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"Straightiversary" sounds like a challenge on RuPaul's Drag Race.


Ironically, "straightiversary" is the gayest word I've heard probably in my whole life.


Wow yikes, this guy needs to hang out with Republican Senator Lindsay Graham.


Yeah but then he might find another use for that hot oil. 😏


a wide stance could help!


Lady G obliges


Oh THAT Lindsay Graham!


Gayer than cocksicle?


**Category is** Straightaversary


Your have ten minutes to make a graduation gown from hotdogs and lettuce.


Joey Jay: *sweats nervously*




I thought it might be a trend but he actually just made it up. Celebrating 1 year being straight?!


aka hasn't gotten laid by anyone


His husband is now just is "roommate". I bet they did get laid


Hey-he’s the one getting HIS dick sucked-he’s no cocksucker!


But watches gay porn every night


Except he is still gay. Straight people don’t have gay urges. /facepalm


So….is this real and how did I miss it? Is he really trying to say he’s straight now?


I don't even get it, is Milo supposedly straight now?


I think he has figured out that he can make more money being straight. The pink £ isn't very lucrative in right wing circles.


This guy needs to go wherever Richard Spencer vanished off to.


Holy shit I totally forgot that guy existed


It’s funny how one minute he’s the next big thing for neo-nazis, the next he gets punched in the face on TV and was never heard from again.


Apparently he’s totally, utterly broke. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.


How'd that happen?


Lawsuits. Defamation, maybe? I don’t remember exactly.


Also, getting punch in the face on TV tends to hurt your credibility too. Remember that guy buzz aldrin punched? Neither does anyone else. Except that he got punched in the face by a moon man


Except that he was a flat-earther who got punched in the face by an actual moon man. Now that's a real Astronaut for you, Jeff Bezos!


Bozos never even left the atmosphere.


Bozos!?!? Brilliant!


> actual moon man. I don't know why this is so funny to me.


Just don't laugh in front of Buzz Aldrin, cause that man might still pop you, and he is 91. Dude called Buzz a coward and a liar, so he is lucky Buzz was already 70. Ten or 15 years before that and he might have knocked him flat. Happens at about the 50 second mark. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OROlF8zB9z0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OROlF8zB9z0) Above I said the guy was a flat-earther. That may be so, but he was in fact someone who claimed the moon-landing was fake.


> Except that he got punched in the face by a moon man My God, that punch. Who would have guessed that pissing off an Air Force fighter pilot would end badly?


An old moon man too.


Not like he had much money to begin with.


His family actually owns a lot of land (cotton and corn field) that are worth millions. He shares it with his mother and sister but the guy is not exactly poor. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/03/richard-spencer-cotton-farms-louisiana-subsidies/


a lot of money comes from the "lecture" circuits that these guys do, either directly or indirectly. And he was kicked out of a lot of places.


You ever hear the recording of his phone call after Charlottesville? Dude went on a tirade about the protests, using a flurry of old time-y racist slurs about how he and his buddies will keep coming back until they win (how I dunno). So after that he couldn’t really play the “reasonable” ethnonationalist in Interviews anymore.


His Vice interview might be the cringiest think I’ve ever seen.


Do you have a link to the recording?


Might be connected to this one -- [Richard Spencer’s right-wing think tank ordered to pay man hurt at rally $2.4M](https://apnews.com/article/think-tanks-b1b19350bcaf0e532db2d5b057f86170).


https://www.greatfallstribune.com/story/news/2020/06/17/white-nationalist-richard-spencer-faces-jail-montana-legal-fees-dispute/3207953001/ I'm not normally the kind of person that gets joy from other people's misfortune, but reading this article brought me so much happiness because fuck this guy.


