A question about colors in JoJo

A question about colors in JoJo


It's solely artistic, it has no deeper meaning. Sometimes they use the colour palletes from the volumes cover.


As others says, the color shift in the anime is artistic design by DavidPro that pay homage to various colored cover pages and manga illustrations by Araki who is well known for changing characters and environment colors out of cool factor and experimental. And the color changes is solely for the viewer, not in universe.


The character can’t see the different colors. The change of color pallets is to show the expression of the characters. When josuke went furious, crazy diamond turned into red. Also in some cases, the color pallet change into the manga’s color pallet


The colors are not canonical. They shift for artistic and dramatic reasons, like lights shifting on a stage performance.


it gets dramatic lol and i like it when it happens some might find it weird but for me, I didn't really notice that at all whenever it changed, i just find it dramatic xD


the character can't see it and it's for the audience


Only a handful of pages are coloured. Everything else is in black and white.