You can upgrade it siring and upgrade pedestal (?) and any fire type charge ( also dropped by cinders) You can also add different parts for the handle and crosspiece, and the effects and stats will stack


You need to upgrade it to level 3


Pro tip for lycanite weapons in the early game: Farm tree ents by breaking leaf blocks for sticks Farm until you get the ent arm part Place that into your sword instead of the iron part you have You now have a life steal weapon with infinite durability I used this tactic once to get me all the way to fully enchanted dragon armor and fire dragonbone weapons The lycanite weapons are no joke if you combine them with 2 strength rings




Can you upgrade the crafted iron parts? I usually try to make them out of lycanite parts, there are ones that are base, head, etc. They can be upgrade using an infuser with the proper elements (void, fire, shadow, etc.) You will also need a master equipment forge for level 3 lycanite items.


No, the iron parts cannot be upgraded, at least not in 2.8.2 RLCraft. Idk about 2.9 betas but I haven't heard anything about any changes in that regard.


You can upgrade it with any charge with the element fire (acid splash charges are easily farmable with a xaphan farm) in an Equipment Infuser (basic wooden Equipment Forge surrounded by 8 lapis lazuli in the crafting grid). You need 20 for level 2 and 25 for level 3. It'll add a flamethrower effect with right-click. But it drains your thirst bar fast, so don't spam it. This sword has like built-in Fire Aspect. I like to use it to kill mobs to make them drop meat that's already cooked. It's also great against tarantulas and frostweavers because it can break cobwebs super fast and has AoE mine.