GOW - Best Game Of All-Time

GOW - Best Game Of All-Time


And it’s only been released once


It’s free real estate!


Todd Howard: Hold my skooma...


You mean to tell me they held a poll that included every single game since the Dawn of gaming and it still came down to games from the 2010s? Sounds rigged.


There were only like 70 games lol. It was pretty much a popularity contest


So a poll?


yeah on instagram lol


And Twitter... and all their social medias. They all linked to the poll


Afaik the only poll that mattered was Instagram, BOTW beat gta on all polls except Instagram


Worse. It was bracketed.


Super Metroid got beaten by Apex Legends, I think that says enough


Worse. Chrono Trigger got beat by Burnout 3


ExcUSE me??


Is that a CT related username? If so I understand your frustrations lol.


What the actual fuck lmao


So in other words it was a popularity contest voted on by a bunch of 12 year old who've never even heard of a game released before 2007. So yeah. An utterly meaningless result.




Invalidates the whole thing in one shot.


It's all personal preference. I'll get hate for this, but I'd personally rather play Apex than Super Metroid, but there's no way to say that one game is objectively better than the other. That's especially true when you're comparing vastly different genres of games released at different times for different systems. The whole premise of the comparison is flawed from the start.


The matchups they had for the games were just kind of ridiculous. It was like they had the list of games and put them in a hat and drew them for where they were. God of War started against Starcraft for goodness sake. KotoR against Tony Hawk, GTA vs Mario Kart, Street Figther vs Pokemon Yellow, Animal Crossing vs Titanfall, Tetris and Rock Band. There's just silly matchups right away. If they would have at least had each 'region' of the bracket be of similar genres, I think the the whole thing would be a bit more respectable. Fortnite and Apex should have had to have a possibility of being compared instead of being on two different sides and the only chance being if they were the final two. Same thing goes for Zelda, Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild are on opposite sides instead of the same 'region.' I got real annoyed by this pointless thing for some reason, but I just think it should've had a little more effort in the placement of the games instead of making it so much of a popularity contest. If you had to choose between Super Metroid and Castlevania and then against other 'retro' platformer-esque games, for example, I think it would have a much bigger impact and hopefully would have lessened moments like what you experienced in you'd rather play Apex.


> I'd personally rather play Apex than Super Metroid I don’t think that’s a good metric to infer what game you think is the better game. “Games I wanna play right now” has probably very little overlap with “games I think are the best games of all time”. The first list is obviously filled with new releases. If you ask me again in a couple of years, the first list will be completely different, and the second one probably not so much. For instance, I doubt Apex Legends would beat any relevant game if you made this poll again in a few years.


> I'd personally rather play Apex than Super Metroid Damn... I don't think we can be friends anymore... Obviously it's all subjective. Doesn't make you less wrong (j/k)


And yet gta v still made it to the final two? Ghost? Spiderman? Last of us? I mean its seriously fucking gta V to make it? No wonder they don't make a new game. Why bother when this circus happens.


Can anyone tell me why witcher 3 isn't even in the discussion?


I mean those are all games within the past five years, a list like this invalidates everything the past 50 years of innovative game design that came before it. At least in film and book lists for "greatest of ..." they recognize the greatness of older entries.


If that’s the case then I’m surprised Minecraft or Fortnite didn’t win. Because those are easily more popular. But if it’s just ppl who post on Reddit and forums then it makes sense, they hate those games for some reason.


There's no way gta5 is beating rdr2


I don't think RDR2 was in the bracket, which was weird, unless I missed it. But then again, to determine the "best of all time" through a bracket system is silly anyway, as a tournament bracket is not the way to find out what or who is the best.


I don't get how people decide what the best game is when I can't even decide what my top 10 are


People have different criteria for "best" and "greatest" - art, influence, straight-up fun, etc. For example, Pong was hugely influential in gaming history, but it'd be lame to call it the greatest game of all time. Half-Life 2 is a masterpiece, but it's aged and arguably not as "fun" to play as a modern shooter. Fortnite is super popular now, but many would laugh if you called it a work of art.


Rise of the tomb Raider beat half life 2. That’s all you need to know.


It was basically a bunch of 12 year olds on Instagram. Pretty much none of the old masterpieces got past like the 2nd round. Fortnite was actually on the list.


