At the Proud Boys’ ‘Fall Love Fest’ rally in LA yesterday, speaker announces that many of them are single and “looking for house wives.”

At the Proud Boys’ ‘Fall Love Fest’ rally in LA yesterday, speaker announces that many of them are single and “looking for house wives.”

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“Hey ma, have you seen my helicopter shirt? I have a rally today”


“I think it’s in the hamper sweetie!” *he reaches into the hamper, and pulls out the shirt. He brings it to his nose for a quick sniff* “Nothing a few squirts of Febreeze can’t fix!” and off he went


Axe body spray*


*1 dollar glade


*Ma! The meatloaf! Now!*


I like the minutiae in this video. The guy who cant decide if he wants to sit or stand, the holding the flag backward then noticing it, the guy struggling to sit with his body armor, not knowing what to do with your bottle, the two in front who are just talking to eachother the whole time.. I know they try hard to seem like an uncrackable group with thie hand sign and logo but it's really hard not to see them as a bunch of clueless dudes.




Was thinking that to. Also what do they do..? Just rally around each other and yell at each other? What a pathetic hobby


They also go to protests to point guns at protestors and journalists!


TIL terrorism is a hobby.


Not just any hobby but a luxury hobby.


We can't all afford Dodge Rams you know. I wanna be "RAM TOUGH!" No fair!


a predominantly *white* luxury hobby


It's even supported by hobby barn!


They attack anyone they perceive as leftists. They also attempt to subject all of us to authoritarian rule under the worst people. Sure they’re pathetic, but they’re also dangerous


To themselves and others.


They are literally a version of the Sturmabteilung or Brown Shirts. They are literally shouting “fuck anti-fascism” disguised as “were freedom loving Americans” I’m from Texas, a new bill was introduced, presenting literature that is an alternative view to the Holocaust. Nazis are literally sneaking back up on us…it’s so obvious it’s insane to me. But fuck me the “crazy liberal” Mussolini had the “Black Shirts” Proud Boys are a literally version of a paramilitary organization that are in line directly with how Sturmabteilung a paramilitary organization that was used to protect the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei…the proud boys are literally this to the Republican Party…and there’s not a thing we can do about it living in a free country…which sucks…but we can watch and doxx


They Rally round the Family With a pocket full of sea shells


One of the greatest harms done to the Klan in its early days was simply reporting about what they were actually doing and saying. It was so ridiculous and comical that people just laughed at it - wizards and dragons and whatnot.


If it was the 90s and these people were black there would be a “national gang violence task force” all up in their shit in a minute. If it was the 2000s and they were muslim they’d have a “homeland security” all up in their shit, but they are white in the 2020s so I guess there isn’t anything we can do.


I know the group is terrible, but I'm really just mad that they stole the ok hand sign and made it theirs. How much dog shit is that? It was a universal symbol. They should all be imprisoned for that alone. Grand theft hand sign.


This is a tactic of the far right, and has been for decades. Look at what they did to skinheads and the swastika, for example. They take commonly-accepted symbols, groups, and movements, and adopt their symbols, titles, etc as their own. They turn society on its head, leading susceptible minds to question the validity of every aspect of their lives. They create fear in individuals by inserting small untruths disguised as “alternative facts” as we’ve come to know them, into casual conversation. They repeat the same simple untruths over and over, and individuals remember the message because it’s simple, feasible, and because accepting it saves them the trouble of having to do their own research. We’re a lazy, entitled, “free” society.


Not a drop of discipline among them all. I find it hilarious they wanna play solider.


Come on ladies, who *doesn't* want to be with a violent conspiracy theorist who believes you're inferior to them?


As a European, to me this looks like a bunch of overweight guys looking for an excuse to have a dress up party.


It is. They like to LARP as the Gravy Seals most often. Thankfully, they haven't infiltrated the Renn Faire and I hope it stays that way. I get one weekend a year to relax and have a nice time doing something I love without being judged. I really hope they stay far away from the Faire. Edit: all these names y'all are coming up with are killing me! The redditor keeping a list is my hero. ♡


First time I've ever seen the term Gravy Seals. I will appropriate its use accordingly.


