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"Disney shoving the LGBT agenda down our throats" lmfao if only


The LGBT agenda of existing and having that existence acknowledged as more than a homophobic joke character. How scandalous!


How dare people exist!


I think my favorite gay character in any show would have to be [Ray Gillette](https://youtu.be/YUvDU1rieQQ) from Archer. Sure he's the butt of a bunch of homophobic jokes, but he had such a cool back story. Ex pastor turned Olympic g̶o̶l̶d̶ medalist, turned spy, turned half cyborg! I loved the episode where he goes back to the south to save his swinger brother's pot farm, only to find out his high school bully/ sheriff is just as gay as he is.


>Olympic gold medalist, You mean bronze?


>You mean bronze? You mean lost?


It actually was a big disappointment :(






Mine's gotta be Captain Holt from b99. A unique character who also happens to be gay, without his whole personality being written as a stereotype.


Yas, queen.


Holy shit! How could I forget Holt?! Easily my second favorite. Such a well written character. I love his subtle bitchy-ness.


Ray Gillette is definitely alright, but Holt and his husband really are both absolutely hilarious, for the right reasons.


He may be the butt (heh) of a lot of homophobic jokes, but Ray is so awesome because he pushes back against them in interesting ways! He definitely dishes out as good as he gets. Also a fav of mine!


It's what I love about Archer. It's supposed to be set in a time where HR is basically imaginary. They are left to their wits to defend themselves. Pam gets hit with fat comments all the time, but there isn't one person in that office that she hasn't rocked in bed and they know it. They rip on Cheryl /Carol all the time for being mentally unstable, but she knows all she has to do is talk about how much money she has and everyone instantly shuts up. Honestly my favorite show ever made. **R.I.P George Coe and Jessica Walters**


CAROL! Archer is definitely a fav around our house. We've been binging on Venture Brothers too, which is just about the gayest show that's ever been made, but also hilariously *not* gentle with the subject matter. Shore Leave is much like Ray in that he's the target of a lot of jokes, but he also sasses back and everyone takes a turn being both lambasted and as the lambaster.


I think the difference is that usually homophobic jokes are punching down, but in archer Ray is punching right back so it's not so much punching down as much as ribbing a buddy who happens to be gay.


Exactly! That's the only reason it works, and they do it really well!


I mean they tried to make their villains some LGBT+ stereotypes and then we just went “ok we like these characters”


I don't think the tweet is even talking about Cruella de Vil. He's probably talking about a side character who is very androgynously dressed. The movie doesn't even directly or indirectly say the character (Artie) is queer (because Disney's gotta get that sweet box office money from countries with homophobic laws). It's nice to see an androgynous character in a big movie, but Artie is only in a couple scenes and there is only one scene where anyone even talks about his appearance: >!Cruella asks how people react to his sense of fashion and he just says that most people don't bother him about his appearance (or smth like that, idr).!< The fact that someone could get angry that a tertiary character in a live action prequel of a 90's movie is queer is absurd. They don't even have the usual stupid argument of "it's not important to the story" because >!the movie is about Cruella as a fashion designer, and she chooses to work with Artie specifically because he has a unique and unapologetic sense of fashion.!< (minor spoiler).




Yeah, I would assume. [Here](https://youtu.be/7omhXl5WYoU)'s a 30 second clip with the character.




To be fair, when someone dies they do indeed stop being poor.


>having that existence acknowledged as more than a homophobic joke character. That is the actual scandal. The talking heads on the right know just how powerful a sense of normalcy is for developing tolerance.


Or anything beyond a capitalism opportunity that lasts only for a month with empty platitudes throughout the year.


This rhetoric is laughably pathetic, i saw some people saying horizon zero dawn had a 'feminist agenda' because it had a fucking female protagonist


Oh, my favorite thing (aka thing that I find hilarious despite also being infuriating) right now is the "fan edits" people have made because Aloy is, apparently, fat and too masculine for the alpha males.


I love the one that gave Aloy fucking eyeshadow and lipgloss, both things that Aloy would actually use and not dump immediately if she found them.


The fuck they do to Aloy!?!


Which ironically started as parody post mocking people with such issues but they found it and took it seriously.


