Titans S03E13 "Purple Rain" - Episode Discussion Thread

Titans S03E13 "Purple Rain" - Episode Discussion Thread


Dick didn't give Krypto one thousand head pats so I guess he's the main villain for season 4?


Wait...where was Krypto this episode?


He gets angry at Starfire when she is yelling at Conor at the start but that’s it


Right? When Dick apologizes to Connor, I expected a camera tilt down to Krypto with a "what about me?" look.


Delivering water bottles to everyone in Gotham because that's still a huge problem no one cares about


So one basic jump kick and suddenly Tim's parents change their mind and decide that he's definitely ready to be Gotham's next vigilante hero? Was Tim's cousin an ARGUS agent? I don't think it was previously made explicitly clear who he was with when he said they had people inside the GCPD. Vee being ARGUS at least explains why she seemed to be aware of everything without ever saying anything about it. The Lazarus Pit scene was odd. When Rachel siphoned off the negative memories from the Pit and Kory asked if she was okay, she screamed, "NO!" like she was about to lose control. But then she immediately stopped struggling and seemed perfectly fine after Kory and Kom started their containment field around the remaining resurrection fluid. She didn't show any signs of discomfort up until she barfed it into Crane. Overall, it's an interesting take on the Pit function by splitting it up like that. The comic Pits used to kill healthy people who entered them, so raining one down on an entire city could've been a mass fatality event too. Maybe the show's version doesn't have that side effect, since Gar and Rachel didn't seem to suffer from making contact with the liquid when they pulled Dick out. Shame about Jason, though. Would've been nice if they'd written the insanity effect of the Lazarus Pit into it more explicitly to "excuse" his actions. He doesn't really feel like he's earned forgiveness (although at least he seems to understand that and the writers intentionally left it ambiguous when Dick only specifically mentioned Gar's opinion) since it never really felt like he was completely out of control. Too much of the pain he caused was voluntary. Kinda funny how they left in good spirits. "Oh shit, Gotham's a mess. Welp, see ya later, Bruce and Barb!"


Yeah, it felt like they took Jason the “cause he’s a junkie” route, rather than “I was brought back from the dead and now I’m insane” route. Maybe they felt it’d be hard to reason since they had 3 characters come back to life and however many citizens at the end.


if they were going to make the Lazarus pit have those affects they’d have to make Dick go crazy too and you know they don’t wanna do that


True, he’s done that plenty of times on his own accord


It was 4 resurrected main characters - Jason, Dick, Donna and Tim. Good way to make any death utterly meaningless


Apparently the only way a hero can be permanently killed on this show is to detonate a bomb in their chest.


Don't forget that Hank could have made it back, too, so even a chest bomb isn't a guaranteed (permanent) kill. Not sure how that would work out, though. Would Hank be magically whole again, or would he return to his body? Because the latter would no doubt be a pretty grim experience.


Exactly my thoughts but you conveyed it even better


I thought Jason bad behaviour was due to the drugs crane was feeding him and not Lazarus pit?


I thought she screamed “GO!” as in “I’ve absorbed the negative energy, you guys do your thing.” Would make more sense why she went back to normal after?


So what exactly are Starfire's new powers?


She has the power vagueness. So she always can or cant do what plot demands...


Wow wow wow wow wow....


Ryan is that you?


Blue CGI


This got the biggest chuckle outta me. I don’t even know wtf is going on. Are they starbolts? StarSaphire? StarCeruleanContaknmentField?


Yeah like they give her a new power and they go with blue energy rather then green starbolts? What the hell?


Or even pink for that matter lol


What the plot needs them to be


She’s not Starfire anymore she’s BlueGirl


Seems like an bigger version of her mild energy construct powers she had in the comics (mild as in we only ever saw her use it to make a tiny shield to block shit with her hands)


Drinking game: ​ Take a shot for every time someone thanks someone in this episode.


Dick thanking Jason was the ultimate eyeroll line of the episode. Probably of the season.


I'm sure the woman who snapped her own neck out of sheer pain in the first episode is happy Dick and Jason are friends again.


When ARROW uses a concept(the Lazarus Pit) better than your show that’s how it’s bad.


Right? The Arrow writers understood that when you use a concept like that, it needs to have drawbacks and consequences so it isn't just a free-for-all deus ex machine, but the Titans writers were just like GIMME GIMME GIMME!


Makes any death on this show even less meaningful because they can just use a pit without consequence and completely undoes the damage Scarecrow did basically rendering it without consequence.


And can't they just collect some of the rain water and effectively just have another pit again?


"Well, ya know what they say about lightning..." I burst out laughing in this scene because what do they say about lightning, Donna??


Never strikes the same place twice. Lmao Donna, well it apparently stuck you twice and yet you somehow survived this time for plot reasons


Which was worse... Donna's line here or Halle Berry's line from X-Men....


The writers saw your complaints that 4 characters resurrected was not enough so they upped it to a few million!


I want whatever the writers were smoking when they wrote season 3.


Must be that anti fear drug Jason took, they aren’t scared of bad ratings


These comments are fire.


roy harper name drop i wonder if we will see him next season or in RH spinoff if they do that also i cackled at tim bitch slapping crane because wtf was that lmaooo


Still makes absolutely no sense why the entire GCPD teamed up with Crane. He murdered 2,000 people and all the cops are still compliant and not questioning taking orders from an Arkham escapee. Also still unclear of Crane's motivation or why he wanted to destroy Gotham. Such a vague, cliche plan.