Also accepted is "Meal Team Twix"


Bloody fucking brilliant


Did you hear about Y'all Quaida then? That's a pretty good name for them as well I think.


I like Vanilla Isis too.


Talibama as well


Or the Cake Cake Cake?


I've been keeping a list of all the names that I thought were funny: Q Cucks Clan Koup Klutz Klan y’all-Qaeda Vanilla ISIS WalMartyrs Talibangelicals Yeehawdists al-ShaBubba Trumplodytes Delta Farce GI Jokes Inbredsurrection Meal Team Six US Gravy Seals Yokel Haram The Illiterati


Green Beignets


The Roast Guard.


>Gravy Seals T shirts available on Amazon. Buy one now and receive a complimentary confederate flag.


That’s what it looks like to normal Americans as well


You don't have to be European to get that vibe. As an American it looks like the same thing to me.


Add a sprinkle of assaulting minorities and "libs" and you nailed it.


The Free Helicopter Rides t-shirt really adds a touch of class.


It’s a reference to Augusto Pinochet’s “Death Flights”. He was a violent fascist dictator who ruled Chile for the latter third of the twentieth century roughly. One of his favorite methods of disposing of the remains of leftist prisoners killed for political dissent was to have them tossed from a helicopter over the Andes. Proud Boys love Pinochet, argue he did nothing wrong, and wear shirts to show their solidarity with him in murdering people who express views supporting the political left.


Oh wow. I just thought “free helicopter rides” referred to some kinda sexual move. Though the bodies falling from the helicopter on his shirt makes more sense now.


Nah, Proud Boys aren't the sexual kind usually. One of their things is that they refuse to masturbate because they think it makes them stronger. They also have an initiation of someone punching them in the arm a bunch of times, but knowing them, it probably doesn't hurt too much


For real, they refuse to masturbate??


Ignorance brings them in. Violence keeps them in, sadly.


Being single keeps them together


Yikes. That's a harsh reality check.


But only for the *lolz*


The thought of human trash reproducing 🤮


Remember when some British girl went and joined ISIS?


Don't forget the expectation of doing trad wife duties of taking care of house and husband. Of course odds are they guy is under employed or unemployed, so you also get to work a full time job to keep the family financially afloat while he shitposts on 4Chan.


I fucking love that the guys in the back right had the Trump flag backwards. #"‮ "2024 TRUMP


Coooooome on down ladies! Choose your very own insecure man who hates almost everything.


Who doesn't want unemployed manchildren that have military cosplay fetishes.


Remember all those racist kids on Call of Duty voice chat when you played a few years ago? They’re older now.


Jesus Christ that's literally what they are. Gross.


Those CoD lobbies from 10 years ago were a rite of passage SIR.


True! the creme de la creme of those days was when the annoying kid in the lobby got yelled at by his mom for swearing while on mic


And a dog barking/ baby crying in the background


And the fire alarm that keeps beeping because it needs a new battery


These kids that use "bruh, you are soft, you haven't heard anything like in mw cod lobbies" as some sort of.... tough macho masculine thing. Being a racist misogynist piece of shit is some sort of male merit badge for them.


True but the serotonin levels when that Xbox message notification pops up is better than black tar heroin. And actually I’m all for a ban after they send those messages, nobody should have to deal with harassment in an electric toy-space but that would just increase the serotonin levels further.


Thats what we've always done. Goad some dufus into saying something banworthy, then report. I taught my kids the same trick. Its hilariously effective.


That's not even wrong. You have no idea how many "guntubers" are CoD people, and their audience as well. When they review guns, in the title they sometimes even use the fake CoD-name for the gun. [The rifle in this video is not known by the name "M13" from anything except Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBWj6h5Rb_k&t=900s) M13 is the fake name the game developers came up with to avoid licensing fees. Some of them start as they see the gun in game, look it up on YouTube, and end up buying those guns. Some of them aching to use it. Probably half or more of those guys are gun nerds from a CoD-defined youth. And you *know* they love using the N-word in voice chat and some of them having those racist "Kill-All-N\*\*\*\*\*\*"-names. And you *know* they hate Infinity Ward for the BLM screen they put in their game a while ago.


