see a corp do stuff for their employees. Shouldn’t even be necessary but here we are


If they were serious about this they would pull out of those states. They know that the majority of women will not request this due to shame/fear of others finding out.


Was literally just going to post this. It's a sad day that this is in uplifting news when it shouldn't be needed.


That a real Dick's move. Hooray for Dick's.


“Hey Boss, mind if you cover my airplane costs? Gonna go kill a baby real quick. See you on Monday!”


Except it’s none of your damn business what other people do in their private lives. Are you going to give to charity to support babies that are born addicted to drugs? Are you going to support the raped 12 year old having her fathers baby? These things happen all the time and you need to think about what you’re saying. No one just wakes up one morning and says “I’m going to get an abortion” like you’re implying.


If you think abortion is equivalent to “killing a baby,” you’re not intelligent enough to comment on the topic


Found the person who failed H.S. biology!


Knee-jerk. That's fine, I bet they do maybe a handful a year altogether. Most states in question still have provisions that will allow for them when necessary which everyone seems to be failing to acknowledge...


No they don't. States have banned even in cases of rape, medical danger.


Many, many states have zero protections like that. I live in CO, and even here it is not a guaranteed right and is challenged by a bill on that ballot that would ONLY allow for abortions where it would kill the mother. It does not include victims of rape or incest. It does not include any situation outside of that. It states that ectopic pregnancies must be relocated if possible. Unless the right is protected in your state's constitution, it takes one session for it to be taken away.


Missouri has banned abortion even in cases where there is a 100% chance of the mother dying. (i.e. ectopic pregnancies) Don't tell me we're "failing to acknowledge" *shit*.


Imma about to apply for a job here. I’ll identify as a woman. Say I’m pregnant and want an abortion and get a free trip to wherever


It's not like there won't be a human asking you when you got your uterus implanted ya know.


Ayyyyyyy either way I’ll get a few days off of work or I’ll sue them for gender discrimination or some stupid shit like that.


Your gender won't matter unless you can prove you have a functioning uterus.


Paying a woman to kill her baby so she can continue to be a wage slave instead of a mom. How progressive.


Found the person who failed H.S. biology!


Murder = uplifting