She's now afraid to fly... because of the vaccine!

She's now afraid to fly... because of the vaccine!


That's ... interesting ... I thought it was that she was afraid to be stuck in a tube with lots of people who were vaccinated and were shedding the virus. But no, she came up with a new one!


Us vaccinated are not dropping dead as predicted. Brace yourselves for the narrative change.


Well they did get smarter. If you remember people were going to die in 30 to 60 days, when that didn't happen it was 3 to 6 months. Now they have changed it to two years so they don't have to move the goal posts so often,


After roughly 80 years most of the vaccinated will die in my estimation...


Devastating 😔


Did you know.... Everyone who has ever drunk water has later died?!?!


So you're just confirming my bias that vaccines kill, right?


I fuckin’ knew it! Obama should be arrested over this! :p


I recently read on Facebook that they’ll start dying in 5-10 years. So those goalposts have already moved even more.


I’d read that we’ll all be dead in five years


That's because of climate wars, not because of the vaccines


As much as we need to work on climate change, it won't be 5 years. This is a problem for us. You yell 5 years, when it doesn't happen in 5 years, they just say see you're just being a nay sayer harming the US.


Go to Debunking Doomsday on Quora, they give a lot of good advice for people fearing the end of the world from climate change (and a bunch of other things too). They’re good at debunking a lot of the fake news and even have debunked Q.


Now it's that we'll give birth to mutants.


After making us sterile.


Sad truth about the present: had to look at your post history to see if you were serious.


Eek. I hope you concluded I was not serious. Sad for sure.


Hahaha, yeah.


I’ve heard if you breath American air you will die within 60 years. I am not saying that’s true but you should really do your own research. /s


That only applies to vaccinated people over 40 as it has changed their DNA.


That's why the predictions this year have gradually lengthened from weeks to months to years. The longest and most common one I'm hearing is ten years, which -- those over 65 were the first to be able to get the vaccine and, yes, many of them will die in the next 10 years.


The vaccine is deadly. Every vaccinated person will be dead in 200 years, heed my words


It's worse than that. Dead in 150!!!


My dad is 91 and was vaccinated in early January. I doubt he’ll make ten years!


Certainly has a better chance now that he's vaccinated though.


No, see Now we the vaccinated, are the reason why delta and other mutants strains exist. We are why the unvaxxed are dying of these super powerful strains. If we all just waited for natural immunity we'd all have been fine by now. Seriously that's my in law's latest take.


Exactly what Trump and Kushners team thought as they decided to ignore their science advisor's warnings of rapid spreading killing far too many people before - or even if - any herd immunity could be reached. But, since the first surging outbreaks occurred in major cities, and those are primarily Democrat run, they decided that they naturally knew more than anyone else, and thought it would be to Trumps re-election advantage to make those Democrats look bad. True story. 700,000 dead.


Crime against humanity as well.


Yup, that's their new nonsense narrative of the week. It's astonishing how all of their "new" arguments always seem to come in unison. It's almost if they all get the same nonsense from the same bubble of nonsense spreading "news" sources...


I hope not! I have plans for the next few days/ weeks/ months/ indeed years!


Hey, what if we all dropped dead right after the vax and the deep state just cloned all of us? Then programmed our AI computer brains into thinking it’s the real us? Like, I could be Big Mike Obama on the inside, while wearing my original human skin mask and not even know it! I would bet money some of the QAnons already believe this is happening lol.


Oh you sweet summer child. No, these people unironically think that we *are* dropping dead from the vaccine, and that it is being covered up. I wish I were joking.


Can confirm. Am vaccinated. Have dropped dead. The government just reanimated me to cover up my death.


> Us vaccinated are not dropping dead as predicted. Inb4 "bUt u mIgHt!!!!"


Someone over on r/conspiracy just told me that I'll be in assisted care for the rest of my life or if not that, I'll at least bear fucked-up kids with mutant DNA. Right.


The boosters will activate the vaccine or something, surely.


3-5 years silly goose


she's afraid they won't let unvaccinated ppl on the plane. this is an excuse! "I didn't want to fly on that plane anyway!" -her probably


I thought we'd be stuck to the plane with being magnetized and whatnot


Actually you'd enhance the local 5G to the point where all the passenger cell phones start turning on automatically, interfering with the plane's instruments.


I mean, I'm afraid to be stuck in a tube with lots of potentially unvaccinated people.


