Question what's the greatest durability feat in the series?

Question what's the greatest durability feat in the series?


I'm probably forgetting quite a few, but one that sticks out in my mind is in Part 5, towards the end of the fight between Mista and Ghiaccio, when he keeps shooting at Ghiaccio despite the fact that the bullets are continuously getting deflected back at him. He's a bleeding mess and riddled with holes but keeps going regardless.


I won't really call that a durability feat, more of barely surviving, sure it's impressive, but I'm thinking of higher forces or explosions anyone has tanked and lived to tell the tale.


I'd say getting shot the shit out of and living to tell the tale isn't too far off the mark.


True, but a normal stand user surviving gunshots is pretty standard in Jojo, I'm sure they are higher feats than this.


Yeah but I don't think we've seen another stand user get shot that much at once consecutively without taking even a moment to back down and reduce the pressure on their opponent.


Then why not 20th Century Boy? Magenta Magenta intentionally sets off TNT all around himself to try to kill Wekapipo, and it doesn't get through 20th Century Boy. (Sure he gets defeated right after that, but I think that's the only instance of someone brushing off an explosion.)


Now that’s a good one.


Kars’ little lava bath towards the end of Battle Tendency.


oh yeah, I don't see anyone surviving that, what about that rock that sent him and Joseph to orbit, I'm pretty sure that kind of force would obliterate a normal person.


Also, like, just withstanding the exposure to space is a helluva feat.


For me it's Bruno Bucciarati when he >!hold on for his soul thanks to Gold Experience's life source for the rest of second half of Vento Aureo after Diavolo killed him at the church.!<


My mind immediately goes to the sheer amount of blood loss Doppio went through when fighting Risotto.


Sheer Heart Attack not being broken by Star Platinum. It even damaged Star Platinum's fists.


Either Notorious B.I.G., it's literally unkillable, it's just kinda chilling in the ocean forever, or Kars for obvious reasons.


It would have to go to an undead character. Dio Brando survived his head being chopped off. DIO was barely bothered by his leg being torn off, got multiple holes blown in his body and got his skull caved in. Ultimate Kars got fully submerged in lava


Remember that Polnareff survived getting half his face gouged out by KC, then all but 1 of his limbs getting cut off, THEN falling hundreds of feet down a cliff onto a craggy rock.


Should probably mark this thread with spoilers but two I can think of: * Jotaro getting back up right before Kira kills Koichi in spite of being blown up and exhausted. * Sheer Heart Attack tanking an entire barrage of Star Platinum's punches and barely showing any damage, when they could break through High Priestess's teeth with ease.


DIO leg attachment during the world fight in part 3


In addition to those already mentioned: Notorious B.I.G. was able to survive a plane crash at >800kph, which has to be up there. Somewhat cheating since the stand user was already dead though. Bucciarati being able to survive having torn himself apart with sticky fingers on the train, while partially down to luck was pretty impressive as well.