ooooh! this is an offshoot of my favorite thing: being lectured to about "gym culture" by a bunch of butterballs who have obviously never set foot in one.


If you read the article, she never even went to the gym, she took a walk and got offended because a bunch of people ignored her


If you have "social anxiety", isnt that a good thing?


Right? But I stopped trying to make sense half-way through


It's called a fat narcissist.


It just enforces why we don’t go out and talk to people, because we will just get ignored.


That’s the thing - she doesn’t. It’s just a way to seem more relatable or to have some kind of “quirk” to make her feel special. She needs to feel like the center of the world.


That's an article??? I thought it's a Tumblr diary post


What's the difference? -2021


You don’t get all your news from random unqualified basement dwellers?


Much the same in many places




Imagine being such a failure of a sentient creature that your main form of locomotion gives you an anxiety attack.


Here’s the perfect video for this: https://youtu.be/YOjvJrSsAWs


Source pls?


>butterballs Nice. Anyway, isn't gym culture helping each other out, spotting form and giving advice? Maybe I just live in a great area or something..


I mean for the most part it's everyone leaving each other alone and trying not to be in the way, but if you see somebody struggling or confused you offer to help, and only really step in when they're obviously going to hurt themselves. At least that's the case in every gym I've been.


This is 100% my approach to lifting. I mind my own business unless asked to help or see someone about to do something egregiously dangerous


The funny thing is that gym culture is more accepting than regular culture. Everyone goes there with the same purpose, respects each other for that and tries to help one another. Well, anyone that ever did more than just squats and hip thrusts and didn't quit two weeks after New Year.


Bruh, gyms are great for mental health, humans are supposed to exercise plus having a healthy body is one step closer to a healthy mind.


Gyms are great for all kinds of stuff. I am a woman and I have met some really nice, super friendly muscular dudes who don't even think of judging you


Gyms are one of the chillest places tbh. Everybodys there for the same reason and doing their own thing. A lot of the people like this have some internalized issues and think everyone in the gym is judging them just because they're in better shape. Nah many were overweight at one point - that's why they're there. Nobody in the gym cares unless you're doing something completely obscene. Plus if you're really that enormous and incapable of even going on a walk, everybody everywhere notices it.. not just people in the gym. Hiding from exercise ain't going to help that.


>Gyms are one of the chillest places tbh. I have a beer fridge and a TV in my gym, and I get to spend an hour with my best friend every morning in there; definitely my favorite place to be on my property. It's like a man-cave and church mixed together.


Are gyms that good? I struggle with anxiety but have wanted to start lifting for forever, problem is I have no clue what I'm doing and I'm also starting out as a literal stickwoman who needs help to carry the groceries. I know I shouldn't be ashamed because I'm precisely going there to fix that, but the thought still lurks in my head


People always have this idea that gyms are some judgemental place, but they're not. People don't go to the gym to bully others, they go to work on themselves. Everybody has to start somewhere, and whether that's very overweight, or no body definition at all, it's still somewhere...


There's also gyms like planet fitness that tailor and market to overweight people.


Most people who go to the gym are too focused on their own workout and bettering themselves to give a fuck about anybody else. There's usually some nice supportive camaraderie but that's about the extent of interaction. I think the biggest reason why these fat lazy SJWs honestly don't like gyms but are too afraid to admit the truth so they make up a lie about gym rats being judgmental and mean is because people at the gym shatter their narcissistic world view and make them go "WAAAAA why isn't everybody paying attention to MEEEEEEE" Combine all the above facts with the growing sentiment that avoiding interaction with any kind of SJW is the best course of action for self preservation and you've got the SJWs attitude towards gyms, and basically everything else. When you can be cancelled for saying words of encouragement but not *in the exact right phrasing* and you'll definitely be cancelled for saying the truth. Many of us have learned to simply not say anything at all is the best course of action. This of course is somehow just as bad, hence all the "silence is violence" bullshit. But at least you have plausible deniability when you said and did literally nothing.


Most people just mind their own business at the gym I go to. I broke my ankle a few years ago and i hasn't healed properly. So low impact cardio is my only option for stress relief.


I'm pretty sure most people there seeing a fat person would be happy seeing someone trying to get better more than anything.


Idk what this persons on about, gyms & exercise is great for mental health, you have a feeling of accomplishment & that you’re actually doing something with your life. Everybody in a gym is kinda nice as long as you’re not an asshole. Like it’s fine to be ok with your body but you don’t have to blame gyms & ‘gym culture’ for you not losing weight & your ‘mental illness’, also you can literally Google & get multiple articles about how mental health can be improved by exercise.


