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Yes. I'm also on prednisone.


Yup! But weed is so much better than the meds 😭


How? I'm interested


Personally I smoke a couple of joints every evening. Smoking in general helps keep my symptoms under check and along with weed helps with the daily aches and pains. I found this works better for me than when I took mesalazine and I haven’t had a major flair up since I tried stoping smoking. That was horrendous…. One time I wouldn’t recommend giving up 😂


It’s a funny catch-22. Smoking weed can either push you to overeat when you shouldn’t or it can help you have an appetite when you NEED to eat but don’t want to.


Yes it sucks. I always regret it the next day if I eat too much


Edibles have gotten me through many flares. I usually dose edibles instead of smoking. I think the benefit to my gut is definitely a lot more noticeable when the THC actually passes through my colon. But yes I’ll eat the worst thing when I get late night stoned and it’ll just RUIN my morning the next day


Yuuup. The munchies saved me when I was flaring, but they're no joke now


Lol. this used to happen to me before uc.


I usually smoke to help my symptoms however my Dr rang today to inform me the reason my adalimubab my not be working properly (1x injection per week currently), could be due to the fact cannabis can stop or hinder biologic effectiveness:(


Well I either have no appetite, or I'm high and I have the munchies. I regularly have to spend full days sober for doctor appts and usually I have a migraine and am sick from undereating by the end of the day. I try to force myself to eat *something* while sober but *that* makes me nauseous, and all in all its a bad time. My gastro and nutritionist agree that what's important is that I'm not chronically low on vitamins and nutrients so I often resort to an applesauce cup and a bottle of ensure on particularly bad days.