Oh to be fair, they only hate things they don't understand. Which sadly as you pointed out, is pretty much everything.


U mean women? Which none of them have.


Hillbilly incels


The Hills Have Incels


You know it's bad when they cant find a sister or first cousin who's willing to get hitched.


The good looking cousins that can grow a full beard got first pick of the family, the neckbeard incels won't accept the leftovers.


I mean.... I hate a lot of things, but I feel like I hate these douchebags more than just about anything else. So I got that going for me, which is nice.


And who will probably end up punching you every time he’s drunk.


So.. nightly?


And daily too.


Will it ever stop? Yo I don’t know.


I don't think it would be just when he's drunk.


The issue is that they'll always be drunk


Probably? I thought that was a given.


She better have a sugar bowl with lots of bail money! She gonna need it.


Racist misogynistic guys can't find girls? I am shocked by this.


They hold each other for comfort.


they fill the holes of each others


Nothing stronger than the proud boy juice that binds them together.


Even Hitler had two girlfriends. Sure, both of them killed themselves, but.... uh. Nevermind.


Aw, man. Can you imagine how shitty that would be. Germany. 1939\. Adolph Fucking Hitler comes up to you and asks you out on a date. Now you get to choose between being Hitler's girlfriend or finding out what happens when you reject Hitler. Obviously, suicide is the only option.


Youre not gonna believe this. But. His girlfriends? Also nazis.


Lol so many losers Proud boys aka sons of anarchy casting rejects


Sons of Applebees


I’m gonna remember this one.


And Hell's Cankles.


Incels of anarchy


Walmart's Eleven


This made me less horny than seeing an old dude with a 10 inch sagging ballsack


Hey, hey, hey. I have other redeeming qualities that might make you overlook that particular challenge.


Feature not bug


C'mon, it rolls up like a projector screen.


Do want more sag or less?


Yeah, 8 inches is usually my limit anyways


They call me peanuts. Balls so saggy I pee on my nuts.


More like boot camp rejects… These dudes don’t have the charisma to be on screen, just look at them haha


Proud Virgins


Extroverted incels. Lol.


So exincels or excels


not to be confused with Microsoft Excel... one is a useful tool, the other is a useless tool...


Tbf they probably *are* microsoft or hard


Im not from USA and everytime i hear "proud boys" i automatically think of some sort of gay pride organization


It’s ok. I’m from the US and I think the same thing.




Just what most women want, an aggressive warden that expects you to worship them. /s


Proud Boys Fall Love Fest doesn't make it sound like they are looking for women.


More like proud boys sausage fest


That sounds like the wurst.


Those brats look like real weiners.


If you'd told me that name a few years ago I'd have assumed it was the name of a gay pride festival


Who says it’s not?


Closeted gay pride festival.


Proud Boys love fest really sounds something out of the PizzaGate playbook.


Reminds me of the old reddit post of this dude that was pissed off because he spent all this money to fly to Japan to fulfill his dream of getting a subservient Japanese wife that worships white American men and was unsuccessful because the women there weren't clambering over his dumb American ass.


Link plz


Found [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/japantravel/comments/6379ap), it's simultaneously hilarious and sad


This is like a reddit greatest hits man. I loved it. Right up there with mystery safe and 2 broken arms


Omg I remember that thread, I think I even commented.


How dare those Japanese women be people with their own thoughts and free will instead of legitimizing my white fantasy!


Translation = We’re unfuckable.


"Do you love housework and hate foreplay? Have we got a guy for you!"


This certainly correlates with my theory that PB are just gamer gate incels that got old.


I don't like the fact that peanut butter shares an abbreviation with the proud boys. Peanut butter deserves better.


I don't want to think about Proud Boys and Jelly.


Steve Bannon even said he ussd Gamergate to reach a segment of new voters. Breitbart reported on it constantly.


Bannon actually first got his money from selling virtual gold in games like WoW, and realized the potential of angry white male gamers. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2017/07/steve-bannon-world-of-warcraft-gold-farming.html


Of course he was a wow gold seller. He's like the perfect illustration of what I imagined them to be like.