Yeah somehow it went from him bribing a few cops to rough up the Titans when they were turning themselves in (which is somewhat believable) to him somehow making the entire GCPD into his henchmen.


It doesn't make sense even with corruption. How does Crane have that much money to just buy them off like that? If it was the toxin, it'd just make them fearless, so they wouldn't fear betraying him or not listening to him.


Scarecrow's actor isn't such a good actor that we'd prefer to see the top half of his face instead of the **Scarecrow mask**


Did I miss something or did he teleport from the bat cave, to the middle of the city to don his mask, then teleport back?


I was wondering this as well ROFL


I don't think it's so much his acting skill (I think he's pretty good), but god damn it, you're a comic book villain; put on your damn costume.


Yeah, he wasn't a bad actor and wasn't even written that bad at first. The scarecrow plot just ran too long for the season.


Agreed. Kartheiser is a very talented performer and he did a fine job with what he was given this season, but for fucks sake, they literally could have made him ANY OTHER VILLAIN and it would have made ZERO difference. I very rarely use all caps, so please understand my vehemence. There were literally zero defining features of Scarecrow. He had the same generic "I want to take over the city" bad guy plan as all but like two villains from Arrow. They could have made this season horror-based and done SO much with him. Overall I liked the season, but goddamn what a waste of a character that has arguably the most potential of any of Batman's villains.


When did he plant 10 bombs? Also, the cops are cool with slaughtering citizens from "just following orders" and not SOME kind of fear toxin or drug?


Ridiculous that broke af scarecrow who was in prison for years somehow took over an entire police force lmao


I thought that the Scarecrow's motive was to spread fear, not death. Why was he setting off bombs to kill thousands of people instead of dispersing fear gas? He's a brilliant psychologist , I expected better.


It sounds like he was high most of the time on the set so I wouldn’t put it past him phoning it in


“Look at how his eyes are acting so well.”


So, did Blackfire just unironically go "Jokes on you, I'm into that shit!" to Superboy? Roy Harper's been a busy fucking boy offscreen, damn. What was the point in having Barbra's scene in Oracle last episode if Oracle wasn't going to play a part in this episode at all? Like, not even in her realizing 'Oh wait, I don't need Oracle; I'm good enough on my own.' since Oracle is being set to be brought back online. I am legitimately surprised that they gave us an explanation on the Lazarus Pit. And with that one drop kick, Tim Drake has shown his parents that he belongs with the Titans! Seriously though, Tim was so very botched this season. Not only has it failed to show why he should be Robin, not only has he been presented as an incompetent, reckless kid who'll mostly go down the same toxic relationship with the mantle that Jason had, but by having him join the Titans I realize that they haven't even given a reason for him to be so dead set on being Robin and only Robin. In the comics, it made sense because half of his motivation for taking up the mantle was that he believed Robin in particular was a mantle that kept Batman stable and stopped him from going over the edge. Here, he's not even interacting with or joining Batman, why doesn't he make his own Superhero persona instead of whining that he's entitled to someone else's? Damn, they don't even show Dick reuniting with Donna and Co, just cut to them all working together and Super Boy shrugging off Dick gassing him. So, it's confirmed for sure that the Lazarus Pit has no consequences for using it? Hell, the people that it rained down upon don't seem like they needed to go through a inner turmoil character-defining dream sequence to come back to life. Imagine that baby in the pram going through that. Does the Baby see numnums in the forest or do they see their future kids too? Gotta give the goons some credit, they at least thought of the possibility that Jason wasn't alone. I'm fine with a character deciding that they can forgive another character for doing heinous things to them, even if I disagree with it. What makes it bad for me is that Jason is still a mass murderer no matter his trauma, Dick should want him in Arkham or prison. I know that he doesn't have time to waste on Jason when Crane's at large, but could the show at least add some dialogue that implied Dick was at least considering putting Jason away instead of making it look like Dick's A-Okay with him getting off scot free? This entire episode could be summarized as 'That was easy'. Why did I laugh so loud at Super Boy calling the scientist dude he was almost ready to break a couple of hours earlier by a nick name? Okay, did they ever say that Super Boy couldn't breathe on Tamaran before last episode? Because I swear, this problem didn't exist until they needed Blackfire to abandon Connor. "You could stay..." Sorry, Barbra, but Dick's seen his future; and... Uh... Let's just say it's obviously not you. At least until the next season pretends it never happened.


Plot twist: That child is actually her and Dick's adopted daughter.


This was a terrible finale, the worst so far.. seriously all they had to do was one punch crane?? 13 episodes just for that??? They could’ve had Connor do that a half season ago! What was the point of blackfire if she doesn’t stick with the titans or become a villain? Written off just like that? From being a threat at the end of S2, to this?? Donna is the best part of the show and she’s just going to go with Dove??


Seriously nothing explains why superboy couldn’t just one poke crane 2 months ago. It was as easy as just heading over to wayne manor. It’s like oh guys let’s just decide to win and we’ll win why didn’t we think of that sooner


No, but Dick was trying to be Batman, and Batman never would have gone to Wayne Manor. Even though it was his own actual house. He would have been like "well, fuck it, a guy who cuts his nose while shaving his beard has taken over my house so I can't go back." Dick needed 13 episodes to get to a place where he realized it was ok to go back to Wayne Manor and beat the shit out of Crane. Dick will probably grow some of his own facial hair in season 4.


dick solved this in episode 4, if he hadnt been shot by babs


I didn’t understand that comparison … since when does Batman not confront the bad guy? Is there some precedent of the bat cave being invaded before and Batman just called it an L?


