TIL that the average person wearing a Q shirt doesn't know the difference between the White House and the Capitol.

TIL that the average person wearing a Q shirt doesn't know the difference between the White House and the Capitol.


That's the guy that chased the cop lookin' all crazy. edit- And got played by him, mind you.


Don't forget he had a knife.


All cops should have trigger discipline like Sgt. Goodman. This ignorant ass motherfucker is lucky to be alive. I'm sick of hearing from people that their intellectual laziness prevents them from comprehending how our government functions.


I know the cop did an amazing job, but he couldn’t have been in a better position to Sparta kick that moron down the stairs, and I swear I’d watch that more than porn


I just woke my dog up laughing at this.


Thanks for the laugh! I would've watched it over and over also...that cop needed Eddie Murphys character from Trading Places: 'Officer, may I suggest the use of your nightstick?' ....or something like that!


You hit the nail right on the head. This is precisely one of my biggest problems with these people as well. These are the same people that call themselves “Patriots” and yet ROUTINELY display absolute ignorance of how our government works and what our stated values and principles actually look like in the real world. They routinely erroneously bring up “mUh FrEeDoM oF sPeEcH” in contexts where it doesn’t apply. They routinely call for people accused of crimes to be killed extrajudiciously, without due process. Those are just two obvious inconsistencies that come to mind and yet they harp on and on about their love of the constitution. When it’s all said and done, they’re truly just dumb fucking people and that’s why platitudes and superficial bullshit passes for patriotism for them.


I’m australian and I still probably know more about the US system of government and politics than about 80% of the 6/1 qult crowd. Like the average Australian high schooler could probably tell the difference between the White House and the capitol, and we’re not even in the same hemisphere, let alone touching it lmao


Lmao it’s truly pathetic of them to be honest.


You mean like that guy who took out full page adds for the 'Central Park Five' to be executed? All of whom were later found innocent?


None of the restraint showed that day was evenly remotely deserved. I would have been fine with a Tiananmen moment for those bastards


Not only is it *not* the White House, but touching the Capitol building isn't hard to do or illegal -so long as you're not trying to stop the Democratic process.


Unfortunately for this guy's criminal record, that's the only reason he was at the building.


He’s going to get really familiar with the feel of concrete an arms length away at all times, pretty soon.


Nope released because according to his lawyer he was too stupid to understand what was going on. The lawyer said his client only had a grade school understanding of government. Its weird how for some people ignorance of the law is an excuse but for others it isn't.


White supremacists are everywhere.


In isolation, it’s kind of cool touching the capital building and taking it in. It’s obvious that he didn’t have that intent or reverence between not even knowing what the iconic White House looks like and the insurrection. I think it’s much in line with the same people that promote the Bible without knowing anything about what’s in the contents. It’s all about attaching their feelings to an identity.


Hell, I've **sat on it**, more than once. Generally speaking, most of these buildings are not hard to get to or get at -- just hard to get **in**.


Even if he had got it right, how stupid. “Look at me! I’m touching a building.” I’ve seen a few Qcumbers say the White House was stormed on January 6.


Last week some dingus tried to convince r/politics that people breached the White House because AOC and Pelosi made people hate Trump so much. Of course, when asked "when was the White House breached?" they never answered.


r/pOliTiCs iS a LiBeRaL cEsSpOoL


You have to remember that the White House and other stupid monuments (e.g., civil war statues) hold some backward, animistic, totem-like spiritual meaning to the conservative and the Qcumber.


You probably won't care about this comment, but I'm Ojibwe which is the tribe that the word totem comes from, and seeing our religion (which is categorized as animism) and our culture called "backwards" always sucks. Totems are our family clans, kind of like European family crests but also spiritual. We're really not insane like conservatives/the Q cult.


My intention was to say that believing the White House and other American/Confederate monuments having that type of spiritual significance/power/mana is backwards, not that animism in itself is and I could have been more clear in this. I'm sorry.


I read that only 5% of the insurrectionists even voted. They aren't protesting specific grievances, just a nebulous anger and resentment toward those who are different and scare them.


Well for months they were bombarded with LEGITIMATE INSIDE INFORMATION that the election would be rigged and no matter what they did Biden (Chinese name Jing BingDing) would win. I’m honestly not even surprised by that statistic.


