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My tv is clean… it’s just the glare/mixed with how my phone took the photo..


Corey wasn’t wearing his seat belt at all so not surprised he doesn’t have hers probably secured.


She’s 5. I really doubt she is truly big enough for a booster seat only. She should at least be in a high back booster, I believe. Do better Cory 😔


I agree. I currently have a large 5 year old and even he is in a 5 point harness still. Unless they have the maturity to sit still and properly in any booster they’re not safe


Yep, and depending on her height and weight even a convertible still… my kindergartener is still in a front facing convertible carseat. She doesn’t get to switch to the seatbelt until she’s taller AND she’s mature enough to not screw around in the car. The regular seatbelt allows a kid so much more freedom in the car.


Yep! My daughter is 5 just started kindergarten, while she is tall enough she JUST met weight requirements bit it's still advised and safe for her to stay in her car seat so we will ofc stay in the front facing carseat bc it's safer not easier, it's safer.


Yes! I was saying a high back booster at the least. Convertible car seats are designed to fit a long time.


I was in a high back booster until I was 9 because I was a light kid


Yikes. If they get in a wreck with her strapped in like this, she’s going to get seriously hurt.


I saw this and thought to myself I can't believe they let this slide


I even wear my seatbelt across my chest and I’m a grown adult….


Every single human should. Adult or not. Physics of car crashes.


I’m convinced none of the cast actually know how to put a kid in a career properly.


Well they are kind of giving the kids a reality tv career, they just don’t get paid…


Lol omg autocorrect gets me again. I’m keeping it lol


Weren’t Maverick and Jayde both in similar setups last episode too


I didn’t notice but now I’m intrigued


What a dumb ass. None of the case uses car seats correctly.


In Belgium, kids under 1m30 must be in an appropriate car seat/booster seat and properly fastened. My son hasn’t used one since he was 7-8 years old due to his height but I doubt Ryder is that tall already…? Correct me if I’m wrong, though


They all need one weekend in Portland to scare them into using seatbelts 🥴




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What a sad, small way to view the world.


I mean most people care about kids’ safety whether or not it’s their own child


Is it possible she slid herself out of it? I used to try wiggling myself out of the seatbelt all the time as a kid. 🤷‍♀️ It's buckled in so that seems more quite plausible.


If that’s the case, she’s not ready for a booster and needs to be back in a harness until she can be trusted to use the seatbelt properly.


My child does this constantly it’s stressful especially if I am the only person in the car. He has special needs so it’s not as easy as “Keep strap belt on” or “put it back on”. I always buckle him correctly


She might have but I noticed the belt over her lap was very loose. Just all around unsafe.


Please tell me they weren’t driving with her in the seat like that!


Her father was.


That’s so bad!


Booster is the least of that kids worries. If I was Chey and made the decision to staywith ass wipe, I’d be getting the kid a bulletproof vest.


What did her boyfriend do?


I don't watch the show anymore but someone posted a couple of weeks ago some news articles that gave more detail than Chey told on the show. Cheyenne and her 2 kids were shot at and I believe Ace was injured as well as Cheyenne but the person was allegedly aiming for her fiancé. He's into some super shady stuff.


I think this was in Corey’s car.


She looks old/tall enough for a booster but that seatbelt doesn’t even cover her! Completely ineffective. Honestly this show is like a PSA on how NOT to behave with your child in the car. Incorrect car seat and seatbelt use, texting while driving, pulling a damn gun on someone in a road rage incident…


FaceTime-ing while driving.


Literally not ONE good driver on Teen Mom. Name one, I challenge you.




I was also thinking Chelsea. She didn't do everything correctly with Aubrey when she was little but far better than the other moms. But she did learn and had/has her three little ones always buckled up correctly and rearfacing for longer.


Half the girls don’t wear seatbelts at all, I’m not surprised they can’t buckle up their kids properly. It’s not a hard task and one that will literally save their child’s life in an accident.


The lack of car seat safety in this show is appalling.


Remember Leahs kids just climbing around the back seat?




Yes! Because the kids school called CPS on her.


Almost every kid on the show is in a car seat ahead of their age group/weight.


Mtv could throw up one of their disclaimers or make any of them go to a car seat clinic. They could spread so much awareness and choose not to. Scenes like this make other people think it’s not that bad and everyone does this.


Honestly a lot of people do this it’s so bad 😬 my daughter is still in a 5 point harness car seat but so many of her classmates are just on a booster with seatbelt. It scares me


My daughter went in a booster and she was fine. My som could not be trusted even though he was tall enough, so he stayed in a 5 point harness much much longer!


My kid was maaaaaad cos she was in a car seat til she was 8 I think. Then a booster til she was 10ish. Her friends had been out of them for ages but she was short and slim so needed it for longer


My 10y old is a giant (5f tall 130 pds right when he turned 10) and he just graduated out of his car seat only because no car seats would allow over 130pds.


Woah what car seat was that?! That's really good height and weight limits!


It was the diono monterey if I’m not mistaken. A beast of a high back booster. Steel reinforced. I sought it out specifically for the high weight and height limits and especially for the high shoulder path since some car seat makers like to tout high height limits but then they outgrow the shoulder height way before reaching that height.


At least they have a booster. I have a front row view of the parking lot from my classroom. The things I've seen at pickup 😭


How old is Ryder? In my state (MD) under 8s have to be in a booster I believe


I’m Australian and here it’s similar. Age 7 is the minimum age where you can travel without a booster but the height minimum is 145cm and many 7 year olds wouldn’t have hit that height. My son is 111cm at age 3y 11m so I think he will hit that height well before age 7. I’ll still keep him in the booster as long as possible.


Hi fellow Marylander! 👋🏽


She’s around 5 now. She is sitting in a booster, she’s not strapped in. This is a citation if you get caught. The laws are roughly the same in most states with a pretty low min to switch from harness to booster and only a ticket if you get caught doing it wrong. My state has much higher tickets for not driving on the phone than not using the correct seat.


What’s even the point of a booster seat without a seatbelt??


It doesn’t do a thing from a safety standpoint. If you want to not get a ticket it’s possible to have the kid move the straps correctly if you get pulled over.


There isn’t one, lol. It does look like maybe she’s got the lap belt loosely across her lap? But again, there’s no point in a booster if you’re not using the shoulder belt, that’s literally what it’s for! 🤦🏻‍♀️


for parents who had car-related trauma involving **their children**, you'd think they'd be more about proper seatbelt usage too, hmm. Like, that's very fringe related and I understand, but they should buckle both their kids in properly ***and MTV shouldn't let them drive otherwise***.


It's easier for ducking when your mom's car gets shot at. No biggie. /s obviously


Ughhh i want to like chey too.


I just watched this episode and this was when she was in Cory's car! so his fault not hers for this


Fair enough, but if i wasn't with my baby daddy, I'd be on him about car seat safety. I have seen chey have her not strapped properly tho. Its amazing how they all suck with car seat safety🤯


I 100% agree. also omg. this is my debut comment in this sub. finally have enough karma. I'm fucking ecstatic. catch me commenting on everything asap lmaooo.


I used to make my ex use my car seat for longer journeys because his was safe but not as good as mine. He rolled his eyes but he did at least do it!


But damn she makes it hard! 😂😂