Sasha Banks Says She's Not On The Next Season Of 'Star Wars: The Mandalorian'

Sasha Banks Says She's Not On The Next Season Of 'Star Wars: The Mandalorian'


A single rocket propelled dropkick is a good enough mark to leave on any show.


Showed up our boy Boba with that rocket-boost tornado DDT


that’s a pretty good legacy to leave behind tbh


That fight annoys me to this day.




What the other commenter said. I don’t believe Boba should have struggled to beat the other Mandalorian. He’s Boba fucking Fett! He’s said to be on the level of, or superior to, Jango Fett and Cad Bane, both of whom tangled with Jedi and survived. I’m not saying the Mandalorian girl (Coska?) is incapable, but Boba Fett deserved better than that.


Boba should’ve beat her instead of the “draw”


Idk man I've always thought Boba was a punk bitch.This season was the first time he was actually competent.


He didn't have much screen time, but he punked Luke and friends in ESB. Particularly Luke with his loud ass pistol draw. "Oh you're a Jedi in training? Cool, eat this blaster bolt padawan." Besides a lucky shot from a main character in head to toe plot armor, I don't think he had lost on screen once during the OT? Edit: he stole a floating rock man bed from the entire main cast and got away. He tricked han solo at his own floating garbage game. He was the only one to successfully track the falcon.


>DDT It's Tony time bitches. CSO ⚔️🕶️


Well, Bo-Katan’s other sidekick already vanished without a mention, so...


I recall hearing before season 2 ended that the actor of Axe Woves posted something on Instagram or another social media explaining that there’s a reason why he didn’t show up again, it made it seem like he was implying his character was off getting ready for whatever they’d do in season 3. I don’t even remember what he said, I just remember someone put it on r/StarWarsLeaks back then and everyone was speculating that Axe Woves was absent from the end of season 2 because he’s off doing Mandalorian stuff that would come to the front of season 3.


Well, someone had to be with the Mandalorian ship that they didn’t use.


I can’t find the Disney-related trade rag that I read it in, but IIRC he had a family emergency during shooting and asked to be written out so he could leave the set right away. I think his father died.


Just to add to the confusion I thought I heard that it was due to covid restrictions and he was in the UK and couldn't get there in time.


Poor guy


Doesn't he have a stunt double that can wear the armor? He doesn't have to show his face


He does but itd probably look weird when everyone takes their helmets off but him


"I uh converted"


This is the way


Power Rangers has this problem too. Whenever they do crossovers with past seasons and only a few actors can come back, the other Rangers are stunt doubles who are awkwardly stuck in costume the entire time. And there’s never an explanation for it either


Jason David Frank (Tommy) had to leave new Zealand to take care of personal business back home when returned to do Dino Thunder (something he arranged when he arranged to return). So for 10 episodes his character was stuck in his suit then invisible. The next year when they did a crossover they didn’t bother to try and get him back so he was dubbed over by one of his co-stars who sounds nothing like him. Then there was the mess of trying to cover the absence of the original red, yellow, and black rangers who walked out if ADR over pay then were fired. So you had a bunch of episodes with bad dubbing, then when they ran out of footage covered it using stock footage and body doubles for the unmorphed scenes. In one episode Tommy was wearing green despite being the white ranger to match old stock footage


They kicked him out because he wouldnt fit in that all female shot


It was all Kathleen Kennedy’s idea, I heard about it on YouTube


I'd love the idea that he went to the washroom and only come back to see the bar busted up and everyone gone.


It takes a long time to pull up those Beskar chonies


Reminds me of the scene in Guarding Tess where they all run off after Tess and then the poor nurse walks around the (now silent) gas station holding a toilet key and he just stands looking around confused.


He had a bout of the space runs. Those things can take a while to settle…


He’s trapped in the same pocket dimension that consumed Chuck Cunningham


Fuck I'm old.