I genuinely don't know if you're being sarcastic. If not, I'd like to know more about this Jing BingDing because that's hilarious.


They could drag their corpses to attempt a coup, but not to the voting booth? Fuck.


Wuuuuut...smh... https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/01/us/capitol-rioters-non-voters-invs/index.html


“She said he had become increasingly angry during the Obama administration” I wonder if that is because he didn’t like Obama’s moderate right of center policies... or is it a problem of a different COLOR I can’t quite put my finger on?


You can’t really walk up to the White House like you can the Capitol, to be fair. I would be excited if I got to touch the White House.


Exception made for the [Hajis who get close enough to touch the Black Stone](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWyPtAU2U2o). Those guys put in the work and get the reward.


Kissing the Blarney Stone is a thing. IIRC there's a statute in Italy where the patina has worn off a toe because people are constantly touching it, and that's the only spot they can reach. Not to mention all the people having pictures taken of them holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I like to touch monuments, if appropriate. It is another sense. Last time I was in Washington, I touched the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.


There's a couple different statues around the world with their trouser snake's patina worn off too :)


Also a boob on the statue of Juliet in Verona. And any cardboard cutout of trump that MTG may come across.


The shiniest part of any nude male statue is inevitably the penis.


Wow I hate being squished by crowds. I was cheering for the woman in the white hijab to get there, she was going against the stream- I think the women with the hijab with the red design did it and I think the white hijab got close but didn't case she didn't look as happy (at 1m 22s)- maybe she got it with the tip of her fingers I'm not sure. What a sport. :) What happens at prayer time there?


I'm not Muslim but I'm fascinated by the logistics of Mecca. There have been crushes of people that resulted in loss of life over the centuries, but it's incredible they can get 2.5 million people to perform the same rituals over the same period of time and generally get everyone in and out safely.


How are people this stupid?


Years of doing their own research.


Best summary I have seen that gets to the core of the issue.


Not just the research on its own, of course - the self-aggrandization for simply "doing your own research" is a part of it too.


They researched their way into a lobotomy


"research" Gotta have the quotation marks around it, lest they confuse their circle jerking with actual study and research.


Years of ~~doing their own research.~~ conservative propaganda being pushed as a result of a 50 year old class war from billionaires.


I did my research!! Hannity and Carlson both said the same thing!!! How much more research do you want??




Unbelievable. I never knew stupidity was grounds for pre trial release


Only if you are white.


and a MAGAt.


Yep that's the key word. Otherwise Texas would execute you in a heartbeat, kinda their state moto.


He’s fucking MARRIED?! Probably has kids… Jesus effing C.


It's very frustrating as a single person, who is responsibly waiting (and wanting) to have kids, only to see people like him married with children. It may never happen for me. But for most Qtips? No problem.


This is the whole basis for how the US gets so stupid in Idiocracy


Dude could probably pierce a nut and still reproduce and ride jet skis.


Yep, they breed like rats. No stress.


That is because you are giving it thought and waiting until the time is right. In my experience people like this either have accidental pregnancies and just roll with it, or purposely decide to have children without really considering or understanding the gravity of that decision.


Look at it this way: would you want to be married to the kind of person who would marry and stay with a Qanon believer? They probably find spouses of similarly low intellect and empathy. I hope you find a good match, but I would even prefer staying single the rest of my life over being married to a Qanon believer. I married an idiot in a shotgun wedding when I was young and our kid is about ready to go no contact with him because he is into ridiculous conspiracy theories. It is worth waiting for someone better to not put a kid through that.


I feel you. I am fairly positive there is no hope for me now getting nearer to my mid-thirties.


Mid thirties is still pretty young.


Not when you tick all the Reddit stereotypes and a normal life starts looking more and more out of reach.


We r good, bro


It's never too late to make your life into the one you want.


Amazing advice. I'm sure they never even thought to do that!


Sometimes people already know what they need to know, and just need some encouragement. If that's a foreign concept to you, go ahead and keep being a bitter person making even LESS useful comments on the internet.


Don't give up. Life happens but just when you lease expect it, you find.


When you're standards are incredibly low, the pool of available potential SOs is much larger and a lot of them are far easier to catch.


