Lady attacked by photographer at medical freedom flag wave in Spokane, Washington

Lady attacked by photographer at medical freedom flag wave in Spokane, Washington


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He looked like he was defending himself to me


Yeah I just see a woman shoving a dude, dude defending himself, and a crowd descending on the dude ‘cause “you NEVER hit a woman.” You could argue that the dude didn’t need to swing the camera, but he had a few people around him and probably panicked. 8/10 deserved camera to the face.


He was stepping up on her and she pushed him away. It’s right there in the video. Jesus Christ…


He was trying to pass and she wouldn't let him. Then physically pushed/punched at him.


>He was trying to pass and she wouldn't let him. You're delusional.


Okay. He's surrounded by three people being aggressive. He tries to walk away. The woman stays in his path while walking backward. He tries to veer right and she grabs at him. She gets hit in the face. You are mentally deficient.


> He tries to walk away. By walking through the lady? Stop.


He tried walking and she clearly pushes him with her forearm. She got what she asked for. And the “hero” at the end shouting “you do not hit a woman” is a douchebag. I don’t care who it is…if you touch me or assault me, I’m going to defend myself, regardless of gender. Don’t want to get knocked the fuck out? Then keep your hands to yourself.


well walking around her would be much easier, but she insists on maintaining her position in front of the man no matter how much he manuvers.


1. Who hit you in the fuckin head when you were a child? 2. Why did they use a god damn hammer? 3. Why didn't they swing harder?


Is this a "note to self"?


Even your comebacks are a little... Slow. I genuinely wonder how much (or little) I would have to do to have you un-ironically call me a Sheeple... Lol.


He walks around her, closer to the wall. She walks closer to the wall to block him. Stop with the apologia.


Why did she have her phone 3 inches from his face and push him first? Wish we could see her side of the video.


I’m with you on this.


In the video he had a big gap he could of gone through but instead pushes her along the wall.


so, your just going to ignore the fact that he tried to move through a gap, and when he did she moved in his way and elbowed him? Yall ok? to much lead in the water?


She was being pushed along the wall he had a different way out. Just what it looks like.


The guy was walking towards the wall because going through that gap puts him in the middle of three angry people


Yeah, she was trying to get him out of her face. Not getting why people can’t see this. I’m tempted to say screw her, as she’s apparently one of the antimaskers, but jesus, this is quite obvious.




Well he didn’t defend himself. What he did was use a reasonable amount of force to detain someone under a citizens arrest. But I wouldn’t call it defending himself. I’m glad he did it though


"Your honor, this elderly woman gingerly pushed my client away so my client was within his rights to smash her face in with a large, blunt object." The law isn't as straight-forward as redditors think - just because you're in the "right" to defend yourself doesn't mean you get a free pass to annihilate your "attacker." No judge worth their salt would look at that video and say "he absolutely did everything correct and Granny deserved to have her face smashed in." She didn't look too bad in the video so he'll probably get a warning but if it was any worse, his ass would be hauled off to jail for assault and disproportionate aggression. Look it up, it's a real thing that gets a lot of people in trouble because they went too far with "defending" themselves and basically became the aggressor.


I agree, if he used too much force he would be guilty of assault or if he had gone and got a blunt object but he didn't, he was assaulted, he defended himself with the items he had in his hands. The old lady was looking for a confrontation and felt safe in her pack. This is clearly self defense and no jury could find otherwise


I gotta go with the poor downvoted guy here, looked like she was pushing him out of her space and he overreacted. Still not sure who was masker and antimasker.


nope, you dont get to place yourself in somebodies way as they retreat then claim "they invaded your space" as you block them purposely


Nah. She and her two friends had him surrounded. He tries to walk away but she stays in his path. He tries to veer to the right and avoid her but Is grabbed by her when he does so. This is when he hits her entirely in self defense. For the "well she only pushed him and he overreacted" crowd... Once again.. Context is everything. This is a what looks to be three people surrounding a man and being clearly aggressive. He's trying to flee and the aggressors have just started to get physical. He has to make fight or flight decisions here.. And if he's already tried to take the flight option, but that option is being physically denied... He's really only left with fight. Really doesn't matter who the antimasker is here.. (Though honestly ask yourself which of these "Sides" have been regularly aggressive towards any media and I think you'll find an answer.) From this video, the cameraman is in the right.


You hit it, context is everything, and the vid is short, so what I saw, flawed though it may be, was what I said previously. Damn good thing we’re not judge and jury.


Nah... You can't really push someone out of "Your Space" if you are the one who is invading someone's space or purposefully impeding their free movement. This woman has done both to the cameraman. She isn't entitled to space she has encroached on. She is entitled to a face full of camera.


I see your point, but I didn’t interpret what I saw in the same way you did. It’s not a big deal, wish there was longer vid for better context.


I don't think it matters what the political stance is. I see you acknowledge she put her hands on him first. I don't think he overreacted, it was self-defence and reasonable force


If someone gets up in your face, pushing them back a bit, as she did, is not unreasonable, and not considered assault. Putting oneself in another persons space in an aggressive manner like he did would be just cause for that.


Son, what an odd fucking take on that situation. You are seething bias via just text ffs. That man is clearly surrounded and having his current walking path obstructed and instead of just allowing him to pass by she put her hands on him and assaulted him by doing so. Had she just let the person pass instead of her and the crew attempting to pin the man to the wall now making limited options to leave, all of this could have been avoided. Do not put your fucking hands on someone else, that simple, if you do plz no surprise Pikachu face when you get a physical response from the other party you just assaulted.