It wasn’t just Instagram though. They advertised it on all their social media’s. There was more votes from Twitter than most others too


Fornite gets FAR too much hate, and I think 99% of it is from bitter adults and teenagers who think they're cool and different for hating a popular game. I don't play Fortnite but its impact is undeniable.


Popular doesn't mean good, tbh I tried it and its not bad but I got bored pretty quick.


There's nothing wrong with Fortnite, but it doesn't belong anywhere near a list of the best games of all time.


the one thing i will give props to fortnite for is the fact that they pushed cross platform. in an alternate universe without fortnite, i think playstation would’ve been left out of crossplay.


It's just bland to me. It's flashy but that's all it got in my eyes


I disagree, unfortunately. I pre-ordered Fortnite back when it was an actual game, in development when they put out the battle royale to tide people over, then the game I paid for got torpedo’d due to the massive success of a derivative multiplayer mode with ‘some’ of the mechanics intrinsic to their original game design. It’s okay, but it’s their philosophy that makes me hate on it


It’s the building. I can’t even begin to understand the building mechanic. That shit is just not for me. The way people use it is baffling. I don’t hate the game, but I do understand how some people might be exhausted by how ubiquitous it became. Obviously further evidence of its impact, but that shit is everywhere. The only beef I might have with it, is the precedent it set. Investors salivate at the idea of games with such effective monetization. The game crushes it from a business aspect, so people are taking notice. It’s influence is widespread in the ridiculous micro transactions that games are willing to put out now.


Especially on controller it is complete garbage, and I prefer to do all my shooters on controller. That's why I was happy when Apex came out (although I haven't played that in a long long time either)


What about the great battle pass it has? For $10 You can, (if you play enough), get an infinite amount of battle passes with wise spending. It’s probably one of the best models on the market right now because you get you investment back, and then some.


Everyone who looks so down on Fortnite would absolutely be playing it if it was the hot game when they were the right age. Some had Halo, cod, WoW, or Minecraft. Some have Fortnite.


Nah 50% of the people who absolutely despise fortnite are the ones who played it during the prime, I would know I’m one of them.


Yeah people are used to a community that played to have fun and not sweat. Nowadays it’s only sweat. A casual has no chance to get a win these days. Also, a lot of people criticize the new map and the gun balancing


i enjoyed the new map initially but i hate how they don’t do anything with it any more. chapter 1 fortnite, i seen tilted towers get smothered in lava, and all buildings were destroyed . chapter 2 Fortnite i see a literal UFO hit an entire power factory, and the next day it’s fine.


To be fair, my entire top 5 games of all time comprises of 4 super recent games and only one game from the 90s. I actually think games are getting better.


When Ocarina Of Time loses in the first round you know its bullshit


it's a good game, but get the fuck outta here with that "of all-time" bullshit


The "greatest game ever" discussion is worthless imo. Because it's one thing to call a game "one of the greatest ever" or "one of the best of its genre", that's fine, because this way I'm not cockblocking every other good game and neither am I mitigating any discussion about other games, take horror for instance. Let's say i bring up Silent Hill 2 as one of the best on the genre. That's perfectly fine and most people can agree on that, but you could easily bring up Silent Hill 3 or Resident Evil 2 and you wouldn't be wrong at all. If you call something the "greatest evarrr" you make people dismiss it as overrated nostalgic trash. Same thing happened with Ocarina of Time. Is it a good game? Of course but due to its prolonged status as the best game ever, many people started hating on it, and the other side of the fence you have people who hailed it as if God Himself made it. Bottom line is games are created by human beings and human beings are flawed and therefore games are imperfect pieces of media. Games have their strengths and weaknesses and the label of "best ever" ruins that.


Yeah it's the same problem I have with scored reviews, you cannot reduce a complex or nuanced opinion about a game into a number from 1 to 10, I'd much rather someone tell me their experience playing it than "9.8/10 It's got something for everybody - IGN"


You can use score if it's not just completely made up. Like Graphics 1-10 (take art style into account) Story 1-10 (Be objective, is it well written and executed? Just because you don't like it doesnt mean its bad) Gameplay 1-10 (Is it responsive? Do things feel how they should for its genre? If you arent a fan of the genre don't rate the game ffs) Sound (Environmental, weapons or tools, footsteps, so on and so forth) Voice acting if you have it 1-10 (Do the actors fit the character? Bring emotion to them? Make you believe that character is real?) Music 1-10 (Well written? Well composed? Fit the games setting? Non intrusive?) Then just combine them all and take the avg. Bonus points Innovation (did it push its genre forward or even make a newish genre? New concept? 6-10. Is it a reskin ^*lookin ^at ^you ^COD ^and ^FIFA* 1-5. Games like a new COD until they actually do something new shouldnt be a 9 or 10.) It definitely can work. Obviously this list would need tweaking just came up with it real quick. Instead IGN goes "um, this I'd a popular series so 7-10 somewhere in there. If its COD it's a 9-10 and we will have Brian who hates RTS and indie games review all RTS and indie games.