They absolutely are! I had brain surgery for my epilepsy back in December, and I’ve been dealing with PTSD due to it and some past shit with the epilepsy itself. Ever since I got back in the gym a few months ago, my mental health has been in its best state of my life


> plus having a healthy body is one step closer to a healthy mind Having a healthy body is having a healthy mind. Your mind is just the chemical reactions of your body.


Could use less fox news on the tvs sometimes tho but yes.


Me in the first half: "Whatever, just work out at home." Me in the second half: "Oh you are fat and/or lazy and dont want to have to change that. Carry on then."


it almost read like "i wanna work out, but im too anxious :(" then switched to "youre a bigot if i have to work out"


No, it's worse than that. It's "you're a bigot if you think working out is good."


Your fitness makes me unhappy with my own decisions


*Flexes in their face*


I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how ripped I am.




Cool. If that's what qualifies as being a bigot, then I am one. I'm not about to sacrifice my own health and my own well-being because this particular infowarrior posts on twitter instead of their vehicle.


Based and bigot-pilled.


Why yes, I am a bigot. Also can I get a side or racist please?






I thought it was another Libleft bad until I read the second half Yeah that dude's probably very unhealthy Also yay for throwing around buzzwords and discarding their meaning for pity points!


Workout at home is much better IMO


Because of the 40 pixels making up this image I thought it said "guns" instead of gyms


This will be sadly entertaining if they ever open the draft again and there are furries all over the news claiming that their Furry civilization is pacifist. Russia: “I don’t know if I really want to rule those people”


Lol Russia wouldn’t stand a chance even if it was an army of furries. Our military is light years ahead of theirs


Part of my point is we wouldn’t have much of an army. Too many furries getting counseling and having non-violent sit downs to protest the rights of the latest letter added to LGBTQ- whatever else comes next now. :P


What we call laziness doesn't actually exist. There is only trauma. Made up or not, that text screams of a person traumatized.


If it weren't for the undue stress on the healthcare industry driving up insurance costs for the rest of us, I couldn't give a single fuck about hamplanets eating themselves to death. But because their suicidal actions actually impact my wallet, I do feel a kinda way, and these people should just an hero themselves or suck it up and get healthy. Stop with the slow death, either solve the problem or take care of it quickly.


Insurance costs should be based on the individual. Guberment regulations screwing up things as usual.


>ableist as FUCK I literally saw a video on reddit of a man with no lower half getting his workout in. People with disabilities can still exercise, and keep in shape. Fucking dunces, man...


Like there is literally the Paralympics, full of people with disabilities that probably go to the gym every day


If you don’t mind if I chime in, there’s also some options for people with disabilities on wheelchairs. For example, wheelchair basketball. [Terry Fox](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Fox) (one of canada’s most revered heroes) was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t able to play regular basketball, yet he won three National Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Vancouver. [Here’s](https://onpara.ca) a list of other wheelchair sports if anyone’s interested.


I remember once a guy who was born with no legs and quite short arms came to our school to talk, and he said to us that, by and large, people with disabilities are more health conscious, and that disability or not, the people who get things done are the people who go and do the thing.


>ableist as Fuck Que the Ricky


The Ricky?








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So, actually went and read that article… What do you want to bet that the author would happily scream “fOlLoW tHe ScIeNcE!” at someone who doesn’t like lockdowns or wearing masks but will happily ignore the overwhelming evidence behind the role physical activity plays in physical and mental health. Bonus points because they whine about “access” (gYmS cOsT mOnEy) but having a facility with equipment conducive to your goals, an atmosphere that encourages you to work harder is super important for some people. The ritual of having a defined location and equipment for one’s routine is super helpful for keeping people compliant to their physical activity.


I like how she also makes assumptions about "gym culture" and how "fat people get treated like shit", despite basically admitting to never having actually set foot in a gym. Ever seen a land whale at a gym? It's the greatest thing ever, like good for you for trying to improve yourself, fuck yeah, keep going. If you're a fatass and want to stop being a fatass and don't know how or need encouragement, walk into your nearest gym and ask the first roidbro you see for help, you'll get it.


Yup. Gym culture is awesome. Sure, you get the odd asshole or total narcissist but I doubt it’s any more than you do in the gen pop.


