They now believe in time travel and Trump using a Quantum Computer

They now believe in time travel and Trump using a Quantum Computer


40 upvotes, no downvotes on a comment that says Trump has access to time travel...


Haha yep - my former best friend (now Qnut) started talking about Trump and time travel on his facebook a few months ago. I remember thinking "How lame is your own fantasy cult that you can't even time travel, but Trump can". Then former BF tried to appear reasonable after his comment didn't get much traction by uploading a picture of an alleged UFO sighting, writing "I'm sick of seeing people say they have proof of a UFO sighting when it's obviously just a street lamp. How dumb are these people?" (big, long sigh). Yeah. "These people" are the dumb ones. "These people" are the ones seeing things that aren't there. Criticizing people for fake UFO sightings doesn't make a belief in Trump time travelling seem more reasonable by comparison, either.


I wonder how often the poster says,"I know it sounds batshit insane but..."


Many, many times a day I'm sure.


Sadly that lack of introspection is a contributing factor to Dunning Kruger, when you are among the most deluded people in a group you view everyone else as your intellectual inferior. Like objectively terrible drivers who think their insurance hikes and traffic fines are the fault of other drivers whom you tried to avoid.


The funny thing about the conspiracy cruise was that the reporter would talk about people who have a firm belief that lizards run the world but in the same sentence mock flat earth theory.


Yep. It's actually like a collective of Dunning Kruger. A murder of crows; a dunning-kruger of cultists. And you're right - you've used the right word, which is introspection. I was trying to think a way of saying it's not the person's (lack of) intelligence alone, it's the emotional intelligence and situational awareness that also shuts down. An example would be: being able to tell in a room filled with people which person feels most anxious and out of place. Pre-Qult, best friend would have noticed this person immediately and wondered how and why this was the case. Now, he wouldn't notice this person. Noticing what's happening around you is highly important. Like damn, even from a survival point of view, and some of them are self-proclaimed survivalists. The way qultists brag about this lack of awareness is disturbing and it reminds me of other cults or cult-like movements (e.g. the alt right). When you're high on your own ideas and bragging loudly about "Trump JFK Jr 2024!!" you're proudly ignoring your external environment. Maybe you failed to noticed a fight building between two strangers which could move your way. Maybe at home you failed to notice your entire family is leaving you. Maybe you failed to notice the dog is dehydrated because why notice a dog's water bowl when The Latest Big Moment is happening.


I read Qnut as Qunt, and honestly both work


What i hate about the theory is that If trump can time travel, how did he not know he would lose and start investigations earlier. 😂


YEP. So as far as I can tell from their comments on facebook, the general theme is that the nasty liberals are more apt to time travel and slip among dimensions, leaving Trump on the back foot. Which is strange, because they view Trump as being stronger than his perceived enemies. Just not with the power of time and space at his hands, you know? I do remember on their greatawakening message board one Qultist suggesting that Trump should travel back to the election and "grab the votes he needs". In effect they were admitting that he really did lose the election, all the while denying he lost it.


If you take Qnut and take away the U you get Qnt..... Coincidence? No just a harsh word for ladybits.


I feel like they got the wrong message after playing Bioshock Infinite. The racist religious bigots are supposed to be the bad guys and the dimension portal device isn't real.


I imagined so many precocious, yet pretentious, teen boys who think they are the only one in the world who discovered Ayn Rand playing Bioshock and completely missing the message. (Edit: auto correct changed precocious to precious)


It’s only possible in a sense of making a website with the language needed to create that illusion which is no small feat. Like someone finding an “overlooked cache” of Q documents and other things that were somehow “missed” for sometime. They write their own fiction and then believe it. It’s crazy. Like alternate history fiction has become hugely popular in these circles for years but it’s a dangerous thing because it doesn’t take much for people to pass it off as fact running with it. Which is why it’s so easy to profit off them.


I don't see a difference to like, anime and stuff anymore. They write their own fanfic, they do cosplaying - honestly I would applaud the creativity, I might even be intoit, I like alternate history stuff - if they didn't actually believe it and really hurt people because of it.


This keeps me up at night. How the fuck do we get through to people who don’t even have a little toe in reality??


time travel obviously


Fuck. How did I miss that?! CLEARLY not doing my research. 😉


i gotchu


Thanks fam!!