Yeah that's better cause it's much more descriptive, but still I'd add a lot more categories, for instance Gameplay (which I think is most important) can be split into stuff like the Responsiveness of the controls, Repetitiveness of the game mechanics, the amount of User Agency or how many different actions are available at any given time, and even the general Bugginess or stability of the code. But you could get as nuanced as you wish, like I think an aspect that really makes a game stand up is how well integrated the gameplay and the story are, I'm thinking of games like Portal 2, the Room, or The Stanley Parable that manage to tell and reinforce their story through the gameplay mechanics.


100% agree. Like I said it would need some tweaking. Gameplay could definitely be broken out more.


Yeah, having either of these as top two is purely recency bias


What would you put? (Genuinely asking btw. I know that question comes off as annoyed)


How about "of the generation" "of PS4 era" I agree (no offense to anyone) of all time is a no for many people here (me for one)


Resident Evil 4, Persona 4: Golden


My fucking man.


Not OP, but that's a tough question to answer fairly, considering how broad the scope is. It's hard to compare an open-world game like GTA to story-focused titles like GOW or TLoU. If I had to make some picks, MGS2, MGS3 and Majora's Mask would be near the top, but I don't expect most people to agree with that.


That's the thing, it's so subjective. You can find games that more people like than another, but there will always be people that didn't vote who can't stand that game. It's so much easier and makes more sense to ask for people's personal favourite.


Throw in the HEAVY bias towards new games. Tons of games ushered in more than just a franchise or IP but a huge shift in culture. Name a game that has the reach of Minecraft. Name a game that has had the influence for as long as Final Fantasy 7. World of Warcraft put MMO's on the map.


The Guiness Book of Records had a top 100 list of videogames and I was surprised they put Tetris at #1. Tbh I cannot disagree with their logic, there are games that just defined a genre by themselves, things like Mario Bros, WoW as you say, Doom/Wolfenstein, Quake, maybe even something like Mortal Kombat. There are many many games that are more transcendent than "the latest God of War" lol


Half Life series should be on the all time list, classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger etc. Basically 'of all time' doesn't work because it's so subjective. And there's a clear recency bias.


Right. I'd have the original Deus Ex up there, Half-Life too. But I'd expect a lot of people have never even played these so wouldn't even consider them and that's fair enough.


And for some reason ppl seem to ignore, idk, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros', 64 and/or Galaxy ..


MGS3 will always have a special place in my heart.


Dark Souls for me




Dark Souls should be part of the best of all time. A decade since it’s release so many games have been compared to Dark Souls. That should be enough of a reason considered best of all time.


It is a great game, but it is still too niche. Everyone didn't play Dark Souls, and it was just not a crossover hit nor did it really push people into the genre en mass.


You have a nice point. I played dark souls 4 times this year. I don’t think there’s another game that old that I would play that many times, personally. I played GOW once and never felt the desire to pick it up again. It was awesome, but once it ended I was done with it.




Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Galaxy, Castlevania: SotN, Half-Life 2, MGS: Snake Eater, or like 60% of The Legend of Zelda games. God of War was just "pretty good" to me.




Leisure Suit Larry


A fellow man of culture i see


I consistently say The Last of Us IMO


After returning to Pt 2 I can't help but feel like it improves on the original in every aspect. Gameplay, level design, art direction, even story. 1's story is tighter but it's also a lot more straightforward. 2 leverages video game fundamentals *hard* in a really exciting and forward-thinking way. But I also don't know if I want my Top 5 to have two TLOU games lol, seems favortist.