How in the heck is Aloy fat? She looks like a normal weight to me


I'm getting really fucking tired of this. Any time anything in any media has a strong female character it's "feminist agenda". I'm a guy and I love to see a woman at the lead. Or any other under represented figure for that matter. It's nice to have some diversity in what we consume. Just watched MiB: International and wanted to read some reviews to see if other disliked it too. Turns out they did, but for different reasons. Because it was "feminist propaganda". Why? Because it had a female co-star and there's one line where they say "actually people in black"? Like it's objectively sexist that the organization is called MEN in Black. No girls allowed. Guess it's feminist agenda to acknowledge that.


Meanwhile Alex Hirsch goes off against Disney's Pride post.


It took balls for him to say that. He currently works for disney (only as a voice actor but still) and his GF is the lead on the one lgbt disney show.


Disney fucked with Gravity Falls a lot so I get his beef, and he's got that Netflix contract so not like he's worried. Also fucking with Owl House in response to this would be seriously bad PR. They're already axing it anyway so why bother.


They’re cancelling Owl House?!?


Yeah, sadly. They get three hour long specials after S2 to wrap it up and then it's adios, Luz.


Fuck man. Well thanks for telling me, I’m gonna go cry now.


WHAT?! I JUST FINISHED S1! Like literally 10 minutes ago wtf


He also did work with Sony Animations on Mitchells vs the Machines, so maybe he felt more free to do so now that he had a foot in another company's door.


Brutal. Awesome to see, that takes gall.






... Oh thank God. He's simply calling out corporate hypocrisy regarding certain LGBT-misic markets instead of being a raging homophobe. Phew.


He fought Disney repeatedly to get LGBT representation into Gravity Falls. "Please revise" is a direct quote from the Disney censors on a same sex kiss he was forced to remove from an episode, per several interviews about it he's done. Alex has an ax to grind with the mouse when it comes to representation.


Thank you! It's just that the headline "person goes off against corporate Pride post" generally tends to... *not* be a positive feelgood read, you know? And it's good to see a creator *absolutely done* with a megacorp's pandering mealy mouthed "we r like totally allies we swear yay rainboze in June" hypocritical lip service bullshit.


> Alex has an ax to grind with the mouse when it comes to representation. The only good representation for the mouse is one that can be easily edited out for markets hostlie to LGBT. Like one that is only said, thus the already required voiceover will cover it.


Fucking executives... Also thumbs up for Alex.


Harder daddy Disney please


Gay people - *exist* Idiots “omfg why duh agenda is on me”


fortunately disney never shoved down heterosexual relationships down onto anyone's throat. no straight couple ever lived happily ever after and so on.


May I adore your comment for a few minutes? I hope my chortling isn't a distraction 😉.


Disney literally can't win with this approach. Bigots cry about the smallest gay thing, as seen here. LGBTQ+ people rightfully complain that representation in their movies is too limited, shallow and incosequential. No major characters, no depth, just some side characters that can be easily cut from the Chinese release or something. But this is proof they should fully commit to it. Homophobes will complain no matter what, so at least do something meaningful that will at least leave a positive impact on representation and to the community. I'm tired of waiting for anything from them, be it in Marvel (b-b-but The Eternals will be it guys, this time it's true!), Star Wars, the live action remakes etc. Specially when some of the competition is actually working towards that, my mind was blown when I finally watched DC's Doom Patrol this year by how much that show embraces its LGBTQ+ characters and themes.


I didn’t see this tweet coming from Stamos. But I appreciated it more than anticipated.


The thing is I remember Stamos’s character married a woman in the show so it should be two single men living together and raising children


...they never married?? oh my god they were ~~room~~ housemates


It was 3 single men for part of the show.


weren’t they brothers tho?


No, they weren't. Danny and Jesse were brothers-in-law (Danny's late wife was Jesse's sister) and Joey was Danny's best friend.


I swear I remember plot points where Danny and Joey went out on dates with women. I mean, they could have been bi but that is stretching things for a ‘90s sitcom


Oh yeah, they were definitely straight in the show. But John Stamos tweeting this as a response to homophobia is super awesome.


