Taylor has been replying to fans who bought vinyl!!!

Taylor has been replying to fans who bought vinyl!!!


That would be nice and all but I would really like my evemore vinyl that I ordered December 11th.


i’m with you and could swallow the wait a little easier if they didn’t come out in stores before i got mine from the official shop. that kinda hurts.


I just got mine yesterday. I didn’t get an email, and the order didn’t update with a tracking number under my account page until it had been delivered. Heck, it still doesn’t say ‘delivered’. A smushed box just showed up and I was 🧐 until I saw UMG on the return address. It’s coming!! But yes, I agree that it stung to see it on store shelves and I still have an empty mailbox. I was one or two days from emailing them back and saying just cancel it (I had emailed them to ask if I would definitely still be getting my two tin mugs from DECEMBER fulfilled) and now, seeing that the store vinyl stock is apparently a slightly different color than the online store stock, I’m glad I held out. Even if I gotta return a mug now because it’s jacked up after waiting six months to see it. I HAVE MY VINYL FINALLY and yours is coming too!


Gahhhsome days I wish I wasn’t private so she would be able to see me lol. Maybe I should make a Stan account


That’s how I’ve felt, I’m an older introvert millennial who doesn’t participate in social media beyond following people. My comments here are by far my most interaction anywhere online.


Wow I feel seen and so much better all of a sudden lol. I love online privacy. Hate that so many of my friends are constantly on their phones and feel the need to document everything in Stories etc.


I believe we're considered, ahem, "geriatric millennials" now hahaha. This is 100% me too!


I’m turning 31 in ONE MONTH. 👵🏼🤡🥳


We are like the dormant volcanoes!!


Hi were the same! Lol 😂 being 30 I don’t like an online presence hahaha


I’m 15 and that’s literally me. Most of my social media is on private, and while I would love for Taylor to acknowledge my existence, I’m just not comfortable putting things out for the whole world to see


My account is verified. I notice I lose important followers if I Tay tweet. I wanted to post my Evermore vinyl so badly when it showed up on release day since I live overseas, but I held off.


What does this mean? You're worried you're going to lose your influencer status if people unsub?


No. I'm not an influencer.


As I don't have many followers and don't know the situation my input here is kind of unbased but I've always felt that I would rather have 10000x followers who share similar ideas that I follow than having 100000x followers who don't value the person I am along with my interests. Of course this could be framed by corporate/ contract things but I feel you, I sometimes feel the same way at "spaming" my friends with content they are not really interested but still are my friends. That is exactly the reason why I am not as active on posting social media stuff, I just am myself in my real life and occasionally post online.


Imagine if you followed a US senator’s official account, and they started posting pop culture stuff instead of their policy issues and successes. Imaging if you followed a journalist who just posted selfies instead of their articles or things about their beat. Bad examples, but that’s the best I can do to explain. Not an option for me! As much as I love Swifties, they aren’t the target audience for what I do.


If it's not related to your income then just go ahead. Be yourself! If those friends (followers) want to end up as enemies (unfollowers), let 'em. You might gain different people more aligned with your interests


Sorry, I don’t think you understand what I’m saying! Unfortunately it’s not really a good move for me to deviate from what’s expected of me and alienate my industry peers. I can’t say much more without doxxing myself. (I have weirdo stalkers on this site.)


I totally get what you're saying! My social media is also tied to my career and I have a (subjectively) somewhat large following. Lost a whole bunch of followers today because I posted a photo of my gardening that I was really proud of lmao


Honestly, don’t. I was on stan twitter for a few months and even though I did get noticed by TN a few times and Taylor liked a screenshot of one of my tweets on tumblr, the fandom is nuts. It was really stressful sometimes and I ended up just deleting my account impulsively because of all the stupid, dumb drama. It was making me anxious and I was just like WHY AM I VOLUNTARILY STRESSING MYSELF OUT. It was instant relief when I deleted it and I never went back lol


I made a separate account so I could be interactive with Taylor stuff and hopefully make friends. I honestly don't spam a lot and surprisingly have gotten a couple notices from TN within the past year and this weekend Taylor like one of my tweets caught me by surprise. So it can happen if you ever decide to make a separate account.


If it helps, these tweets are almost certainly not her. It’s someone on her team.


(Un)Popular opinion: I don’t like the fact that she only interacts with us when she has something to sell.