Yeah, these people can’t be helped anymore. This is the self proclaimed critical thinking/doing their research crowd. Believe every kind of bs and don’t Even think about question it in any way.


They are really failing at Occam's Razor


It’s pretty obvious that there’s some sort of vote fudging going on (ironic, given how much they crow about vote fraud). Look at any of their comments sections, and you’ll see literally zero downvotes on practically every single comment.


I'm not sure that indicates vote fudging as much as it does hive mind. And since they are so quick to attack anyone who dares question the Qult, probably anyone who does have doubts just doesn't vote at all.


What u/Junior-Fox-760 said. And it’s only fraud when they think someone else is doing it. When THEY do it, it’s “patriotism.”


Back in the days of TheDonald, they used greasemonkey scripts to upvote every comment on a post in addition to stickying certain posts in order to get them on the front page.


What's this in context to?


I mean context here doesn't really matter at this point... Framing this in some rational context doesn't help the claim at all.....


I'm not sure you could frame this in any sort of rational context.


Oh, trust me. I know it's complete bullshit. Just curious is all. Like what dumb coincidence are they trying to assume Trump [time traveled to figure out?](https://youtu.be/vLZUGz4Hxxg). I mean, these idiots have zero originality. Every dumb thing they say comes from a movie reference or show.


Look, I know this is going to sound batshit insane, but we're all living in a computer simulation. I'm a boring desk jockey by day, but a timid, skillful hacker by night, so I've figured it all out. Call me Neo, by the way. I'm the main character. You will die during our rave party robot attack, but it's okay because I'm basically sunglasses Jesus. B)




Are you a red Swingline? Because I brought that from home.


I'm going to burn the building down.


I'm the gray one. From the 60's.


No. You’re a carrot!


Now there was this one time at Twin Pines mall when I got my AMC Gremlin up to 88 mph and everything went all fuzzy. I woke up in an altered reality where the country was so stupid, they elected shitty actors and failed businessmen as president.


Honestly the whole part about living in a simulation I am on board with at this point especially after the last few weeks


We're in Hell. Sometime during Obama's administration the LHC opened a portal and blasted the planet directly to Hell


I'd believe that also I was mostly talking about how my life seems to be filled with "small world" coincidences constantly


They had it coming. Everybody knows robots hate raves.


They've believed this for years. They think this is how Q predicted everything.


I also took it that Q was just an insider in the white House or Pentagon, not that he was Nostradamus or Marty McFly.


LOL yes exactly, for these people Q morphed over time from an insider with secret clearance to Nostradamus.


Everything that came stunningly true.


Yeah, but all the sci-fi they are inspired by predates this. Just curious of what this dumb statement was about specifically.


>Framing this in some rational context doesn't help the claim at all..... No... but micro-dosing might help.


How else do you think he won? Legitimately without time travel?


Wikileaks releasing the DNC emails but not the RNC emails?


“I know it sounds batshit insane.” …do you tho?


Yeah, but they have circumstantial evidence to prove it, so...


Trump Tower = TT Time travel = TT That’s more than circumstantial, that’s stone cold proof.


Instead of a Delorean they are probably using an Audi TT.


It's just 4Chan now.


Always has been.


If he can use his looking glass to see into the future, why didn’t he lock down the nation before Covid could come in? Why didn’t he foresee his election loss and campaign harder in Arizona, Pennsylvania and elsewhere? If Trump losing bigly over and over again is part of The Plan™ then this is truly the dumbest movie ever.




They saw 14,000,604 other realities and this is the only way it works.


(snort) you beat me to it. :D


I feel I should know what that number refers to.


Avengers: Infinity war, [said by Dr Stange](https://youtu.be/Jo_TDvQ9Qyg)


The same mentality brain dead christians use. Fat, ugly, no boyfriend, it is god's plan. Kid with cancer, it is god's plan. No job, stupid, and uneducated, also god's plan.


Bird shit on your head? Believe it or not, also god’s plan.


No, THE DEVIL is responsible for birds, duh!


"Prince of the power of the air" according to the Bible, so yeah, it's the devil's bird pooping on your head. Edit: spell check. The devil is also in charge of autocorrect.