If the cultural zeitgeist can retcon “Baby It’s Cold Outside” to be about sexual harassment (rather than a woman’s lack of bodily autonomy without coming up with reasonable excuses), then surely we can make Full House be about a polycule of heteroflexible men.


Tbh I think looking at that song through the lens of how our culture has evolved is very interesting. A progressive song at the time ends up being regressive by today's standards because of how fucked things were back then.


That song was progressive???


I didn’t watch the show on my own, but I caught enough at friends’ places to remember it started as 3 single guys.


They still had a shitload of gay innuendo jokes throughout all seasons, primarily centered around Jesse and Joey. Very similar to the "Chandler and Joey are like a gay couple" jokes that Friends always did.


He could've been bi or pan!


Have mercy!


For a second, I thought His profile pic looks like he's grabbing some ass in a thong


You know it would be nice if disney actually gave homophobes something to complain about other than disney 100th token gay male that gets edited out for china. Call me when disney has the balls.to have a gay protagonist in a movie for once.


I like the idea of them still editing him out so you just have one guy talking and then no reply because the other protagonist just doesn't exist so it looks like the one they leave in just lost it and is having full on golem conversations with themselves


You would enjoy Garfield Minus Garfield.


They really should make a princess movie but instead of a princess it's a prince and a knight or something and there should be a plot point besides their orientation too (you know, like all the princess movies also usually have more going on than their romance). I mean we already have Kuzco, just take that and queer it up a bit


Theres a neil gaiman take on sleeping beauty where the prince is snow white. That would be a great movie


... The whole of ENG you kind of get the idea that they shoehorned in Pacha's wife to straight it up, lol.


Sorry, what's EN... Oh right, Emperor's New Groove. Duh. I'll have to rewatch that now. (I say as if it's a burden or something, that movie is so fun!)


If you like podcasts, try The Two Princes. It's basically an audio Disney series (not by Disney to be clear), the third season is even a musical. There's a full, engaging plot, and the only times their orientations are brought up are minor: >!one's mother faints when she finds out but gets over it immediately, an older character talks about how he never married because in his time it wouldn't be accepted, and there's a few references to how "times are changing"!<


Give me a movie with a single token straight man.


dunno about movie but there's the show She-Ra where the two possibly straight ships are vague enough to be interpreted as just friends while the many gay relationships are explicit




>So much of the fandom insists that Glimmer and Bow were both Bi Noelle said no-one in her comics are straight and we've just extended that to her shows as well Of course, it helps that She-Ra has a comic


It’s more a joke considering nobody else in the show is straight, so why would they be


The Glimer/Bow thing came out of left field man Edit: "Man" as in an expression


I don't get why people say this. We didn't see it on screen, but they had been friends since presumably childhood which is a classic romance set-up. And throughout the show, they are very close. Most of the time, when Glimmer has a problem she goes to Bo first and then the rest of their friends. Save for some of the big heist episodes (where Bo and Seahawk are teamed up for comedy) they also usually get action scenes together. Just cause they didn't have the tension/pining we see between Adora and Catra (obviously these two's romance will get more development, it's the main drama) doesn't mean their romance was just conjured up in the last few episodes.


Yes I see your points, but damn, we went from very close strong friends, that haven't shown any type of feeling besides that to "I love you" out of the blue, caught me off guard at least.


Blue is the warmest color, duh. I'm sure there was some straight person in it, though I have no memory of them!


Isn't the owl house made by disney? Might not be the protagonist, but one of the characters is very obviously gay (and if going by the basic story cliche the protagonist might end up dating them eventually). Really good show.


yup and Disney's canceling it after *3 seasons!


Some Disney/Pixar shorts cover being gay very deeply but they are artistic shorts, not broad appeal with massive financial backing.


A gay in a movie (loosely) about fashion? How original..


But it's Disney's thirtieth ['first' gay character!](https://i.redd.it/d2mst4akcb171.png)


So... who was number 1? Maleficent?


This is funnier than it should be, especially with that one interview from Angelina Jolie lol


I totally forgot about the Angelina Jolie adaptation!


What interview was it? Or what was said?