Many of these people believing the conspiracy theories are delusional to the point of needing inpatient psychiatric care.


This is absolutely the truth


There are not nearly enough mental hospitals...


Reagan closed them.


To be fair…. I can’t believe I’m defending Reagan lol… the majority of state run mental hospitals at the time were absolute shitholes and had been since the 30’s and rapidly getting worse year after year. They were grossly overly crowded with its peak in the 50’s and gradually less crowded after the invention of meds like thorzine. If you get a chance look up Byberry Hospital in Philadelphia, and Willowbrook in Staten Island which gained national infamy in 1972, when Geraldo Rivera did an exposé on the conditions there. Public outcry led to its closure in 1987, and to federal civil rights legislation protecting people with disabilities. Buuuut…. A February 2020 New York Times investigation found that the alumni of Willowbrook continue to be abused in smaller group homes. So in a way it was good that a lot of these abusive places were closed but it left a lot of people needing care with no where to go and the places that are still left are also being run like shit and are abusive so I’m not sure what the answer is but what we are doing for this population isn’t working and never worked in the past. We need massive mental health reform.


They were horrible. I studied them in college, and no one should have been forced to endure them. On the other hand, I believe we should have reformed them on a case by case basis using independent parties. Sending in healthy trained individuals into the fire could have turned things on their head. Some needed to be closed altogether. Others might have been made better for those suffering and those too dangerous for society. Dumping all those people on the streets was also inhuman. It helped pave the way for our current broken prison system. We were experiencing a cognitive revolution in therapy too. We could have done so much better. Today there is room for vast improvement as well. We have far too many resources going to punishment based prison systems when we should have more metal hospitals and outpatient community rehabilitation centers. The cost to society is far too great to leave things as they are. There are sick but gifted people that could be contributing to society in the arts and sciences and we may never know what we have lost.


Couldn’t agree more. The number of mentally ill patients in prisons and jails in the US is horrific and a crisis. We are failing our most vulnerable. We wouldn’t have so many prisoners if we reformed and helped people from birth. Pre-natal care, daycare funding help, nutrition, better medical care, education reform, foster care and CPS reform, and on and on and on. If people are drowning before they are even born how can we expect them to swim once they become teens and adults?


Yes. It was definitely a bipartisan closure. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest etc. motivating the people not motivated by economic etc. arguments.


I feel like it isn't a binary choice of "close all the shitty old mental asylums" and "have no mental health care". If I could wave a magic wand: Smaller clinics with sufficiently paid staff and evidence-based treatment.




They jump to conclusions and do but vet information. I did a presentation earlier this year in a made up conspiracy theory. I was shocked how easy it was. When you don't have evidence, it's just words on a screen. All that matters is how good it sounds. It's all about preying on people's emotions to make a case. It's never about the quality of information.


Username most definitely checks out, sadly.


I've also discovered that they often include legitimate sources. However the narrative they are sharing doesn't match the source (s) they provide. It just gets shared because it looks legitimate because they "research.' No one actually reads the sources past the headline so they get away with it.


It's amazing how willingly people believe the most ridiculous bullshit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brijcd-8oWE


8:50-~10:20 There it is!


This kind of delusion has been normalized by so many politicians and media types that it makes it more unlikely they'll ever seek or get access to care.


It sounds like it’s likely she isn’t vaccinated either so in that case it’s safer for them not to visit anyhow.


She definitely is not vaccinated. She has begged both of her children NOT to vaccinate their kids. Well, the kids want to get on with their lives, so guess what?


as well as everyone else on the plane breathing the recycled air


Because we all know being vaccinated means you aren't contagious


You're less likely to be contagious and even lesser likely to get it if you're vaccinated. People who got the vaccine also take other precautions like masking and social distancing


>People who got the vaccine also take other precautions like masking and social distancing I'm not. I mask where I have to, and in grocery store and pharmacies, I'm much more careful if I'll see a kid or my elderly relatives, but other than that I'm done with COVID restrictions. If you're not vaccinated and get COVID, I don't really care. I lost a year and a half of my life while the COVID deniers were flitting about hither and yon and making fun of me for staying home. Why the hell should I go out of my way to protect them?


>People who got the vaccine also take other precautions like masking and social distancing This just depends. It can be the case, but often isn’t.


No, you’re incorrect. (I bet you hear that a lot.) It does mean that you’re less likely to both contract and spread covid, though, so you’re right to suggest that it’s safer for everyone if we all get vaccinated.


