It been ages since ps3 store has a disscount.

It been ages since ps3 store has a disscount.


It may be because it's cross-buy?


Yeah the only discounts I've seen lately were cross buy. I posted a while back when I saw them


Only crossbuy get discounts. Sony don't allow sales on the ps3 store, only permanent price drops now


Though I wonder could it just be possible for developers to increase the price of their games? By just updating the price to be lower AKA a permanent price drop and updating the price to be higher AKA a price increase a developer can synthetically create a sale. It just wouldn't appear as a sale on the PlayStation store


I bought GTA 5 for 14.99 last year, and then ended up buying like 3 or 4 more games around the same time because they were on sale. I agree, if they put them on sale every now and then maybe I'd buy more.


I don't know why sony Don't lore players by putting ps3 games on sale in summer or END of the year, and also march. Instead they are lazy and careless and attemptting to shut it down is their ultimete finger to fans. Even why some indes and even Triple A games stopped releasing on the console and we all know it will have huge sales. Easy Money if you ask me.


Dont think Sony has final say on what goes for what price. They can send out requests for sales and in the case of PS3 it wont sell more PS3's so not worth the effort. What would be nice is if they can get all dev's to drop prices to an acceptable level ($10-$15). I mean for example Diablo 3 on PS3 is still priced as new release.