Take it to a doctor. Cos that looks sick.


This is awesome! I definitely need a Redemptor in my life now


Thanks man!


Looks good brother. All the flames are sick! Keep it up


Thanks man! Appreciate it! I absolutely love your work, and been meaning to ask, what is your secret to your amazing salamanders green on your pieces?


Cheers brother. My usual method isn't quite as over the top. My airbrushing tends to be quite rushed if I took my time and got even coats properly with the airbrush I could skip some of the extra brush steps. Recently I've been using the airbrush work as a map to then go further by glazing on deeper shadows and brighter highlights, usually my method for getting brighter is glaze colour A, glaze A + B 50:50 mix, glaze colour B, glaze B + C 50:50 and so on doing half steps. (Recently I start glazing at warpstone glow as my mid tone, then go through moot green, to yriel yellow on the edges at the end) Air brush: Prime black Base coat vulkan green Heavy zentithal warpstone glow (cover 70-80%) Top down zenithal warpstone/moot green mix 70:30 Brush: Panel line vulkan green/ abbaddon black mix 30:70 can just do black but I prefer a very dark green Edge highlight moot green Just doing the airbrushing right and the basic brush steps will get you a really good result without spending hours on hours. Sorry about the novel haha. I find it hard to be concise with this stuff! Reddit says its your birthday? Or cakeday if thats different? Happy birthday boss! Hope this was at all helpful


Looks great. The flames are fantastic. Jealous of your skill!