Here’s a link, i could only find the tumblr post [Remembering Maleficent’s gay panic. XD](https://malefistache.tumblr.com/post/142253715398/remembering-maleficents-gay-panic-xd)


Is it something I'm too straight to understand? I know this is SapphoAndHerFriend and fuck I might fall into the meme aswell but the video you linked doesn't give me any gay vibes and I seriously doubt that's what she was implying. Wouldn't it be fucked up for Maleficent to fall in love with the girl she raised? Maleficent does love Aurora and Aurora loves Maleficent back, but is filial love not eros love and shipping them is basically accepting grooming.


What happened in the interview


Well, technically it’s Li Shang from Mulan. He was clearly in love with Mulan before and after discovering she was a woman, so Disney accidentally wrote him as a bi character. However, their first intentional queer character was some dude in the background of the Beauty and the Beast remake


> However, their first intentional queer character was some dude in the background of the Beauty and the Beast remake Actually it was Le Fou, who is Gaston's goofy sidekick and does have some screen time. He's also played by Josh Gad so definitely not a background extra. But the only way this was represented onscreen was in an interaction with some dude in the background, where they dance together for one second and look at each other in a coy way. That's it.


You know what I love about that version of the characters? Gaston knows his buddy is gay and has a big old crush on him, and still hangs out with him anyway. When La Fou asks "a bit much?" and Gaston answers in the affirmative, there's no malice, just getting on with it, and they return to being buddies. Gaston's an ally, yo.


Gaston is a narc. He expects everyone to be a little bit in love with him.


Get a load of Disney, just smashing through barriers!


"accidentally" The whole movie was about finding your balance/center between masculine and feminine. He was definitely intentionally bi.


Funnily enough, [Robbie Rotten](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fjETxpdAE0) in his gay poly relationship.


He's dating himself XD




I wish It was lafu from the beauty and the beast remake.


Surely he was already gay in the original?


Probably but disney loved to make headlines about it when all he did was dance with a random guy for five seconds.


Nothing like virtue signalling for money.


man the paragraph in that image pisses me off, not a single queer person is celebrating or even cares. we are so exhausted and sick of their bs and yet they keep doing it. they have actual gay characters on their own channel but good kids shows make less money than shitty movies i guess?


[Omar Navarro is unsurprisingly a huge piece of shit.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omar_Navarro#Criminal_history_and_controversies)


Starts with pepper spraying children and somehow gets worse.


it's edgy *i love it!*


Isn’t this like their 13th case of a gay character- did people just now notice


This happens, like, every year. Disney introduces their "first" gay character for the thirtieth time, it's always a stereotype with one line, and people always lose their minds and go "I gUeSs I wOn'T bE sUpPoRtInG dIsNeY aNyMoRe, DiSgUsTiNg hOw ThEy ShOvE tHiS dOwN oUr ThRoAtS, wHaAaA :(" rinse, recycle, repeat.


Free advertisement!


Technically genius?


Not to mention all the classic Disney movies whose villains were queercoded. But no, no, it was different because the villains were gay to make kids associate queerness with evil no I got it


The irony is most of those kids now simp for villains, or wanna befriend them


she skins puppies to make clothes but the one gay character ruined your childhood? okay


Right? Fuck that guy and his shitty priorities.


She doesn't in the film. Honestly, the Emma Stone version only shares a name and a hairstyle with the book/animated version.


I went into the movie without checking does the dog die and I was tingling in nervous anticipation TOO MANY TIMES.


That doesn't make it better. His childhood would only have known cruella as an animal abuser. Now he gets a "better" version and he's mad about the gay character. Also correct me if I'm wrong isn't this movie meant to be an origin story? As in she goes on to be the animal abuser in the original movies


It's definitely an origin story for "a character who bears strong resemblance to the Cruella of 101 Dalmations", but even granting that, it's really tenuous the connection from the end of the film to the beginning of the animated one. Spoiler for Cruella, but she >!doesn't actually kill the dalmatians in that movie despite being given somewhat valid justification for being vengeful against them!<. She's still not really a good person, but she's not the same horrific monster that she was in the animated film.


It's *an* origin story, but I wouldn't have said it was of the Cruella from the animated films.


How will anyone enjoy their puppy skinning if there's a flamboyant gay somewhere around? Gays, let people skin puppies in peace!