But she wasn't like that before. She was on tumblr almost everyday doing her thing. But social media got waaay too toxic for her, I guess. So she keeps her online time to a minimum, I think. Which I understand. But I also understand where you're coming from. It does feel like that nowadays :(


This. I get the impression that she was forced to create a boundary of only posting work-related stuff, precisely because of the toxicity of social media. So, if she interacts with fans in a more intimate way (like directly replying comments), she will do it while promoting her work because it can't be any other way at this point. It's hard to say that her ONLY interest is selling... it is obviously there, but I also see it as her taking the opportunity to check in on us. Or maybe I'm too naïve. Lol


You're not naive for believing that. She's still the same old Taylor imo, but she's learned to set boundaries for the sake of her mental health. Of course, she also knows that it's her relationship with her fans that keeps this boat afloat, so she can't completely ignore us. But I think, in this case, things are perfectly balanced: she does it for promo, but also because she genuinely enjoys interacting with fans and probably misses it.


Yeah, this is what I think too. Sometimes I'm afraid to give my opinion in matters like this because I'm a new fan. But from what I've learned about Taylor, I can say she values her fans a lot and I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt. For me it's a balanced win-win situation, as you said... she keeps her sanity, promotes her work and some lucky swifties get noticed.


>she was forced to create a boundary of only posting work-related stuff, precisely because of the toxicity of social media I mean I had to do that with my own social media and I'm not Taylor Fucking Swift lol Honestly social media must be so, so anxiety inducing for her. Imagine knowing that strangers are talking about you 24/7 and that some portion of that is always going to be negative no matter what you do or don't do. I don't blame her for not logging on more than she needs to.


I like to think of it as Taylor used to date fans but then had a really bad breakup because of the media / drama, and now we’re going through a closure / recovery phase. Back during the 1989 / Red / pre-Rep eras, I felt like she was a very relatable and down-to-earth singer who tweeted / posted on Tumblr about everything that was going on in her life. She makes mistakes, falls in love with (the wrong) people (too easily), sings about love, joy, and heartbreak, etc. There was this quote I’ve once heard: “Taylor Swift’s lyrics are both personal enough that you can relate to and feel her emotions, but also general enough that it can impact a lot of people” and I think it was spot on. I thought of it as the ‘honeymoon phase’ in a relationship; she told us everything and anything and we had a very close ‘relationship’. But then pre-Rep, which was kind of a transitional period where she distanced herself from everything; social media deletion, comment disabling, and just that sense of mysteriousness made me (and perhaps other Swifties) feel distant from her. It felt like a breakup / disconnect between her and us. Then Rep came out and it was like after the ‘no contact’ phase after a breakup; you suddenly see them coming out better than they’ve ever been. I think this is much needed given all the drama that happened (both with Ye / Kim K and with Big Machine) and was probably a helpful step in helping her forget a part of the past that she didn’t want to remember. And now, I feel like it’s the ‘closure’ part of the breakup. Things are getting better, but you know that you can never get back together as close as you were during your honeymoon phase. Yes, she still talks to us, but it’s mainly about professional topics (like her promoting her albums, political / LGBTQIA+ stance, etc). Will she go back to being as close with us as she was before? Maybe. Or maybe it reminds her too much about all the backlash / drama / issues that arose because of oversharing that she doesn’t want to do that anymore. It’s really her choice. But I think as fans, we should support her for whatever decision she makes :) Edit: I don’t know how I didn’t write this cuz it was literally in my head all the time. She’s definite trying to put some distance between herself and us. Her old albums used to all be about her own experience, and her latest two albums were completely made up of stories. Her being less adventurous (or at least her distancing) could be a sign of her maturity, or it could also mean that she’s very happy (herself and / or with Joe) that she wants to keep it this way. Double edit: found [the tweet](https://twitter.com/taylorswift13/status/1379783234242940930?s=21) I was referring to: > […] writing songs based in fiction to avoid drama, feeling pretty grown up […]


Totally agree, but I’m hoping it only feels that way because we’ve gone 3 albums now without any tours (understandably so). I think we usually have that break of her being excited about seeing us on tour


This^^^ I'm glad I'm not alone, I've said this in another thread some weeks ago, but it really feels like that nowadays


It's also sucky because the language of her tweets is very "you gais haii, also buy all my stuff" 😂


yeah her tone here sounds very fake..