All us Q’s know *birds aren’t real*, so that totally checks out! /s


It’s 98-D chess!


I was going to make some pun about the boy band, but I legit couldn’t think of the name of a single song they did, and when I googled their top hits I don’t remember any of them.


There was actually a brilliant explanation offered for the election loss, which was widespread in Q circles during the first few months after the elections. For some reason, you don't see it around much anymore. Losing the elections was part of a carefully planned sting operation. Trump and the White Hats did of course foresee that the Deep State would once again, as they had in 2016, commit fraud on a massive scale to steal the election from him. Therefore, they were allowed to go ahead with it, so incontrovertible evidence of it all could be gathered. (According to some sources, the Space Force played a crucial role in this, as they were tracking the quantum watermarks embedded in each and every ballot from their space fleet -- why else do you think Trump create the Space Force?) The culmination of this cunning plan was allowing the fraudulent inauguration of pseudo-president Biden to go ahead. In doing that, the Deep State sealed their fate, their crimes could not get any more serious, and Trump could order all of them to be executed for treason (you know what a stickler Trump is for having everything happen in a completely legal way). So just you wait and see: any day now, Trump will strike, the Emergency Broadcast System will be activated, all the Deep State crimes will be revealed, the real election results will be released (a Trump landslide in all 50 states), the Ten Days of Darkness will start, yadda yadda yadda...


But you yada yada'ed over the best part! But yeah, pretty much. In the immediate panic after Biden was sworn in, my favorite excuse was that Trump *had* to let Biden get sworn in to get the full penalties for fraud. They compared it to shoplifting where you catch someone slipping a wine bottle into their coat, but let them exit the store before grabbing them so they can’t pretend they were on their way to the cash register.


gotta relate it to a crime they’re all intimately familiar with


I remember this one, the problem was that the Kraken lawsuits were supposed to be the endgame and well, we know how that turned out.


the Sydney Powell arc was okay but it did feel like the writers just running out of ideas. glad they got rid of her character.


You don’t see that theory around much anymore because too much time has passed


Wow. I’m an executive in Hollywood. Please DM me if you ever start screenwriting (I know it’s not your concept, just you retelling of existing opinions). That’s…beyond insane.


Bruh, if all you need to make a movie is reformatted q-pilled conspiracy theories, let me tell you an infinite combination of incredibly stupid stories. I'm a psychologist who's treated people leaving cults and I research radicalization. I'd been following Qanon (and its pizzagate and less-successful-anon predecessors) as a hobby for years before I saw it actually influencing my clients. One of the interesting features of Qanon is its relationship to the internet: though the internet can be a force multiplier for any conspiracy theory, part of Qanon's impact seems to be the way it functions like a meta-conspiracy-theory. The foundational ideas are so vacuous—q-posts developed into little more than slow-motion fortune telling—that followers projected whatever nonsensical interpretations they wanted onto them. While the rotating cast of Qs were posting, it developed like an improv gam of "yes and" with other channers. But because the posts were so unsatisfying since nothing ever actually happened, followers needed some arc of tension and resolution, so they started plugging other conspiracy theories into it: aliens, cloned body doubles, time travel, JFK Jr's Second Coming (not even kidding), racism, so much recycled racism—anything could fit if it felt right to you. Not everyone agreed on each addition, so schisms formed, but the internet is so balkanized with customized search results and news feeds that it doesn't matter—you can easily avoid being confronted by conspiracies you reject if you want to. Second-tier Q-influencers have tried to police which conspiracies are acceptable or not—the "community" is quite quite split on whether JFK Jr. has actually returned to be Trump's running mate in 2024—controlling the content of this brainworm is far beyond these buffoons' influence. Recycling conspiracy tropes isn't unique to Qanon—it's a feature of a lot conspiracies. But its notable in the way its flexibility, the current political environment, and social media, among other factors, have interacted to give people across a wide swath of cultures a means to self-radicalize. With utter bullshit. In broad daylight. Where other people can hear you.


>it developed like an improv game of "yes and" with other channels The pyramid of prophets is really one of the most interesting things about Qanon. It's actually impressive how diverse the cosmological systems became while still claiming allegiance to the same flag. There are sections of Q with an essentially materialist worldview (Q is gov insider, the Plan is complex political manuevering) and sections full-on mystery cult (Q is a clairvoyant, the Plan is worldwide spiritual awakening/ascension) and despite total and fundamental differences in ideology both sides of the spectrum and everything between largely coexist.