[It's not like anyone's ever lied](https://www.insider.com/ewan-mcgregor-had-to-lie-about-playing-obi-wan-kenobi-2021-5) [about this sort of thing before.](https://screenrant.com/mandalorian-ming-na-wen-fennec-shand-return-effort/)


Sasha even said during Season 2 that she wouldn't be appearing in any more episodes.


Honestly probably just her own schedule. Might be kinda strange for audience but she's probably just busy with another project or business. Had an opportunity to do some Star Wars episodes and leapt at the chance. Probably no commitment type contract.


She’s a WWE wrestler, that job requires you to wrestle like five times a week at live events.


A fight between her and Cara Dune could have been fantastic. Their athleticism would have been quite a spectacle. Too bad we will never see that. Unless Vince reads this. HAHA


She would have screwed up and injured Cara Dune like she's done so many other WWE members.


Yea, no shit. Not as bad as Nia Jax though. I could see her messing up a move on Carano and getting the ever-loving shit beat out of her. Damn, that would be a PPV in and of itself.


I’m surprised Vinnie Mack didn’t sign her right after the Mouse dumped her idiot ass.


If I ran around off the clock making an ass of myself in my public facing job, my employer would probably dump my ass too. It's funny that the people most upset about it also are more likely to support right-to-work laws.


End of the day, she has this audience and verified accounts because she is “famous”. Whether or not she is, the perception is she speaks for Disney. After all, her employment there gave her a voice. Why would Disney not be able to sack her for spreading misinformation on her very public account that she only has because she is employed by Disney?


They usually have no problem letting a wrestler go and film for stuff like this, they just pause the contract while they're gone, and when it releases its publicity for them because they're known primarily as WWE Superstar Fake Name and not pro wrestler Real Name. It's almost always a Win/Win for them


She may be acting in one of the many SW spin-offs that will be coming out. I'd hope so. I enjoy her in WWE. She is beautiful and can definitely handle the physical aspects of acting like a Mando.


That and I can't imagine Disney is thrilled about her being an antivaxxer.


She's currently in Saudi for WWE and everyone going is required to be vaccinated.


Yes, she is vaccinated, but has been consistently spreading antivaxx posts on instagram. There was a whole thing about it a few months back.


She liked one Instagram post where the anti-vaxx image was buried behind libertarian content. She has absolutely not consistently spread anti-vaxx posts.


It absolutely was not one post, it was several over the course of several weeks. Apologists, smh.


Prove it. You are already walking back your lie that she was consistently spreading anti-vaxx content.


Cole: We're getting ready for Banks vs Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Title and OH!!! A surprise attack from [insert NXT call-up here] has just put Sasha down! Looks like it won't be Boss Time for a few months!


Right? I always think these “ confirmed he is not in ” posts are kinda funny. What do people expect Ewan to say when they ask this question? Something like “yeah there is this top secret project coming to our unannounced streaming service it’s gonna be great”


"No I wasn't at the leaked footage it was Photoshop" –Andrew Garfield after his footage as Spider-Man for No Way Home gets leaked.


How could this happen we're smarter than this


congratulations you just foiled disney's plans to surprise us with a character appearing in season 3 who was also in season 2 that didnt die.


I could be wrong about this and I can’t find a source, but I also could have sworn I remembered Bill Burr also saying that he wouldn’t be returning for season 2, but obviously he did


I think there are a few other examples (I think Mark Hamill said he wouldn't be appearing on the Mandalorian after he filmed his scenes as well); if you start digging, I'd imagine there are a bunch more examples, too.


at least she got a cool black series toy out of it


She prolly has a contract that says she’s gotta say that


For context, she did her trademark Sasha Banks laugh right after she said this if you listen to the audio interview. If anything, it's confirmation that she will be in Season 3.




This is the Way.


Yeah for real I don’t even know who this is or even what her character’s name is might as well be an extra.


she only had like 10 lines at most in the last season... Feel like there's not going to be much missing without her


I wouldn't miss her but I would miss seeing her there. I like the image of the Mandalorians being an organization, just having members is nice to see for me.


Hopefully, they just some more actors to be Mandos and it should be good.


