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Get a bag of salmon fillets from Costco. Great lean protein, pair it with whatever veggie you can still handle(potatoes recommended), and possibly a small serving of carbs.


Yes! this is my favourite meal to make. salmon, white rice and I like steamed green beans!


Pasta, rice and eggs these is all I been having lately.


Baked chicken with mashed potatoes is easy and cheap. If you can afford, salmon is good and I also love some shrimp with pasta.


I do this but with baked potatoes. They have more potassium if you bake them and it's easier, no peeling or mashing. I just throw them in as the oven is heating up, maybe give it a little if the taters are big, and then throw in the chicken. I also like to roast cauliflower along with it


I just wanna say Bundt cakes are my favorite style of cake. Red velvet takes me to heaven. And true about just baking them! I’m boring and use instant potatoes that come in a cup so they are ready very quickly.


I use those to thicken my stews, I think it works well instead of making a flour roux And I love Bundts too! Fancy pans, delicious cake, what's not to love


Sweet potatoes work really well for me, and they're super cheap for a bag of them.


White rice, chicken in an air fryer. The air fryer is life saver for us lads with this disease. You can also make mash potatoes and breaded chicken and make your own ‘fried’ chicken in the air fryer with some mash potatoes.


Someday invest in / ask for a slow cooker for the holidays! It’s been the best thing for me. Start in the morning, prep soups, meals, so easy, everything’s soft and hot and comforting and ready for dinner by the time you’re home. And it’s cheap to throw in just a few ingredients and you get so much out of it. Leftovers for days.


White rice and a curry sauce with turmeric, steamed broccoli if tolerated.


Yeah any veg you can get cheap peel it all and cook thoroughly. Blend if you are on a serious diet. Tin of chopped tomatoes. Tumeric and cumin (coriander if you like that) and throw over rice. 5 mins prep 10 mins left in the pan to cook. You can buy frozen veg for extra speed!


White rice in chicken broth, Egg white sandwich, Potatoes and carrots in chicken broth Yogurt


Macaroni and Cheese is also safe and cheap.


Rice. It is your best friend. Get a big bag and it will last forever. If your gut can take soy sauce (get some gluten-free if it helps), some simple fried rice with cooked carrots, egg, and lean protein is pretty good. My go-to meal during my first flair was taking some rice freshly cooked rice and then combining egg, a bit of parmesan (only do it if you know you can eat dairy), lemon juice, black pepper together. Then I would pour that egg mixture into the steaming hot pot of rice and mix it in and let it set for 5 minutes, to absorb a bit. It came out like risotto and was absolutely delicious. Also, if your body can take tomatoes, I can suggest a spanish toast, Pan con tomate. Cut a tomato in half and grate the inside of each half until you're left with just the skin, which you discard. Then take a nice piece of bread and toast it. Normally once it is nicely toasted, you would rub some raw garlic onto the bread to give it some garlic flavor. You can do that if you can handle it. If not, I would make my own garlic infused olive oil, just let garlic cook in a lot of olive oil over low heat for 1 hour. Then you take those grated tomatoes and spoon them onto your toast. Drizzle with olive oil (garlic infused if you like), black pepper and flaky salt. So simple but honestly delicious. I lived on tomato bread for months during my first flair. Just make sure you don't eat the tomato skin because it's not easy to digest. If you're having a really hard time digesting certain foods, I would stick to simple carbs, white bread/pasta/rice with lean meats and easy-to-digest cooked vegetables like carrots and zucchini, just make sure you remove the skin from certain veggies. And try make things less bland, lemon + olive oil + salt and pepper was always delicious and satisfying


If you can stomach it. I suggest ramen noodles, any type of protein you like, and what ever veggies you can tolerate. It’s quick and easy. You can boil the noodles and stir fry everything or just make it a soup.