The gay frogs from Epstein’s island spreading the Corona hoax have won!

The gay frogs from Epstein’s island spreading the Corona hoax have won!


This will change nothing. These pundits only care about keeping an audience.


What?! You mean these pundits are motivated by profit? Are you saying they have no real interest in the principles they claim to uphold and are trying to increase their audience size so they can get rich? I am flabbergasted. Next you will tell me they argue in bad faith, with no real interest in resolving an issue or finding common ground? Then you'll tell me they use inflammatory rhetoric to target a demographic more likely to believe pseudoscience and conspiracy theories? Surely you jest.


Hijacking to mention r/KnowledgeFight is about the podcast of the same name. They break down this monster’s weekly bullshit and disprove everything he spews out of his mouth.


Dan and Jordan are great.


Alex Jones may never go full tilt boogie again...


Dan is out there doing the Lords work and it warms my heart to see more folks recognizing it.


I'm literally listening to their newest episode where they are interviewing the prosecutor that made a fool out of him and his henchmen at the deposition.


Sue him into bankruptcy.


I can’t believe anyone tried to deny that Sandyhook happened.


There is no limit to the moral repugnancy of conservatives.


I met someone who was tryna convince me that the Holocaust never happened. It’s not like we don’t living witnesses or anything…


Nah, they're cRiSIs aCtOrS


There was an article recounting the experience of how a survivor of the Parkland shooting's *own father* ended up down the Q rabbit hole and came to believe their own child was a crisis actor. He went from avoiding wearing a red shirt to try to avoid triggering them, to doing so intentionally and berating them about why they were being so amoral.


That's fucking disgusting.


contrarians get off on being ostracized, they feel like they know the truth and everyone else is a blind idiot


They believe themselves martyrs because they're being persecuted, but it's because they're insane.


People denied the Holocaust happened. The rape of Nanking was put up to debate multiple times. Majorie and others called school shooting victims crisis actors. You can bet most stuff with recorded proof or terrifying outcomes is put up to unreasonable scrutiny


Gaslighting school shooter survivors to own the libs (suck off the NRA) 😎


Friend.....Dinesh DeSouza just drew a comparison between the students killed at Tianemen Square to the insurrectionists of January 6. They can make their mouths say anything.


This was particularly revolting, even by post-Trump conservative standards.


http://www.lovethetruth.com/government/sandy_hook_hoax.htm This has the whole story about why people deny it, the “facts” (Btw, i agree that sandy hook happened, but someone i know who has denied it showed this to me)


That website is written like Third Reich Propaganda. Pretty terrifying.


They’re idiots, even if it’s a false flag operation, it would still have happened.


That's AJ's bread and butter. Screaming that 9/11 was a false flag is what made him a household name in the first place. He's just been going back to the well ever since. Good to see someone finally called his bluff though. I hope the jury awards these parents so much money that he loses everything.


It's because they have zero morals.


His bank account will finally match his morality.


I would settle for someone hurling a bowling ball as hard as humanly can into his melon shaped fucking head.


Bury him!


Into homelessness


Yay. People need to keep suing until they stop.


Imagine Alex Jones sitting in the court room fighting the parent of dead children who he lied about intentionally. How big of a sociopath do you have to be? And he’s going to go on air again like he did nothing wrong and continue his lies with no remorse. Alex Jones is slandering murdered elementary children.


Such a trash excuse for a human being. I like to imagine he's secretly consumed by self hatred, although that's unrealistic since he obviously doesn't have a working moral compass.


The guy is a total huckster and fake man of the people when hes not selling glorified boner pills to his antivax herd of an audience


His whole show is an ad pitch for "super male vitality" which is just dick-get-hard juice.


He's such a used car salesman the only thing I need to "dick-get-hard" is you with a jar of pickles


Me with a jar of pickles? Lol I'm not quite sure I get that one.


Why don't you come with me and find out?


Lol I thought we were on the same side, I'm confused now.


We are on the same side, I believe in equality so much that I only have sex sideways because I refuse to be a top or bottom.


Sideways is the way to go


Fuck, I hope they bleed that shithead dry.


Did they receive monetary compensation?


They still have to get to the jury's verdict for the harshness of the crime but there is going to be some money paid out


No, they likely didn’t suffer from mesothelioma; where you or your loved ones might be entitled to financial compensation.


I dint see how that's relevant to thus scenario.


Anytime I hear “financial compensation” I’m taken back to all the 3am commercials [and all the memes](https://www.google.com/search?q=mesothelioma+meme&client=safari&hl=en-us&ei=-9ZZYZiWJ9a5tAbovLeQBA&oq=mesothelioma+meme&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAMyBQgAEIAEMgUIABCABDIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMgYIABAWEB4yBggAEBYQHjIGCAAQFhAeOgQIABBHOgQIABBDOgkIABDJAxAWEB5QvwtY2xRgnRxoAHABeACAAVyIAYMDkgEBNZgBAKABAcgBCMABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp)


You should put a /s on your comment


No. Live by the bad comment, die by the bad comment.


Yeah we should all suffer the consequences of our actions.