Are you aware that the recent recount by cyber ninjas or whatever literally were looking at ballots with blacklights and other light waves (they purposely kept their methods secret) looking for secret Chinese watermarks or a suspicious lack of secret Blockchain qr watermarks? All because there's two dumb shit competing theories that Trump secretly put Blockchain watermarks so the fake ballot casters would be caught red handed, and that Biden paid china to import fake ballots with Blockchain on it to determine the price he'd pay to china. Additionally I've heard from wack jobs that actually Trump is president now, and the reason why it's not obvious is because there's actually potentially 3 Biden body doubles. One is a clone, one is a trump sympathetic general who underwent plastic surgery, and lastly the 3rd is Jim Carrey. ([source of where this theory is getting pushed)](https://projectcamelotportal.com/)


Why do he think that hurricane would hit Alabama?


It was until he secretly launched nukes at it which caused it to deviate from it's path.


They think he did win, the deep state just cheated, and that covid isn't real.


A few bicep curls might have helped him pick up a glass of water with 1 hand, or worn shoes with some grip for the ramp of doom, or not talking about injecting bleach, or .... I kinda don't think he has a time machine.


It’s part of the plan, man


G̶o̶d̶ Trump works in mysterious ways.


The looking glass would by his own definition only show the recent past


The same people who think Trump has ***access to time travel*** refuse to believe that covid is an actual disease.


They also believe that Trump has access to ultra-high-tech "med beds" that can cure any illness or disease, and that the "cabal" has access to cloning technology that can quickly and seamlessly duplicate real people. . . .it's just layers and layers of batshit crazy. Whatever they can't explain by other means, they explain by wondrous science-fiction technology.


I have heard the med bed thing from my Q mom, and she had mentioned Nichola Tesla a few times regarding his technology but I’ve never continued the convo to find out what she’s talking about. Is this what they are believing?


Yeah, the med beds thing is from the movie Elysium. Which was kind of an okay movie, like something to watch if it's on TV on a Saturday afternoon. Interestingly, though, the main character is fighting to bring what is *essentially* universal healthcare and economic equality to a highly stratified society. Y'know, the same shit the right calls communism. Oops!


I mean lots of science fiction has 'med beds' it's kinda a staple of the genre. At the very least I can think of stargate doing it like 20 years before elysium, but I really doubt that was the first, and I know there are other examples that aren't coming to me.


Larry Niven had them in his Known Space series of novels and stories from the 1960s and 70s. He called them “autodocs.” Edit: Known Universe to Known Space


Oh, for sure. I'd bet money that something like this shows up in the original Twilight Zone series, too. Edit: I know the *term* "med beds" is straight from Elysium, though I'm not sure if it shows up in prior sci-fi properties as well. Edit edit: I'm wrong, it was "med bay."


This particular theory is probably old news to most people in here, but the first Q person I ever met told me that Oprah Winfrey was a transgender clone. I said to him, in an attempt to debunk the idea, "How the fuck can they make human clones?" and his response was, "It's astonishing, isn't it?" That was probably the most normal conversation I had with that guy. Later on he offered to cut my head off.


Don't leave us hanging! Did you take him up on his offer? (Because I assume he has the same commitment to deadlines and follow through as Q himself.)


It's turtles all the way down


Or in Tesla's case, pigeons all the way down


[I like turtles](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMNry4PE93Y&ab_channel=CaptJax458)


Someone on another post (on this sub?) compared it to early religions that created various mythological stories to explain things beyond their comprehension or knowledge. So yeah, they're too stupid/willfully ignorant to even want to know the truth so they legit fashion new mythologies to make sense of it all. The question is if they truly view them as real, factual explanations, or if they seem them as symbolic folklore they really are.


I wish I could be this delusional. Seems kind of fun.


How long before someone starts claiming that John Titor was Donald Trump? Should one of us start floating the idea?


John Titor was only a few elections off with his civil war shit lol


Johnald Trump! Checkmate, libtards!


I'm pretty sure they've already claimed that. I could have sworn I saw a post on here about it.


