Wish we can turn back time to the good ol da-ays

Wish we can turn back time to the good ol da-ays




If you were born of e-celeb drama, it will be your downfall


Unless your pyro, then you expose them for being a lair, destroy their channel and upload a 1 hour video review about Logan Paul's airplane mode.


Based and HeJerksOffToFurryPorn-piled


He’s not a child groomer, he just gets off to dragon vore yiff Also his dark souls character makes sense now


Pyro is the rare Chad Furry


Bro pyro is definitely a groomer I meet him yesterday and he gave me the freshest hair cut I ever had


Don't we all?


I do




Man I remember when he was just a montage parody channel.


Filthy Frank looking like a god damn prophet getting out early.


Got out just in time and now we get Joji good timeline


The good ending.


A smart man does smart moves.


I do miss him horribly tho. I want another in the cake series 😭


the jewish kid that adopted his legacy is exactly the same. look up Filthyfrank2


Filthy frank2 is shit compared to the original. I think there’s better channels to watch instead if you liked filthy frank


Live by the sword, die by the sword.


H3H3 used to be fun to watch :(


People will do exactly what you give them incentive to do. Social media algorithms rewards "engagement." Things like comments and duration watched. So you do your first political video and you see a surge in comments as people argue against each other. Then you stir up some drama or talk shit about another popular youtuber and you see the same thing- big spike in "engagement." Then you keep drifting down that path until you're making retarded gotcha videos with Steven Crowder.


This hits painfully accurate...


Based. If that aint the truth...


I'm not even against those types of things. If he wants to talk politics Im all for it. The way he does though is so cringy that I can't even try to be entertained. How can someone be so brilliant for cultural commentary and then go full retard with politics?


Because thoughtful measured conversations don't drive the same level of engagement. Take Ben Shapiro. His most popular videos aren't the ones where he has an amicable conversation. The popular ones are the ones where he "OWNS THE DUMB CUCK LIBTARDS AND DESTROYS COLLEGE SOCIALIST WITH FACTS AND LOGIC!!!!!11!1!1!


stopped watching a little while after their collab with PayDay 2 dropped, their content dipped after it


I never really watch H3H3 but when I do I can only watch him for like a minute before clicking off. He’s just that boring.


His brand of humor that he got famous for was super juvenile. That isnt necessarily a bad thing, you just cant pull it off nearly as well once youre a gray haired bag of milk.


I have never seen him talk without thinking to myself "wow, this guy is an imbecile" Not once have a seen him make an intelligent comment. Not a fan, only heard about him over the fair use lawsuit. The guy is so dumb I judge anyone that claims to be a fan and just assume they are as dumb or worse


He used to be really good years ago when he was doing edgy vids with iDubbbz. He's cucked now


Only thing I’ve enjoyed from him in the last few years was his podcast with Papa John but even that was fucking annoying with how much Ethan interrupted him. He was funny way back in the day but he’s since been cucked by Susan Wojcicki and lost his appeal.


His takes aren't even good either. He thinks his political commentary is polished as hell, just cause his commentary on Internet drama was. Politics is a way different beast than dunkin on Ethan Bradberry. Not to mention that he did this low quality, lazy commentary on his podcast for so long, even his Internet drama takes have gone rusty. Evident from his "content nukes" on Keemstar. Like he was being debunked by teenagers like Turkey Tom, this is embarrassing.


He isnt even good at politics. It feels like searched up "liberal grifter talking points" and just repeats them. This motherfuckers made an entire podcast based on stiring up drama and petty vendettas (James Charles Grooming lies) and cancelling people, after which his co-host came out and called him a sexual abuser.


He is a basic liberal. The most conventional ones with all the right opinions which change according to contemporary fads.


It’s basically just to avoid getting cancelled and maximize views it’s nasty


He's trying to keep his current income and not get canceled. It's a wonder he hasn't been smeared already for some of the stuff he's said/done (all of it was hilarious.) Same with Hunter Avalone. He claims "Vaush made me see the light" at the most convenient time possible. It's what happens when you make people afraid to speak BUT...their career is speaking and trying to be funny.