If you have a relative that died of Covid because they refused to get the vaccine, this case may open some doors for lawsuits. There are a lot of “personalities” like Jones that are spreading vaccine misinformation and their followers are dying. This case makes civil suits against these “personalities” a very real possibility. We’ve all heard the Lawyer commercials for lawsuits regarding mesothelioma. I can hear the commercials now. “Are you or a loved one suffering from the effects of long Covid ? Did your parent or spouse die from Covid ? Was your loved one wrongly convinced by “(insert Covid denying personality)” that the vaccine was a threat their health ? If so , call the law offices of Shister and Ambulance Chaser because you may be eligible for a large cash settlement from the ongoing class action lawsuit”


As much as I'd like it to be idt it's comparable. These suits were over direct harassment and other such suits against people like Jones (like pizzagate and the suits filed by the voting machine manufacturers) were libel suits filed by people/companies whose names and reputations he directly slandered. The victims in this case were able to prove that Jones' rhetoric resulted in harassment against them personally. Unless free speech laws change drastically, spreading misinformation that leads people to make bad decisions isn't illegal.


People think so but I don’t think it actually true. Giving people bad information during a pandemic is the equivalent of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. Sue them to harass them.


Sue them all. The First Amendment does not protected you from the consequences of your words.


Take everything from this maggot.


It’s strange seeing ol Jonesy without his mouth flung open in rage, I barely recognized him


It'll look even better stapled shut


Better yet, staple a surgical mask right onto his stupid face.


cachunk cachunk cachunk


About time. Hope everyone involved with sandyhook sues his ass off.


Now feels like a good time to give a shout out to one of my favorite podcasts, Knowledge Fight! Even though it almost exclusively covers Alex Jones and goes into deep dives explaining the horrible shit he's lying about, it's an incredibly entertaining and funny listen, and I'm sure that this upcoming episode covering the case should be quite entertaining.


Cool, always looking for interesting podcasts to listen on my drives


Full tilt boogie




I love your work


It's time to pray


Can someone explain the situation to me? I know who Alex Jones is but not what this case is about.


Sandyhook massacre.. Jones accused the parents of being crisis actors and said they were all hired by democrats to sway votes for gun control.. This led to a bunch of morons to harass the parents, call them, threaten them to "admit it" and basically made a situation where parents lost their tiny kids.. Even worse by accusing them of lying. Jones is garbage


I can agree that he's garbage. Holy shit this is a new level


Not for American conservatives it isn't!


There was a school shooting at sandy hook elementary school in 2012. 26 people died, including 20 children. Alex Jones and his goons claimed that it was a false flag event, so the government could start taking peoples guns away, and said all of the grieving parents were crisis actors. Him and his team harassed these grieving parents, and encouraged his followers to harass them too. Some of the parents sued him, and he just didnt cooperate with the courts, and lost by default


Well. Definitely have even more reason to dislike him now. Jesus christ


Imagine losing your young child in a senseless murder and then Alex Jones says it was all fake and his listeners call and threaten your family to make things worse. It is one of the most language only evil things I have ever heard in my life.




Another gay frogs victory!


Awesome. Maybe his diarrhea of mouth will dry up.


People say this won’t change a thing, honestly it symbolically shows a limit of free speech and sets a tone for future cases. I am by no means a fan of the U.S. justice system but every once in a while there is a small ounce of justice served.


Alex Jones has no credibility as a human being.


I really hope every sandy hook family and their neighbor sues Jones after this precedent. For sure there are lawyers who know how to turn landmark judgments into a flood of similar lawsuits and maybe a class action. He has the money so make him pay every family he slandered and put in harm’s way. All you need is one win to break the dam.


Bankrupt this piece of shit


This is a bit of a tangent, but using the word “slain” instead of something like “murdered” just feels kinda… disrespectful?


Just have a look at the head on that, will you?


Saying those kids being murdered were actors is fucking disgusting. How dare he profit off grieving families pain of loosing their child senselessly. Also No mr jones. The las vegas shooter was not a plot by Hilary and obama to celebrate the communist revolilution. The chemicals in water are from lazy corporations not a plot to make frogs gay. No the iphone does not pluck your beard for a government database. This guy even took horse dewormer on TV saying its better than the vaccine fucking hell.


This man is an absolute walking talking piece of shit.


Epstein’s island isn’t just some conspiracy theory though, it was actually real. But fuck Alex Jones




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What exactly does this mean, may I ask?


Eventually his lawyers will deem he can no longer be sued because he did not have control over his mental faculties


That's crazy. It's nearly impossible to win defamation cases.


Fk him


Finally some good news. Let's sue him into oblivion.


Just so it's known to people who haven't read the articles or anything, the reason why they won is because he didn't give documentation over during discovery. He had 7 lawyers and still didn't lmao


He deserves so much worse.


After all these years, it is finally time to rain the entire force of god down on this man.




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Fuck his fat face


That's the most sane I've ever seen him look and yet he still looks like he just chewed through the fuselage of a 747


Hopefully he drains him down a few mil


That's karma bitch


Why say “slain”? They aren’t fuckin dragons


Alex Jones is what I imagine diabetes personified must look like.


Why would you add Epstein's Island to this list? The others are hoaxes but that shit was incredibly real...


It was real.. But I think it was the point that any time any of these republicans talk about the island. They leave out the fact that a lot of republicans are mixed up with him.. Seems like they care more about democrats looking bad then they do actual justice.