Half-Life / Quake, Zelda: Link to The Past / Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger / Secret of Mana, GTA3 (not 5), god damn Super Mario Bros 1 / World. Hell, I'm looking at the first game it got voted against, Starcraft and even it would have been a better choice. We are talking of a "of all time" award, but due to it being a popular vote I assume lot of voters are probably younger and only played recent titles. God of War 2018 was an extremely well polished game with good graphics, combat and action scenes. But it remain a typical third person action platformer with collectibles and traversal animations like a few other hundreds games I've played. I don't think they did anything particular that deserve this title. In the same category, Naughty Dogs games (Uncharted, Last of Us) probably would deserve a better ranking.




I'd like to see your *Portal* and raise you a *Portal 2*


I agree. Although *Portal* was a solid 7 or 8 out of 10. *Portal 2* was just much better in almost every way.


This is also a thing. Are we simply talkin' about the first time you ever beat a game or how it feels even currently? 'Cause to me OoT is the best Zelda game ever but I can't return to it anymore. Compared to a game like Windwaker where I still can. Also I feel games I beat as a kid are always going to feel better overall. Which is why Breath of Fire 3 is in my top 5.


Metal Gear Solid: 3 Anyone who says anything else is just misspelling Snake Eater. It's weird, I know.


As someone who started with the first Metal Gear, first M rated game being MGS1, had to help a friend through Arsenal gear because he kept doing what the Colonel told him to do and couldn't figure out why he couldn't continue... It makes me so happy that MGS3 is widely regarded as truly one of the best games of all time.


It's in my top 5 with The Witcher 3, Divinity Original Sin 2, Stardew Valley and Slay the Spire.


Yup. It's only because it's recent. But if someone held this poll on the years where the GOATs mentioned on comments were recent, the same can be said. It'll be full of votes from recent bias and 12 year olds of that time.


I would honestly give it to Bloodborne but that's just me.


OG Deus Ex for me. I still have the original CD of it for MacOS 9 somewhere in my house.


Best of that generation, maybe. If you ask me, World of Warcraft is the greatest game of all time. Ask someone else and you’ll hear a completely different answer. What’s even the point of these polls when it’s so subjective?


I'd say that Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Half-Life, Deus Ex, Thief II and Prey would have all been worthy of the title...but then again I'm a big immersive sim fan so there ya go.


I got bored after the first boss lmao


rdr2 wasnt even nominated in ign list what a joke


Rdr2 is amazing, same as Rdr and Half-Life 2 with the greatest storytelling I've seen from a game.


I mean, that's kinda cheating. Obviously the answer is RDR2 but the poll name should have been "Best game of all time ^(besides RDR2)"


The poll was basically "BEST GAME OF ALL TIME (out of theses few games we picked to be in the poll)"


Im surprised GTA V even got that far




Was never a huge fan of GTA V, always thought GTA IV was better and i honestly would've accepted BoTW much more in that spot.


Can you explain how they messed up, i don't see it




GTA V isn't even the best GTA let alone the best game of all time.


I think GTAV is the best. Not the most groundbreaking or the most innovative, but the one I would replay if I was going to replay a GTA game and the one I would select to represent the entire GTA series in a poll like this.


There's no best video game objectively


no one said there was. it's not like IGN created a scientific testing program and analyzed each of these games in multiple categories and then did a statistical analysis of the numbers to find out which one is the best. they made it clear it's poll-based.


God of war is a fantastic game but def not the best of all time.


This kinda stuff is always for popular triple A kinda games. More Golden globes and less Cannes film festival


Just a remainder that Chrono Trigger lost in the first round to fucking Burnout 3.


we live in a society...


Because Burnout 3 is amazing


By far the stupidest voting ever.


Not my personal choice but not a bad one. I would choose it over GTAV but I have other games over it.


The people that voted for GTA 5 are the people that are holding up the release of GTA 6.


Clearly I’m in the minority, but I have yet to understand why people consistently rate that game so highly. I played it, enjoyed it…and completely forgot about it. It’s not a game that stuck with me and I’m always shocked to see it rank high in so many Best of All-Time lists.


Did you play it on release? It was amazing back in ps3 dazs


I did and I thought it was a good game but not a masterpiece 8/10. Story was pretty forgettable. Gameplay was also okay at best. Its greatest strength is the sandbox-like world. However, I still feel like San Andreas was the better GTA overall.


I still remember San Andreas story, much better game considering the release generation


I still remember so many missions from GTA San Andreas... People always shittalk the "Follow the train" mission but you get the real PTSD from damn red baron mission where you had to fly this miniature plane. What a game!