It's going to happen and that day will be glorious. You're going to be teaching your child/children to be bright, fruitful humans. 💖


I mean, if his wife was dumb enough to marry him would you really want her? I'd rather be single.


Reminds me of Idiocracy


Watch the opening to Idiocracy. Seems more like a documentary at this point.


An *optimistic* documentary.


Have you seen the documentary *Idiocracy*?


And I bet his wife homeschools the kids. Because you know, education.


Kind of ironic isn't it? A walking advert for eugenics hanging around with Nazis?


Same thoughts.


To me that seems even worse or at least equally terrible. The guy was behaving like this while he wholeheartedly believed he was at the White House, the *personal* *home of the president*.


This also implies he doesn't know that the President lives at the White House, as he wouldn't be storming Trump's house, would he? But who knows, this level of stupidity is really off the charts.


>Judge Kelly cited Jensen’s lack of a grade-school level understanding of the U.S. government in his decision to release Jensen. What the fuck?!? I'm sure judges give black people that same benefit of the doubt all of the time, right?


lol what a fucking way to be released "The defendant is a mouth-breathing idiot who barely has the capacity to read. I don't think they're a flight risk. Hell, I'm surprised they even know how to drive."


Cool, stupidity is now grounds for mitigating your incarceration


Don't worry. If precedents hold, it only works for white people.


Oh... So it would have been better if he had stormed the white house? What a fucking stupid defense and what a fucking stupid decision to release him because he thought he was storming the wrong government building.


What happened to "ignorance of the law is no excuse?"


The man can be (and is) a danger to the public, grade school level understanding or not! Wtf??


Probably faking it.


Nah, he probably really is that fucking dumb.


What does that have to do with active participation in a violent treasonous act against sitting members of Congress?


Ignorance of the law isn't an excuse, but utter ignorance of the US government is?




Remember your classmates that were just too cool for school, the classmates that spent all day spazzing out, the classmates spending all day angry and trying to bully other kids, the classmates that spent all class digging in their nose for that nugget of slimy green gold, the classmates that were captain of the sportsball team but the most interesting thing that ever came out of his mouth was burping a song and everyone pretending he was so cool? Yeah, all those people vote, religiously, for Republicans because churches and televisions tell them really scary things about really scary looking people and that's all the world is, so they need someone big and strong and tough instead of small and smart (aka nerdy) and thoughtful to protect them from all those bad things and bad people, and if they don't vote for the big strong tough people God will send them all to Hell. Oh and none of them have read a book since their senior year in high school, and they probably didn't even read those books either, instead opting to buy the Cliff's Note at the dumdum store. I live in Hell. It's a scenic little town of ~3000 people deep in the heart of Trump country. Here people only talk about three things. First is the weather, which is actually a blessing when these people can't carry a conversation about anything else but temperature, humidity, wind, and rain. Second is other people which in the pre-Trump world was my nightmare scenario whenever I stepped outside of my home. Nonstop gossip and talking shit, which of course they would turn around and talk about me as soon as I was out of ear shot but that's fine since nobody here really knows much about me. The third thing they talk about is "politics" which is really just a combination of regurgitating whatever was on Fox News last night or whatever other whackadoodle shit they watch now, and greasy disgusting Trump idolatry. These people truly believe God sent him to save America. It's so bad that if Trump made a video saying Jesus talked to him last night and Jesus wants them to kill everyone they *suspect* is a Liberal, I know for a fact I wouldn't see the next sunrise. It wouldn't be all of them, some would be all "WTF? I think he's gone too far this time. Anyway I better make some sandwiches for the roving death squads, they have a long night of knives ahead of them." But there'd be enough to form several death squads. My only hope is they'd gather at the town square then with all those scary shadows cast by the streetlights and everyone armed to the teeth with their Freedom^tm machines like Chinese SKS and Soviet Bloc AK47s, they'd start to suspect each other of being SocialistNaziCommie spies and all die or get wounded in a death squad shootout. Don't believe me? Think I'm just spreading nonsensical fear porn? Come visit me in Hell. These people will change your completely rational and intelligent mind into a cynical scramble of meme generation and lunatic ravings just so you can cope with the reality of living with a death cult among us.