According to Wikipedia: > In June 2020, the federal magistrate judge presiding over a civil rights lawsuit that stemmed from the violence at the Unite the Right rally in 2017, allowed Spencer's lawyer, John DiNucci, to withdraw from the case, on the grounds that Spencer owed DiNucci a significant amount in legal fees, and also was not cooperating with him in preparing the case. Spencer will represent himself. At the time of DiNucci's withdrawal, Spencer also faced a $500 fine and two weeks in a county jail in Montana if he did not pay over $60,000 he owed to the guardian ad litem representing his children's interests in Spencer's ongoing divorce proceedings there.[151] Ultimately Spencer avoided going to jail after settling the debt.[152]


He's also been busy beating up his wife, who has now divorced him. So he's broke and single and still has to deal with serious charges from Charlottesville (I think?). He's living in Whitefish, Montana, and is still a Nazi who needs punching on a daily basis.


Woah, that nazi is also a wife beater? Shocking


Yeah, who could have possibly seen *that* coming...


Wasn't his wife Russian?


Yeah I thought she was a suspected Putin plant? Probably not too smart to go beating up the honeypot.


He should learn to code.


Good. Apparently he was horrifically abusive to his wife as well. Shocker.


gee that's too bad


So you're saying punching Nazis works. My grandfather would have been proud.


See https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/comic-riffs/wp/2017/08/17/captain-america-was-punching-nazis-in-1941-heres-why-that-was-so-daring/


Indiana Jones and Captain America nod their approval.


Which is why so many nazi sympathizers all over this site was losing their shit when these nazi wannabes were getting their shit rocked. But would be all over subs like justice porn.


Subs like PCM and conservative still talk about how "violent and evil" the left is for wanting to punch Nazis.




I happened to be in a diner when that video went viral. Everyone was showing it to everyone. Retirees, truckers, college students, we were all having a hearty laugh at it.


It's one of those things that just gets funnier and funnier every time the video loops.


That video is my go to feel good video.


I heard that last time Richard Spencer held a rally, 20-30 people showed up to support and hundreds showed up to protest.


We had a Proud Boys rally in my city yesterday. They decided to use their "backup" location: a defunct KMart on the outskirts of the city. About 5 times as many antifascists showed up to the original location.


Oh, you mean the proud boys rally where they disbanded after a while after accidentally gassing themselves? That was an awesome story lol


Good ol' PDX.


They don't seem like very proud boys.


Well, they have nothing to be proud of.


> Richard Spencer I completely forgot about this dude. He is a full on American neo-nazi.


Jesus man, just go suck a dick.


Just tell "no homo" to the other Conservative "traditional family values" politician and promise not to tell his wife about the affair. Maybe he'll throw in some cash if he's a quality sugar daddy and you were a good boy Milo. ***Problem solved***, it's that easy.


"Just two perfectly straight guys kissing while thinking about girls..." (Fucking love raising hope)


"After five weeks at sea, even Dave seems a catch"


Isn't the point of a sugar daddy that they pay you? Also Milo has no money, he dealt with being blacklisted on several platforms by blogging about how he was curing his depression with lobster and champagne. Last I saw he got mad that he was martyring himself for freedom of speech or some garbage, and so his fans were ingrates for not giving him endless donations. Also he wrote a book about frugal coping tips for the formerly wealthy and it flopped.


Well yes, but then again most right wingers are grifters, and you could end up like Rudy and get shafted in both the good and bad way.


No non-closeted, non-internalized homophobe, non alt-right gay/bi man wants him whatsoever. Especially because he has an extreme taste for black men, which the alt-right has approximately 3.25 of in total. He *can’t* get any dick.




Pretty much. This isn’t some kid forced into the closet by his parents or some man who has lived his whole life repressed because he never lived in a culture that allowed him to be his true self. This is a man who is desperately trying to reclaim his lost fame and influence. I don’t have sympathy for his self imposed victim stunt. It’s especially insidious that he’s attempting to use himself to further oppress LGBTQIA+ people.


I think he's doing this to show all of his nazi fans that "gays are mentally ill addicts". He's putting on a big show that they can use as "documented evidence that homosexuality is a sick addiction" etc.


If he has taken to self-harming in order to keep his gay urges at bay he *is* suffering from a mental illness, and deserves treatment to stop his urge to self-harm.