Wtf is up with the alt-right all being failed Hollywood people? Are they that desperate for attention? Fuck why am I even asking, of course they are.


There was one far-right leader awhile back that got rejected from art school.


Shapiro, Crowder, and Dave Rubin are all failed comedians.




And it all started with a teen who wanted to watch a Pewdiepie let’s play😪


The Pewdiepipeline is real.


[Pewdiepipeline video explanation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnmRYRRDbuw) for the unfamiliar.


Gamergate and its consequences.


It is the same kind of crowd that are "red-pilled"


It really does feel like almost half of the "red pill" or alt-right crowd originates from gamergate. At least that's my experience with people in my life.


Many are single? You mean there are some who are not?


They are married to Karens


The guy talking isn’t white but is flashing the white power sign ……. Maybe they can’t get wives is because the men in that group have serious mental issues


They are kept around and included while they are useful. If you were a minority who grew up around an extremely predominantly White community, you likely may know what it's like to try to be "one of the good ones" in order to feel accepted. That's what happened to me growing up. Being one of the very few black students in my old HS, I leaned hard into the role of making White people feel comfortable with making dark jokes about Black people. These people who lean this hard into that same role into their adulthood are likely at a point where they would happily go full Uncle Ruckus if it meant they felt welcome in these peoples community. Edit: A large part of me pities them more than anything. The only reason I abandoned that mindset was because I saw on Facebook the things some of the people who I grew up with, and thought were my friends, said about other Black people when I was not around. I was able to tolerate it for so long because I thought they were laughing with me, but like in Dave Chappelle's story about why he quit, there becomes a point when you realize many of them are only laughing at you. I thought being "one of the good ones" made me special, but then I realized the actual implications of that thinking meant they still thought I was inferior to them. When I look at people like that guy with the megaphone, I can clearly see a guy who takes more pride than shame in being called "one of the good ones."


I am so sorry you grew up feeling this way. I'm not white but easily pass, and man... the racism I hear sometimes here in NC floors me. I hear someone tell a racist joke, I ask, "sorry, I don't get it, can you explain why that's funny?" Then watch em flounder to explain that they're racist and that's why it's funny. Sounds like you're around a better crowd now, I hope you are and that you're safe and loved!


Hail, fellow North Carolinian. I got a lot of racist flack being a native American born and raised off rez. I pass as white, as do my brother and sister but I never let the racists get to me (much, cause I've obviously been shaped by their hate to be able to combat their hate,) but my brother and sister dyed their hair brighter colors to fit in. I was always told to just claim to be white to make it easier on myself. I got told to my face that I was white despite my dad and my granddaddy looked 100% native. I've since moved to the edge of the Cherokee reservation in the mountains and I feel so much better for it; no one questions my heritage cause they can see it in me and I don't have to fire back at racists cause there's almost always 20 other Indians ready to put them in their place. I can't tell you how many racist tourists we get out this way. Especially the ones that visit the casino.


Oh wow, so I'm Chiricahua and Mestizo, also raised off the Rez. My dad is white. My mother is half and half. My abuelo was full-blooded or near enough to it for damn sure, was born on the Rez and was forced into a residential school. And I know all about the casino racism, I've been to the casino million times, both at Cherokee and on the Rez in Iowa, which I believe is Lakota. Anyways, I'm glad you're in a good place now! I'll always take pride in what little heritage was left to us.


Your little bit of spanglish reminded me of how I was shoved into the Latino clique in highschool. A couple of friends and I campaigned to be called the native clique cause south and central American natives are also native Americans. You can imagine how much that ticked off the good ol boys lol


Haha I wasn't in a clique until I started smoking at 15 and my buddy Milton (black guy and a great dude) was like, "... Kat? You smoke?" And then suddenly I was in a group of people that ran pass interference for each other if teachers were coming, because they'd only JUST banned smoking on campus. Anyways, I don't know why and it doesn't really matter why, but I fell in with the black crowd out here and still am. My friend El always jokes that it makes him feel safe to have a white person in the car in case we get pulled over lol, and I pass, so good enough.


