Ok- so I needed to post about these two also.. I was watching an old Friends episode and couldn’t figure out what I’d recently seen the character Janice… until I thought of these two!


Oh My Gawd! You are soooo right 😂


She reminds me of a combination of Janice and Fran Fine




Sherry was “separating!!!” As Dawn screeched at least three times in the scene. She’s embarrassing to her family and herself. Both Cher and hubby Dawn explained it to her as if they were talking to a toddler and her response was that Sherry was “separating.” I’m finding her super irritating at this point.


Yes!!!!! Cher had to walk away because it was just too much and even then Dawn kept saying it.


She was TOTALLY out of control....she interfered and interrupted in every way possible. His folks didn't stand a chance of having some private time with them. Dawn is ridiculous! It's so unfair. If this situation was the other way around, Dawn would have a major hissy fit! I think her daughter really needs to speak up...there are NO boundaries!!


I feel like Cher tries to stand up to her, but Dawn just gets louder and hysterical… idk how you navigate that.


I'm sure it's very difficult, but I've never seen her as bad as how she behaved on this visit. I think Cher has to keep trying anyway with help from Cher's husband and her dad. Otherwise the only way around this is to just not let her know when they visit his parents. That way they get their separate time also and avoid all the drama.... It was crazy, almost desperate behavior...


She keeps saying “one big family, everything together” but she is constantly doing private get togethers with kids and granddaughter. If she really wanted ONE family, wouldn’t they invited the other mother to all their events?


The one big family is just her family. I know the type well.


Yep. As do I. It’s infuriating.


The other hypocritical thing she was saying was when talking to Cher about ultimately living near her because you want to be near “family” because “family is the most important thing…” She keeps forgetting that Jarred’s parents are “family” too!


When the mil said “sorry we don’t have any pjs for you but can you take the picture “ lmao


I couldn’t believe that Dawn was totally holding her hands out expecting her own pajamas and look legitimately crushed that she wasn’t included! What?!🤯🤣


Right! But then she obnoxiously jumped up and stood in the middle to include herself in the photo. What an idiot.


The passive aggressiveness was perfectly timed lmao




I loved it!


If I were Jared, I’d insist on moving to Washington or maybe Alaska


Why doesn’t Cher’s dad ever say shit to Dawn about how fucking ridiculous she’s acting? Isn’t he utterly humiliated by her at this point? He’s got zero fucking balls


I wondered the same. He just sits there with a half ass smile. Like "oh well. Nothing I can do." *shrug*


Dawn has indicated to Cher that one must fuck one's man very often so one can get their way. Dawn disgusts me.The childish sex kitten persona is beyond gross.


Right?!? The shit she considers to be “relationship advice” is genuinely disturbing…


Totally gross! Especially when she spread her legs during the pole dancing class! Not to mention the wrinkly stomach peeking out from the waistband of her shorts. Barf.


I’m here for the dawn-shaming, but not the bodyshaming


When you put yourself out there and act the way she does, she deserves everything she gets.


Nah. This ain’t it


Any respectable husband saves his criticism to give in private. Good on him!


From what we saw, anything you say to her just escalates the situation. There is clearly no reason was such a crazy person. She screams and shrieks and it’s so…. Like a 5 year old. You can tell she’s used to getting what she wants by bullying and intimidating others. The nice exterior is obviously fake.


All the while showing up to their home, uninvited, in matching outfits.


You guys- I just noticed that someone is downvoting all the Dawn hate comments on this thread and I’m genuinely convinced it’s her lurking in here 👀😂 So Dawn if you’re seeing this; YOU ARE INSUFFERABLE!


She totally seems as if she would do that! She’s so insecure.


Right?? That seems *very* on brand for her! Sidenote- is your name Cecelia by chance? Because if it is, we have the same name! I had to point it out just because it’s so rare I see another Cecelia with the same unique spelling!


Haha YES!!! Cecilia, different spelling though ! Yay name twins! I hardly see that name also and I get so excited when I do. How many times do people sing the Simon and Garfunkel song to you 😁😁😁😁.


Aw so close!! But same- it’s such a rarity that I meet another name twin! and oh gosh, let’s just say that if I had a dollar every time someone sang that song to me unsolicited I would be living in a mansion like Dawns LOL! 🤣


I really like the daughter. I don’t like the mom at all. I have a strong feeling they will stay in East Florida for more then a year.


You mean FLAH-RID-AH?


Cheeeaaaah lives in New Yowwwwwwk and Dwoooooown lives in Flaaaaaaridaaaa (sometimes known as Flaaaaaaridaaaaar)




I saw a glimmer of hope when she said jerod and I need to decide what is best for us-but she’s so immature she can’t make decisions so hopefully she lets jerod do it


I find Dawn a narcissistic parent. The way she only portrays what SHE wants to Cher and her family. Not what’s best for Cher but what ultimately is best for Dawn. It’s really sad because it’s clear Chers husband is at the end of his line with Dawn and I don’t blame him. Good on his mother for doing something this episode


Not only is she a narcissist but she also is an adult child, and poor Cher has to sit and baby her.


It’s so dumb how much joy I get out of Dawn being put in her place 😂


That push in the pool was everything 😂


I fell off the couch. So hilarious!


I’d like to see all the Smothers get put in their place. Sunhe and Lauren’s mom especially. Paula too even though she’s not the mom.


When? Lol. I’d like to see this.


The very very end of this week's episode. I watched on Discovery plus and the annoying "coming up next" box pops up and blocked out 1/2 the screen. I almost missed the push because of that stupid thing. But it is worth watching again just for that!