Conservatism is the mental illness


"Wounds" Pure attention seeking. This is what happens when that sweet koch money dried up lmao


I heard ivermectin is a hot cure-all right now


Maybe he can mix that into his fondue pot.


Apples and cheese, how gourmet


That and prayer!


I remember The Onion headline: "Gay Conversion Therapists Report 90% of Patients are Completely Straight by the time they Commit Suicide."


Oof that one hurts


In Milo's case, not so much, after all, he was never hated and rejected by the world because he was gay, it was about something even more unchangeable: his beliefs.


Gonna be honest y’all. Milo is a total turd. BUT…in March he went public saying he’s now “ex-gay,” and wants to “rehabilitate conversion therapy.” Is there a chance he’s doing this for money and attention? No doubt. But I’ve seen self hating gays. I’ve watched more than a couple gay men in my life deny it, or try to hide it, or try to “fix” what doesn’t need to be fixed. It NEVER works, because you can’t just “fix” what doesn’t need to be fixed. You can’t just up and change who you are. It’s led to a lot of psychological issues, and it’s not pretty. Fortunately, for most of the men in my life, it eventually sorted itself out, but never once did they end up deciding they’re not gay, because that’s not how it works. I’m just…personally uneasy laughing at this. Milo is a total muppet, but watching anyone hurt themselves to try and change is just honestly really sad and scary to me.


Worst part of how the idiots miss quote Sigmund Freud to justify the camps. He said that he cant cure them, that its natural, and at most he could make a person bisexual. Milo is probably dealing with massive mental and physical urges that is messing with him. Eather his mind wins and leaves them behind or he'll take a short fall and a sudden drop. Not to sound like a monster just had to deal with this and shit like it to much in my life.


Also, thinking that a 19th century psychologist has all the answers just because we've all heard of him.


Freud was important in the development of modern psychology. Just as alchemists were important in the development of modern chemistry. My sister has a PhD in psychology. She says they still still study Freud, just so they know to avoid his mistakes.


same could probably be said about a lot of things. My addition is that in architecture we study Le Corbusier and he's known as the master, the founder, the father of modern architecture. But he also was pretty demonstrably wrong a lot of times. He wanted to turn Paris into this bleak high rise tower grid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plan\_Voisin


Exactly. It's like thinking Plato has anything to say about modern philosophy. The study of the history of psychology is not the same as the study of psychology.


Knowing Milo it's far more likely he had an encounter with a puppy that has rough claws and made up the self-harm angle out of whole cloth. He once posted a photo of his $23k restaurant bill to try and garner sympathy for how poor off he is. He's always maintained that his homosexuality was a choice, specifically so he could “get away” from “nutty broads.” He claimed to be married, but only ever posted a photo of his “husband” from behind so we could see he was black to try and play the “I’m not racist, my husband is black, ***but***…” card. When he announced he was straight his husband earned a grand total of **a** sentence, noting that he had been “demoted” to roommate (nothing about a divorce or anything about how hard things were for him; also never any photos or mentions of him since their “wedding”). Milo is a grifter supreme. He tried to take Simon & Schuster to court for canceling his book, even though they told him to keep all the money they had already given him after their editor had already returned a manuscript to him with several hundred notes.


> He once posted a photo of his $23k restaurant bill to try and garner sympathy for how poor off he is wat


> Exhbit A: "All I ever read here is criticism and ingratitude. You guys have no idea what I have sacrificed for you, and you think just because I drown my sorrows with a few expensive bottles of wine, you're justified in calling me lazy and self-involved." [(source on the quote)](https://www.salon.com/2018/08/26/milo-yiannopoulos-attacks-his-fans-for-failing-to-support-him-emotionally-and-financially/) > Exhibit B: A Facebook image post from after his "cancelling" started but before Facebook also booted him. The post is an image that shows a large group dining receipt for $7558.92, captioned "Sometimes even I get depressed." [(image)](https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-t4yWl0XsMcM/W4J7Jy-XKCI/AAAAAAABC5U/OwNmkE7jQp0pksd-8-YPg45UxmDF-7uHQCEwYBhgL/s1600/Milo11.png) [(source on the image)](https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2018/08/milo-yiannopoulos-mardy-meltdown.html?m=1)


what a fucking loser. good choice on the angels' envy though


A couple of months ago he said he was fundraising to start a gay conversion clinic. He's more than just a muppet, he's actively harmful to the people he deals with, talks about, etc. There's a reason that countries have denied him a visa.