Fuck, that was the mission I hated the most in that game. The amount of times I had to replay that miniature plane mission was insane. The train one I had to replay like 3 or 4 times max but I'll never forget the PTSD that rc plane mission gave me.


I felt the exact same. Played GTA5 when it launched on PS3 and again on PS4 around the time they added first person mode. It's a nice sandbox, but I enjoyed it far less than any other GTA game. I found the character switching really detracted from the story too. Not that I really play GTA for the story. But they really should've just kept it as one character, but they were all so one-note. I was far more invested in the story with vice city or San Andreas. Or the "stories spin off games". Hell, even gta3. GTA5 was the first GTA game where I just really didn't want to continue and would rather drive around the sandbox. And honestly I had more fun doing that in previous entries.


To be fair that's how I feel with God Of War. I played the game, somehow made it to the end (didn't enjoy it all that much), forgot about it immediately after, and can't relate to anyone saying it's a masterpiece. That's not to say that it necessarily isn't, just in my perspective I don't see the qualities people are praising about it. GTA might be similar. There's lots of things that people praise highly that others might not value as much or even really see, and that's okay. For me personally neither of those games would be in that poll (I adore GTAV but it's not the GOAT anymore), but I guess enough people care about either of them to make that a valid discussion.


Gta online was something ive never seen done before i was a huge fan year or two ago but ive moved on to other games as it is not as enticing for the grind once you are rich


I'm not saying that God of War wasn't good, but it does not deserve the title of Best Game Of All-Time.


Neither does GTA but whatever.




Of all time is a really big claim


Silent Hill 2


That's the problem with using brackets for something like this, it creates too much random matchup variance. As much as I love GoW(it was definitely the best game of the previous console generation IMO), it is Unquestionably not the best game of all time. I'm not even sure it's Top Ten. Honestly, I'm pretty sure it's not Top 10, and is probably somewhere around 15-20. I'm not even sure it should have beaten GTAV, considering how extraordinarily popular that game is *still* because of the online multiplayer aspect. Also, some of these matchups were just silly. Games should have been grouped into like groupings until T8 or so, at which point they would all compete. I'm not personally a fan of Souls style games, but Bloodborne definitely deserved better than being paired up against Tetris. Because of course it's going to lose that, despite being better than many games that advanced.


This is bascially the whole conclusion of this poll. Thank you for a sensible comment. Even I think GOW cant be classified as the best game of all time, I think OG games do it, but it was the greatest of the PS4 generation imo.


But RDR2 is better than GTA5


Not according to IGN. Only one game in the existence of all video games is better than GTA V.


Most stupid poll of all time winner is...


Weird way to spell Bloodborne


I'd probably go with Bloodborne too, at the very least for that gen of consoles. 'Best' is purely subjective but for me, I'm not sure if God of War would even make it into my top 5 best PS4 games. Just off the top of my head, I enjoyed Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Phantom Pain, RDR2, Spider-Man and The Witcher 3 more. It's a good game but I felt no urge to go back to it even a second time.


Recency bias like a mf.


I still can’t get over the fact Chronos Trigger lost to freaking Burnout 3 🙄


False It’s the 1982 Atari classic E.T.


I didn't play GTA V. I will put GOW on the all time great list, though. It can sit with Super Metroid, FF3 (6), FF7, Ninja Garden (NES) SF2, Okami, Metroid Prime, TLOU, Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, MGS, MGS3 (Sustenance), MGS4, Starfox,Zelda 3, Super Mario World, Mike Tyson's Punchout, HZD, P5, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3, Mario Kart, RDR, ZOE, Snatcher and many more. But the GOAT is **LIFE OF BLACK TIGER.**


Ah yes loved ninja garden. Just loved watering them plants on my nes


The forgotten masterpiece that is Life Of The Black Tiger for sure, the ending gets me every time!


I respect your opinion and I've played quite a bit of the games you listed. A good game has to have some semblance of re-playability.


yeah.. and what about TLOU 2 and rdr2?


Honestly RDR2 should have been up against GOW in the final.


People here discovering what popularity contests are for the first time lol


Feels like the final fight in that movie Never Back Down... the real final Is outside in the parking lot


Half life 3 should've won


GoW is easily much better than GTAV, but best game of all time? That’s a bit of a stretch. I would personally put TLoU higher than GoW. Naughty Dog really raised the standards of linear action-adventure single player games. Also GTAIV is still leagues above GTAV, in my humble opinion.