Missing the point entirely


Shhh. Adults are talking.


Vaccines on a plane.


The snake award you got!! Bahahahaha!!!!!


i understand being afraid to fly due to COVID yet i’m astonished that she’s got it exactly backwards!


Is vaccine shedding still a thing? Haven't seen that talking point in a while


Not as far as I’ve heard, but apparently a magnet makes it glow at the site of injection.


Sounds amazing. I want that shot.


It works. I tried it. Didn’t glow, so it was a placebo.


I'm really surprised that we haven't heard that vaccinated people explode in MRI machines...


That's because they don't realize how MRIs work.


Wouldn’t the MRI automatically deactivate the magnetic field of the vaccine? (in the Marvell universe anyway)


It would make as much sense for vaxxed people to start *floating* inside of an MRI (suspended inside of a magnetic field and all that) if the vaccine really did contain magnetic substances. That would be *awesome*.


I'd love that!


r/covidiots just had a Florida dental practice refusing to see vaccinated patients out of a belief vaccinated people are shedding and destroying the reproductive cycles of employees. So yes, it's still out there.


Because we see all these planes crashing everyday due to dead pilots... Or is that covered up by the deep state as well? Dumb question, of course it is...


9-11 was when we first discovered the truth - planes are flown by remote control. “pilots” are actors. do you really think “the international corporations” would spend all that money on Otto Pilot and not use it?




I think that’s the joke


It seems we're sailing right past the point where common sense can prevail, all the way into territory where even vaguely reasonable logic is abhorrent to them. From this point onwards, for these, the more clownish the conspiracy, the more crazy pants the claim, the more convincing it is. All these damn liberals with their convoluted explanations and elite phrases, you can't trust any of them. Next they'll be trying to convince us to wear seat belts even though my uncle survived a crash where a seat belt would have killed him, claiming that the sugar in the diet is making us fat even though we're big boned, and claiming that black people deserve the same rights as normal people. When will it end?


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire


That's the one


"I will not live in fear!"


The irony, right?




If she is saying this stuff in written form, make sure to save it. Eventually this will become YET ANOTHER disproven "fact" which they will try to pretend they never believed in. Hold on to her rants to hit her back later with a "dis you?" If she isn't saying it in written form...try to get her to.


The gaslighting is very strong with these people. My mom lied right to my face last weekend when I confronted an older belief of hers.


Yeah, send her an text or email after one of those insane rants and push her to repeat what she just said. She will catch on eventually and stop putting it in written form but you will have those treasures forever. :D


But it's not about logic. It's about emotions. Presenting someone with an example of their hypocrisy wouldn't be received as a learning opportunity, it would be taken as an attack.


Sometimes the attack is the point.


I confronted her in the moment and totally called her out. She just doubled down.


If she believes that stuff it’s probably a good thing she’s not seeing other people.


Mine is refusing to fly to see my dying grandma because COVID tests apparently have so many false positives we’re not hearing about that they’ll just get stuck in quarantine and it’ll cost too much money. I mean, better off she’s not traveling, but from her point of view it’s only the lying government and medical people keeping her from seeing a loved one and that’s messed up when you think about it.


Exactly this I had to go NC with my brother because they decided last minute not to come to a family reunion because we were asking everyone to be super careful because of elderly relatives and he didn't want to risk getting his kids tested because if they tested positive they wouldn't be able to go back to school Monday.


"If they tested positive they wouldn't be able to go back to school Monday." 🤦‍♀️ Yes. That is how it works. That is EXACTLY how it works!


That is what I screamed over the phone. At which point he insisted that it was worse to scare the kids and convince them they might be sick which would suppress their immune system. I then decided the stress of worrying about him was going to make me ill and am going no contact for the duration


Good call!


"All the false positives..." Right. Because with all the precautionary testing I have done over the last year and a half, even REVEALING TO THE TESTERS that I am not feeling well, not once have I gotten a positive, let alone a false positive. Hmmm...


13 Covid tests. Not one single positive. Looks like someone is full of shit. But they’ll never admit it. They just double down and insist they never said that, you’re a liar, blah blah blah.


