I had the same thing happen to me, I have the hungry farmer ability which makes me automatically eat food in my inventory and I didn’t realize I had picked up some chupacabra meat. Uncooked chupacabra meat gives you fear for 10-20 seconds and it would happen periodically and I was so confused


Yeah the hungry farmer perk sucks most of the time


thank you i never would have guessed it was that and I have never eaten raw chupicabra meat before so I didn't know It gave fear I suppose I will have to always put it in shulkers when I get it then


this has been driving me crazy and I have even done commands like (/effect @ e glowing) so I know it is not caused by invisible reapers or banshees (also I don't hear them either) it has already been the death of me once and I have not got any clue to what else could cause this it have never happened to me while above ground and started when i did my first likanites dungeon in this world it has also never happened in any other world that i have played any info would be helpful I don't want to have to give up on this world