This has to be recency biased right.


Recency bias on prime display here folks


These are the games GTAV beat to reach the final 🤦🏻‍♂️ Uncharted 2 Halo 2 The Last of Us Batman Arkham City


in my opinion Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us are better games than GtaV, i think gtav is too popular for this to be a fair competition


I also think both of those are better but if a game is more popular in what's basically a popularity contest shouldn't it win?


Arkham City beat Mario 64 in round one. That's all I'm saying.


cringe ass popularity contest. this doesn't measure actual worth, just popularity


(X) doubt


I’m playing through It now and no way is it best game of all time. I think it’s a good game with great parts but not the best. I think overhype ruins people experiences.


God of War is great but it’s not the best game of all time come on …


When you poll people under 15, this is what you get.


i’ll never understand this


I got bored of this game both times I tried to play it. Maybe third time’s the charm?


Some games just won’t click with people no matter how popular. I just don’t get the love for GoW like at all but I seem to be in the vast minority there. It happens, just move on and play something that’s fun for you


I did, I guess I won’t look back.


I didn’t find the combat captivating but really enjoyed the story and the back and forth between kratos and his son.


Same. I had to push myself to the end. There aren’t enough Boss Battles and the ones that are there are the same Trolls or Valkyries with minor variations.


I’m really trying to enjoy it but the combat is weird sometimes. Also the over-reliance on puzzles to lengthen the game kind of annoys me.


You mean "Best PS4 games of all time"


It's not even that for me honestly


Tlou for me


Glad to see someone else sayTLOU. Easily, easily my favourite game of all time.


TLOU2 for me. No contest. Never before have I had to shut my eyes during a final boss fight.


I hear you. I think TLOU2 is a better game overall, but Part 1 for me has that special nostalgia associated with it where I had ZERO IDEA how blown away I was going to be before I played it. That shock value was so high. The constant surprise throughout the game of the story outdoing itself again and again, that was special. TLOU2 I knew before I got into it was going to be amazing, and obviously it was. But I’ll never forget that feeling in Part 1 of being totally blindsided by how emotionally attached I was. Obviously there’s no right answer, they’re both amazing. Can’t wait for Factions/MP to be announced!


Seriously??? GoW is a great game but best of all time??? Hell no. I cleared it once and see no need to go back. And i highly doubt many will play it in 10 years. Even Super Mario world is a far superior game imo. But ofc that's only my opinion. Edit: just that the finalists where GTA V and GoW shows how bad this poll have been.


It's a top 1000 game possibly.


Why would anyone pick gta over god of war


Ah is this the same trustworthy poll where apex won from super metroid? You should definitely take facts from there.


I think this decision is very biased. Like, it all depends on the age of the gamer. I am in my 30s and SMB3 is my No.1 of all time, but I know a kid in their 20s or teens wouldn't agree, as they didn't live the game in the moment.


Title not accurate. It never is. It’s the most popular. Not the best of all time. Although i do agree, it is amazing


The Last of Us > God of War 2018


Wait a minute. That's not classic ps1 rpg, Suikoden 2, the actual best game of all time.


Jazz Jackrabbit 2 robbed


I haven't played GOW, but I played RDR2 and I know a lot of people say they are similar in quality and I have RDR2 as my top game of all time.. So for everyone else saying GOW isnt best game of all time or even close - what is? I'm kinda generic when it comes to media like video games so I wanna see what other people thnk.


The recentsy bias is strong here


This entire bracket might as well have been called Recency Bias.


I guess the people who voted haven’t played very many games.


Look how they massacred my boy dark souls


By ign awful polls and bracket More a popularity contest


Love god of war but that was a bullshit poll.


Resident Evil 2 is better than both.


IGN is the absolute worst mass-accepted video game site. So incredibly detached on every level


How the fuk did gta v get to top2…..also who tf does polls for best game *of all time*? Its fuckin 2021, there is no such thing as best game of all time


Best game of all time out of 2 options


Recent bias in full effect, tbh.


A good game yes. Best? Not even in my top 25.


Just played God of War 2018. It's *good,* maybe even *really good.* Not in my top 10, though.


It’s really fuckin good but I think the last of us 1 not 2 is the best game of all time Imo