Or find someone with a decent home gym and ask them if they'd be willing to train you privately (offer to compensate them of course) until you are familiar enough with basic equipment, compound movements, reading a training plan etc. Then when you're ready you can move on to a commercial gym and not feel so awkward and out-of-place. I've trained some really, really out of shape people in my gym over the years. I don't care where you're starting from, I'm just happy you want to make improvements, and the only person you should focus on competing with is you from yesterday. I really do like being able to provide a private environment where people can learn one-on-one so they can focus on learning the basics without that fear of judgment intruding in and distracting them. Even then though there's some people, usually heavier women, who still feel too self conscious at first with a jacked dude training them, so in those cases I draw up a training plan with them, go over some form basics and then my wife takes them on as a training partner and they just do girl time. I'll check in from time to time to assess progress, check form/movement patterns etc, but for the most part I'll stay out of the gym while they're there until they've built up more confidence.


That's great. You seem like a really cool dude.


I'm fortunate enough to have my own gym, something most people don't have, and a passion for fitness; if I can't use those things to benefit my community then what's the point?


Follow the science except for: Biology in sex Weight loss Mental illness conditions Parental households and child rearing Solving math problems Etc


Idk what this idiot is smoking to think gyms are bad for your mental and physical health. Took a while off from going to the gym during the height of the pandemic and after my brain surgery last December. Started again a couple months ago, and my physical and mental health is better than ever now


Never been to a gym (used to do blue collar work that involved a fair bit of exercise), but I do find even a 20 minute bike session or some push-ups can do a lot of good for my productivity and my productivity has a massive affect on my mental health.


Hey OP, you got a source on that? I kinda want to see the reasons they listed above so I can make fun of *those* bullshit ideas too


[honestly can't tell if its satire](https://www.google.com/amp/s/thefluteyfeminist.wordpress.com/2018/07/12/fitness-as-worthiness-why-i-will-never-join-a-gym/amp/)


>In December 2016, I sustained a wrist injury through playing the flute. So this is the type of person we're reading about...


From the very next page titled "I Am Afraid of Men:" >I am afraid of men. Mostly white men. Specifically white, cis/het men. They instill fear in me. But then: >I have, miraculously (literally), never been physically assaulted or harassed by men. I’ve been catcalled once. *My fears are driven by the knowledge of what men are capable of doing to me.* "I've never been mugged by a black dude, but when I see one I cross the street because I know they *could* mug me." That's the level of reasoning here. This person is fucked in the head, like borderline persecution complex: "If I go for a walk people judge me! If I *don't* go for a walk people will judge me! Men are probably going to attack me! Even my flute violently injured my wrist despite the fact that it's the only thing I ever have or ever will blow!" Edit: >I am scared of being shot by a man in a mass shooting. Just look up the United States of America. Yes, I live in Canada, Just, like, WOW. Fucking wow.


>Even my flute violently injured my wrist This fucking got me, lmao


>being “fit” is an obsession and where going to the gym is akin to going to church and praying to God. Um, yep, my gym absolutely IS my church, I pray to the Iron Gods 6 days/week and in return they have blessed me with bountiful gains. Why does that offend these people, do I not have the right to freedom of religion?


Based and exercise magic pilled


"And Arnold spoke to them thusly: 'Eat the Dianabol, for this is my body. And inject the Primobolan, for this is my blood. Do this in remembrance of the 7 times I won the Olympia, and the gains shall flow down to you.' And so they ate the Dianabol and injected the Primo, and verily the gains did flow down to them." I mean, every good religion has Holy Sacraments right?


Thanks OP


>even going to walks often give me anxiety average woman


When will people realise that if its not a clinical issue then mere exposure can desensitize them. Do it more often to get rid of the anxiety, thats literally what therapists do, but no, bitches want to stay coveted in their comfort bubble


Probably lives in a nearly crime free suburb and is afraid of crime


Calls the police when the car parked across the road is a Honda not a Mercedes


Wtf is that creature talking about ?


If they wanna live unhealthy lives and die sooner that’s up to them. You can’t argue with Mother Nature and if you think you can she will bend you over and fuck you harder than anything else in existence.


>she will bend you over and fuck you harder than anything else in existence. I dont know, have you met my uncle jack?


Your uncle jack just is a bitch to Mother Nature’s will.


Tell that to my 10 year old self...


It's up to them as long as our taxes don't have to desyrup their blood. Get fat and die on your own dime.


Hehehehe fat bitch


Tell me you are fat without telling me you are fat


She hurt her wrist playing the flute, no surprise she doesnt like the gym.


My wrists sound like a cement mixer after years of playing bass and guitar.


