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Oklahoma: A place so dangerous that being born is the worst thing a parent can force on their child


Fun fact, In Oklahoma any woman that fears for their life can legally kill anyone they view as a threat as long as they use a gun to do it.


So what you're saying is that a woman in a high risk pregnancy could shoot those who made abortion illegal because they put her life at risk.


No, I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying they have the right to.


And life begins at conception, right...


Life begins at conception and ends huddled in a classroom.


Holy shit this comment. Take my upvote.


That joke was darker than the man the police were kneeling on


Which one?




Holy god what a comment


“They need live babies to make dead soldiers.” ~ George Carlin


Probably the wrong place to wave this flag, but as an Oklahoma teacher, I have seen first hand the drills that our police run in the schools and am confident that an event like Uvalde would not happen in Oklahoma. I am the first person to say ACAB, I don’t vote right, I’m pro-choice etc. but my real world experience is certain that police in Oklahoma have the training and do not fuck around in the event of a school shooter. For everything that you can say about Oklahoma, negligent response from police in an Oklahoma school shooting would be shocking.


drills aren't a great basis though, plenty of people do emergency drills their whole lives but then when an actual life or death situation happens they crack and screw up


I am trying to tell you that they do extremely realistic drills. They clear out the schools and fill them with actors, blood everywhere, different circumstances for each drill and different shooters and attitudes. I think most redditors would be shocked to know how in depth they are.


You can get extremely realistic with the drills, you can throw them in a simulation that is 1:1 with real life. It's still not 100% real. The police know this (hopefully, because if they didn't they would probably shoot the actors) and therefore won't have any real emotions, they know no one is in real danger. You can't predict how someone will react in a 100% real shooter situation, emotions are unpredictable, an officer who aces the drills every time could break down and be too terrified to exit his vehicle and an officer who sucks at the drills could get a rush of adrenaline and save everyone.


Rehearsals do not include a madman shooting you, the kids, or the police. I'm glad you feel safe, but don't let yourself think this couldn't happen to you, all the people who died in school shootings didn't think so either. I don't want to ingrain any anxiety here, just be aware that drills aren't the same thing as life and death moments.


And the “sanctity of life” ends at birth


Which is exactly what I said. So, yes. Yes, they could, they have the right to do so.


I would even say they have an obligation to.


No… they can shoot the fetus within their uterus. Aim from the side to avoid critical organs.


So anyway, I started blasting.


Pew pew


If you do it in a school the police won't stop you either


Better than that, they’ll *protect you* from being stopped by others.


I feel like the womb is probably a pretty critical organ though...


Increases your chances if you do it right outside the ER.


If you're not growing a baby, then nah. I haven't had one for years, and I'm still alive.


That's all of America if you're white. Look at George Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse. In this country you don't have to prove someone was legitimately going to attack you with lethal force, you just have to take the stand and say you thought they were.


And the best part is that the other person is dead, so they can't oppose your story. Yay, 'murica.


In Zimmerman's case that was actually the legal defense. At the time (could still be the case) Florida had a law obliging the jury to find in favor of the surviving participant if there was no other clear indication of the circumstances. Zimmerman's case was essentially "It's my word against his what went down, and he's dead, so I get to go free."


I thought you were about to say shoot their baby


It's not a baby. It's a parasitic clump of cells with no brain function or viability outside the host. The real threat to life is the lawmakers because they are the ones actually threatening existing lives with their actions.


So abortion with a tiny gun as self defense is possible?


So, abortion is legal as long as you use a gun?


So let's just make guns that shoot abortion pills into your mouth, or guns that go inside a uterus and then suction out a pregnancy, or guns that dilate a cervix, or at least they can all identify as guns?


Unless it’s there husband!!!


Their. I'm sure you were just mocking the intelligence of the Oklahoman redneck though, right? :P


Well, all editing aside, it’s actually true. And I’m Oklahoman.


Damn I've never seen something work out so well.


Ah yes. The most accurate and representative measurement of intelligence: complete memorisation of, and religious adherence to, a random language's current orthographic standards.


Basic English don't real to you then, I take it? Lighten the fuck up dude.