She doesn’t though. It’s a modern take on the character and there’s one gay character friend, who to any child, was one of the best and not made a joke of characters.


At least she doesn't eat the girl puppies < that guy


Quick, show them the Blues Clues Pride Parade vid.


I mean the movie is about making a dog murder sympathetic it was destined to ruin your childhood by its very existance having a gay character should be the least of your conserns.


Not to spoil it but >!she very distinctly does NOT kill any dogs in the new movie!<.




Which makes me wonder what the hell happened between this movie and the original 101 Dalmatians? They obviously set that movie up at the end, so what happened between them to cause that?


Mr Burns sings her a song?


I see it as being a Wizard of Oz / Wicked scenario. Emma Stone’s Cruella even makes a comment about needing to let people think she is a villain, so I feel like that maybe was the story she crafted to help her revenge plan succeed. That being said she’s still not a good person, but in my mind that was her version of events rather than the dog skinning tale that is believed by the public/other dogs in the animated film.


Idk man I've seen the bit where the dogs murder Cruella's mom and if that's not dog murder idk what is


Yeah I thought that was a giant plot hole and was a bad call on Disney's part. I think they focused on making her too sympathetic when she is supposed to be a villain.


"I am so fragile and insecure that a single movie rebooting a film I saw a few times as a kid that has one (1) gay character in it has completely destroyed any positive associations I have with my entire childhood." - This guy, who probably thinks he's a "sigma male"


Lol, dude is 30 and did like 3 wildly unsuccessful campaigns to unseat Maxine Walters starting at 26, with the help of Roger Stone & Sheriff Joe from AZ (both federally convicted of I’m not mistaken) He got arrested a few years back for stalking his ex girlfriend who he’d dated for a little over 3 months, sending her dozens of texts saying he was going to kill himself and her. He also did this to his ex wife, who he placed a **tracking device** on her car, in his early twenties. All of this at like 27 when it went down. The last ex girlfriend literally moved from LA to San Fran to get away from him. But sure, he’s all about “family values” Dude is like looking like a prepubescent Alex Jone’s fucked a stale Twinkie and getting outraged over the Nth “gay” character Disney has put in their movies. These people thrive in drama and are literally just rich incels spewing back right wing propaganda cause Daddy keeps introducing them to people who’ll make them money to appeal to the dying younger gen of repubs


Every homophobic but actual closeted homosexual right winger life story


What? I never actually watched a big chunk of the show I thought they were brothers???




A fine theory until Becky became Aunt Becky and then popped out twins. So, we're gonna have to go with Bi if we're looking for LGBT Representation.


A queer polyam fam. Wonderful


Not to mention Danny had a wife, fathered three daughters, and was left as a single dad when she died, and had at least one major female love interest during the course of the show, so he’s also, either bi, or heavily closeted. I have no memory of Joey’s romantic life.


Joey gets a wife in Fuller House and iirc had several girlfriends over the course of the show. While I am completely LGBT friendly, the thing Stamos implied here (assuming it's not a fake tweet, which it very well may be etc) is completely unfounded in context of the show for anyone who actually watched it. Not everyone that supports LGBT, has to be one.


Hey what exactly is the LGBT agenda? I missed last month's meeting.


9am Gym 12pm lunch with Mum 3pm Take down western society 6pm Wine and cheese


Uhhhh, excuse me? It's Brunch with Mum and it starts at 11 with bottomless mimosas!


The agenda is worse than I thought


My experience with this subreddit is me constantly fighting the urge to make a roommates comment


*Oh my god th*at can be very challenging yes


Make it your flair!


How unrealistic to have a queer man in... *checks notes* the fashion industry. There should have been several, Disney get on a reedit for historical accuracy!


I spent far too long trying to figure out which character they mean and then I realised that that's because they were just flamboyant and their sexuality was not discussed at all, because it wasn't relevant.


can we have a bi character we're starving over here


If you're talking about Disney content, Luz Noceda from The Owl House is bi.


Owl House is so good!! I think the creator is bi too.


yep, dana terrace is bi


They (accidentally, I assume) made Li Shang bi, since he was clearly into Mulan both as a dude and when she revealed herself to be a woman.


