Could this feature work?

Could this feature work?


In theory yes, you just need a 2nd Observer staying static on the floor levels but an actual map like csgo has not ( at least presenting it in the same visual way as csgo )


Couldnt you just give the observer an second rig, since they would just need to place the 2nd Camera once at every round?


Probably not cause there's like 2+ different overlapping floors on Siege maps typically which will make it fairly annoying to work out where people are using a minimap, unless they do what BF3 did back in CQ DLC where they had the different levels show as different colours on the minimap. And on top of that our engine limitations are absurdly restrictive. So it's probably just flat out not possible at the moment.


Maybe having an observer watching each floor and allowing for you to only watch one floor at a time but being able to switch between the feeds when you want with the Twitch command center buttons would work.


Yeah, could only work for LAN though since we can't have multiple spectators on the live build. But it would definitely be nice to see.


No. Game engine shit.


At this point they should just remake siege or do a sequel and give owners of the original a huge discount off


Definitely. Would be amazing.


Too bad that'll never happen lol.


As BK said technically with enough observers you could do it. Extra observers would watch only certain floors from above without moving their cam and you would see their feed as "map layout". We can already have more observers in the LAN build(don't know the limit there though) so they would only need 2-3 extra observer


Online has 1, LAN has 10-20. So you have 1 per player, 1 per floor (currently 2-3) and then the rest for other stuff.


It wouldn't be impossible to do without observers, just difficult. The game obviously has all the data for where all the players are, so plotting them onto a simplified outlline of the map is not difficult at all. The issue is it would mean writing a fair amount of code interfacing with sensitive data e.g. the game has no spectator system at the moment so it would mean either keeping it for lan builds only or putting lots of effort into making sure the data can't be used to cheat