It's super "EVERYTHING'S FINE I LOVE YOU GAIS" because no doubt, she has not missed that there's rising outrage over her choice to voluntarily work with a self-admitted sexual abuser. What's funny is that, in comparison to 2016, this is way, way worse. Which leads me to - given her team declined to comment (which would have easily been the quickest opportunity to say "no way would Taylor support someone like this"), it's giving the impression she is infact doing this movie. So when it comes to the press rounds for the movie... Does she think NONE of her fans will stand their ground on this? Does she think not one of her fans has been assaulted before, whether verbally or sexually? Does she just not care at all?? It's baffling. Edit: I thought I was replying to another comment halfway through writing this one, so it goes off tangent 😂 but I'll leave it be, for posterity!


Wait I’m out of the loop - who’s the self-admitted sexual abuser?


I believe this is what the commenter is referring to: https://twitter.com/bellamiebeastly/status/1400451899279638532?s=20




That comment on the screenshot "Love seeing you smiling like that!" it's just...bleugh, so insincere. Such manipulative language. I'd say that to my best friend on her wedding day!


It’s off kilter honestly, a bit unsettling. It’s like when you know someone’s manipulating you and you know they know they’re manipulating you. At the end of the day she is an entertainer selling her work so.


it really rubbed me the wrong way that she said the digital evermore album with the 90s willow remix was her “gift to us” like… i just bought the vinyl and now you’re saying that your gift is me having to… spend more money? idk i love her and everything but it made me raise my eyebrows


She's not our friend. She's a business woman and requires boundaries. She can't interact with us all the time, esp. during her down time aka when she's not working/selling something. Again her interacting with fans is WORK - it's not friendship (thought it's a kind extra mile that most artists don't venture out on).


Thank you for saying that. I don't get some of the things the fans usually say.


Taylor presenters herself as a “friend” to her fans and it makes a lot of them stalkerish and delusional. Like what she’s doing is just straight up her day job.


I think it’s a mental health thing :/ I agree, but I also don’t want to punish Taylor for putting up necessary boundaries for privacy and health reasons. Maybe let’s flip this? If she only interacts with fans when she’s selling something, at least you know when/where to expect her. It’s like the online equivalent of the stage door meet & greets after the show.


Ehhh I think I would frame that differently. Taylor has expressed too much social media use is bad for her mental health. I would say she interacts with her fans when she’s saying thank you. Not that she’s pushing product (does Taylor Swift need to push product?).




was the backlash on twitter even big to begin with?


No it wasn't, but as I said it was rising and thanks to Taylor going on a tweet spree it distracted a lot of people away from this.


Who are you referring to? I'm ootl


david o. russell - she’s just been cast in his new film.


And during a scandal to distrsact from it. This doesn't seem genuine. It also reads like someone else was replying, like her social media team.


Yup. I really wish she would at least post about little things like hobbies or whatever. Doesn’t have to be super personal but like, “I made some brownies!” or “Here’s a watercolor!” would go suuuuuch a long way.


THIS. I don't even want to see pics of Taylor, I got into her because she was so open and relatable to fans. Heck I'm sure I got into cats because Taylor got Meredith and now I have 3 kitty boys of my own. If she turned her whole instagram feed into just pics of the feline kids, I would be down for it.


I disagree. I think social media boundaries are a LONG time coming, for all people including celebrities. If she wants a private account with her close friends she can share brownie pics. Otherwise, what she is doing is work, her job.


She literally did do this last year. She showed us a painting she did for folklore and posted cinnamon rolls. She honestly doesn’t owe us any insight into her private life hence the word private. Obviously she’s been on a social media detox for quite some time now. I don’t think it’s fair of us to demand the same amount of online time from her as she had during ~1989.


Well, I’m not demanding the same amount of online time from her as then.


I feel this way too. What I try to remember is that there’s a bigger picture here. She (and any huge musician) is responsible for the livelihoods of an entire supply chain of people both upstream and downstream as a result of the music she makes. The people at the factory who make the merch, the printers, the garment manufacturers, the salespeople who convince stores to carry the merch, the marketers & artists who create advertisements, the ad buyers who secure placements on billboards or digital banners, the account managers who work with Apple, Spotify, pandora etc. to deliver exclusive content in exchange for promotion, the demand planners, the social media managers, the developers in India who keep the website up & running, the copyright lawyers, etc etc etc. But perhaps even more important than that is that the revenue & profits from a huge artist like Swift is what allows Republic Records / UMG to “take a chance” (sustain a financial loss) on new/emerging artists who under the right nurturing *could* become big one day—without having to worry about these bands generating profits from jump. The labels know superstars like her are the “cash cow” (this is an industry term for products that will always do well) that create cushion for them to take risks on fledgling artists.