Wait, does the gun have to fire, or can women just bludgeon their guts for a while?


Now that is what I call freedom😎


Well it'll only hold up in court if the shooter is white and the person shot was a minority.


So, what you're saying is white women should only sleep with POC, in case they need to shoot their potential fetus? /s


I mean people who are against abortion are usually for some forms of eugenics so yes, they'd probably encourage or even like to mandate killing of mixed race and non-white children.


Also, where roughly 1% of the state's entire population is incarcerated at any given time. Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in the US, which itself has the highest rate it the world.


That's always been the case and always will be the case. Having children is selfish and a child can't consent.


The irony here also encompasses the fact that domestic violence is one of the leading causes of death amongst pregnant women


The rate of unintended pregnancy is also higher among women experiencing domestic violence.


Republicans are ok with killing women, though.


Which only recently surpassed pregnancy related causes of death.


The number one cause of death for pregnant women is homicide.


I mean yeah I assume death from domestic abuse would be considered homicide. Ain't exactly manslaughter is it?


Unless you count the newspaper article that reads “Drunk Oklahoma man slaughters pregnant wife.”


GOP proposes new law of "*wo*manslaughter" carrying much reduced penalties


It's barely even true. Oklahoma has an OB-GYN shortage and is rated as one of the worst states to have a baby in.


>It's barely even true. Oklahoma has an OB-GYN shortage and is rated as one of the worst states to have a baby in. Imagine how dangerous it is outside the womb that all the risks of pregnancy still don't add up to the dangers of Oklahoma for kids.


Is it even remotely true? If they're counting any stage of development as a "child," most "children" aren't making it out of the womb alive. 50-75% of pregnancies miscarry before the pregnant person even knows they're pregnant.


**EDIT** I was permanently banned for "threatening violence" in this comment here: https://i.imgur.com/44Eyalr.png - not sure how that 'threatens violence' but appeal was denied so i guess reddit admins know best 🥴


> It's barely even true. Oklahoma has an OB-GYN shortage and is rated as one of the worst states to have a baby in. That's actually implied in the quote. It's safe as long as you stay in the womb, but don't even think about leaving it.


“But fuck them kids once they’re out of the womb.” - this ugly bitch


"What?! Children/teenagers dying in schools shootings due to terrible gun laws/controls? Let's do fuck all about that!" -conservatives George Carlin was right all along, an embryo is the most precious thing that needs protection at all cost for these people but once it's out of the womb, who gives a shit about it anymore? Why spend ressources on bettering kid's actual lives once they're so they can become fully functional individuals? If they struggle for legitimate reasons or risk their lives to access basic education, fuck'em I guess is what these people are pushing for?


more like: "What?! Children/teenagers dying in schools shootings due to terrible gun laws/controls? ~~Let's do fuck all about that!~~ Holy shit we *really* need to protect the guns!"


"It's god's will." Then god is an asshole.


Seriously. If there's an afterlife and I meet God, he'll have to beg me for forgiveness.


Get in line.


Ahh yes I’ll never forget this quote from one of the prisoners at Auschwitz.


He is an asshole. I read the Bible. He is a full on sociopath


He did want his son to be brutally murdered.


More kids that get born into difficult situations= more teenagers that *must* join the army.


I put it much more succinctly: > Republican right to life: Begins at conception, ends at birth.


I have to steal this.


Please do, that is why I posted it!


Hey, let's be nice to ugly bitches. No need to compare us to this abomination.


We need loving too. Though I prefer the nomenclature " not traditionally attractive."


You're my hero. 😂


I googled ‘maternal mortality rate Oklahoma’ and the state’s own website claims > According to the CDC, Oklahoma persistently ranks among the states with the worst rates (40th) of maternal deaths in the U.S. I also found a lovely statistic: black infants in Oklahoma are twice as likely to die as white infants. I feel so safe… s/


Easy fix, just don’t be born/s


Only until it’s born, then they don’t give a shit if the clergy rapes them.