They cut out the flashback of Dick and Bruce living in a penthouse for a few months because Clayface took over the Manor.


Or the time he had to get a whole new wardrobe after Bane stretched out all of his clothes


Crane was never a good villain for all of the Titans to face, he's too weak. They need a more powerful villain next season.


They set up this season to make Blackfire a big bad with the previous season and it's cliffhanger. Then they balked and shifted entirely to Red Hood and Scarecrow instead. So they had to include her, but ended up just decimating the character because there's no really smart way to transition from how she was set up in S2 to the role she had in S3. The character should have been dropped entirely or just hinted at in favor of a future season. I wonder if it was a contractual thing.


Guessing the HBOMax move and maybe COVID forcing them to change filming from "San Francisco" to "Gotham" caused Blackfire to be retconned.


>one punch crane Even though personality and memories don't transfer over by genes (unless there's another scientific discover contradicting it) would you trust someone who's part Lex Luthor to punch with super strength one guy? >What was the point of blackfire if she doesn’t stick with the titans or become a villain? Written off just like that? She'll probably be back she's just [Put On A Bus](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PutOnABus) like Raven


Theve literally written donna off the show at the end of each season. It's beyond old at this point. Either give her a spinoff or let her lead be with the titans. Also how did her leadership talk with that Amazon not amount to her taking over as leader cause dick's a big-ass failure in that department on the show


They use a gas mask instead of the proper scarecrow mask, fuck off.


And they only have it for like one shot anyway.


He also teleported to the middle of the city for that shot, then teleported right back to Wayne manor. Also, we really saying nothing about the fact that hundreds of cops now know the identities of batman and all the titans?


“…but I drew it on the board.” My new favorite Conner moment. And Gar using his hands to determine right vs left is now my new favorite Gar moment.


Gar figuring out left from right made me laugh out loud. This was, surprisingly, a good Gar episode, in my opinion. We got a few good moments with him after a season where he may as well have not even been in it.


Rachel looking so done with Connor was great


Dick Grayson giggling and excited about the RV while the Titans look back sadly at the jet was pretty great. Happy they are headed back to SF and excited to see who is returning next season.


That was kinda funny.


That was such a dad moment from Dick. Love it.


This is why this show frustrates me. I end up mostly liking how the season ends and hope that they build off of it and make the next season solid all the way through— but they don’t do it. The tone of the hangar scene was nice, we need more of that shit


Feels to me like we could have left Tim with Bruce to train and become the next Robin?


That would've made too much sense for this show.


This season is awful. the ending just doesn't make sense at all. Instead of sending Superboy or Donna go to Batcave and take care of Crane, they send Gar and Jason. WFT is that bitch slap from Tim?? He can jump kick and what he does to Crane is bitch slap??? The whole season is a mess and the plot hole is just unacceptable. I feel like the writer has no idea whats the direction of the show will go to at all. Since Nightwing's show got renewed for season 4 I wondering who will make a cameo in that shows tho Batwoman team up with Titans to help Nightwing or what?


TiM Do YoU WaNnA Do ThE HoNoRs The fuck


I died at the fact crane literally just stood there and took it


Like where was his chain scythe


Did they really just.......write off both Blackfire and Donna Troy?? what the actual fuck


Backfire literally did nothing this season lol.


I think creating tornados and sex with superboy counts for something.


the leakers who said she was the main antagonist this season 🤡 I can understand things may change with Covid delays, but completely changing the series plan with Blackfire? Lol


I’m pretty sure they scrapped the Blackfire and actual decent character plots for a Bat-centric plot, maybe with pressure from DC. It sucks because it just made for a terrible season.


It seems pretty clear she was intended to be the main antagonist this season given all the build up from S2, without any real hint towards Red Hood or Crane at all.


Imo ARGUS will probably get a spinoff show with Donna and Dove being the stars of it. Black fire I think will be back at the end of next season to be the villain for S5.


There is zero need for her to be back. Like at all. She goes to Tamaran to be queen. End of her story. Why have her return?


If this season was just a vehicle for random spin-offs that’s even more of an asshole move by the writers than I thought


Is blackfire really coming back?


It would take some awfully bad writing to bring her back as a villain in the future. so that’s probably exactly what will happen


I love that Tim's parents decide he should stay after tim just standing behind donna and doing a jumpkick. Pretty mid episode, seems to be setting s4 up to be a better season but it's not like they've done that before and then the next season is shit but hopefully next season is good.


They saw him and saw that plot armor was gonna protect him from those bullets and will make him an excellent fighter duh.


Best explanation for that wtf moment


Unless they change the showrunners and writers, i don't think we will ever see improvements. These guys were given a chance and a budget that majority of shows never got. Yet they fucked us over multiple times in a row.


Can’t believe Donna and Dick didn’t have a real reunion scene, they’re one of the greatest friendships in comics


This show is so clumsy 😂. So much potential but will we finally see it next season?? Probably not


Was it a terrible final... nope. Was it a particular great one that made up for the lousy season... hell fucking no. It was passable/average/mediocre. But it didn't infuriate me, so I guess that's progress. ...I mean there was a profound lack of consequence for Jason killing people, Dick poisoning Connor, Connor blowing up Kom's ship and Gotham citizens literally dying and resurrecting, but if it means we never have to dwell on S3 again, I am all for sweeping it aside.


