Something familiar about this writing style...can’t quite put my finger on it

Something familiar about this writing style...can’t quite put my finger on it


Weird how their method of sharing secret insider info is the same method pedos use to trade underage porn.


I immediately thought of the sex pest josh Duggar. Edited to add: I know he’s more than that, it’s been a common nickname for him for years. He’s absolutely a disgusting pedophile piece of trash who will never learn and is constantly protected by his idiotic father.


Dude he's not a sex pest he's a pedophile who was caught in possession of violent child porn involving toddlers.


Oh I know sorry. It’s mostly just what he was called prior to that and it’s stuck in my head. He’s an absolute vile piece of shit.


He ran a website with underage porn on it. I don't understand why Q people follow him, he ran a website with underage porn on it.


Because projection is one of the major fuels of the movement.


Before the Qanon sub was banned here the mods repeatedly pleaded with the sub to stop openly discussing exchanging child porn.


Let’s stop calling it porn and start calling it what it is. Child sex abuse materials.


To anyone who’s ever downloaded well anything “illegally”. It’s a method to share things in a peer to peer format that may be copyrighted. Such as textbooks, books, music, tv shows, movies, etc. Jumping straight to pedos because of peer to peer sharing makes you sound like them. Don’t be like that.


They're talking about Telegram where Ron posts


8kun was born out of the mods getting mad at moot for banning CP.


"I'm too stupid and/or crazy to coherently connect these dots. So here they are. You do it."


What is mass delusion and conspiracy grifting? How can bad actors easily fabricate information to mislead gullible people? How can one verify if a news/information source is trustworthy? Please help each other learn.


It's so clear to me now. I must stop the deep state from convincing the sheep that peanut butter is real. All hail Donald Trump, Charlie Manson, and the Mothman--the only TRUE PATRIOTS willing to stand up to whoever is against the stuff we like at this point in time!


It's so obvious once you know to look for it. It's so clearly Ron's writing


Is he trying to get people to torrent his nonsense video that gives you a weird virus when you download it?


Ohhh…this is just so pathetic Ron


Ron, Aka CodemonkeyQ




It’s so obvious it’s him.


Can someone explain who tf Ron is?


Some time around Trump's ascent to fascist sainthood, someone on the site 4Chan started roleplaying from an account referring to themselves as "Q" and pretending to have insider government information about how all of the Democrats are cannibal Satanists (Google "blood libel" for the older origin of that idiocy). 4Chan eventually started removing some of the far-right's nazism and pedophilia/child pornography from the site, which prompted "Q" and many of the "Conservatives"/nazis to jump ship over to a new haven for CP/nazism, 8Chan/8kun. During the move from 4Chan to 8Chan/8kun, the "Q" account was hijacked by one of the people running the new pedophile/nazi site, Jim Watkins and his son Ron. They started using the "Q" persona to further troll the right wing followers, adding some more flavor to the posts, like random things about the Watkins' personal interests in yoga and fountain pens.


What a story lmao, thanks mate! It’s fun how these kind of people tell you to “think for yourself sheeple” when they’re the ones that fall for this rubbish


Not just that, but their motto "*Where we go one, we go all*" is literally how [sheep behave](https://media.giphy.com/media/GxNVYX7tDO7CM/giphy.mp4).


[Ron Watkins](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Watkins) HBO did a doc searching for Q and concluded that he (with his dad) is Q


Is this whole thing because Ron Watikins wants people to seed more?


*to seed people, more.


ron got tired of not getting credit for Qanon, so now he's just going fully mask off huh?


ron wants credit for qanon, ron also doesn't want to get pimp smacked by the long arm of consequences-of-his-actions he went laying low after jan 6th, now he thinks he's in the clear because nobody's come a knocking. guess we'll see.


I suffer from big dummy syndrome, whats going on?


Ron Watkins (aka CodeMonkey) misses the glorious days of posting as Q, so he is trying recreate that feeling of being an omniscient,. mythical creature, worshipped by the masses. Oh and he thinks he's a security expert and tech guru.


>What is a seedbox? That's where them clones come from right?


2015 called and they want their VPNs back


I also think he is affiliated with the John McAfee Telegram, written in the similar style