30 is still young and Beauty comes in all ages. Sounds like you want to give Up, which would be very tragic. Try a Change, you can Always start over We all are not getting Younger and yes, we have to accept the age and Look that comes with it. But since We can't Change it, we must learn to embrace it and still trying to be our best version


30 is literally the sexiest age to be. Enjoy your new body and fashion! You got this


I'm almost 50. Stop it. You're the perfect age to enjoy your body (no matter what it looks like), enjoy the energy you have and the pains you don't have.


Ugh I feel this too. I was chubby all through my 20s and now at 33 I’m pregnant with my second and know I’ll never be able to look like I could have in my youth. It’s so hard and I haven’t accepted it yet either. Just know even if you can’t look that way again, you can still be healthy and lose weight and look pretty damn good!


My beauty spiked at 40-45, I still feel beautiful


If you feel like it, you might have. But, BUT if you’re going to give up right now you’ll also lose your sexy 30s. And even if the day goes by none of us are getting any younger, make the best out if what you have right now so you can enjoy at least this age to the fullest.


Uhm?! No! Beauty comes in all types! Including different shapes, sizes and ages. You can be gorgeous at any age! If you want to get in shape and improve your fashion - do it !! If that is what will make YOU happy - go for it!! When you turn 70, you’ll look back and realize how incredibly young you were at 30 and be so thankful you enjoyed your “ability to be young and beautiful” for all those DECADES. Ps - I also just turned 30 and it’s no big deal. :) Pps - sunscreen everyday! Your 70 year old self will thank me xx


If you didn’t click the link I shared in my comment, go do it now - it’s got your advice and some more nuggets you might enjoy 😉 its to “Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen” by Baaz Luhrman


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MQlJ3vOp6nI Go listen to this song a few times and stop beating yourself up about it. 30 is still young - you’ve got up to 70 more years of life left if you treat yourself well. You’re right; even if I get into softball now, it won’t make up for not being in the little league as a child. But I can appreciate being in softball now!


I have a feeling my wife could relate to this. For what it’s worth, as long as you’re trying and you give yourself some grace, then you’re beautiful. For me, maturity brings a beauty all its own that youth could never touch.