I'm half middle eastern half white and i was pretty good friends with one of the few black people in my high-school and made some jokes regarding his race, nothing terribly distasteful but there were other things I could have teased him about. I feel terrible when I think back about it as an adult.


These are all the LA Latinos who go on Foosgonewild to be explicitly racist towards blacks and talk shit about any Latinos who support BLM. . They just don’t like anything having to do with black people.


Having gone to an inner city high school in LA, most of the school fights were between Mexican clicks and black crews. Then you have Armenians/Filipinos backing up the Mexicans against the black kids.


That mentality of “at least I’m not black” thrives out there. Cant say I’ve seen it much in the Bay Area however.


None of them can afford a housewife.


These guys couldn’t get laid in a whore house.


Proud Boys suck balls.


"We go down quick." I mean, their words.


The "stand back and stand by" comment really cemented the Trump - Proud Boys relationship. Fuck those racists.


[Proud Boys: stand back; stand by](https://youtu.be/JZk6VzSLe4Y) I really wonder what history is gonna look like for that dumb assed time


Honestly I take comfort knowing it was a time of a huge civil rights movements and none of their straw man arguments will be remembered, all that will be remembered is in 2020 they were against civil rights.


Housewife…lol. The 1950’s are calling…


Man it sure is strange that they all throw the same "okay" symbol exactly the same way. certainly couldn't be a white power symbol... right wing media told me it was definitely just a joke bro.


Those two guys holding the trump flag backwards smh


clearly those dudes are antifa plants there to make the ***Proud Bots*** look stupid


Americas worst.


They're not sending their best.


Or their brightest.


If they are single they can always go fuck themselves


Imagine being brown and flashing a White Power sign. How "Cuck" (am I using that right?) does one have to be?


[Here's Samoan Proud Boy Tiny throwing 'white power' sign with Roger Stone and a bunch of his fascist buddies](https://rosecityantifa.org/images/pb-2/tinynam.png) BTW the NAM flag is the [national anarchist movement](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National-anarchism) And also, [Roger Stone is literally a cuck](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6640233/Inside-Roger-Stones-swinging-marriage-posted-ads-online-frequented-sex-clubs.html)


Wait, Roger Stone is a cuck? Paul Manafort is a cuck... at least according to those texts that his daughter's sent one another. That's kinda weird considering how trump and Epstein got along.


The photos of his wife are terrifying.


Incel coachella






How to be an insecure man and be a domestic terrorist.


Such idiots on full display


Virgins cosplaying as COD characters.


Cosplaytriots. With the optional incel accessory bundle.


Those dickheads all take their gear off before going back to the LA streets because they know if they kept it on they'd get their asses handed to them


Right. And why are they even in LA in the first place? They are always talking shit on it… go protest in whatever backwards town you live in.


Seriously. Back to riverside you simpleton fucks!


Nothing to be Proud about here. Should call them the "Pathetic Boys".


Reading the stories on qanoncasualties sub I see why they’re single. Many stories of how, “I’m leaving/divorcing my significant other because of how deep the rabbit hole they’ve gone.”


Proud Boys Profile Likes: Fascism and Trump. Dislikes: Everybody.


Fall love fest. Proud boys. They are literally stealing from the 90s gay community. Il I love it.


Another successful meeting of *The Small Penis Club*


No, we did not let them in the club. We have a rule against hate speech.


Many of these people are now radical fascist and you want to know the kicker? They don’t realize it! These people are direct result of right wing propaganda directed at them by FOX since 1997!




I guess they're not having any luck on the Fascists Only dating site.


Fuck anti-facists? So either they are admitting they are Facist or they are admitting they hate themselves. Either way what a bunch of fucking morons.


Sad boys without proud girls :(


One of the things about the proud boys that always got me was how people would claim they aren't bigots when they are blatantly misogynistic. Like its in their mission statement. That's a form of bigotry...


What a bunch of sad lil boys, can't do anything by themselves. Can't even find a partner on their own. Lovers, every last one of them.