**ANSWER** 1. Both u/snaxx_23 and u/Zoutaleaux combined have the answer. 2. The [Radar Tower](https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Radar_Tower?so=search#Coverage) (Wiki Link) scans are based on the tower's line-of-sight **from the tip of the tower to the ground**. Any terrain at an elevation higher than its tip will not be revealed. *Note Wiki still needs to be updated.* 3. In Update 6 the "height" no longer matters in order to increase the "range" of the Radar Tower as everything that is within the "fixed range" that is **at or below** the tip of the Radar Tower will be seen. Also once Powered the Full Range on the In-Game Map is shown. 4. An "example" of completely covering the Map with Radar Towers in order to get Full Map Coverage [is shown here](https://preview.redd.it/qffllx9irwq91.jpg?width=1920&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9bf1c8ef5ee28341d82e86c5d9d2985f894a9bf0) from this [source Reddit Post](https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/xrq2dv/yeah_i_think_the_map_is_covered_now/) (see Image #2) by u/Aelyae. The more you know! 🤔😁


Damn that's a lot of work. I thought their coverage area was larger for some reason. Thanks for the 100%-complete answer that addresses all possible questions lol.


**MORE INFO** 1. Radar Towers DID have a larger coverage area based upon height *(see Wiki link in my earlier comment before it is updated)* but even with that ability they were not much useful. 2. The devs could of kept that ability, but when combined with the new ability added in Update 6 to see everything in the scan range, like Health Food, Resource Nodes, etc. it was decided to reduce the "range" to make Radar Towers more useful by requiring the Pioneer to use more of them to cover a given area. 3. TBH, Radar Towers are simply one "tool" that a Pioneer can use, and I personally don't use Radar Towers (I am old school Pioneer) mostly due to the fact I have unlocked most of the Map and kind of know where most everything is. ✓ BOTTOM LINE: It is not required to completely cover the Map with Radar Towers unless you want to, but as a temporary building in a new area to help scan the area around where you have a New WiP Factory in progress, then Radar Towers might be useful. Also as a Building Design / Decoration element, Radar Towers are cool to look at. Continuing the Conversation.


No its not anymore




Maybe the radius doesn't change anymore (not sure one way or the other) but at least when I was in U6 experimental, it still would not fill in areas of higher elevation than the tower, so if that annoys you be aware.


Check out the above post by u/Temporal_Illusion bro


Does the tower count the drives left in its area?