>Only until it’s born Not *even* only until it's born. You can't *kill* the fetus, but they're fine with fetuses not getting the nutrients and care they need to be a healthy citizen. They aren't concerned about other people's fetuses anymore than they are concerned about other people, they've just been convinced that their political enemies *want* abortions, so they're against abortions. It's stupid, childish gamesmanship, with actually people's lives (fetuses and born people) in the balance.


They are *pro-life*. They never said anything about *pro-health,* and they *certainly* aren't pro-*quality of life*. Anyone who has ever lived in or even passed through OK knows that quality of life is not high on their list of priorities.


Hint: they didn’t give a shit to begin with.


Definitely not the schools....


It would be even safer if we mandated AR-15 implants directly into the placenta.


horrible thought but, is it a fetish for them?


There are many aspects of this for men to get off on. Babies to carry on the most agressive genes, ruining women's futures, taking out competition, putting women in their place, controlling their lives, takin their vote, imprisoning the problem women, killing them. And some get off on starving, vulnerable kids they might abuse. Some get off on making money because private prison beds will stsy filled with 13¢/hr workers and canon fodder for the military industrial complex to make money off of. Fascists and cappies are absolutely salivating at the chaos and gains.


Millennials: the planet is dying, I can't afford rent, everything sucks. I don't want to bring children into this world Republicans: damn how do we get more wage slaves twenty years from now then? Wait hold up, what if we...




Fuck that q-tip looking motherfucker and fuck the gerontocracy


A fetus is not a child


EVEN IF IT WAS this decision makes no sense, you can't just use another person as a human shield "You can't *make* people use their body to keep someone else alive. This is not ethical. **You cannot give a right to a fetus that no other human has, which is the right to use someone else's body without express and ongoing consent.**" -- Danielle Jones, MD (aka YouTuber Mama Doctor Jones, she's great)


We’ll it sure as fuck ain’t at a public school, or a music festival, or in Texas when it’s cold, or in Texas when it’s hot, or….


Can't wait till all these forced pregnancies grow up and fight each other for food and water. Better born now and die young in the coming resource wars apparently. Not like Republicans give two shits about giving them a planet to grow old on.


Or in a supermarket


Waiting for mass exodus of businesses and women from red states.


Can't wait for women in red states to decide it's safer just to stick with a vibrator. It's definitely a more caring lover than any Republican that wants to force pregnancies to completion.


Those are illegal to purchase in many red states. Some you have to have a prescription.


[They've already got you covered there too](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_obscenity_statute?wprov=sfla1)


Rape is already barely a crime, they won't give a shit if women say no.


*But if they miraculously make it out, they're fucked. They'll be denied basic needs, beaten, starved, raped, shot and killed. Born not white, not Christian and not straight? Even worse.* **Fuck this country.**


Seriously fuck this place. I hate it here


Fuck, living in Oklahoma is plain embarassing.


Living in America is really embarrassing TBF. I used to have no reason I knew of not to love my country enough to try and fix the things that were wrong with it. Now I just binge drink and haul my drunk ass to the ballot box as soon as they open.


Maybe we can set up birthing rooms with a spiral slide that goes straight under kindergarten desks. That way they can train for active shooters from day one.


We're talking people that oppose welfare measures to end or ease child poverty, or let them see a doctor even if their parents don't have insurance, or protect them from school shooters, or pay for a solid education (remember all the DoE cuts were from Republicans) so they can lead a good life, might as well just chuck 'em in the trash when they're born. The birth happened, mission accomplished. Oh, you don't have the maturity or resources to care for your baby properly? Don't care. Deal with it or we'll slut shame you and call you a horrible parent, because 16 year olds, women recovering from rape trauma, and people who can barely support themselves in slave wages are notoriously good single mothers.


Getting out of Oklahoma is the single best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family.


Uh, sounds like Oklahoma is more dangerous than Watts. Wtf is going on in Oklahoma?


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscarriage > Miscarriage is the most common complication of early pregnancy. Among women who know they are pregnant, the miscarriage rate is roughly 10% to 20%, while rates among all fertilisation is around 30% to 50%. In those under the age of 35 the risk is about 10% while it is about 45% in those over the age of 40. Risk begins to increase around the age of 30. About 5% of women have two miscarriages in a row. Oklahoma must be a literal battlefield.