I’ve never even heard of John Titor. Interesting rabbit hole. This vague claim grift has been around since the internet started haha.


Yeah he was met with mostly incredulity back in 2002/3 but then again, your aunt and my mom weren’t on the internet back so I bet he’d have a huge following today.


I would like Trump to explain just once what quantum computing is in one coherent statement. There is no way he knows what it is and can articulate it. Hell there’s no way these people know what it is.


I would like Trump to explain just once how a hamberder is made in one coherent statement.


I feel like this is more achievable but still something he’d fail at miserably


He’ll get to it soon, he’s busy right now studying the dreaded Windmill Cancer.


We didn’t listen!


Its ok. They'll know what it is in the future. 🙄


This means Trump knew in advance that he'd be the only president in U.S. history to be impeached TWICE! No wonder he was always so bitter.


Trump was always bitter because his time technology told him he’d never get to marry Ivanka.


Copium intensifies


That last explanation is so dumb it’s brilliant


It's *technically* possible to travel into someone else's future by traveling at near light speeds or hanging out in an area of very intense gravity (like a black hole), but... "the center of the earth" isn't enough gravity to do the trick; near light speed travel is a practical impossibility; there are complications when you have to slow down, stop, and then turn around; and as we've seen, Trump struggles to close an umbrella.


Oh please you just need a sphere of gravity dense enough to bend time and also portable and also has no effect on the user or their surroundings and then travel at light speed with it!!! It's so easy!!! /s


I mean, some Qbots ARE pretty dense.


You just need a Multi-Phase Quantum Regulator. Source: ~~Military~~ Rick & Morty


You beat me to it!


It’s like...they seem to understand that this time travel...thing...would have to be incredibly massive. More massive than the earth itself, since we can’t time travel *using* the earth. Do they understand it would destroy everything around it? They get that mass = gravity it seems, so how do they not understand that this hypothetical time travel apparatus would devastate everything around it? *Where would they keep it?* Where in the shit would you keep something that massively dense and destructive on earth? Every single thing near it would start crumpling and get crushed into it. And I’m sorry, they think you can, like...*go inside it?* and LIVE?


the center of the earth thing actually isn't related to gravity, they just have a tenuous understanding of the theory of relativity. the theory is that due to the massive size of the earth, time moves differently in the center of the earth compared to the surface (which I think might be true?) and they extrapolate that into saying it's plausible there's some secret deep deep underground time travel facility


The center of the earth "thing" is related to gravity, right? Time dilation in the center of the earth is real but very very small. According to this chart ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational\_time\_dilation#/media/File:Orbit\_times.svg](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_time_dilation#/media/File:Orbit_times.svg)), in the center of the earth, for every second on the surface, time would move slower by about 350 picoseconds. So how long would you have to spend in the center of the earth for this difference to be 1 hour? About 326,000 years. No problem if you could survive about 11,000F (similar to the surface of the sun). Now that doesn't mean you could see into the future. Time is relative so if you were in the center of the earth, your clock would move more slowly than on the surface. If you had a lens to the surface, you would see things moving ever so slightly quicker and they would see you moving slower. For an astronaut in outer space, time would move ever so slightly quicker. Everybody is moving forward in time at their own rate. It's hard for me to describe this, but of course, they cannot make a magic looking glass with gravity. When you move from the center of the Earth back to the surface after 326,000 years, you aged 1 hour less than everybody else. I think my math is right. I used this site to convert 1 hour to picoseconds: [http://www.kylesconverter.com/time/hours-to-picoseconds](http://www.kylesconverter.com/time/hours-to-picoseconds). Divide that by 350 to figure out how many seconds need to pass to achieve that: 10,285,714,285,714. Remove the commas and put that number here to get years: [https://www.inchcalculator.com/convert/second-to-year](https://www.inchcalculator.com/convert/second-to-year).


yeah but that's just due to time dilation, not *actual* time travel. or I guess what I would think of as actual time travel lol. still a good point tho


They stayed awake through part of Interstellar and think they now understand relativity at Einstein's level.


Traveling forward in time is easy, just get close to a black hole and wait. It’s GETTING BACK that’s hard!