Tbh, since she doesn’t use social media as much anymore, and there’s no way to do in person m&g (which is where I think the most spontaneous interaction happens with her) anymore-I think she views the fan-engagement (especially on Twitter where she barely ever comes on for fun) almost as transactional. I feel like she does enjoy interacting with fans but also likes to use it when promoting. It was only On tumblr where I felt like it was more common for her to notice people at random instead of only during promo.


This definitely looks like a social media team, lol. She isn’t logged on enough to know stan lingo/tone


Yikessss! Taylor (or her team) has been acting super messy lately! Like as a reward for selling vinyl’s you ask your fans to buy more things from you? I could never do that as my job. I would feel too bad constantly taking excessive money from my fans. Also the fact that she is waiting until the DOR scandal blows over and people forget is so upsetting. Why are all celebrities like this? I like to think that Taylor is on occasion different, but this is PR to a tee.


Yup. I cringed when I saw the post. I was like, "Is this a free download or something? It's gotta be free. It's a *reward*!" But then I saw she was charging $5 for that "reward" so...


Yes same 😂 I immediately was like oooh she put out a free song as a thank you. That’s very nice. And then I couldn’t find a link anywhere on her site and then realized she was actually SELLING it 😂😂


Me three! (Ultimately I decided not to purchase.) Also, what is a "digital autograph"? Looks like a .png of her autograph placed on the cover? Am I missing something??


Yeah it sucks 🙄


Does she really think it will just blow over??


That’s at least the card they are playing at the moment. I don’t think it has been picked up by the press yet. To be fair, I think a lot of the other celebrities in that movie are being just as hypocritical as Taylor by appearing in it. For example, Margot Robbie. But yes I don’t think she is planning on speaking about it publicly. I’m sure she is contractually obligated to appear in it so what could she really say? There is absolutely no way she will speak ill of this director until it becomes bad for her brand. This is why no huge celebrities spoke out against Weinstein until he was already sinking.


What's the DOR scandal?


She is gonna be in David O'Russel's new movie. David O'Russel is a notoriously abusive boss, verbally abusing his actors, attacking Christopher Nolan at a party because they were both wanting Jude Law for a project. The worst thing though is that he sexually assaulted his neice. It's more than likely a tiny role, but still, she should be better than this.


Sorry for my ignorance, but what is DOR and what scandal happened?


I believe DOR is David O’Russell and the movie he is directing that she’s rumored to be in. He has a history of verbal and physical abuse to his actors and crew members. He also sexually assaulted a minor in his family.


Happy pride to you too 🏳️‍🌈


Is this to distract from her working with an abuser?


I mean, it sure seems that way. Taylor Nation did something similar after the horrid Ginny & Georgia incident.


I don’t wanna be the negative Nancy on this but the fact she’s doing this and there’s no addressing of her recent working with DOR kinda just confirms they’re hoping it all blows over. I’m really sad about the fact. I mean I could be wrong but... oh well


idk if hot take but it also really feels like Swifties are intentionally used to be her human shield. "Please let SB1 and SB2 know how you feel about this", Taylor Nation doing a social media party after the Netflix backlash and now this. Especially with the size of the fandom there'll be many to take it to the extreme. I do get it because those moments were really stressful and I understand her need to surround herself with loving people bc social media is actual hell, but I really don't want her to see this as a situation that will be solved by "haters gonna hate, shake it off, back off haterz heres 1989 TV"


Yeah I agree with you. She's using fan interaction to stave off rising heat. It's lousy on her fans, just pretty exploitative, especially considering she's replying to those who are spending money on her, too. She did this after Ginny & Georgia and it's just going to keep going unless people take her to task.