My whole family lives in Trump country except for myself and a single sister. Every aunt, uncle, grandparent, cousin and my parents live in Trump country. I am a Christian and all I hear preached at these fake churches is pro-Trump and liberal bashing, rather than POC bashing.


Why would you live in a place you hate so much? that makes no sense.


The stupidest people are usually the loudest. Touching the fucking White House. 💀


There were sooo many videos of people making this error that day, it’s unreal.


“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ~Issac Asimov


Years of being told by Republicans not to trust education. Probably a lot of them were homeschooled


Isn’t this the guy walking towards Capitol Officer Goodman? Have they arrested this asshole yet? Edit: sorry, I just saw he was released on stupidity. Uh, the stupid ones are the most dangerous kind and there are far too many of them!


Yes, it was the guy trying to assault Goodman.


The way he ‘fronted’ with his arms outstretched that Capitol police officer, his is a total piece of shit.


He (probably) further went on to say "Huh, I always thought the white house would be whiter"


That John Denver’s full of shit.


He even looks dumb.


The eyes and forehead seem to have wierd symmetry.


phrenology but make it woke


While I don't subscribe to wooscience, I am endlessly fascinated with genetics and how genealogy shows prominent features in people that may be 10 to twenty generations apart... Yet have the same nose or the same arc in their teeth. Watching the world become more diverse, if pretty amazing.


well "he looks dumb because of the shape of his nasal bridge" is closer to phrenology than it is to genetic genealogy edit: not asserting you're a racist. just saying that's what that comment sounds like


Not necessarily, my family has that same bulge, and hump on the bridge... Czech and Portuguese blood assured that. I draw most of my observations from the video of this turd more than the photo. His mannerisms and body language spoke more than his facial symmetry.


Right. I don't think anyone disagrees that physical characteristics are inheritable. All I was saying was "so-and-so head shape is an indicator of intelligence" sounds weird because it's in the same realm as racial pseudo science.


My mistake, and that's why I mentioned his behavior being my obvservation. I got a weird vibe from the dude, just comparing him to people I've been around. In prison, you meet *all* sorts of people, and sometimes you get an uneasy feeling around certain folks. That's the same feeling I got, watching this chud stalk down officer Goodman.


Yeah I def feel ya on that. I've always felt like we pick up on a lot of body language and mannerisms and other stuff that you don't notice consciously but they can be real strong signals. A lot of times I've met a dude that's otherwise normal but just sketches me out for w/e reason and then later I find out he's a scumbag. So when someone tells me they get a bad vibe I put a lot of weight on it. Def see what you mean, I bet in prison you'd get a lot of practice honing the vibe check


Fetal alcohol syndrome probably


He reminds me of the guy who chased the cop up the stairs


He reminds me of the guy who chased the cop up the stairs


Does he really think he’d still be standing if they stormed the *white house*?


Yes, he does think that. To be fair, though, I doubt he’s doing much thinking at all. I read an article about this guy recently where he was quoted saying he was tricked by “some very smart people.”


They also don't understand the difference between the capital and the Capitol. There was a redditor the day after 1/6 trying to argue that it's all just Both Sides Crazies and nothing more, and his single piece of evidence was that "CHAZ took over the capital of Washington" because CH stands for "Capitol Hill." I had to explain that the words capital and capitol are different, that the Capitol rioters weren't just in "the capital," that Seattle is not the capital of Washington (it's Olympia), that capitol hill is a neighborhood of Seattle, that CHAZ didn't take over a government building, and that he was whatabouting. He then said "well what about Chicago?"


Today, the judge released this terrorist from pre trial detention, and he's now on home confinement or whatever it's called. It's infuriating.


To be fair, no one wants to babysit anyone this stupid if they don't have to.


No babysitting needed. Just a proper penalty for treason carried out


How about a trial first? Or are we not doing due process anymore? Be very careful not to accidentally become what you hate. Summary or frontier-style 'justice' is the mindset that led to all of this in the first place.


“Proper penalty for treason...” doesn’t even remotely hint at mob rule or me becoming patriot Batman. What are you projecting? Consequence only equals lawlessness to those traitor fucks who tried to overthrow the entirety of our democratic and legal system. Both the crime and the penalty, by definition, are legal determinations that would be made through normalized legal proceedings with due process for some (in civilian court) and no due process for others (military tribunals)


I don't think you really understand all the words you're using.