I'd heard this same story - that supposedly lots of pilots have suddenly died in mid-flight because of the vaccination. And that supposedly the troubles at Southwest Airlines are because pilots are staging a walkout against a vaccine mandate. I did a Google News search for "pilot dies in mid-flight". Note that Google gives that phrase as an auto-suggest, indicating that many people are searching for that query. In any case, most of what turned up for me was small private planes, rather than airline company planes. The one incident of an airline pilot dying in mid-flight happened in 2015, and the co-pilot took over, declared an emergency with FAA, got directions to the nearest airport, landed the airplane, etc, all by the book. In other words -- IF there were airline pilots dying during flight, IT WOULD BE IN THE NEWS. Plenty of people have cell phones that record video, and would have recorded the emergency landing for posting to facebook/twitter/etc, and so on. But none of that is happening, therefore airline pilots are not dying. As for the problems at Southwest Airlines. The Pilots Union is saying that yes there is a dispute with the airline over the vaccine mandate, that they're working on, and that in the meantime there is no official approval for the Pilots to stage a work action. Other reporting says that Southwest has been having problems all summer long, not just the last couple weeks.


Logical evidence that does not support the narrative in her head will just be ignored or labelled as part of "the conspiracy". The current mass hysteria will have to dissapate on its own because right now people are too emotionally and reputationally invested in their fantasies for it to wane. After a whole lot of nothing has happened, the edges will fray.


This is why every commercial pilot has to get an extensive medical certification every year, and why there are always two pilots (apart from very small aircracft). That thing where they're not allowed to have the same meal sounds like an urban legend, but while it's not an FAA rule it is policy at most airlines. The fact that the FAA and the airlines are not only happy to have vaccinated pilots, but are mandating vaccination really demonstrates both business and regulatory confidence in the safety and importance of the vaccine.


Maybe her grandkids are better off not being around cray cray grandma


Final Vaccination


I once encountered a person who refused to fly because, and I quote; "what if the Rapture happens and the pilots get taken to heaven?"


If the pilots are taken to heaven and your friend is not, they have bigger problems to worry about than the plane crashing.


That was my first point, too


These people need a better hobby.


I am actually hoping for the 10 days of darkness because then they would have to be away from their phones and tvs for a bit and maybe come up for a breath of clean air!


Where's Snake Plissken and the remote for the Sword of Damocles when you need them?


Or they won’t let her fly because she isn’t vaccinated…….


You don't have to show proof of vaccination to fly within the US. You just have to wear a mask on the plane.


Mask? Forget it! I made almost 1000 (free) masks when this first started and masks were not readily available. (And had friends across the nation requesting them because the ones I made were "the best.") Yet, I see my in laws wearing the same dirty paper mask pulled from a pocket. Like, literally visibly DIRTY! I offer to make them some clean, washable masks and she said no. She doesn't want to put the CHEMICALS from the fabric and dye up to her face and breathe it in.


Wait until she finds out what her clothes are made of.


I reuse paper masks for a bit, because *I rarely go anywhere*. Takes a while for them to get dirty. But, I don’t wear them for months on end. And I’m fully vaccinated.


Right? I get that. I have a couple cloth masks hanging off my blinker in my car and I do reuse them before a wash. But the paper mask when we went out to dinner and had that conversation was visibly and embarrassingly filthy. I can't even. I'm going to go out on a limb and place money on they got a SPECIAL paper mask from a SPECIAL friend with SPECIAL locally sourced masks. None of that dangerous "made in China" stuff for them! 🤦‍♀️




Right? I offered to make some they could launder and that is when she spouted the bit about the chemicals in the dyes and not waNtiNG tO bReaThE iN thE cHemIChaLs.


I'd count this as a blessing. You don't want your kids around this level of crazy and/or stupid.


I'm surprised that fear doesn't exist around the Rapture. It would logically follow that if your pilot was an Evangelical, and saved, they would vanish if the Rapture took place, thus crashing the plane. Same would apply to heart surgeons, truck drivers, or really any position where that person's sudden disappearance would put others at risk.


I’m not religious, but I imagine that at least some religious people wouldn’t be bothered by that prospect, because they’re assuming that they’ll be raptured as well. Only the unsaved would be left on the plane.


I wonder if she would be ok with family visiting her? I suspect she would be willing to risk it


Sure, she’d be willing to gamble with the grandkids’ lives and risk their pilot dropping dead from vaccine!


As if airliners haven't realized that a pilot becoming incapacitated would be catastrophic. That's why there are at least two pilots on each flight, three on longer flights.


And that's also exactly why they made all pilots get vaccinated. So that they would die and crash planes. Plane crashes are great for airlines.


