• By - Fippi


You have to get some tests done first to make sure you don't have TB. If you did, biologics could make your body more vulnerable to it and it wouldn't be safe for you.


They screen you for tuberculosis, usually with a skin test and chest x-ray. Sometimes they screen you for hepatitis as well. Both are latent infections, they can come back in force when your immune system is weakened. Important to verify you don't have them before starting a biological med


the other testing not mentioned yet is blood work -- typically they'll do a liver test to make sure your liver is healthy and functioning and to get a baseline since certain biologics, over long periods of use, can impact your liver. There are probably some other blood panels drawn as well just to make sure nothing weird is going on. You can expect to get a yearly TB test, and I get blood work taken every 6 months, so probably similar if you doctor is doing their due diligence. Also with the potential increased risk for infection you should make sure to get your vaccinations.


They do the scope to be able to justify the drug to the insurance company. Just so they can say, see, the current treatment isn’t working. It’s all a bizarre game.