>I’m just…personally uneasy laughing at this. Milo is a total muppet, but watching anyone hurt themselves to try and change is just honestly really sad and scary to me. I'm hip with this, but given Milo's sterling character, he's probably faking it.


Yeah, I met a dude who was super crushing on me. I don't really care but he kept saying he was straight. Then he'd sexually harass me on Facebook and was constantly flirting with male models he'd find there. I told him he should just be gay but he hated the idea of being gay and was constantly (unsuccessfully) trying to fight it due to his Catholic upbringing. I eventually blocked him. This was not that long ago.


Milo made a career of being a right-wing cockwomble. He is mentally incapable of self-evaluation. So I am in doubt that he is suddenly remorseful over anything.


I think this a "lead by example" thing as a way to encourage other gays to self harm. Those who are comfortable are one thing but many self-hating gays may see this and go over the edge. This is psychological warfare.


To quote his own autobiography: Trolling has many elements. It’s often about telling truths that others don’t want to hear. It’s about tricking, pranking, and generally riling up your targets. And it’s about creating a hilarious, entertaining public spectacle. The best part is, most left-wingers refuse to accept that they’re being trolled.


Yeah but imagine the amount of harm he caused as an editor at Breitbart during the late Obama to early Trump years. Fuck him. There's no harm hoping he chokes on a dick he pretended like he didn't want to suck.


I may despise the guy, but seeing this, I pity him too. And not even in the mocking way.


So now we both despise *and* pity him. I have no personal concern over his will being, though.


Yeah I can't laugh at this. It's not funny. It's sad and concerning and I hope he gets real help.


As someone who tried to kill himself as a teenager for being gay, I'm in the same camp. Milo is a fucking turd. But this isn't a laughing matter.


I totally agree. He’s infuriating and trying as hard as he can to set us back, but he’s in obvious pain, both emotionally and physically, and self-harm is not a strategy that a happy, healthy brain comes up with. It’s serious coping, and it’s a desperate attempt to manage and control something he will never be able to control. I just watched Pray Away on Netflix a couple of nights ago. Great movie about the “Ex-gay movement,” but also very, very sad.


I've even seen intensely homophobic gay men. One was a policeman. Hates gays and was racist as hell too. Was gay. Lived with a man and very definitely gay. Boggles the mind.


I'll be honest it doesn't seem like he gives a damn about the ex-gay charade, I mean his husband is still living with him. However it's the only thing he could do to come back into the spotlight after defending pedophilia.


Y'all missing the point that this post is tacitly encouraging young queer people to follow his example of self-harming.


New solution: Be gay. Do gay stuff. > the Devil has been coming at me full tilt. Kinky.




I always ask homophobes who say it's a choice when they decided between being straight or gay. It puts them on the defensive because if they say it's a choice, then they must have made that choice at some point in their life. And if they are homophobes, they can't admit that they've had gay thoughts.


Exactly. Watch them stutter when you ask them when they decided to be straight. Works every time!


Really? For me they just say "No, it's different for me" and don't even try to reconcile their hipocracy.


“So you concede that you *could* find yourself attracted to a (same gender person), but you *choose* not to?” “Y-yeah…?” “That’s called being bi sweetie.”


I was on a date with a guy who said it was a choice. I picked a guy in the restaurant and told my date to ask him out. He said no because he didn't like guys. I told him to choose it for a few minutes. It was our last date.


Harsh, but effective. I like.


Yeah, I had a client last year who was insisting "being gay is a choice". I said "fine. Be gay for a week to prove it to me. I know a few guys who you'd love". He didn't have anything else to say on the subject. Duh.