It's kinda funny how he'll call out Keemstar for being a racist, but there are compilations of him using gamer words and saying how he is unironically afraid of Black people.


I also love how hunter used to at least look semi pit together in his videos, but now he looks a messy greaseball. Just like vaush


It's weird. I feel like that is a "style" some people try to emulate. Or being a leftist really is a mental illness. Idk.


Uncle Ted agrees


Universities: Normal people go in, brainwashed nutjobs come out.


Shoe0nHead also shifted at a very convenient time from what was hot (anti-sjw) to what is hot today (socialism). They'll shift again when convenient.


They’re just money hungry whores who are too afraid to admit they’re money hungry whores. Everyone I know in real life instantly knows how much of a money hungry whore I am cause I ain’t no bitch


libright moment


Gotta hustle


To be fair, shoe seems to have always been quite left. She has supported bernie forever right. She was just anti sjw, because the sjw videos were legit crazy.


At least she’s entertaining


wtf are you talking about? Hunter's channel's in the shitter after moving left, and from I could see his change was very gradual




I find it hard to believe Hunter and Ethan went from Centrist/Center Right-ish weird to lefty mirrors of themselves in a matter of weeks. In Ethans case his wife is lowkey AuthRight and always has been. So I find it...odd. almost...like he's lying.


He probably just watches Kyle kulinsky and TYT and repeats a censored version.


He doesn't even watch those, man straight up watches CNN, if he watched Kyle Kulinsky he'd be 10 times more intelligent.


There's a reason he found someone else to fight his debates for him.


>after which his co-host came out and called him a sexual abuser. Oh rlly? Any sources?


No its probably bullshit because it comes from Trisha Paytas. Im inclined to not believe her but the matter of the fact is its just karma, he went around trying to cancel people and then Trisha went after him


Tell that to a h3h3 fanboy, they defend the most dumbest shit Ethan says such as him unironically saying everybody in the Catholic church is a pedo


"wHaT dOeS tHe ChUrCh Do oThEr ThAn RaPe KiDs? "


Meanwhile, priests and teachers have pretty much identical rates of molestation...




Based and Deus Vult-pilled


I wish.... one day, if they start doing it again, then i’d become a catholic in a heartbeat.


I've been a particularly devout catholic as a child but then the reality of the Church has slowly pushed me away to the point where nowadays I wouldn't even call myself a theist at all. But if we went back to some actual fucking holy wars, I'd carry that cross and march east 'till kingdom come.


A modern crusade would be hilarious tbh, probably make the Bay of Pigs look professional by comparison


Bold word for someone from small hat tribe


I’ve seen edited version where the video then proceeds to show numerous cases of rabbis groping children.


I'm sure that's just some deeply held ritual they practice




Oh NOW you have a problem with implicit biases AuthRight?


He’s such a royal fucking cuck boy now… literally got famous for shutting on sjws, becomes sjw, gets pegged by Susan Wajitsu


Then of course makes a whole show with a mentally ill drama queen to exploit her for money, literal trash-tv.


God, that Sam whathisface bait and switch debacle was fucking cringe. I haven't watched anything from H3H3 since 2018 or so, I can't believe this is the same dude.


Yeah for sure, but also Crowder is such a fucking worthless coward.


Sam Hyde?


Sam Seder, but yes Hila pretending not to know who Sam Hyde is was cringe too.


Oh ok


MDE.tv is still going strong though


It’s simple 1. YouTube rewards engagement and politics provides engagement 2. He’s a pussy who is afraid to get cancelled so he went the “safe” route


Because it's impossible for him to belueve what he talks about


Don't let this distract you from the time when H3H3 talked about rape in ancient times and even George Miller (Filthy Frank) thought he was overstepping boundaries.