Motherfuckers never got high and thought about the fact everyone travels forward in time, but no one can travel back in time. Or they could have just interpreted the bullshit “future proves past” as, “we will be proved right in the future.” Not everything is a fucking puzzle, asking questions doesn’t make you smart, and you’re not as intelligent as you think you are.


Oh no. They do not get to appropriate Tesla.


Tesla was already bad. ​ Edit: ohh I thought you were talking about the cars. My bad.


It was bad enough that Musk is using Tesla's name. But this is so much worse.


He isn’t even a founder of Tesla. He was an early investor. He had to actually sue for the right to be called a “founder.”


The man can't even speak coherently but they think he can time travel. Checks out


He says that the noise from windmills causes cancer, but he understands quantum computing and time travel. Lol.


His hairstyle is actually quantum mechanics messaging. All this time the world underestimated him and thought it was just a bad combover.


"I know it sounds batshit crazy, but that's because it's batshit crazy!" - True Believer.


MAGA Jan 6th insurrectionist: I'm not racist but......


Time travel and quantum computing…with some Uncle John and Nikolai Tesla thrown in. Ok. Is this like the “jump the shark” moment on Happy Days? When Fonzie literally jumped a shark whilst waterskiing, and then the show’s ratings tanked and subsequently went off the air? Please let this craziness be the shark moment.


The Qult has been talking about this for years, and it hasn’t thrown them yet.


*Happy Days* went on for another 7 seasons. It was the #1 show for many of them. *Happy Days* hadn't jumped the shark.


Happy Days also produced 5+ spinoff shows, some of which were pretty huge in their own right (mainly Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy).


People have lost track of what “jump the shark“ means. It originally meant *the point at which a show lost focus from its original formula and went off the rails* which often coincided with the writing getting worse and more ridiculous. It has nothing to do with success or failure; just quality. After the Fonz jumped the shark, the show got more and more ridiculous and cartoonish. It ceased being a simple late-50’s nostalgia show and became a wacky fantasy comedy starring 1950s-styled characters. A more modern example is *Game of Thrones*. It jumped the shark when they ran out of book material to transform into screenplays. It lost focus from the show’s original formula and became something else. But it didn’t fail as a show. It was still wildly popular. It was just no longer the same show it was when it debuted.


Oh no, it stayed popular for quite a while after that.


Their stories should incorporate sunglasses that can see the deep state and kung fu fighting liberal computer programs in a computer simulated reality


They need to run Ted McGinley for President first.


How do you predict events with 100% accuracy? You can't. Even with a quantum computer. What a childish, purely fictional thing to say.


Wouldn’t this in some way violate the halting problem?


Harry Seldon has joined the chat.


My Q BIL mentioned that we might be living in a quantum computer a few months ago. He must be really close to Q lol.


Digital Physics was some wild shit before it was largely disproven/discarded. If you go to wikipedia and pull up some of the older entries (circa 2017-2018) there's some pretty out there concepts involved.


Who knew seeing into the future just took a mirror at the center of the earth.


Like 14 year olds just reimagining the world.


The sky's the limit when the entirety of your belief system has no basis in reality. In Q world the only requirement is maintaining the narrative. Reality doesn't matter.


It’s easier for their minds to pretend Trump and his team have a time travel device (and won’t use it for betting purposes) than it is that they’ve been conned


Trump doesn't even know how to use a handheld calculator for anything other than writing BOOBIES upside down, but yeah he totally invented time travel.


> well, if there's one thing I've learned in life, anything's possible Like Trump losing 2020 to Biden?


This is why we need universal education smh


And universal mental health


These are just Mr Robot fan theories at this point.


Paging John Titor! How come you didn’t warn us about your fellow time traveler, the orange Antichrist, the Cheeto Jesus for the racist and ignorant? Lols. Once again, every QNutter needs to double their dose of anti-psychotic medication.


John Titor being more recently known under the name John McAfee. Source: an absolutely brilliant (and absolutely seriously meant) podcast called [The Quantum Shift](http://www.kcorradio.com/Library/archive/the-quantum-shift/2021/october/october-5-2021.mp3).


Yeah, the time travel thing's been around for a few years, now. Trump's uncle and the Barron Trump book from the 1800s had them convinced back in 2018 that he was a time traveler.


The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.