When I was a college resident advisor (students who keep and eye on others in the dorms) I had a sweet, but very Christian girl that thought being gay was a choice. I looked up a picture of an unattractive man and asked her to choose to be attracted to him.


That only works of they have a shred of self-awareness. I've tried that with several who were way too dumb to understand.


Or even if not gay or bi at all have been institutionalized to fear any emotions towards another man and that fear drives the homophobia


I don't think 100% of the Proud Boys are gay, no matter what their chosen name may imply. With that said, I do think 100% of them feel insecure about their manhood, and certainly a percentage of them are secretly into Proud Boy on Proud Boy lovin' 🥵🍆🥵 Such toxic masculinity is NOT normal. I just wish they could leave it behind and be, like, normal people. Why the fuck do they overcompensate THAT much? The level in which they do it is friggin' pathological.


The Proud Boys are total Thulian brownshirts, complete with mythical heritage and blaming their deficiencies on the corrupting outsider. They want to become Goebbels' SS but more likely they'll get long-knifed by boys even prouder than they.


I think they try to be brownshirts, but they're far from it. They're just overworked dudes looking for a social club that'll allow them to feel they belong somewhere. The PBs are obviously a white supremacist group with Latinos, Asians, Afroamericans, etc in their ranks... I mean, it's sad rly


I don't think the word "just" belongs in there. Nor "overworked" if some of the demographics shared here on Reddit are to be believed. They're dangerous and disruptive to society, and nothing good will come from tolerating them. Wiki has the best answer: follow Canada's lead. >On February 3, 2021, the United States Justice Department announced the indictment of members for conspiracy related to the 2021 United States Capitol attack. **The Canadian arm of the group folded after being officially designated a terrorist organization on the same day.**


I think its a rule that the moment you become an anri gay crusader, you end up being found in a hotel with another dude. I should have been an anti straight crusader. Probably though, straight girls would have called my bluff.


Nah this def ain't a good way to frame it. Blaming homophobia on it being a majority of closeted queer people is both ignoring the long and multi-facetted history behind homophobia for an easy answer and at the same time blames a minority group for their own oppression. Not sayin any negative intentions from you. But it's harmful and reductive to say that most homophobes are secretly queer when there's not evidence of that being a widespread issue.


I think you're right, gay people have it hard enough as it is. But whenever I see a 'born again christian' say being gay is a 'choice', I do start to wonder. If they think everyone else is making a choice not to be gay, then surely they must internally have those feelings, whether they be bi or a full on gay. Or maybe it's the religion screwing them up and making them believe that sin is real and they are being tempted like jesus in the desert. Alas, these things never go well, I wish that this whole 'conversion therapy' would go and die in the last millennium where it belongs.


I agee with most of that, but I think a lot of the "passion" behind their rejection might often just be religious fanaticism.


I actually think men have a higher rate of passionate homophobia because for them it ties in with misogyny. liking men is a woman thing, gay men are “girly” (not always true but homophobes think so), etc.


One one hand, yay at fascist pain and haha at Milo's continuing stupidity. On the other hand it does feel weird mocking a queer person for self harming because their community (chosen toxic trash though it may be) doesn't accept them for their sexuality. For every rainbow fascist that does this, there's countless innocent teens doing the same thing for the same reasons.


Yeah, honestly as much as I dislike the guy I just feel sad about this part. You don't generally harm yourself unless your brain is really at war, and that's just not something I feel like anyone deserves to experience. It's an awful place to be.


I would rather Milo just walked straight in to the ocean. Everything is a con when it’s coming from that cunt, including this.


On the chance that this is genuine, Milo should really get help before doing that. The ocean has enough pollution as it is


When I saw this post, I stared to laugh, then I felt like shit about it for these reasons you mention. Then, I started thinking it was all part of the con. I don’t even know what to think. This world is getting too strange and twisted for my blood.


Yeah, it's Milo. I hope it's not true, but the trolliest part of the alt right would find concern funny, so I am not holding my breath.