"Women are...like... to be conquered" He also dropped so many n-bombs iDubbbz told him to chill.


the funny part was when pewdiepie had his gamer moment on the bridge and h3 was on his podcast talking about how bad that was, forgetting the idubbz episode where he had a grand time saying "n****r f****t" over and over again. after people called him out we got another podcast episode were he desperately tried to explained why when he did it it was different.


Meanwhile his Israeli ex-military wife is 10 times more masculine than him. She probably conquers his pudgy ass


She pegs him for sure


I mean, he has mentioned milking his prostate before.


I need evidence of him saying this, buddy.


I have none, I made it up. No but seriously it was an old podcast episode of his. I couldn't for the life of me be fucked to find it.


Based and made-up pilled


Is it even worth stating that she's "ex military"? I thought they have near-mandatory service for women?


It's like "assless chaps" people just like saying it even though it is redundant or implied


How many Palestinian toddlers did she shoot?


I’ve often thought the same thing


Lmao when was he dropping n bombs? I used to watch H3 but I don't remember that.


He had iDubbbz on the podcast and they were talking about him using the n-word so frequently. Ethan decides to try it out, and just says it, hard-r, over and over and over, until Ian is like "Alright, that's too much''


Weird. Yeah I don't watch the podcast. It's long and cringy. I miss old h3h3




Franku got tame when he started signing record deals


I refuse to believe that all of Filthy Frank's fire inside of him died out.


It hasn't died just been properly channeled into a solid music career


And good for him.


Probably not. But developing a seizure disorder after pretending to have seizures for years for videos has got to make a man weary.




Yeah he posted a not-in-character video about it, very honest and uncomfortable about it, and I guess the fans were not happy with it so he deleted it. Here’s the reupload https://youtu.be/eIxNvsoZXTg


It's why he stopped making videos


To be fair, when you make a long format live podcast you will inevitably say some dumb shit. The thing that grinds my gears is he makes a living calling out dumb shit people do but does the same thing himself. Plus his producer will delete every critical post in his sub. He's such a hypocrite. His content now seems to just stir up drama and getting people cancelled by mob justice. The most ironic thing is his favourite arch-enemy Keemstar is basically a trashier version of himself wouldn't his wife keep him in check.


Wow, I never knew Filthy Frank created Mad Max


H3 peaked with the dashboard tiki dancer video. Holy shit he used to be fun to watch. I stuck with the podcast for as long as I could but you can’t pay me to listen now


Remember when he called out Casey Neistat when he basically said that everyone who voted for Trump is the devil even though Ethan himself was a Hillary supporter? I want that guy back.


Once you go into politics, there's no going back. Centrism is bliss.




There is another option


Based and unflaired-is-the-real-centrist pilled?!?




It got weird and I stopped watching


1 word Podcast


Another Word Sponsers


The generation of moron youtubers who got famous off drama then went down the l i b t a r d cuck path Its like with comedians too


Steven bad cause he hurt my feewings🤬🤬 Oldh3h3 was so much better than the retarted one today


He's just a lefty shill now


When our mama sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out


"You don't even have to think about it dude, like come one bro, why would you question the government dude just accept everything they say."


H3H3 is pretty cringe now


both the old him and the old Ricegum would clown their new selves


Remember when he had his audience contact Keemstars sponsors so he would lose them, then Keemstar's audience contacted his sponsors and sent a video of him saying the gamer word?


It can't get any worse than his statement about the bombing of Dresden.


What was it? I refuse to listen in order to not get terminal brain cancer.


Basically Ethan said that in WW2 the U.S bombing of Dresden was illegitimate because: 1) WW2 had ended 2) There were no military sites there, it was unjustified 3) It killed a shit ton of people. What Ethan didn't realize was that he was parroting neo-nazi talking points and like all things neo nazi, was a lie (sorry auth-center) 1) WW2 was still happening, peace/surrender did not occur 2) There WERE military sites that could justifiably be hit during a state of war 3) Ethan's number of casualties was inflated by like 25x. When you drop illiterate talking points, it makes you look really dumb,


That is so retarded, no wonder he’s such a joke now


Does Ethan not do research at all? His points and your rebuttals are basically the top two paragraphs of the wikipedia article for The Bombing of Dresden. Like, 15 seconds. ​ You did say his points were illiterate. I guess you meant it lol.