If we're getting Din and Bo-Katan tension over the fate of the Darksaber, I'm thinking more Mandos are inbound. Also we'll probably be seeing the liberation of Mandalore... Again.


Yeah but the potential in the character is big. She already joined the season finale battle. I honnestly just want more named mandalorians in the series apart from the 3 we have now and the armorer from last season. Even if they are only there for 2-3 episodes, I think it's cool to have more of them. I know all of them are named actually, but I mean more like they are actually known in the series. Even if it's a small roll


And Boba and Jango had how many lines respectively in their trilogy ?


Fair point


"Once or twice."


They’re just simple men, trying to make their way in the universe.




"He's no good to [Disney] dead."


..... you were supposed to say "possibly".....


Fans love her, brings more notoriety to the show, which brings more viewers. Most likely she'll be back.


Who likes her?


Tbh I thought she just looked awesome as a Mando and wouldn't mind seeing more of her...


I think he’s saying that wrestling fans bring credibility to Star Wars?? Which is hilarious, sad and not true.


I think he was saying that seeing a performer you enjoy is in a show you may be considering watching would make you more willing to watch it. Having some names that you are familiar with will absolutely bring more notoriety to a show. Granted, it’s Star Wars, it gets by on the name alone, but adding performers who attract different audiences is only going to add to its viewership


More like Star wars fans bring credibility to the farce that is pri wrestling.


Don't be a stick in the mud. If you don't like pro wrestling, that's fine, neither do I. But "farce" implies some kind of deception, whereas pro wrestling is completely self aware.


Thank you.


It's not a farce though. It's an athletic soap opera. They are really doing the stunts.


Is the winner pre determined? Yes Do they help each other do the stunts? Yes. Do people think it's a real fight? Yes It's a farce.


Literally the only people who think wrestling is real are children.


The only people who mention wrestling being real, are the people who cry about it being fake. Even kids these days know it’s not real. Unlike me, who cried when Papa Shango cursed The Ultimate Warrior.


LOL... fucking nobody thinks it's a real fight, dude. Maybe there are fringers like the "It's real to me!" guy, but the vast majority of the audience knows now and has known for decades that it's fake/scripted.


By that measure every TV show is a farce and that's just not correct word usage.


Farce noun a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations. "he toured the backwoods in second-rate farces" Seems to be just right


Is there comedy in some scenes? Yes. It is a comedic performance in total? No. However I'm done arguing this with you. Have a nice life. You must be fun at parties.


Don’t even bother with wrestling fans. Just let them eat their paste.


That's quite a take in a Star Wars thread


We know star wars is fake that's the difference. I remember the shock and rage what 15 years ago when people found out wwe was fake.


He says in a thread about a space Western with pew pew laser guns. Fans know it's fake and use it as an escape, same as Star Wars fans. Unnecessary to needlessly talk down about wrestling.


I have no idea who she is.


Bill Burr said this exact same thing before season 2, she's probably just fucking with people


Well of course she would say that...


Oh no... Anyway


Given how season 3 will most likely be Mandalore focused, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was told to say that.


Lies! Deception!


I would actually really like seeing her return as I thought she was really cool.


She heard they needed to vaxxed to get on set and decided to stick to wrestling for a bit


Pretty sure she said she wasn’t back for season 2 after being in episode 3, then she reappeared in the final. EDIT: Yep, here’s the link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/mandalorian-season-2-sasha-banks-return-no/amp/


I don't think I'll necessarily miss her, but I did like the look of Bo-Katan's cronies and I like consistency. But with how the Mandalorian was... there are so many loose ends that this one can probably just be swept under the rug.


That’s a shame, I liked her character on Mandalorian, wanted to see more of her


Her character seemed rather pointless in s02


Well, if that isn’t the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy.


That’s sad:( maybe book of boba ?


I think Bos sidekicks are irrelevant despite being played by cool people


I’m not in it either. Just putting it out there.


Well whats the point of watching it now.