I’m a lawyer. Bet i understand the legal ramifications of this shit better than you do, son.


>I’m a lawyer Then you're either a really shitty one, or just very unprincipled. But I think it's much more likely that you're full of shit.


Lmao. Ok buddy. Enjoy that non-relevant training and chip on your shoulder. Tough out there for the uneducated.


No problem, Mr. Hang-'em-High. You're advocating extra-judicial murder. You're exactly the kind of fucked-up that the people you hate are.


Speaking of Q shirts, I’ve got a Queens of the Stone Age shirt I’d love to put back into rotation but I’m just not risking a case of being mistaken for one of these fools.


Qanon’s and Magas in general are really dumb. That’s why the lies and simplistic conspiracy theories as well as the idiotic “clues” they follow appeal to their lack of reasoning ability and low IQs. They also love to follow a dear leader and are sympathetic to nationalist and racist causes. A very scary bunch indeed! Losers who are screaming “fight for Trump” during the insurrection are the worst of America. And we must call them out and not stand for this!


Some of them are still working out the difference between shit and shinola.


Not only that, ask them if they voted.


He looks like a Joe Rogan podcast come to life.


Underrated comment


I thought I read that his defense attorney is somehow in fact trying to use this as a defense that his client had no idea where he was


Everyone else hear Morgan Freeman?


I heard Ron Howard.




This tracks.


Did anyone read the narrators voice as Ron Howard in Arrested Development?


Right town wrong building....what a [https://giphy.com/gifs/ifc-lol-comedy-l2JhOVyjSHGejoXXq](https://giphy.com/gifs/ifc-lol-comedy-l2JhOVyjSHGejoXXq) << .gif)


These are the people who are absolutely sure the election was stolen


Stupid and easily manipulated to commit crimes? Set the guy free. No brainer!


I'm not even American and I know the difference.


There are also reports of many of the TERRORISTS having not even voted this election. How would they know the difference between Capital and White House as it is? We extend the right to vote to extremist idiots like this? They're right. We need voter restrictive laws to prevent these rednecks from voting in our nation forever more.


Why *would* they vote? They were told for months ahead how it was rigged. Trump shot himself in the foot.


I don't want to prevent them from voting. I want the qultist to be smarter and wake up from the enthrallment.


Kicks trashcan.....fucking embarrassing.


I bet he doesn't understand the Constitution, either.


Yup. This is the guy who the cop brilliantly led away from legislators mere FEET away had he turned right instead of left at the top of the stairs.


Well it’s white, isn’t it, and that’s what matters most to these folks. Edit: wanna power wash that wall so bad


Small brainpan.


This guy is from Iowa and I would like to speak on behalf of all Iowans to say we reject him


Hahaha this guy “THIS is why were are where” - guy that did know where he was


The best part ... dude was released on house arrest on account of being too stupid to have pre-planned his actions because he didn't even know where he was.


The narrator’s voice is Morgan Freeman.


Throw his ass in prison. Lock him up! Lock him up!


"I'm going to touch the WH" Secret Service, DHS, DOD: *"Just fucking try"*


This is one person who doesn't know the difference between the Capitol and the White House. Not representative of "the average wearing a Q shirt". There are enough legitimate shortcoming among Qulters to criticize and make fun, we don't need to use misleading titles


I’m all about keeping it real, but in my experience, the vast majority of them are the dumbest people I’ve ever seen


I've never encountered a more useless group of people. They actually detract value from society, making them worse than 'nothing' or having 'less than zero value'.


I think the people who write the fiction on GAW or wherever know the difference (I think they are called bakers or breadcrumb leavers). That said, if you've ever seen the interviews with the people at these Q/Trump rallies, a lot of them are very low information but high conviction. These are the sheep who follow, buy shirts, become radicalized.


Agreed. To think that these people are simply stupid is to diminish how dangerous they are.


You can be both stupid and dangerous.


Sure, and this guy is. But I don't think he's at all representative of the average Q.


You think your average Qbert is smarter than him? I've got.a bridge for sale if you're interested.


It's white. It's a house. He's not wrong.


Sully Erna has fallen on hard times