"Cuz once you're born, we stop giving a shit about you."


“Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren't they? They're all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you're born, you're on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don't want to know about you. They don't want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you're preborn, you're fine; if you're preschool, you're fucked.”


Right cuz up until you're born they actually give a s*** about you well almost and I have to pay for you and they won't help your parents take care of you or even prepare to take care of you so


> “The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe. Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn. — Methodisr Pastor David Barnhart


This should be top comment in all reddit this week. Have my poor man's gold:🥇


Nice quote!


Damn, now that’s one disgusting piece of shit.


Not schools. Or their own homes. *Gotcha*


Too many guns both places.


He said the quiet part out loud


I'm just wondering what pre-natal care is like in this and other radically anti-abortion states? If pushed to a guess I'd imagine it's poor to non-existent. Do they at least ensure that pregnancy is as safe as possible?


No, no they do not. In fact, if the pregnancy is risky in anyway a pregnant woman could be financially ruined by medical bills.


Their own government website claims that they have one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the country - 40th out of 50. You are about 60 times more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth in Oklahoma than you are from an abortion. Now that people are forced to carry unintended pregnancies term, the maternal and infant mortality rates will rise significantly.


Unfortunately, this is pretty much what I thought the answer would be.


Until you're born, then fuck you.


Yes, nothing ever goes wrong in the womb. Totally not a thing.


Great!!! Now tell me, WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE ELSE, WHICH IS AN ALARMINGLY LARGER NUMBER, UNDER CONSTANT THREAT OF INCARCERATION ASSHOLE?!? Worlds number 1 incarcerator of women per capita!!! And you just added a new way to incarcerate them. I hope you trip and fall in front of a wheat thresher.


My wife and I lost what…five pregnancies before our daughter is born? The womb is not a safe place at all. Oklahoma must be the literal Thunderdome.


Children do not live in wombs. Fetuses live in wombs. If they truly cared about children, than they would ban assault rifles. Since they are the weapon of choice of school shooters. A complete ban would be more effective than anti-abortion laws that only protect fetuses.


You didn’t ban abortion, you fuckwit. You banned SAFE, LEGAL abortion. It will happen regardless.


Oklahoma is the 16th worst state for providing social services. https://www.rewardexpert.com/blog/studies/the-best-and-worst-states-for-low-income-individuals-and-families/full-ranking/ Oklahoma has the 4th highest rate of teen pregnancies in the US. https://www.usnews.com/news/healthiest-communities/slideshows/states-with-the-highest-teen-birth-rates?slide=12 Oklahoma is the 6th highest state with the most underprivileged children. https://wallethub.com/edu/best-worst-states-underprivileged-children/5403 Oklahoma has one of the most idiotic Attorney Generals in the US (Texas' Ken Paxton is the head shithead).


Let me continue that sentence for you Mr Attorney General: But fuck that kid once it's born because we'd rather a million kids were shot to death than give up our divine right to carry guns.


"... because once born, they can go fuck themselves"


A large percentage of pregnancies actually end in miscarriages though...


True! There is a greater chance of a tumor becoming malignant than a pregnancy has at coming to term.


What a fucking piece of shit that guy is. Fuck that guy. Forced birth. WTF…


He's right, actually. As soon as the kid's born, Oklahoma couldn't give a fuck what happens to them. Especially after cutting aid for formula and continued attacks on socialist programs & financial aid.


Not true. They line them up in schools for target practice.


What a privilege to be forced birthed by a parent that doesn't want you in a state known for being among the lowest ranked in quality of life. "Pro-life" people are monsters if they really believe that's better than being fast-tracked to heaven.


Someone doesn’t understand wombs.


We should change the word "school" to "uterus" so Republicans would care about children dying in them.


Not the flex he thought it was.


"...because we don't give a fuck about them after that."


I'm pretty sure a womb is still not safe from a .223 caliber bullet or twenty.


Yeah, because who cares about the kid once they’re born into poverty and fucking dies agonizingly in a school shooting, right? Straight up demon.