"You don't even have to think about it." - Ethan 'The Fallen' Klein


>2) There WERE military sites that could justifiably be hit during a state of war They killed 25000 civilians in 3 days. Sure there were military targets there. But why then did they target the civilian areas of the city multiple nights in a row.


Oh, it was definitely vengeful in spirit. From a tactical standpoint it was to demoralize the German population and ensure there would not be a regrouping/defensive from the routing German front lines, which could further delay surrender. The european nations in the allied front at this point were pretty much tapped; they couldn't afford a German counterattack.


While it is true that the allies were probably targeting civilians, you also have to remember that they're working with WW2 technology, bombing back then, especially night bombing, was not that accurate, it was a matter of looking at the lights on the ground and hoping it was the targets you were looking for. Some of the bombers sent to Dresden made some navigation mistakes and ended up bombing Prague.


>While it is true that the allies were probably targeting civilians It was the main strategy. This is a quote from Sir Arthur Harris, the commander in chief of the RAF “Dresden? There is not such a place any longer." "I want to point out, that besides Essen, we never actually considered any particular industrial sites as targets. The destruction of industrial sites always was some sort of bonus for us. Our real targets always were the inner cities.” Now Im not trying to garner pity for the germans back then. But Lets be real about allied bombing strategy.


Iirc Dresden was used as an experiment to see if civilian bombings on a massive scale could force a surrender. There were lots of theories before that a massive bombing campaign could force a surrender. Edit: would like to point out, I'd call this a war crime. Experimenting with civilian casualties in war is extremely fucked.


I can’t stand Steven but what Ethan did to him is called a cunt move.


Steven does the same shit with his change my mind videos. It was cringe all around but let’s not pretend Crowder and Seder aren’t literally the same person deep down. They’re both virtue signaling whiny dorks that parrot whatever they need to “own” the opposition and be a “based” representative of their side. We just need Zizek and Peterson to have a discourse like once a month so these losers can vacate the media space already.


21p is cringe and I'm cringe for knowing the reference


Ethan is a redditor confirmed


Wait what? Is H3H3 a Palestinian supporter?


Never forget when H3H3 dropped hard N and hard R and Hard F


Hasan and H3 brainwash their young demographics by feeding them totally biased politics with no nuance and then act like they are literally the smartest people alive. Both are cringe af now.


Other than Hasan, there is no more punchable face


Hmm ,thought he would be pro Isreal since he is a jew himself.


But the other stereotype overrules it ( self hating )


There are many, many, many Jews inside and outside of Israel who are not at all supportive of Israel's actions in Palestine. There is even a large contingent of Jews who vehemently oppose zionism. Nothing is ever that simple my friend


> Nothing is ever that simple my friend Especially with Judaism. Bunch of jokes about a single Jew in a room having an argument, or two Jews with three opinions.


Why you gotta dredge up sad shit


pretty sure he was gross fatboy in 2016 too


I've seen a few H3H3 vids a few years ago and they were fun, I didn't really follow him but it's sad to hear about his downfall


Wait, are they pro palestine now? I know Hila served in military.


politics and controversy sells. Especially when you pander to an increasingly common political market.


YES THANK YOU. When he started doing the podcast with Trisha Paytas, it really began the downfall of him. I don’t even disagree with his political viewslol it’s just, I watched H3 for some goofs and gafs. I don’t want to watch him try and talk about gun control with Steven crowder.


The aging liberal douche demographic vastly overestimates how important their opinions are, as always.


Idc if Ethan talks politics just don’t be scummy about it, he agreed to debate crowder and brought some other guy to do it for him


God I hate h3h3


The man who's married to an ex idf soldier, used the birth right thing to travel to the occupied lands, has an idf father in law, supports palestine? Am I missing something?