I think we’re actually going to see a shift in the Taylor fandom. Do I think she’s going to get canceled? God No. Celebs have done worse and still sit on a throne. I do however see her older fans who’ve witnessed this unsavory pattern step back. Using her as an example of “one of the good ones” will be looked at more critically. Her activism will now align with her critics questioning its authenticity. At This point you can’t say “I wish Taylor was more interactive with her fans! And just like she used to be!” Cuz to me we’re starting to see the covers slip away that Taylor got to comfortable with her fans defending her at every turn. Fawning over her to the point these past few months of her making ... choices.. is pushed aside. I believe we’re witnessing the real business side of Taylor which kinda puts her in the ranks of many other celebs. She’s stepping away from “one of the good ones” and is now embracing the “how can I make my brand even better.” I think it’s time I take a break from her and reassess if I’ll still be as big of a fan of hers or just a lover of her music. Placing her in the same category as other artist to which I simply enjoy their artistry.


Do you really think this could bring a shift in the fandom? Personally i believe swifties are a little afraid to make her angry so they wouldn't say anything against...taylor has always gave me the vibe of if you are close to her or her side she is like the best person ever but in the moment you crossed her " boun daries" she can be very petty. Swifties love her of course and want to be notice by her, it happened in Tumblr as well so i don't think people wil speak out but i'm a little afraid if people do. Her fanbase has always been by her side but what happen if there is people not agreeing anymore?


I think in the older fandom. The ones on this sub who never shy from calling her out. The ones who don’t tend to put the rose tented glasses on. I think her die Hards will always be there. But after her documentary, there was this kinship given to her that made her feel genuine and It was endearing. I guess that was the goal. But to pull something like this is like taking those already loose threads and pulling them all together. Some could care less and some will dislike that tattered tapestry. She’s woven herself into a position that now is tying her up. It’s like I said before, she would never had this kind of backlash if she never took 2 years to rebuild herself Into the image of “feminist activist , pro life, equality for all, political megaphone” type. You can spill wine on red dresses and barely noticed but when you’re trying to wear white then it’s much more obvious. She’ll survive she’ll be fine. But going forward her activism will be taken with a grain of salt. IMO


I agree. I said this yesterday, like she can have her opinions and everything but she did made a documentary about it so i'm afraid in future whatever she try to pull a netflix rant again people on Twitter will be merciless😩


Personally, I think her activism has been taken with a grain of salt for a bit of time after miss Americana, because of the actions that followed it. I noticed a lot of people viewing her activism as doing the bare minimum and that take started to get even stronger after the Ginny and Georgia situation.


This is so well-written and I agree completely! Like on one hand, I don't really care how good of an activist she is or isn't because I turn to actual activists for that stuff. But mannnnn do they dedicate *so much* screen time in Miss Americana to her supposed political awakening and self-un-muzzling, and she really shouldn't have pushed that narrative so hard (not to mention profited off it and enjoyed a nice PR boost from it) if she wasn't going to back it up.


When has she ever said she's pro life?


I actually didn’t think about that…I remember seeing his name and going “Hm, I wonder if that’s the guy from that clip of the director tossing things around.” I started to read more about him and it got even worse…I’m truly confused as to why Taylor of all people would even associate herself with this man.


I know some hard core stand will allow it to slide but as a life long fan this really hurts like, this isn’t just “oh you worked with a problematic person.” This is turning your words into something hallow. I hate the idea of para social relationships but this is like a best friend doing something so out of character that you’re a bit baffled. I feel bad for hijacking OPs post but this wasn’t the “Taylor speak up about it” I was hoping for.


I totally feel you. I've been a fan for over 10 years but if it's true and she's in that movie, I don't think I'll be able to excuse it. She's spoken out about SA, hell, she was even harassed herself and when she spoke about it in the rep doc, it meant the world to me, as a survivor myself. I can't imagine she'd work with a man like that, but the fact that her teams is declining to comment worries me.


It sort of negates everything she stood for relating to SA & everything she said in her Miss Americana documentary, huh? At the end of the day, Taylor Swift is looking out for Taylor Swift and her family. She's got hundreds of millions of dollars in her bank account like any high profile celebrity/musician. She's in her bubble and we're outside of that prestige. Sure, she seems like a kind, approachable, bubbly, and fun woman that you could \*maybe\* bake cookies with but in reality, she's a multi-millionaire who'd probably much rather shack up in one of her many mansions with Joe and her cats. And that's fine, that's her life. But if she wants to work with a known abuser/overall shitty man to women for even a cameo in his new film, she also has to prepare for the backlash that she's going to get if/when this gets confirmed from her people.