Wtf guys “bad opinion” is libleft Everyone laugh or I’ll detonate the bombs in your house or something


Working out is great for your mental health, taking care of your body in general is really important. How can that line of thinking be “ableist” like what?


Because the lady writing the article believes in the ignorance of what I’ll hereby refer to as “extreme body positivity.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with body positivity. Personally I have a pretty heavy/muscular build, others don’t; I don’t mind and they don’t either. However, some people like to push the fact that obesity and “overweightness” is actually a good thing, and people who work out and are proud of their healthy lifestyle (not being narcissists) are ableists or are being annoying—[here’s an example](https://youtube.com/shorts/hDtZan9ejuo?feature=share). So, why is this extreme body positivity a problem? Well, the fact is that some people are just trying to find a reason for their unhealthy lifestyle and try to tell people to “stop exercising” or the cynical “everybody judges you.” Furthermore, they push this agenda about why healthy people who maintain their bodies are, y’know, ableist and that if you stop working out you’ll be happier than before which is factually [incorrect](https://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/index.html). In any case, it’s best to just leave these people alone since this kind of behaviour typically derives from trauma. So no, if you work out you’re not ableist, and extreme body positivity is a bad thing.


Nothing to see here, just your standard mental gymnastics to justify your own weakness.


This is just the long version of "I'm too lazy"


How is working out punishing yourself?


Coddling yourself is self care /s


It means she doesn’t like getting up and doing the exercise part. Very much she can’t so no one should vibes


I don't care if you're fat and you're fine with that. But why belittle those who aren't?


I’ve posted this in another comment thread, here you go. >Because the lady writing the article believes in the ignorance of what I’ll hereby refer to as “extreme body positivity.” >Now, there’s nothing wrong with body positivity. Personally I have a pretty heavy/muscular build, others don’t; I don’t mind and they don’t either. However, some people like to push the fact that obesity and “overweightness” is actually a good thing, and people who work out and are proud of their healthy lifestyle (not being narcissists) are ableists or are being annoying—here’s an example. So, why is this extreme body positivity a problem? Well, the fact is that some people are just trying to find a reason for their unhealthy lifestyle and try to tell people to “stop exercising” or the cynical “everybody judges you” Furthermore, they push this agenda about why healthy people who maintain their bodies are, y’know, ableist and that if you stop working out you’ll be happier than before which is factually incorrect. In any case, it’s best to just leave these people alone since this kind of behaviour typically derives from trauma. >So no, if you work out you’re not ableist and extreme body positivity is a bad thing.


There is a MASSIVE difference between “I’m fat but I will not hate myself or let others bully me for it” and “I’m clinically obese and that’s healthy and good.”


There's a difference between being comfortable in one's own skin and actively trying to change others' to fit your mould. This person acts like they're happy being large when in reality they're so insecure that they can't see someone healthier than them without their brain shutting down.


“I shouldn’t have to work for anything and frankly I’m offended that you’d ask me to”


>even going for walks sometimes give me anxiety Maybe you have serious mental issues that you need to sort out before talking about fitness?


Haha, stronk go brrrr.


Health == oppression Nice one libLeft.


I hate people like this. These are the actual privileged people. I go through stuff I can’t control, stuff I don’t have a say in. This is just a lazy bastard.


bruh just put your damn AirPods in, turn in some Netflix, and work tf out. i can guarantee most others at the gym are too busy to start passing judgment on other people because they're thinking the same thing. this is ridiculous


During the lockdown when I stopped working out I hit my lowest point and when the local pool opened and as soon as I went back to working out I instantly felt better. Anytime I have issues I like to swim a bunch of laps. 99.9% this does the trick.


Imagine not going to the gym and complaining about the gym


I don't feel good about working out and I don't feel better after it. Do I stop and say "I don't want to do this!"? No, I get my willpower and push through. This alone makes me better than the fat lazy idiots who say things like that.


I’m reading this while blowing up my gyms toilet lmao


What low testesterone does to a mf


I’ve been going to the gym for a bit more than a year, and it has been possibly one of the best things I’ve done for myself in my life. It hasn’t just improved my physical state, it’s taught me the value of hard work, and greatly improved my self-image, among many other things. Gyms are gigabased, and nobody can change my mind on this issue.


Imma hit the gym see y'all later


I get being afraid of ridicule as that's very common in people who want to work out, but it's still important to find an alternative if you feel that way. If you don't like your body, it *will* affect your mental health. If you need inspiration, look at the Paralympics. There are people with no legs that are in better shape than most.