That's pretty crazy. How old is she? It could be Q, or it could be a symptom of a developing dementia. (Or both).


My grandad has pretty advanced Alzheimer’s but he’s not half as crazy as a Q nut


My mom has dementia. His mom is a Q-nut. I honestly don't know which is worse at this point!


Well, a loss for global warming?


Wow. Well, better never drive a car anywhere again since others can suddenly slump over dead and plow into their car.


Could she take the train? It's about the same cost (if you don't need a bed), is comfy and fast, and they have dead man switches


Wouldn’t want that toxic irrationality around my kids anyway.


She keeps it to herself for the most part when I am around. I heard this secondhand from her son. And "honor thy mother and father" be damned... I am very clear and vocal when my parents (dementia nonsense and denial) or his parents (Qvidiots) are full of bullshit. My kids know exactly what I think of it all, point by point.


Well, terrify her more, tell her that at her age stroke as a result of flying is a far more likely situation. She should talk to her cardiologist/pulmonologist about being on some sort of anti-stroke medications if she flies.


> She is afraid the pilots will drop dead in the sky and they will crash and burn. That made me laugh. Maybe it is a relief to you, though.


That is a lot of crazy. Like a whole bunch


Cut that bitch out of your life


Be happy that she's not bringing her unvaccinated ass to your home to expose your kids.


Sounds like it’s for the best. It would be traumatizing to have grandma spewing all that nonsense.


Good … stay home


Huh. I wouldn't let an unvaccinated person around my kids..


Um...Yay? I'm all for unvaccinated people traveling less and not getting on airplanes.


On the bright side, she won’t bother her grandkids


We dOn'T LiVe iN fEAr


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Don't you have to be vaccinated to fly?


Absolutely not in the USA.


I see, I assumed because I needed a vaccine to enter the US that they also required it for domestic flights.


Does she know that trains exist?


We have a feeling her happy-at-home other half doesn't want to leave his coast to visit the other coast and that is playing into her choices. They are not even going up to LA with us when we will be there for a couple of days because all the covid restrictions up there. They are just as happy to boycott areas handling the situation rather than "comply."


Well if your MIL is anything like mine then it’s a WIN-WIN


No jabby, no visit. Simple.


Does she realize that the vaccines have been available for a while now? Almost a year now, if you count trials? And that in that time, there were likely pilots who got the vaccine? And we haven't had any news stories of planes falling out of the sky? Heck, that would be HUGE NEWS if a vaccinated pilot crashed an airliner! Or maybe she thinks they are all "patriots" like her and have only been vaxxed due to those nasty mandates. I so want to get a shirt that says, "Vaxxed, still alive!" and wear it to troll them. Remember, we were all supposed to drop dead right after the shot. Then within 3 months. Then within 6 months. Now it's 3 to 5 years? I'll make a prediction -- within the next 100 years, many of the people who got the COVID vaccine will be dead! There! I win!


Reminds me of a truck I saw trolling the Trump flag flyers. It looked like a normal Trump flag until the light turned green. Then as it unfurled, the words became clear: TRUMP LOST. I don't care what side you are on, that is some pro level trolling right there! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Does she know anyone who suddenly dropped dead from the vaccine? Is there any example of that happening she can point to of the hundreds of millions of people who received it?


I can't wait to get my kids vaccinated. Soon. Tell Q in-law the her grandkids are vaccinated. Her head may explode.


wouldn't planes be dropping out of the sky regularly, if that were the case?


Wow, that's definitely not an anxiety disorder at all. Nope!


I am celebrating that a boomer finally decided to curb their greenhouse emissions by accident. Their grandkids should be rejoicing.


I’ve been wondering way all these planes have been dropping out of the sky


Has there been an increase of plane Crashes? No. And there are co pilots for that very reason.


How many deaths have been caused by a vaccine at this point?


It’s better if she stays away from children


I'm a pilot at a major US airline, and I think we have something like 300 holdouts out of over 4,000 pilots. If the vaccine was as dangerous as these people are imagining, we would have had a lot of incidents by now


My qmom just informed me that they have to have one vaccinated pilot and one unvaccinated pilot on each plane because obviously the vaccinated pilot is bound to drop dead in the middle of a flight and the unvaccinated hero will take over!!


Um, no. It doesn't work that way, Qmom. 🤦‍♀️


Did you really want to see her? Be honest with yourself.