[Not Disney but I love sharing this](https://youtu.be/5e7844P77Is)


if he hates it so much why doesn't he go to China where things he dislikes are censored


imagine being born and living in california and hating gays lol


Half of California is straight up some of the most extreme conservatives. Once you leave the coast man...


Fuck Disney but fuck that guy too.


so no one cared about all the beastiity and shit is disney movies but a few seconds of a *hinted at* gay character is too much? i’m pretty sure there’s never even been a gay disney kiss. it’s all just implied a character is gay for literally less than 10 mins in the movies it’s shown in


I'm sorry but your child hood should've been ruined when they tried to glamourize a lady that kills dogs...


Dude, your childhood ended decades ago. And why is it so fragile that it can't handle a gay character in a movie you don't like?


Remember the 80s TV show My Two Dads? They didn't have the balls to make the dads a couple, so there was a weird backstory about the mother being in a love with both guys then giving them joint custody before dying.


I didn't understand the outrage behind it. Ace seemed like a David Bowie inspired flamboyant character. He's gay but I don't recall it once being mentioned during the film.


youre correct, it was never mentioned once lol


Soooooo, where's the 'issue' ? It wasn't even like he made a pass or a comment about another dude. I feel like this was probably some manufactured outrage.


simple: homophobia, omar is an idiot


Cruella ruined my childhood because now I wanna bone cruella and nothing is sacred anymore. haven’t even see it yet. Am planning on it though.


It's a fun movie, Emma Stone is great. Just watch out though, there's a flamboyantly gay character and you might find that knowing a gay person exists might hurt your brain.


But in the movie they never said that he was gay. You don't need to be gay to dress that way. (I'm not trying to deny that he's gay, just if they're announcing that there will be a gay character, they should atleast put some voice lines indicating that)


This guy was barely born in the 80s and he's acting like that's the first flamboyantly queer person he's ever seen? Wonder what kind of music he listened to.


Is the initial post serious? Like, this new Cruella movie is a laughing stock of stupid screenwriting. I cannot imagine anyone taking it seriously. Her mom is thrown off a cliff by Dalmatians for crying out loud. funniest shit I have ever seen.


>Her mom is thrown off a cliff by Dalmatians for real? now i gotta watch it!


here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCTIRhR\_VDI


I will sound like a boomer now but I think the older Disney movies were better and made more sense wtf even is this scene lol


Watch the film and find out. Many scenes out of context don't make sense.


It really has nothing to do with 101 dalmations i dont understand how it could ruin anything.


The same way anything that "ruins childhoods" like this does. It... doesn't. The only ruined childhoods are those full of abuse. This is an entitlement dog whistle


Im just imagining "You picked the wrong neighborhood to be human lady!" LOL


Why did they feel the need to give her a backstory in an attempt to make her sympathetic just let villains be evil for gods sake


Who the fuck is Omar Navarro? Another failed comedian turned right wing pundit?


There is nothing that makes me happier than LGBT romance in kids shows. The first time I watched Steven Universe I cried because it was the first time I’d seen it, now we’ve got shows like She-Ra and Kipo from Dreamworks and my respect for them as a company has skyrocketed, in Kipo the character actually says he’s ‘gay’, like, it’s not even just in the background, he states it. I wish there had been more of this around when I was a kid, but still, it’s often the closest I get to seeing the sort of relationship I want because I’m ace and in adult media LGBT people are definitely oversexualised (not always, I’m talking generally). It warms my tiny gay ace heart to get this representation at last, but also, Disney are way behind now.


Ffs it wasnt shoved down your throat the character simply existed within the story. Would you prefer a fantasy world where only straight people exist? F**k this is getting old


I mean, Cruella literally wanted to skin puppies to make into a coat but no, apparently a pair of scissors is all it takes to make these freaks go nuts.


Yeah, and as we all remember Cruella Deville was chasing peen all over the place in 101 dalmations, right? and Chip and Dale weren't a couple, sure...also, this dude needs to understand that gay people enjoy Disney as well and that they aren't going anywhere nor should they have to.


Learn Chinese. Buy Chinese version. How dedicated are you to hatred? If not THAT dedicated then stfu and get back in your safe little bigot box.


Ah John Stamos Women want him Men want to be him Also men want him