Black face paint itself generally isn't seen as problematic. The issue is whether you're using it to make yourself look like a black person. Painting your face black because it's Halloween and you're dressing up as a cat is very different to painting your face black because you're dressing up as Lebron.


Context is important.


I edited the post, thanks for pointing this out.


With the context..I don't know. Why not just wear a mask over your whole face? I think if you feel the need to ask then the answer is probably that it's best to avoid it. Just my opinion though.


Depending on the context. I recommend not posting it because you know how people are


Blackface is painting your face in a way to mock black people's physical features (etc., larger lips and eyes). Just painting your face black isn't "blackface". It's just a black face.


Maybe get a different color mask/facepaint that isn't gonna be associated with anything potentially not ok like purple, green, blue, or orange.


Are you overdrawing your lips with bright red and white and intentionally trying to mock an entire race? Or are you simply painting half of your face black for an actual reason? Big difference, and yes half blackface is still blackface.


What if I went to an interview and I wanted to hide my identity? I'd want to wear a black mask and black face paint where my face is not covered by the mask. But would it cancel me?


NGL, sounds like a dumb idea. Just wear your mask and some glasses to change your appearance enough. *there are also face shields to mask your identity, by the way. Maybe look into those?


Yep, it still counts as blackface.


Just don't interview black people