Man this was so perfectly said.


thank you, I've been trying to figure out how to word what I want to say since this news broke out. I respect Taylor and her successes but she's in an entirely different tax bracket than 99% of her fan base and I feel that it needs to be brought up. Wealthy people operate in a completely different reality than the rest of us. I'll wait until we hear any confirmation about this role but for now, I'm just going to sit back, god forbid I piss off a rabid stan.


Ha I’ve done that plenty this year on this very sub. But you bring up some great points and I think a truth that’s going to start taking hold.


Well said.


I get how you feel. It’s more than disappointing


It's truly awful. It undercuts everything she's "stood for". It's a huge exposure of her moral core.


I very much feel the same. I watched the video of him screaming at Lily Tomlin and immediately thought of the thing Taylor talks about in the Long Pond Sessions about women having to "absorb male behavior." :( Feels even worse considering this year was supposed to be celebratory and all about her reclaiming her work from shitty powerful men (who honestly look pretty nice compared to this piece of shit).


Good point re "absorb male behavior". Also yes, this guy is so much worse than Scooter conducting essentially just a business deal (by direct comparison, devoid of any emotion on the subject of master ownership etc).


Replied to another comment and then saw this one and I wholeheartedly agree. It's a tactic for sure.


Honestly, I'm surprised anybody bought into her own whole "I'm woke now and politics is like super important!" schtick. My god, I love her and love her work but her politics (at least publicly) is SUPER cookie-cutter and almost phony. It's great that she wants gay rights and is pro-life but this isn't the 1980s. Nobody's going to lambast her or destroy her career and it's infuriating that she even considered comparing herself to the Dixie Chicks by stating what her political position is, because the Dixie Chicks were engaging in a political stance that was *extremely* unpopular for their time. She gives herself too much credit on Miss Americana - like, well done for having liberal politics like 90% of your fan base, the millennial generation and the media? Normally, I don't want to put pressure on celebrities to speak about politics because they are private citizens as well and we are not entitled to that. But because Taylor has actively pursued politics as part of her new "thing", I would've thought she'd be more daring - where's your voice for Palestine, for black people, for ANYTHING remotely outside of the boundaries of digestible, easy Buzzfeed feminism? If you're gonna call yourself Miss Americana, you better own it. Not surprised that she's doing this movie at all.


This is exactly how I felt after watching Miss Americana and then noticing how relatively silent she was during a lot of the civil unrest this and last year. Plus she and her team put out the Evermore bonus tracks on the day of the insurrection, without any other word. That really bummed me out.


The thing is... I don’t even think that was a schtick. She truly had a revelation on being politically “aware”. I cringed when she said “you based your political beliefs based on what happened to you” What? That’s a very conservative thing to say. Anyways, she grew up around centrist/republicans, which shape what she thought was appropriate. I can’t imagine her celebrity friends know much about those either. It’s time like this where I think we should stop seeing celebrities as an object but with actual subjectivities. Don’t hold on to their words, just like us they can’t keep promises.


>The thing is... I don’t even think that was a schtick. She truly had a revelation on being politically “aware”. Yeah I think she was just like millions of other white women who woke up to politics after Trump was elected and woke up to privilege and race dynamics after the BLM protests last summer. There's no reason to believe she doesn't truly genuinely care. But unlike all those other people, she made millions off of a documentary painting her political awakening and thus should be held to a certain standard because of that.


I understand your point about subjectivities and not holding them to their promises but when you make politics your new brand (and write a whole song/documentary), you've got a responsibility to do it right. There is definitely a certain standard I hold Taylor to. I'm not expecting her to be the next Karl Marx or to talk about every tragedy in the world, but she is so incredibly sharp. I'm sure the nuances of politics aren't that hard for her to grasp, like it may be for some other celebrities. Then again, capitalism has always benefited her, being white has benefited her, so I don't think she'll ever really look past the obvious stuff because it's easier to appease her younger fanbase with the basic political statements.


I'm not American but I was surprised when I saw her Instagram story asking people to educate themselves about a major issue in my country. I thought that was the beginning of her looking past her bubble. But no. The Capitol siege happened and she didn't say anything. Palestine happened and she didn't say anything. It's like she went from white feminism to white feminism plus lol




Ya know it’s not *just* the SA. It’s his treatment of women in general. I find it interesting that a year ago she made A music video about how poorly women are treated in the entertainment industry, even having a scene expressing the fact. She’s legit working with the very person she parodied and called out. Feminism be damned? Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but this is the same girl who made a tweet upset about Netflix using a joke at her expense and how sexist it was. Maybe some fans can’t see this but she really is being hypocritical.