I'm streaming this shit so I went on youtube to find some scenes. My god that Bruce scene with Dick and Jason were cringe. None of it still makes sense because well, the writers set it up that way and there was no way to resolve it. Bruce: I was about to kill myself but for whatever reason I snapped out of it. You saved Gotham. Dick: *smirk* I had help. Except all the time I played solo detective and sprayed Kryptonite dust all over Connor so I can fight Jason alone for whatever reason. Bruce: I mean you guys killed a lot of people but aside from that - oh hey Jason! Can you forgive me? Jason: What did you do exactly? Bruce: Have an apprentice fetish. Aside from that I wasn't responsible for any of your ridiculous actions.


Personally I hated this overall/general exchange. Blackfire: "My entire life is devoted to getting fire powers and seizing the throne. I have done, and will do anything I must, no matter the cost, to attain my birthright" Connor: "I blew up your only way home and single-handedly destroyed your dream." Blackfire: "I don't care."


Lmao I wrote a long ass honest review and Vullein took it down. Feel free to read it I left it as comments.


Scrolled through and found it, you pretty much summed up why almost every single scene of this episode (and most of the season) made no sense. It truly sounds like hyperbole to make that statement about an entire 45 minutes but yeah, you pointed out massive holes in every scene. Even with last minute rewrites, I have no idea how this season left the writers room in the condition we got it. It straight up feels like a project I would write in middle school. High school students would pick apart the show. It's just insane when you consider the massive budget hbo dumps into this show and the talent of the cast that's ultimately wasted. There's no reason for this show to be on the levels of arrow s4


Maybe she saw herself in him


That was what she said too and it made it more understandble why she forgave him


That was so terrible. Nothing made sense characters are all over the place and there wasnt even some nice action. Way worse then Season 2. Terrible from the first to the last episode the only thing I was genuinely surprised over was how hank died everything before and afterwards was written idiots.


At least season 2 had good fight scenes to wrap it up. The writers just wanted to shoehorn random references it looks like Pretty much all the episodes after hank died went to shit. All the episodes with Dick and Barbara’s relationship shit were a waste too since he’s just going back home to SF


At least Donna didn't die of electricity this time 😂😂😂


##I N C O H E R E N T


So kori just suddenly can control her new power and it’s perfectly made to carry a fuckin Lazarus pit in a tiny manageable ball?


Of course! Didn't you see her wave her hands around? She waved her hands around.


Honestly, the episode itself had its ups and downs but I REALLY hope Season 4 is just a roadtrip. It'd be refreshing, it'd be a break from formula, I think it could be fun, make the whole of season 4 just the roadtrip, even if it's only three days. It doesn't need to be dealing with the consequences of ending the world or saving an entire city, make it self-contained and focused and fun, a race against time sure because you're driving, but just make it FUN, and I think a roadtrip is a neat way to do that. A roadtrip has so much potential for the team. We can see the team camping out at various spots at night and have this be an opportunity for Dick to train Tim as they go. Being out in nature and among the wildlife will allow Gar to expand his abilities. There's bound to be some supernatural shit going on in the forest for Raven, and they can all work *together* on stuff in general. (I'm sure there'll be something for Starfire and Superboy too.) Edit: I wanna add more. I think having the season be a roadtrip would also force the team to be together, because everyone has to get back in the bus at the end of the day so they can move along on their way to SF. Everyone has to be on the bus. Unless they pull some angsty shit where someone leaves the roadtrip for a day or two because of team differences (which is likely but I hope doesn't happen) they'll have to stick together and I think it'll be fun.


Interesting idea, not sure if it could span a whole season but would be good to see at least for a couple episodes. Would be a little bit more Doom Patrolish and flesh out everyone's relationships more which I think would really help the show. They could do stuff with Donna, Dawn? and Blackfire as side plots so we get to see other locations as well.


Titans:Road Rules for season 4 would actually be a great idea. No super villains, just dealing with shitty camping sites, mosquitoes, county fairs, diarrhea, shit like that. Maybe like that Suicide Squad Hell to Pay animated movie.


\- *deep breath* Okay here we go. \- ARGUS and Roy Harper name drop! \- "Youtube!" I like Tim. I really hope he lives up to the comic book version. \- "42069" Jesus... \- Secret identities? Fuck it! Everyone can know who Nightwing is, who Red Hood is, who Batman is... \- I'm so happy to see Gar as a bat again. \- Selina Kyle name drop! \- That Nightwing action scene was awesome. I like how his escimas turn into a bo staff like Injustice Nightwing. I hope Tim picks it up at some point. \- I hope they fix Jason's character... make him more like comic book Jason. I do like Curran Walters though, I think he's doing a great job with what he has. \- "My name is Tim Drake. You tried to kill my family. Prepare to get bitch slapped. \- That was a weak-ass punch, Tim. But fighting has never been Tim's strong suit. \- Scientist dude was a bigger fanboy than Tim. \- I'm gonna say it, I've never been a fan of Jorah Mormont as Bruce Wayne. He doesn't strike me as Bruce Wayne. I don't get Bruce Wayne vibes from him. Heck, I prefer Val Kilmer and George Clooney. I think he would have been better as Afred. \- Conor Leslie in that outfit, goddamn. \- I like the hanger ending. I'm gonna pretend that's where this episode ended...


> Conor Leslie in that outfit, goddamn Which one? JK we all know...