The guy even tries to veer out of her path. That is when she puts hands on him. I'm really starting to believe these people are part of a network of paid assholes. I am certain a sizable number of them are anything but genuine or honest in their actions or words... But whatever.


Son. Interesting take. I didn’t see it like that, though I could be incorrect. It’s what happens when only part of a video is present.


He was stepping up on her and she pushed him away. It’s right there in the video.


He was trying to get away but she was standing in front of him not letting him move. It’s right in the video. He just wants to go and she is not letting him. Then she pushes him, sorry but he wasn’t stepping up on her. He was trying to step away, but yea he could have chosen other direction but I m pretty sure that woman would have tried to block him.


He just doesn't want to believe that despite it being right there on camera. Some fucking people lol.


The Little push defending, you my friend are insane in my opinion.


She put her hands on him first, so she was the aggressor. It doesn't matter that it was "the little push" he used reasonable force to stop her and it worked, his biggest problem was the gang of sexist white knights thinking "you should never hit a woman"


Tja Punsh on the Head could kill the old lady. Little push could be killed yeah you are right. The white knights are trash so.


I disagree, he was moving towards her and she decides to try and give herself some space so she pushes him away, he was moving in, she pushed him, and she gets whacked by a camera, that’s hardly self defence. In the UK at least, he’d be put on trial because she posed no threat to him. Edit: That being said, she looked a tad bit like she was a Karen if you get my drift, context to this would be helpful.


I love that he still looked both ways before crossing the road.


I feel like all the commenters here saying "she was just trying to keep him out of her space", are the kind of people who get in somebodies face while screaming "stay away stay away" and "dont touch me" and following them as they retreat screaming the whole way. "Stay away from me" is the battle cry of assholes that invade others space


Yup. I am a woman and right or wrong one of the hardest lessons I learned in life is, if you don’t want to be hit, don’t throw punches. Just because you think men aren’t supposed to hit women, doesn’t mean they won’t. Save yourselves some trauma and DONT start shit.


Bully 101


Did she hit him first ? Then she deserved what she got . Don't put your hands on ANYONE and expect to get a free pass.


“Medical freedom flag wave” seriously?


Anti-vaxxers are trying to rebrand themselves.


What’s the context?


Looks like she assaulted him first 🥱


She fucked around and found out


That's what I'm wondering, other person looked like they were trying to get by but blocked in.


She pushed him first.


Yeaaah but usually a subtle push like that doesn’t warrant a camera to the teeth


A little forearm shiver from a 65 year old. If he had pushed her back, I’d be fine with it.


... And we never see the photographer guy again. Who took this footage? Good lord. Terrible at their job. Can't even tell what's going on.


Looked like she hit him first


Looked like she was pushing him out of her space, which is fine. Still not sure who was who tho.


you dont get to get in somebodys face, prevent them from removing themselves from the situation, and them claim you were keeping them out of your space. if i walk up to you public and purposely maintain myself in your path, while shouting "stay out of my space", thats cool? i get to claim your invading my space and im in the right if you do anything about it?


It's a win win for them. You walk away you're a "pussy" you protect yourself and they claim assault. It's schoolyard bully 101.


You don't push someone by putting your elbow in their throat.


Her space is everywhere I guess. The guy is pinned against a bollard.


They surrounded him backing him against the wall. I dont know what preceded the start of the video but whatever direction he went in at that moment would have had him in someone's "space". He looked like he was trying to get away from them.


She hit him first and deserved what she got. She fucked around and found out! I’m so tired of these idiots hitting people and getting in their faces, yet expecting us not to retaliate.


Spokane…..Florida of the PNW


Florida's pretty chill. Especially compared to Washington right now, that shits a mess. Sure there's crazy anti-vaxxers ranting off at shcool board meetings and shit but protests here are a joke.




There's definitely crazies but we don't have people clashing in the street over the election or vaccines. Also open carry is illegal here unless you're fishing. You can't do what they're doing in FL.


Open carry is 100% legal in Washington state


Yeah man thats what I'm saying. The situation in Washington couldn't possibly happen in Florida as the states have different laws. Proud boys aren't allowed to do their soldier larp here. Also Floridians are somewhat oblivious. They're usually more concerned with going to the beach or what their doing Friday night. The exception is the middle of the state and the side of the highway type towns. There's no leftist protestors for them to clash with in those places though.


Ok I follow you


She had it comin' She had it comin' She only had herself to blame If you'd have been there If you'd have seen it I betcha you would have done the same


DO NoT HiT a fUckInG WoMaN


Bullshit. I don't care what's in between your legs. You put hands on me, you meet the ground...


What the fuck is a “medical freedom flag wave”?


some people really think they have a right to be a typhoid jerry


Oh, my sweet summer child. People are protesting "muh freedoms" to not get vaccinated, and since they're all indoctrinated into thinking a flag actually means something, they're going to "protest" their loss of rights by waving it around.


Equal rights and lefts


The lady running up at Mach-10 speed just to come to a full stop and say “I should poke your fucking eyeball out” is PERFECT😂 and also “you fucking little cunt bitch”😂




"Do not hit a woman" I'm sorry, but that's sexist. Don't hit anyone, thanks. (ofc that's what he means, I'm not stupid ok?)


You mean photographer defended himself after a lady put her hands on him?


Wonder what was on that memory card


Lol “medical freedom”


Fuck that photographer and shout out the cameraman