Even *that* is part of it. Mocking him for his self-harm will be used to “show” that “the left doesn’t care about gays”. Showing concern will be used to show that “the left are gullible”. If it’s actual self harm, I feel sorry for him, trying to fight his sexuality. It’s a losing battle. But yeah, I can’t say I don’t have my doubts.


I think it’s fair to say that shouldn’t happen to anyone. Nobody should have to go through this. But, if you lie with pigs, you get covered in shit. And that’s where he is now. There’s a line for compassion and understanding and there are a lot of people ahead of him…including just about every gay man this side of Andrew Cunanan.


What if a gay leftist like me mocks him? Hrm ... I doubt his post is true though, his "burn" just happens to be conveniently covered by a bandaid. I could put bandaids on my arm over unbroken skin and claim that I am cutting myself. But unlike Milo, I am not in it for the money and publicity.


Im gonna have to go with a big no on this one. He admitted to promoting child rape on JRE. He can cut himself out of his own sense of self worthlessness until he bleeds out for all I care. He’s caused irreparable harm to people. He can eat shit and die. Edit: I’d like to add a question. How do we know he is actually sef harming for the reason he states and not just as “proof of his de-gaying” to foster more aupport from hos fanbase? He’s a con man. This is probably a con as well.


Totally. But what if it is for real? Honestly, the whole hurting oneself for attention thing, even if exaggerated, is just a big cry for mental health help. Milo is the absolute worst, and there’s no redeeming him, but watching mentally ill people who desperately need help in real time is disturbing to me.


> But what if it is for real? Good? He's aligned himself with violent, bigoted fascists. Nobody has done anything *to* him, nobody has deprived him *of* anything. The only suffering he's experiencing is at his own hands, as a consequence of his own decisions. The alternative to this is that he lives happily and comfortably and smugly satisfied with his decision to re-enter the closet just so he can fit in better with extremists that will send out queer people to death camps the moment they can. Don't waste your compassion on collaborators whose only punishment for supporting extremist cruelty is their own guilty conscience.


He's also doing this to promote conversion therapy. If anything he needs to be flogged harder.


But it’s like you say, his chosen toxic trash. Kids forced to go to conversion therapy aren’t choosing to have abusive bigots as parents. I have huge sympathy for people who can’t live their lives because they’re stuck in a situation where they aren’t supported or are targeted for their lifestyle. What I absolutely do not have sympathy for is a drama queen trying to win influence with actual nazis so they can have another 15 minutes of fame. This is entirely self imposed to regain fame.


I do feel sorry for him. Obviously being gay doesn’t mean you can’t be an asshole. He’s a dick and a grifter, and I’m glad he’s not as big an influence on people anymore, and that they can’t trot him out as their gay shield but this is just… sad. He felt accepted by the fascists but knew being gay would become a problem sooner or later. I’m assuming hanging around with those guys is not exactly a environment that allows for great mental health if you’re gay. I sincerely hope he gets out of that environment and gets some professional help.


The grift is *so fucking obvious* at this point. I have no idea how anyone can still listen to what he has to say about anything.


I bet anyone $100 that there is no injury underneath that comically large band aid. Milo’s brand is “absolutely full of shit”


Well the scars around it look real enough...


This guy is a constant cry for help. Cringey


I've got an alternative solution for you. It rhymes with shoGetSomeGaySex.


Dude if your gay be gay. Just don't be an asshole




"That's right kids. You see, right now you're like a paperclip. And just like a paperclip, God needs to bend you and shape you and make you... STRAIGHT!"


Self harming to grift people that hate his very existence. That's some dedication. But everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie so I can't even believe that this is real.


Guess Jesus isn’t as strong as the Devil.


Totally a sane person right there. If we could all just not give him attention he’d probably stop a bit


I have a solution, simply embrace your inner truth


Holy shit this is twisted


Send while probably balls deep in a another dude… how do people still give this piece of shit attention, you know it’s all bullshit he’s way too fucking vain to hurt himself.