Anytime I doubt myself, worry I'm not good enough, that I'm an imposter, I stop and remember this person exists, and then suddenly I feel OK about my position in the world.




Ableism is based.


Everyone, just a reminder that I plan on being quite the benevolent dictator and will totally ship every quadrants weirdos to Australia (sorry mates, but the precedent was set). Just push em’ in the middle and I’ll hire Killdozer to scoop them up.


I feel bad for this person if they had a bad experience at a gym. Gyms are places where you shouldn’t be judged and almost like a sanctuary. Where strengthening your body feels good and releases endorphins. If this person was pushed to go beyond their limit or feel stressed in a gym, I feel bad for them because that’s not what the experience should be.




With the mental health bit I couldn't disagree but the bit about it being ablist makes no sense


Do ***NOT*** put that ***SHIT*** in ***MY GODAMN QUADRANT***


Ableism is based.


HOW, all my gym experiences where ppl were being very chill and welcoming, and I have social anxiety. Those people normally try to help and not be pushy to newcomer.


That is the silliest thing ever


These are the same people who say "don't misuse terms such as depression and rape because it dilutes the impact the said action or condition has" and then term feeling a little uncomfortable anxious. Worst thing? These clowns think everything is a personal experience and if someone else (even a qualified medical practitioner) tells them what they have self diagnosed themselves with isn't what they think it is and are just misusing the said term, they are bigots and don't care about mental health.


Agreed 1,000 times. Add the use of "traumatized" for any inconvenience.


Working out and taking control of my fitness has been *the most* mentally restorative change I have made in 2021.


We’ve strayed too far from monke


Love thy self even if it's actually bad for my health


As a libleft, what the fuck


It ok. We'll just take all the people with chronical illess in. np.


How you tell someone you are a fat lazy person without saying it.




Hitting the gym has been 100 times better for my mental health than any psychiatrist I ever went to. In fact, I even stopped going after I started getting serious with my physique. It doesn't need to be the gym though, just workout, get some resistance bands and you can do it at home, but will you make friends and get invited to go play football or whatever at Saturdays afternoon? Hardly. But my guess is sooner or later you'll want to hit the gym


How did libleft become the quadrant for people with mental disorders?


Everytime I hear someone say "I have anxiety disorder" I am skeptical. Either you are in treatment for it or not. And if not, then you are a liar or a loser or an asshole. Or all three. And are trying to hide your liarness, loserness, or assholes behind a self diagnosis.


Who dat douchebag?


May I ad my „WTF“?


I hate gyms. I also run frequently, have a sub 230 marathon pb, ran a 4 minute mile in college, and have a vo2 max of 66. You don't need to go to the gym to stay fit if you really don't want to.


I don’t think this person knows what ableist means. Or several other things for that matter.


This would have also worked well with the “how’s it goin libleft” meme template


Gyms are great for both physical and mental health. Ofc u may feel uncomfortable and awkward at first and feel like everyone’s judging u, but seeing urself develop and improve overtime far outweighs the negatives. Also, I saw a video of a guy with no legs doing pull-ups with ease, and have seen ppl with prosthetics working out at my own gym, so I don’t see how it’s ableist either


Speaking for center... WTF


Go to the gym, that shit changed my life for the better


There is no reason that this article should exist. Bitch and moan to someone who actually cares.


It’s always someone else’s fault


Why do they always write like children?


“That line of thinking is ableist as fuck” Except… Physical therapy, for physically disabled people, is literally exercising, usually in an environment 100% akin to a gym. So, what are they suggesting, the physically disabled just wilt away?


Exercise at home. Most muscle exercise can easily be done just by your body weight and maybe a few weights. Heck that's what I do. Cardio is literally just going on a walk for 30-60 minutes per day.


Broke: defending your hobby Woke: assaulting other people's hobbies


Too lazy to read your wall of text, so I'ma just make assumptions and say all things in moderation. Not only is exercise addiction a real (and hilarious) thing that *can* fuck you up like *any* other addiction, you also risk fucking all your joints if you're not careful. So unless you plan to die by, like, 45, make sure you don't give yourself premature everything-arthritis.


You are fat and will die of heart disease, you have weak muscles and cannot do important physical labor, you have bad cardio and cannot run from danger, and none of this anyone's fault but yours


Antibased, and not serotoninpilled


I can relate to this, working out in public in front of other people has its problems... or with a trainer even. I work out at home instead, in private.


Hmm interesting


If walking is that hard, can't these people just quit complaining and off themselves?


Isn't there actual science that says that exercising boosts mental health in all sorts of ways?