That scene from baby boy popped up in my head during that Tim & Scarecrow scene “And cuz you tried to kill my parents 👊🏽💥” “Yo timmy tim what type of bitch ass punch was that, his jaw harder your fist? Lemme teach you the one hitter QUITTER”


> - Conor Leslie in that outfit, goddamn. It's good, though it doesn't compare to her season 2 costume; daaaamn


She looks stunning in anything.


So at the end >!they just literally make it so crane lives in ever lasting torture? And that's somehow more humane than just killing Bhim? Fucking psychotic evil shit...... !< Wow


It was very 80’s 90’s ending to say the very least


And the way they walked away smiling with cranes terrified and bloodcurdling screams, wtf? Just have him sentenced and executed. They’re just gonna genjutsu torture him for the rest of his life?


Curious, what is "genjustsu torture"? I mean, I know what it is from context, but is it a reference to something?


Naruto “genjutsu is created when a ninja controls the chakra flow of a target's cerebral nervous system, thereby affecting their five senses; this is frequently used to create false images and/or trick the body into believing its has experienced physical pain.” https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Genjutsu In Naruto they can create illusions and make you live 1000 years of torture in an hour


Huh...interesting. I've never seen Naruto, never been big on anime but have been getting more and more intrigued of late. If you have any action heavy, violent recs I'd gladly take them. Furthermore, I'm in the horror business for a living and am always looking for more horror content, any good horror anime you would recommend? Feel free to tell me it's not your job to fill my "to be watched" list, too, haha. Just figure I might as well ask!


Higurashi (the original, NOT the 2020 remake) is pretty good iconic for classic horror anime.


Yup, it was so unnecessary to end it on that note instead of seeing them on the RV, like whyy


Well, she is the child of a devil after all.


How are these people even considered heroes? they've been killing people left and right since season 1 and now they made them look like psychotic sadists with that ending lol


For real, a lot of the shit theyve done would at least fall into morally grey, but this was just outright the action of a 'villain'


I love how this episode had some notable reunions (Kory and Rachel, Donna and everyone else not named Tim) and there were barely any reactions. Just awful. Donna leaving to Paris just to see Dawn and give her Hank's message? Uh... You know there's Facetime, right? It would've made sense for Dick to introduce Tim to Bruce, and train him to be the new Robin. Dick thanking Jason was pretty cringe considering everything Jason had done. He should've said "this changes nothing" instead. Barbara showing no emotion whatsoever that Dick is basically leaving her. Like, ok? Aren't you in love with him? LMAO Conner flip flopping back to being a Titan an episode after saying "fuck the Titans" bruh Tim's parents letting him join the other 3 SUPERPOWERED Titans while he's not trained, lol Just... Awful. Awful. I really hope new writers are hired for Season 4 because this show is laughable. Christ.


lol Tim's parents are playing the long game. they know he's going to keep doing stupid stuff, at least a team of superpowered ppl might save him from being shot again


What in the living hell was this? What? The hell? Jason, clinging to his singular standing character trait: betrayal? The writers serving up the only meal they can make: chaos, confusion and nonsense So they rained down Lazarus Juice on the populace of Gotham, what about the people who’d, you know, burned to death in any of the many explosions? The Pit regenerates that damage, it’s a bath. Raven seemed to absorb the psychic side effects, which she PROMPTLY INFUSED INTO JOHNATHAN CRANE WHAT THE FUCK. I don’t care what he did, that is beyond torture. Every dark moment, every doubt, every wound physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic, every fear and every doubt by everyone who’s ever come into contact with the pit, they put in him. That is fucked up. Conner instantly forgiven by Blackfire, Dick forgiven by Conner, so what was the point? Argus comes out of nowhere, I would need to re-watch but I don’t remember even a hint to even just the audience that was coming in. Bruce, at this point, is completely unmasked right? GCPD must know, his name is thrown around casually, they’re in his home and the Batcave, he’s clearly just never gonna be able to have a secret identity again. Then again, Selina is gone, Alfred is gone, maybe that’s irrelevant. Donna lassoed a fucking cloud. Supposedly it’s 150 feet long. Not a quarter mile. I liked some of this season, which is more than I can say for the other two. This was just “… what the hell who made this” territory.


Vee was competent, so you know she was no a normal member of the GCPD.


I'm not really sure if I can agree with the sentiment that this was a good finale. I'm not at *all* convinced that raining down the literal Lazarus Pit over an entire city is a good way to resolve the status quo, and Donna's character kept on being mistreated.


I love how Donna's character arc this season has basically been "My death was embarrassing, so I'll just be immune to electricity."


Dumb death to deus ex machina


Wouldn't the Lazarus rain be one of the most significant events in human history? It would change the world completely. Hundreds or thousands of people died at the same time, woke up on the afterlife train together, then they were resurrected. What are the global headlines after this one day in Gotham? The entire world now knows that the afterlife, literal magic, and souls are real. Oh, and dead people can be brought back to life now.


Im glad I’m not the only one. I’m starting to feel crazy reading all these positive comments. That Lazarus storm was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen. And then donna lassoing it? How does that work?


I don't think so much about legit science how to make rain. I just assume it's DC universe science. But if wonder woman can hang on to lightning with her rope in the air. I guess wonder girl can take lightning.


I hope Gotham enjoy their coming zombie infestation when the ground soaks up the rain.


When Hank comes back as Talon.


Jesus dude. That...would make me so happy, actually. Calvin Rose is a character I'm glad isn't used all that often, because oversaturation and all that, but one that I love. I thoroughly enjoyed the Talon mini. And even though Titans doesn't have the Court of Owls, I would love to see Hank come back as Talon. It definitely fits with the whole bird motif. That would be amazing in my book.