"not at Elementary school, not at church, not at Wal-Mart, not at the grocery store, not at a concert..."


Not school, because republicans are okay with kids getting gunned down there.


“And the award for least safest goes to… (opens envelope)… Once again, for the 25th straight year, schools”


“A child” how delusional can you possibly be?


Of course it's the safest place since Republicans are ok with them being gunned down in schools.


Just don't send them to school


That about sums up conservatives entire worldview.


False, a pregnant woman is no less likely to get shot than anyone else.


And school, *woooooo* lissen they got these backpacks, ~plate carriers~. Not today, satan, yuck yuck yuck


Well yeah because after it leaves, it has no health care guarantees


Yeah, because it's definitely not in school thanks to your party, f\*ckwad.




So where does classroom rank on the list of safest places for a child to be


Welllll… if the pregnant mother isn’t a highschool student.


Too bad it's not the child's womb... *it's the mother's.*


What, so as soon as they're delivered it's open season?


Oklahoma sounds like it sucks. Should probably exert some effort into making outside the womb a decent place to be.


Its all flyover. Dry, dirt, wind.


Eewwww fucking disgusting, hands off my body mr creepy eyebrows


Has that traitor adopted 2 kids yet. Slave to the elite. Traitor to the republic.


Just going to look up the maternal mortality rate in Oklahoma


So, since they're saying a fetus is a child, let's find a lawyer for any pregnant women in OK jails to sue the state for unlawfully imprisoning their child. Any takers?


Oklahoma is now the least safest place for a woman to be


The comment is so far over his head SR71 couldn't reach it


I would've preferred the schools but you do you


Yeah, because once you're out of there, you're fucked!


Terminate John O'Connor


We want the safest place to be outside the womb you ninny. We want people to have a stable income so no child goes a night without food or shelter, or worries of losing that food or shelter. We want them to feel safe at their school. We want their healthcare taken care of, not to threaten their life with insurmountable debt. We want them to be able to walk out into the world as an adult and have plenty of income and time to enjoy their life happy. That's the bare bloody minimum. And I want the mother to have the freedom of deciding when she wants a child. And I also want her to live her life and have as much sex as she wants without fear of a massive financial burden. Stop trying to punish people for having sex. You're just making the future generations not want to have kids even more.


Unless its a pregnant teacher or student's womb.


Onky because they need those kids for target practice.


Advanced thinking centre of the civilised world. Back to the future.


Can we arm these newborns with baby ar-15s upon social security signature?


Honestly depressing, considering how much of their childhood for many of them will be spending in public schools. Like celebrating making the sign-up station you go through before entering an absolute gauntlet of misery and danger "the safest place to be." Congrats.


Anyone notice all these people making decisions about women's bodies have 'shallow affect display' Why haven't we cured them, yet?


Kids anywhere else in Oklahoma: fuck you.


“As long as the mother isn’t going to school”


Child: *is born* This guy: You done fucked up.


He's correct, because all that sanctity of life goes out the fucking window as soon as you're born.


It sure is hell isn't a school!


Well, it’s definitely not schools


Unless that pregnant mother happens to be a teacher…


“As soon as you’re born though you can fuck off and die” - pro lifers


Republicans just wish they could crawl back into their mothers’ wombs.


It’s true tho, but why the fuck would they ban contraception and abortion


Free food and lodging? I’d be pretty safe too.


I hope he gets voted out as AG. The Oklahoma BAR tagged him as not qualified for the position when he first ran and then the governor appointed him when the last one resigned. He has wasted millions on lawsuits trying to overturn the McGirt decision and when asked what “aiding and abetting” was he told a reported to “Google it.” The guy is a clown and should never have been in the position he’s in.




'cause fuck dem kids once they're born


My god what an astounding level of stupid on display here.


The law may have changed, so I can't say it's for sure still the law. But, a dude gave an incredibly drunk girl home and then stuck his dick in her mouth until he came. The girl tried to press charges against him but the law said he committed no crime. These are the laws of Oklahoma. It's OK in Oklahoma.


Only because the outside world is incredibly horrible, though.