I'm not really q Koska fan, she's actually kinda annoying Just hope that it was something peaceful, and not a huge argument and mess


Eh, I don’t mind. I’d rather the focus be on Bo Katan and the other Mandalorian characters we saw in Rebels, the Saxon clan and such.




Oh no! Anyways...


She was pretty annoying, honestly.


I mean nothing against her, she’s great, but the two lines she had were kind of cringe. We should be casting more seasoned actors.


The fanboy assumption that this season will be about events on Mandalore is asinine. The show is about a lone bounty hunter traveling the galaxy, from one planet to another nearly every episode. Din's complete lack of interest in political machinations will probably take center stage in the first couple episodes of Season 3. He will not stay on Mandalore for long, although we will probably return to that plot line every now and again. And Season 3 is going to be packed. There won't be room for a long expository Mandalore sequence. There will be one or more episodes focused each on the Mandalore, Imperial Remnant, and Luke/Gogurt plot lines. There will be one or more episodes each that are tie-ins to the Ahsoka, Fett, and Rangers of the New Republic series. (The Imperial Remnant and Luke/Gogurt plot lines will probably merge, with big connections to Ahsoka/Thrawn. Fett and Rangers will intertwine.) There will probably be a new central mission for Din with a new MacGuffin replacing Gogurt. There will be episodes setting up important new plot lines for Season 4. There will be a Bill Burr episode that probably won't have much to do with any of these. And there will be a couple of plain old bounty hunter missions that include Carl Weathers. Din won't be spinning his wheels for a long time with any of these, he has to keep moving.


Thank god, she sucked absolute dick, ass and taint. I cringed every time she was on screen because she was acting like she thought she was the coolest mf in the world.


Lol good didn't like her on it anyways


Does this raise the value of her black series figure?


That's fine, she's not a key player in the plot anyways.


Book of Boba - book it


Then it must mean he gets his payback and boots HER into the Sarlaac. That works for me and makes sense why she's not in S 3.


Who cares?


I'm looking at the picture and still don't remember her.


Starbuck's sidekick.


I'm kind of surprised by that. They needed a legitimate bad-ass female to take Gina Carano's spot (dumb move Disney) and I thought sure it would be her.


Gina can’t act for shit. I’m glad she’s gone. Bo-Katan fills all of the badass female spots at once


Her whole controversy aside, the episodes focused on her were just bad. I even had high hopes since they REALLY hyped Carl Weathers' directorial debut, but it just wasn't great. And a big part is that the characters it focused on were much weaker. Gina only pulled off scowl, squint, and smirk. It works when she's more of a background focus like Deadpool, but I didn't have hopes for her to carry the Rangers show.


So we didn’t know about the Carl directorial debut. That episode ends, “directed by” pops up, and everyone in the room had some variation of “ohh okay. That makes sense.”


What do you mean? They talked about it a ton. I remember seeing the BTS stuff for season one, and they talked a lot about his directorial debut. I knew going into the episode. Or am I misunderstanding, and you meant "we" like your group watching it?


“We” as in our group watching.


Ah ok I follow now. Sorry about that!


Not even vaguely true lol


They dropped a shitty actor because she's a shitty person too. Nothing of value was lost


Gina’s personal/political beliefs aside… she is a terrible actor. There are plenty of other talented women that could easily take either place. Also, this show arguably has just as many badass females as bad ass males.


She's fun to look at, but the scene when she got the badge was so bad.


Her pretending to tear up something tiny, and then throwing it in a huff was like someone making fun of bad acting.


no the dumb move was on Gina for tweeting anti semetic and the big lie tweets as well as anti vax missinformation, all after she was warned several times to stop it by disney.


Did she posted stupid things on Twitter Dot Com? This is the Disney company wide policy for auto-firing ~~but not actually taking part in a geocide or being Jimmy Kimmel~~ /S


Who even is she, she came across as a bad cheesy actor, just like that ex wrestler Lass. Actually she was better than the wrestler, she never had a constant smirk on her face like she’s holding back laughter.