Dionesium under Gotham tells you there is a potential for Court of Owls, and Ra's is going to be pissed at the Titans for destroying his plans with said pit. I'm guessing the baddies for S4 are the Ra's and the League of Assassins. Of course this means Talia and Damian. Maybe this is the darkest timeline, or something close to. Bruce did kill the Joker. Wouldn't that make him The Batman Who Laughs? That's Court of Owls and their Talons. Hank comes back, Dawn is there to try and stop him and he kills her thus giving the Court another Talon. For fucks sake just give Scott Snyder the wheel.


I would be all for Scott Snyder taking the reins for a Batfamily-centric series. He introduced so many interesting elements to the Batman mythos. And I know it's fairly divisive, but I fucking loved Metal and Death Metal. That was just balls to the wall, no holds barred, unabashed *fun*.


I thought them turning the Lazarus Pit into a giant purple rain cloud was a joke & a complete copout


Whole episode felt like all cop outs just to finish it and be able to say nana bruce look how good we did without you


Smattering of thoughts: Good lord with all the 'thank you'-ing... YouTube-Fu is legit, clearly. We spent all this time with Crane as the 'big bad' and he gets punched out by a YouTube-Fu white belt. Yay Bruce is back. Deuce Ex ARGUS. So does this mean Donna can web swing on lightning bolts now? Blackfire who wanted to go home is now like, nah fam I'm good. I know you blew up my ship on purpose, but all good. The pure comedy of the people coming back to life from the Pit Rain.... All the time used up in this Wayne Manor break in when you could just have Conner or Donna just roll up in there and kick everyone's ass. That's my issue with this show. Characters do stuff or don't do stuff 'because plot'... I know the show is in the can when it airs, so they cannot respond to critiques and criticism and fans wants/desires on the fly. I am just hoping the showrunner and writers take it all in and really plan on executing a good season four. Just let them be Titans and not just boring stupid character routinely doing stupid things, because plot.


Now hear me out. With the rain could it have brought anyone back? Like it’s gonna soak into the ground what happens if it hits someone buried? What happens if it hits animals? I’m just saying grandma could be back from the dead and is struggling to get out.


Drake Family: "We need you. But Gotham needs you more." Tim "Guess I'm going to SF!"


Barbra's boss really should have told the Titans this from the beginning.


If they actually are going to write off donna Troy without including her in a spin-off I’m quitting this show


If they do that then… what was the point of bringing her back


Why did Dick have to walk off and not tell Gar himself lmaoo why didn’t he just finish the commands first. Just for some meaningless batman Easter eggs?


I literally went into this episode thinking “i wonder if Donna will get electrocuted…” Well. Why are we watching?


Lol no parent would send their kid off like that. He has no training at all and no powers ha And dick and Jason … please he killed hank so cold blooded and horrible and took out dawn He needs to be in jail Barbara … whatever she’s useless Bright light black fire understood why Connor did what he did… Scarecrow continues to be a weak pathetic villain worthy of an episode maybe two not a season The writers are so laughable


I’m pretty sure that’s not how the Lazarus Pit works.


This show is so bad at finales. Not one moment made a bit of sense.


Worst season for me to be honest, finale was ok I guess but so many scenes that just don't have any sense of logic (I understand its a superhero show but still the writing is just terrible). Also I get that they wanna have the last laugh with scarecrow but torturing him with the lazarus pit ? Seems really fucking psycho to me..


That whole ending with Raven and Scarecrow will really off-putting.


I have a million questions right now. Doesn't the Lazarus pit literally drive people insane and cause other side effects they didn't even consider before dropping it on the entire city? What was Blackfires purpose in this season if they are just going to write her off? And why bring Donna back if she's left behind?? Conner forgiving Dick pretty much instantly makes no sense. He literally used poison on him and his DOG. They should have used this opportunity to let Conner leave the Titans and give him his own spin off. We all know they will continue to sideline and misuse him in the next seasons because he's simply to powerful in contrast to the human villains. They used Scarecrow as the main villain and only showed him in a half assed gas mask for about a minute. Such a terrible way to handle this character. Was it so hard to just let him wear a proper mask once? Both Crane and Jason were wasted. It's like the writers didn't even try to put some real effort into character development. Jason's motives make zero sense and Crane is just a random lunatic who has nothing in common with his comic book counterpart. The road trip was the only thing I liked. But they HAD TO ruin it with that god awful Arkham Asylum scene, huh? Let's just portray the heroes as sadistic psychopaths who go out of their way to take revenge on the villain. The Titans have no redeeming qualities at this point.


Unless you’re Dragonball Z, once death has no consequences in your show, it loses all tension. I now feel like there are no consequences and everyone has plot armor in Titans. That no one can actually die. That’s not a good thing for your show that runs as a superhero drama. The Lazarus Pit is fine, but behind a filing cabinet in Gotham with no consequences isn’t. Raining it down on all the people should have created millions of zombies. It just seemed like convenient deus ex machina.