I like how the *street smarts* crowd are now experts on ***Time Travel!***


All I gotta say is 1.21 gigawatts


If Trump can time travel, why is he so bad at business?


Trolls have to stop putting this shit out there. Trolls think it's funny to put shit out there and see what idiot thinks it's gospel. In truth, all they've done is give these idiots another layer of misinformation to dig into. If these idiots didn't have shit like this to believe they'd be closer to the truth. They might not be so damn hopeless. They might not die. Sad truth is that trolls have indirectly cost people their lives for a fucking joke. All for a snort and a chuckle safely from behind a screen.


hard to say if it's a troll since project looking glass has been a thing in conspiracy circles for such a long time and people do take it seriously, it's so easy to just recycle all the hits with Trump mixed in anyone could do it


So many posts here are obviously trolls. Trolls pick things that have just enough familiar talking points and exaggerate them even further. These people are confused my their political and religious figures already. They don't need more wrong information. If just one person believes some stupid fake Shit and didn't get their vaccine that could literally end their lives or the lives of innocent people they come across then trolls are partially responsible. Trolls play a part in that for providing misinformation. People need to be better.


This isn't new. I've been hearing it for years.


Trump can barely get a "hamberder" down his pie hole much less use a Quantum Computer whatever that is. Orange dear leader's tech skills started and stopped with shit posting on twitter! Edit: Quantum computers are machines that use the properties of quantum physics to store data and perform computations. ... In a quantum computer, the basic unit of memory is a quantum bit or qubit. Qubits are made using physical systems, such as the spin of an electron or the orientation of a photon. Yeah orange MAGA monster is gonna be running that LOL!


But, “Barron is good with the cyber.”


rump's uncle John...had Tesla's time travel notes. 0\_0 Their fanfic gets weirder by the day, and worse written.


that detail definitely feels like a plot point on doctor who


These people have no idea how general relativity works at all, their whole "understanding" seems to come from sci fi movies...


If Trump could time travel why not go back to 2020 and prevent the democrats from stealing the election then instead of forcing his big lie down our throats?


We really need some Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter style movies of Trump


Not gonna’ lie, I love that movie.


No, please. Americans already believe enough dumb bullshit.


Considering how religious based a lot of this bullshit is, I just reeeeeaally want to see how far they take this false idol worship lol.


Of course they do. This is the ONLY way to justify continuing to back this dog shit


[the computer he used](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPzJjNQaYEA&t=202s)


I.. there’s no hope for humanity.


Fuck, people!! Get off the internet 🙄!!!!!


The proof is in the covfefe.


Pretty bad when someone that goes by HairyWBush is the most sensical in the conversation


q obviously stands for quantum mechanics. how did we not see


Yah ya know when my great great grandfather rifled through some Tesla papers I totally inherited that knowledge, yah... cuz thats how DNA works.


The fucking idiot doesn’t even use email or text, but is somehow using a quantum computer? These fucking people are so dumb.


This theory has been around since at least late 2020, possibly as early as 2017 in a limited capacity. The one grain of truth to it is that Trump did have a scientist uncle that reviewed some of Tesla's old papers, but he didn't find anything like time travel. The real impetuous however was a late 19th century children's book some Qanon bakers found called *Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey*. It's just a typical adventure boy book such as the likes of Tintin or the Hardy Boys. But Q types ran with it because this character out of millions of fictional characters happened to have a name similar to the name Trump's grandfather chose and the name Trump picked for a pseudonym.


I use remote viewer to access my computer at home, from work. I might be using it wrong but how do I access the "see into the future" tab? I can only see whats going on now and it's a bit laggy.


Project Looking Glass is unironically a sick name


At this point it isn't funny anymore. I feel like these people need help asap. They're seriously fucked in the head.


These idiots have turned into the basement scenes of *That 70's Show*. It's a car that runs on water, man.


Now believe? Where have you been the last few years?


Of course they do. They also believe in shit like: they won the election and that the my pillow is comfortable.


Trump couldn’t even use a von Neumann computer.


"Well Trump brought his DINOSAUR! Who EATS forcefield dogs!"


This isn't new. They've believed this for years. They think that's how Q could know everything.


“I know it sounds batshit insane but the circumstantial evidence is insane.” Am I the only one sensing a theme within this one sentence?