I don’t know if this really put her in her place though. She needs an intervention and I would pay to watch it.


I definitely should have worded my original comment differently. I just enjoy when Dawn is upset over ridiculous things.. like the pjs… watching her have to take pictures of them with her not included made me so happy 🤣


Dawn is scarily fake. The minute she doesn’t get what she wants the huge ventriloquist smile and high pitched voice are gone. I was appalled by her adult behavior when she kept saying “she’s separating.. she’s separating! She’s separating.” While her daughter begged her not to cause a scene. I hope they stay near Jared’s family. It’ll open Cher’s eyes hopefully. It already seems like she’s seeing it.


I feel like becoming a mom herself has definitely made Cher start to see things differently. In their first episode she went along with her mom happily and now she’s giving a lot more pushback and not just pandering to her moms ego to make her happy


My "guess" is that Cher actually does pander to Dawn most of the time in real life. I feel like the push back Cher is showing now, is because she is embarrassed by her moms behavior in front of her in-laws. I also am "guessing" Dawn has always behaved like this.


Someone said they were on the old “my super sweet sixteen” show and didn’t get along at all so I wonder how much dawn is pretending also that they’ve “always” been like this


What???? Omg need to look that up, I watched all of those episodes when I was younger lol


She also on an episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, she was a therapist or a couples counselor or something. She’s all over the place




It is actually pitiful


Is it just me, or are Dawn and Sunhe looking more and more to act similar? Dawn’s not AS downright hateful, but she’s not nice at all. I fully believe she’d try to force Jared away if Cher would let her. Cher tried to tell her mom “no” at least. Angelica never does. But seriously. Those two moms are so similar to me.


Dawn is needy nice nasty Sunhe is a miserable B


Dawn is a spoiled rotten toddler. She is annoying, over bearing, fake and jealous as they come. Why everyone dances around her feelings instead of just being firm with her is beyond me. She acts like she is precious. Unbelievable. I think I need to take a break from these shows man I get so freakin pissed off lol


Me too lmaoooo my daughter called me out and told me I’m a hater cause I love watching these stupid shows where I hate all the cast members! 💀💀💀 She’s fucking right I’m such a hater. 😆


Probably 99% of the people on this sub hate-watch lol


She just won’t allow anything Cher says to get through her thick skull. Cher tries to be nice about it, but Dawn just dismisses it. She doesn’t want to take the hint.


I literally just watched the end of this episode where Dawn gets pushed in the pool, absolutely laughed that was so good! You are right about everything you said she is just pig headed and stubborn.


I love how hard Jared was laughing when she was in the pool


This woman is completely insufferable….. Whose the freaking parent in this relationship? Dawn talks about Sherry being jealous?! Jealousy and hostility are written all over Dawns face very much when she doesn’t hear what she wants… If you want to be invited, which is what I want because I love having you around just go with the flow is something you’d tell an 8 year old…. I ALMOST threw up during that segment…. You are being told by your daughter and her mother in law that they need alone time together…. Psycho …… Poor Jared…. I can’t with that lady…. She’s nuts…


I cannot believe how incredibly insecure she is. It’s like next level from anything I’ve witnessed. Cher has to play mom and that’s even sadder. I loved seeing the other mom stand up to her.


The way Dawn glared at her husband with tears in her eyes because she didn't get some pajamas too. Smh!! She acts like she has never heard the word "NO" . The was She invited herself. 🤮 I died when her ass got pushed in the pool and I loved Jared's reaction!!


Dawn's behavior is the definition of "pushy" and it appears she ignores all boundaries those around her set. There is nothing "cute" about their relationship. If I were Jared, I would need to establish distance for my sanity. Especially watching how manipulative Dawn was last season, and the lengths she will go to get her way. I was relieved to see that Jared see's it for what it is, and he is strong.


I can’t take my Dawn anymore and I dislike how Cher makes excuses for her.


Dawn is so immature and gross. She’s got female Peter Pan Syndrome. She also doesn’t under the meaning of family. It includes everyone, not just your daughter, Dawn. Can you imagine your mother acting like that to your in-laws?! How do you explain that away?


I absolutely can not stand Dawn. I think she pretends to be a sweet person, but she is very manipulative. She looks miserable anytime Dawn brings up her in laws. Dawn needs to grow up!


Those two are so nauseating, why are the still on the show 😩😩😩


omg they are so weird. i truly hate watch this show.


If my teenagers acted like that I would get them therapy. It's ridiculous.


That was tough to watch. I felt pity for her because she just doesn’t get it. It seemed genuine too…the pool scene next week, on the other hand, does not.


I fast forward through all their scenes. I can’t stomach them anymore.


That was acting 😂 She’s not great at it but not going to lie Cher is.


Watching Dawn get pushed in the pool was the best part of their scenes together! I really hope Cher and Jarod stay close to his family instead of moving to Tampa.


I hate them so hard. It would be so unfortunate if they were to get into terrible accidents and unalive.


That pool push was so satisfying to watch🤣🤣🤣also, I don't always like to make fun of appearances unless someone is especially vile but a few bad angles and dawn looked like a nasty troll from under a bridge. She is so disgusting I feel ill watching her act that way. She looked like she was melting in the pool lmao help me omg😅😂 trying so hard to be a victim. I don't think Sherry did anything wrong, that's pent up aggression from being robbed of seeing family for so long and calling out Dawn's jarring behavior