Ugh. This is some next level denial. I hate that I feel sorry for Milo.


I have absolutely zero empathy for this man considering all the evil shit he's done, but this is genuinely concerning. The alt right is harmful, even to the people involved in it.


I really don't understand why someone would do this to themselves (I mean denying being gay when there's not a dang thing wrong with it) So much pain and misery. And for what?


Milo is proof to me that being gay isn't a choice, because he is the most self hating gay man that I've ever seen in my life.


Jesus thats awful. So sad this poor bastard is so fucking deluded he's self-harming, regardless of whatever else he believes.


LOL He's not going to change his sexual orientation by pouring hot oil on himself. He's just hurting and scarring himself for no reason.


if you have gotta burn yourself to not want to suck dick just maybe you should suck dick especially if you married to a dude, it's fine my guy


I remember a Breitbart article where Milo mocked self-harmers and depressed or suicidal people saying that they were just doing it to get attention. https://www.inquisitr.com/3998956/milo-yiannopoulos-breitbart-editor-once-encouraged-depressed-teens-to-self-harm/




He's doing this all for money. I don't feel even a tiny bit bad for him.


He’s still an asshole grifter, but if this is actual self harm, I do feel bad for him. No-one should have to go through that. The problem is that he also used up all his trust.


I almost feel bad for the poor nazi


Has he considered putting a Sailor Moon poster on his bedroom wall to look at and remind himself that he's straight?


Man slowly pours hot oil over his body to prevent gay urges.


*The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful.* Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


Just be gay Milo. No one cares.


If your eye causes you to sin, pluck out your eye. If your arm causes you to sin, tear off your arm? If you can't resist sexual urges, get castrated? (look I know the passage isn't actually about self mutilation, it's a metaphor; but wow do so many teachers tell it this way)


This reminds me of that one account of a monk who held his hand to a candle to stop himself from being horny people are fucking crazy Got damn


K, so God created Lucifer who went to man to give him the gay? Wouldn't it make more sense for God to make gayness not possibe in humans? Or hey, maybe God made you gay. Bet he'd be sad to hear how much you're hurting your body with it being his image and all.


Just let yourself be gay already. Most people wont judge you for it and those who do have plenty to be judged for themselves. The solution is to realize these dumbfucks don't give a shit about you. Not your life, not your soul. They just want to shit on you to make themselves feel better about their own failings, not realizing that shitting on you only makes their failings greater.


He's pretending he is straight now?


Here's your thought leader. What the fuck? Dude need real therapy.


Why is he trying to go straight? Do people really give a shit? I thought he was fine being gay. It was funny.


Because he advocated pedophilia on video. He was ostracized, then made it appear he was no longer possessed by the demon that made him gay. He even claimed that afterwards, dogs no longer bark at him. Now the “devil” wants him back.


Fuck Milo. He’s such a fake.


Goat dewormer is the solution Yabbadabbadopolis


Just an observation-- I hear Christians talk about 'fighting their demons' all the time, isn't that exactly what demons would want you to do? A demon wouldn't want you to be gay. A demon would want you to hate yourself. Exactly what this guy is doing. You know, assuming you believe in that stuff.


"But I might need a new solution soon" Have you tried dick my good sir?


Jc dude if God truly loved you he wouldn’t make you fucking cut yourself so you’d stop thinking about sucking cock


Milo needs some friends who will help him. The group he hangs around is not doing him any favors.


Personally, I think Milo is a POS person undeserving of any sympathy. I will make an exception this one time. Milo - please seek out a therapist. This isn't the answer. You seriously need help.


I can't even feel schadenfreude at this. At this point, it's just fucking sad. Dude hates himself so much, and he's so desperate for validation from the evil assholes he's courted that he's burning himself? Dude. Seek out therapy. Actual compassionate therapy. This is just fucking pathetic and sad.


Milo might as well become a eunuch then.


I really, REALLY hope that is just his finger in the picture...


Sadly fingers do not have hair like that. And it'd have to be an incredibly small bandaid there


He just needs a hot beef injection and he’ll be fine