I'm pretty defensive of Taylor; I understand you can't stand for all things at all times; but this...this just floors me. How...after everything in the last few years? Super bummed. I hope she pulls out, but how could she even agree in the first place. His abuse seems well documented at this point.


And also specifically his treatment of his trans niece. For all this Happy Pride talk from her, it would be super super backhanded to then work with someone who has done what he’s done


🥺 ikr


It really is 😞 I must admit the only reason I can think of that she’s done it is she wants a movie role that badly, if she is willing to overlook this. Edit: Spelling is fun 🤦🏻‍♂️


I honestly hope it's not that...but it kinda seems like it might be.


I'm starting to not like the unnecessary acronyms.






yeah, this whole thing last night/this morning really screams “strategic distraction” to me :/ super disappointing


What is DOT? 🤔


I think it was a typo lol, DOR = David O’Russell. An (extremely) abusive director who’s new movie Taylor (supposedly, but it hasn’t been denied yet so most likely) has a small role in.


It is lol, not enough coffee. Thank you


David O. Russell? Maybe they misspelled his name as DOT. He is a director with multiple sexual assault allegations and Taylor is going to be a part of his next film.


My guess is that they misspelled. And actually thought "DOR" short for David O. Russell.


A dot is usually a small, round spot. Dot, DoT or DOT may also refer to: == Typography == Full stop, a sentence terminator decimal mark or point, in numbers Dot (diacritic), above or below a character (e.g. More details here: *This comment was left automatically (by a bot). If something's wrong, please, report it in [my subreddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot).* *Really hope this was useful and relevant :D* *If I don't get this right, don't get mad at me, I'm still learning!*




Low on coffee and with a typo this made me cackle


im sorry who is DOR and what's the controversy? im out of loop


TLDR: a director with an awful reputation towards women along with self admitted SA. Taylor has been cast in one of his films which of all true (seeming that it is) is a major misfire in her work as an activist and champion for women’s rights.


Unpopular opinion: I loved Taylor because of her authentic outreach to fans making her so relatable. And, I supported her when she pulled back from social media. But this seems incredibly manipulative to only show up and interact with fans to buy something. It used to be a holistic back and forth, now it’s clearly market driven. I don’t even believe it’s her on these accounts anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️


this is the first time i’ve thought this doesn’t sound like her!! have you noticed it before???




Imagine getting a reply from Taylor😭


I would die!!


R.I.P me


Pretty sure she liked 19 tweets and replied to 8?? ;)


New folklore bonus deluxe edition with 19 tracks confirmed! /s


This'd make me happy if it wasn't right after the David O'Russell thing. Now it just makes me mad. Oof.


Fans where that stuff is available. 🇦🇺😢


I'm not really active on social media so Tay would never reply to me. Kinda wish she was on Reddit lol or maybe she is and we just don't know. Reddit is where I post the most online lol


I think there's quite a few of us who are glad that she's either not on reddit or that she keeps her visits here anonymous. Her very public responses via Twitter or IG or tumblr has led to a more toxic fan environment on those platforms. One of shouting and one-upsmanship in a vain attempt at getting Taylor's attention. Conversely, the mod team here has created a space more about discussion, appreciation, merchandise, sharing fan creations, and news.


she definitely lurks on here.. i feel like it wouldn’t be often, though. how do i say this? most tumblr swifties or erm.. “cupcakes” as twitter stans refer to them only give her praise and i hate to say it but it just gets so annoying. i like this sub as a way to discuss tay and her music bc the swifties here have various opinions and aren’t just overly worshipping her to get a notice


Ahhh I wish I could buy it! I can’t afford the more expensive ones out there like the one on her website, and the Walmart version which I CAN afford is sold out and I can’t get it delivered 🥺


I just found out best buy is carrying the evermore vinyl, if you can get to one


Thank you! Unfortunately it’s still a little outside of my price range, and it’s sold out at my nearest location. I’ll just be waiting for my Walmart to be back in stock or for other prices to go down :)


It's nice to see she's on social media...I love when she interacts with fans and gives hope for upcoming releases


I'm not ashamed to admit I bought almost every single version available. Gotta keep my queen at the top where she belongs 👑


Awww, she is so sweet!!!!!


She never fails to surprise everyone! The easter egg hunting is something I have learned to embrace. 🤩