I shouted “fuck offfffff!” When Conor forgave Dick. It doesn’t even reflect how they were building up the team wondering what happened with the kryptonite at Conor and Dick’s location. The writer of the last episode made it feel like a conflict against Dick was coming over it. Also again Conor HE POISONED YOUR DOG


So, I see y’all calling this one a strong ending after some head scratchers in the past few weeks so I’ve got some questions… Donna lasso’d a storm? And it did something as a result? I don’t know which question to ask first…. What did she lasso? Why would lassoing do anything? Was this a reference to WW84 when WW lasso’d a lightning bolt for no logical reason? Raven absorbed the Lazarus pit and rained it down in Gotham. If you died indoors, fuck you! Jason killed many, many people. Bruce killed a mass murderer. Bruce:”same same but different” PARDON ME? I generally tend to be non-chalant about media, like I can enjoy a Transformers movie because I don't expect award-winning cinema, so it feels awful to type, but seriously? This needed like at least a few weeks more of workshopping. edit: after watching the final scene... Raven absorbed all the negativity of who-knows-how-many-dead people and forced that into a live person but she's "totally someone to root for"... I get the line between good and evil is blurred in shows like this, but this is spitting on the line to inject an unknown amount of trauma from people who lived a life AND DIED maybe more than once. That's the logic of a sociopath.


Its very funny to think it like that Wonderwoman: oh and remember stay away from thunder and lightning Wondergirl: but… you can lasso the light? Wonderwoman: yeah but if i touch it i die So the simple solution to carnival scene was that she should have grabbed or held lasso while grabbing electric tower lmao


thank you for bringing up another issue... Donna: "You know what they say about lightning" *lightning strikes and electricity clearly flows through Donna even though it fucking killed her last time this happened, yet nothing of consequence happens as a result*


Im happy everyone else can enjoy the finale but i keep seeing things contract other or just things that annoys me For one the writers shouldnt have cut dick apologizing to superboy, IT WAS A GOOD STEP FOR REDEMPTION but had superboy say he understands, spiting poison on your face isnt good to excuse what he done.. He still demand to the team with no comfort back, it irks me when gar talked how he didnt know or just nervous dick never assured him or anything like that and kept demanding once again I loved and hated the nightwing fight with guard in manor, if proves they can give the nightwing we wanted but for absolute odd reason wont Superboy knowledge what he did was selfish and wrong was very mature and calmed me down from first episode and was able to see him in different angel if that makes sense Superboy and blackfire relationship was very consistent and my only issue was they were fucking clearly wanted to do whole blackfire and superboy so they can develop blackfire into something more but whoever came up with crane/scarecrew script/concept/plan killed it and had to work with new plan Didnt like how tim all of sudden did karate kick out of nowhere and reason he can do that was “youtube” 42069.i have no words to explain this even if i tried They clearly show that they can and could and would and will give crane scarecrew mask, SO WHY IN FUCKING FUCK ARE THEY REFUSING TO DO SO? AND WHY IS IT HALF??????? They have not once explain bruce sudden breakdown and runway nor why he was burning a house including attempt to burn himself alive (and failed to do so) We also dont know why he came back Gar got great moment in this episode but frustrates me they couldn’t allow him to be this comedic for full season, him hitting window and not knowing his left and right and all is great moment for me, ryan deserves better than this (also gar in this ep gives me doom patrol vibes and i could see him being buddy buddy with robotman and cyborg and maybe crazy jane) If they start next season with just van travel and simply focus on that rather than saving then there is glimp of hopes, to me they usually always soft reboot each season, well for once if they soft reboot starting with van/trailer on their way to San Francisco and just spend time develop relationships with each member it would not fix everything but would stop the “not teaming/not feeling like a team” complaint and it would be really good step once they tackle down this to tackle other issues from past or completely ignore it Now after i wrote the idea they should ignore or forget the past they really should have ignored donna helping the lighting with lasso and just have say blackfire to do the job for example


That’s…that’s not how the Lazarus pit works.


Just finished the episode. The only things that were enjoyable about it were Rachel's outfits and the scenes where she's entering into frame. I was getting a lot of "I'm bad and I know it" vibes, which was cool. Everything else? Not so much.


This whole episode was basically retcon city. Poor writer was basically undoing all of the dumb decisions from the past two episodes. That stupid stunt Nightwing pulled on Superboy…yea that was dumb, let’s pretend it didn’t happen. Blowing up the ship out of jealousy? Also dumb and a bit out of character, but it’s *for love*. Don’t worry, that same love got the ship back like it never happened. Shit, Tim is too whiny, let’s actually give him something to do so he at least has some merit. Don’t worry his family is cool with him being a hero now, that plot thread was a bad idea. Bruce actually killed the Joker, which basically destroys all of Jason’s motivations for being Redhood and not being apart of the family in the comics. Uh, he has guilt and needs to find himself. The pit being in Gotham? Oh uhh Ra’s Al Ghul built a pit in secret under Bruce’s nose and has something nefarious planned; *Roy Harper* was on it the whole time though. Considering the Titans worked as a team, no one did anything upsettingly dumb, and we ended how I was hoping we would(Superboy being next season’s villain would have suuuuuucked) I’d say not a bad episode overall. 7/10, if the others were like this one, I probably would have said this season was good. Those last two episodes really brought it down though overall.


I get there’s a lot of eye roll stuff in this episode but I feel like not enough people are talking about Starfire’s RANDOM superpower. Like what was that? And does it have to do with that “baby” she kept seeing in her dreams? Idk man I just can’t forgive what they did to get and Blackfire this season


Vee was a better commissioner than Barbara. I swear this show is ridiculous. They undermine people left and right


This show is stupid. I give up.


Post-Credits prediction: Wintergreen visits Deathstroke in hospital, revealing that he survived his fight at the end of Season 2 and is looking for revenge.