He's Jewish as well


He's a cuck


I missed it when he would jump in sewers with Ethan and used to be friends with leafyishere


Peak libright moment.


I feel the same about idubz honestly


H3H3 is a sellout.


What is h3h3?


idek who h3 I'd trying to appeal to. Because he pretends like he's doing a "counter cultural" shoe but he just kisses YouTube's ass and completely denigrates anyone to the right of Stalin. The crowder thing was just awful too. Like "haha you thought we were gonna have a discussion over disagreements we had with eachother but actually we're just gonna prank you." You wonder if he knows he's a shell of his former self


I try to be politically tolerant but the fact that Palestine has any support at all makes me mad.


(((h3))) used to be hilarious, it's sad how boring they have become.


Crowder is a pretty wacky character tho!


Look for Gokanaru’s video about H3. Really good. It got removed by YouTube, but you can find it elsewhere.


Fuck is H3H3?


A guy with a youtube channel and the ideal male body


And he totally doesn't do weird things with his eyes




h3h3 used to be my favorite channel. i used to watch the classic vids again and again. i hate the pod i really do im sorry. im fine with change but its just such a departure from what hes good at. i just want the goofs back.


Nice comment, but pls flair up buddy.


LMAOOO. That is the funniest profile pic! 😂


Imagine you support what will kill you. Leftist moment.


I mean not surprised when you consider his last name along with his race the man is a jew and they've always been like this


Honestly, no idea how people ever found his content funny. But I guess it's just a matter of taste.


And Judaism


His recent Twitch comeback is pretty fire ngl


i have seen like nothing of his content but the sam seder thing was hilarious


It was super cringe not gonna lie. Imagine being such bad faith that nobody wanna talk to you.


do you have any actual reasons to believe sam seder is bad faith, or are you just interpreting right-wing pundits or grifters not wanting to debate actual left-wing peers as those dang commies being "bad faith"?


Well first of, the debate with crowder was bad faith, it was cowardly of not only Ethan but for Sam. Nobody knew who he was, he has basically no career in debating. So when big conservative rejects him, he make up lies and build on the idea that "they are too scared" to debate him when he is just not interesting or big enough for Ben, Jordan Peterson or crowder to care. Then when he do debate other people like Briahna Gray and it does not goes his way he turn how the debate actually went in to something else on Twitter. Like saying that he was screamed at.


Except Steven was literally scouting his stream to make sure Sam wasn’t going to show up, and basically admitted as such during the whole debacle. They know who he is, hes one of the biggest left wing commentators on YouTube and has been around for ever even before then. It’s pathetic for people like Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro to market themselves as “debate gods” and then actively avoid engaging with people on the left who are remotely familiar with their talking points. Steven Crowder basically ambushed Cenk in a much more crass manner, but I bet his fans think that is “based” because it was somebody on the right doing it instead of the left.


Yea I’m not sure why you’re being downvoted, literally everything you said is true.


Probably just Crowder fans. Lots of misinformation in this thread (like saying Seder has no history of debates, when a cursory google search will prove that wrong). Whatever, they can stay in their bubble.




OP doesn't enjoy it. OP wants to talk about it, what's the problem?




Republicans buy sneakers.


Because he can’t possibly hold those opinions himself therefore it must be virtue signalling and he must be a shill 😡. Fr though Ethan is not a particularly smart man, but I see no problem with most of his opinions.


Yeah, i remember watching a league streamer who was toxic and based as fuck, now he talks about BLM and systemic racism


That’s what happens when you become based. I never gave a shit about h3h3, but Ethan owning Crowder like that made me respect him immensely.


Hard to call it an "own" like challenging someone to a debate and when given one question you pussy out and then get an unrelated party to speak out. Crowder didn't agree to a debate to a 3rd party, he wanted to debate against Ethan. I think Crowder overreacted but if "owning" someone is not actually debating and getting a third party instead I would have to disagree.


Based and cringe pilled


When my mama said