Deathstrokes healing capabilities are too advanced. He doesnt do or need hospitals. He just vibes at home. I wouldnt mind a redo of Deathstroke or Trigon tbf




thats ok, but he teleported from the bat cave to the middle of the city and back to the bat cave


The whole season building up to that is incredibly disappointing. I’m a sucker for bad tv, especially superhero’s, but seems like the people involved with Titans make the wrong choice with literally every decision they do. The main redeeming quality is it doesn’t feel like they’re too restrained with using DC Characters so that’s always fun to see who’s coming up. I’m guessing we finally see Roy (I’d actually like to see those flashbacks) and would love if we got Wally.


I like how they just dropped dark Superboy so quick and have him forgive Dick for almost killing him without any pushback. It would have been nice to have Conner go dark for a bit and then Lex reaches out to him and twists his mind. That would be a dope story arc for season 4. Not the whole season, just maybe 3 or 4 episodes. Tim’s parents switched up so fast about him staying. Like they was yelling at him 10 minutes ago? What’s also dumb is using the pit to bring all those people back. Like the casualties were bad but why risk them potentially having blood lust? And I guess Donna has an infinite lasso. And still no closure on how and why Donna saved Bruce 😂


Everything out of cranes mouth stunk of r/Im13andThisIsDeep I get we were supposed to think he's pathetic? Like the funny Batman psych evaluation But literally nothing about him was compelling


How do you miss an opportunity to play a Prince song? ☹️


Anyone else piss that Donna died from being electrocuted, but can now just take hits of lightening like it’s nothing? Why didn’t she use the lasso like that in the season 2 finale???? This show is dumb…


Sooooo are we gonna talk about how this episode literally had a Batman villain threaten Gotham city by asking heroes to solve riddles in order to find the bombs that are threatening the city....and that villain was supposed to be the scarecrow? I can't help but wonder if they wanted to do Riddler this season and got turned down because The Batman is also using him because nothing he did this season screamed scarecrow one bit. He never even put on the full mask!


I feel like I am taking crazy pills reading these comments. This season, especially this finale, has felt like the writers could not give two shits about what they are writing. It genuinely seems like they're sabotaging the show for the fun of it. There were practically zero consequences this season, zero character growth, it's almost like none of it happened. If nothing else, this show should serve as an inspiration for aspiring writers. If these writers can make it, so can you.


Yeah, this was stupid. Like... Unforgiveably stupid. They could have had Connor end this so.. many.. times. A lot of this season they knew where Crane was or where he was going to be, Connor could have went and grabbed him and it would be over. They've known he's in Wayne Manor, and in this episode decided to go in and get him but just left Connor standing there so he could go and think up how to design a new ship while coming up with some stupid as shit plan involving Gar becoming a bat and hacking a (surprisingly easy to hack) Wayne fucking enterprise system while having the formerly dead kid who couldn't beat up Scarecrow suddenly ninja a squad of police officers. Once Dick decided they had to go after Crane Connor could have simply walked in there, blew the cops over, grabbed Crane by his dangles and literally thrown him like a crazy little fat football all the way back to Arkham. And why the fuck we're the police suddenly all working for a psychopath? Was this explained at all? So fucking infuriatingly stupid all god damn season, this show sucks balls and I hate that it's made me angry. See you all for Season 4


I really can’t stand the way Dick is written in this show. He’s bossy, inefficient, doesn’t ever learn from his mistakes and every other character gets less room to breathe because he takes up so much airtime. Additionally why waste time on new one and done nobody’s? (Lady Vic) It’s so frustrating that S3 wasted loads of time in the middle running in circles but then at the same time didn’t end up having enough time for the main characters to have proper character arcs. Donna should lead the Titans, and Nightwing should fuck off.


He tries to be a leader but fails miserably. The "Titans" look up to him so I guess that's something.


the scene where Tim's parents tell him to stay made me laugh out loud. "you did one cool kick?!? sure son! you can stay here in this bomb-infested militarized zone! lates."


This season really should have been a Batman centric story. But for obvious reasons it isn’t. Instead were left with this whole “Batman killed the joker and ‘fucked off’” plot line, which makes NO SENSE. Then they try and make Dick into this kind of surrogate for Bruce, blaming himself for Jason’s death with the whole Lazarus Pit scene where Dick is dressed as Joker. It just doesn’t work. This season was a laughable mess.:


Raven is by far the best part of this season. It sucks so much that we barely saw her.




Lmfao Lazarus pit rain that is soo fuckin stupid


Well I liked this season a little more than the last one but man this show is a fucking mess


Hokayyy man, so Tim's parents change their minds about everything just because he kicked a dude? Come on. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he ditched the protective parents and joined up with the Titans, but it shouldn't have been that easy.


I’m so upset Tim Drake didn’t at least look at the Robin suit. I feel like there was so much build up to him becoming Robin just for dick to say “ok imma train you for that next season” He didn’t even give the Robin suit a glance when they finally got access to the Batcave but basically his entire time in that show has been about him wanting to be Robin. It felt like such a letdown, I really wanted to see him in that suit around the end, also what was up with crane being a one shot? I swear to you if it were that easy we shouldn’t have had him as a villain, he just said “no! my plans are foiled! whatever shall I do now?” as if comic him wouldn’t have fought back. At least just to kill the Titans or something, Crane could beat Red Hood but couldn’t take a hit from an untrained Tim Drake? The season wasn’t the best overall but this finale really felt like a letdown. Also we just gonna forget how Donna just left too? Why are the good characters leaving every 2 seconds


I subscribed to HBO for this garbage. It's a subscription I'll be cancelling.