Self-Introduction Saturday! Tell us all about you (and share a video)!

Self-Introduction Saturday! Tell us all about you (and share a video)!


Hello everybody! I just posted my first daily vlog yesterday. If you’re interested in aesthetic short vlogs that doesn’t have too much talking in it, my channel will be great for you! I also live in NY~ I uss procreate to make my thumbnails. Since I draw, I like to doodle certain parts in my thumbnail to make it pop. [daily vlog](https://youtu.be/seNEsMQznY0)


Well I'm a chill laid back dude whom works in a genetics lab and plays video games as a hobby. I play all kinds of stuff from the well known to the least known. Playin' thru games by the names of Resident Evil Village, Vampirem, Foregone, and Lust From Beyond right now. Feel free to check out one of em via the link. Thanks in advance! [https://youtu.be/19mvp94ugN0](https://youtu.be/19mvp94ugN0) ​ As far as thumbnail makin' goes..I usually screenshot a particular point in the gameplay and go with that in hopes of it hookin' some folks in. Some may be elaborate while others not much so. Still workin' on this process.


Hope am in right place. Hey tubers GODOTECH is my channel. I make tech videos (Top best tech gadgets, how to videos any many more regarding technology). Please have a look on it watch my video, hit subscribe if you like my contents, like each video you’re watch and don’t forget to leave a comment so as YouTube will suggest my videos to other good people like you. Below is my channel link. Please help me to reach my dream🙏🏽🙏🏽 Link : https://youtube.com/channel/UCXos


Women shouldn't have opinions?: https://youtu.be/LCy4mX7Qn9M Dark satire/parody/skits channel. Very short vids. Usually under 1 min. Well I actually don't make the vids. But I do watch him make the thumbnails. He usually just screen shots something from the video then adds texts lol.


Hello guys! My name is Annu Gupta and I have a cooking channel named- Annu Cooks! I love cooking so I wanted to start s channel where I can share my recipes with others. Here is a link of my latest video- https://youtu.be/solqcDD6Ggw All kinds of feedback is welcomed! Thumbnail making process: I choose the best picture of the food that I have made and put the title and my photo alongside. I use Canva app for that.. I'm still trying to get better with my thumbnails..anyone can give me feedback regarding my Thumbnails would be appreciated ☺️ I think I'm gradually improving and will keep learning to make better videos that my Subscribers will enjoy! Thank you for reading ☺️


Hi everyone i make short comedy skits around 1-3 minutes long. I usually dont make thumbnails i just use one of youtubes automatic thumbnails but i should start making some. I used to make them by taking a picture and adding some text related to the video. Enjoy my video below ! "If anime characters could hear background music": [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fG98YWu\_Ms](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fG98YWu_Ms)


Hey everyone! My channel is "Spider Geek" and I upload videos on video games, movies, TV, and other geeky topics. I haven't uploaded a lot of videos yet, but rest assured I'm working on a lot of new videos. As for my thumbnail making process, I usually just find an image and put some text on it via MS Paint. Here's one of my favorite videos! Hope you enjoy [https://youtu.be/s6EFXK3NFYg](https://youtu.be/s6EFXK3NFYg)


Hello everyone, I create 3D pen figurines of video game characters and cartoon characters. Currently, there are tutorials on how to make Among Us, Fall Guys, Shooky (BT21/BTS), Minecraft Kirby, Pikmin, Eggdog, and Paper Mario 3D pen figurines. ► Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzAaTMpXYpser4bX9fGd7Cw ►Links to some videos: 🔴 [3D Pen Minecraft Kirby](https://youtu.be/6ad7FfNEBy0) 🌱 [3D Pen Blue Pikmin](https://youtu.be/HpGitfrPQ78) 😶 [3D Pen Fall Guys Figurine](https://youtu.be/mhsRM5K94vs) I try to make my thumbnails very colorful. I also show the finished figurines in the picture.


Your figurines are SO COOL. I've never tried using a 3D pen before, and now I am definitely tempted. Just subbed; stoked to see what else you create.


Thank you very much! 🙂


Takes quite a talented person to pull stuff like this off. Good stuff. Left ya a like and comment :)


Hello I'm David So how do I create my thumbnails? I find a beautiful picture of the city I'm based in or the clubs stadium. I then get the badge and reduce the colour of it making it more transparent. I then make the number bold and pop so it's clear what number you are watching. Where do I do this? Adobe Spark free edition. Below I will put my latest video so you can see the thumbnail https://youtu.be/H7Z5wA2j7P0


Hi all, I run a Christian music channel (Religious) and we record songs in Malayalam and English. You can check out our latest english song and give feedback :) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1puKzkkySY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1puKzkkySY) As for the question- I use [canva.com](https://canva.com) to make my thumbnails and ask some people on Discord for Feedback.


Hey everyone, what's good? I'm very new to YouTube as I only created my channel 3 weeks ago. I started making hip hop music and beats around Christmas as Covid had me both indoors and feeling down. I find it very therapeutic and an enjoyable process and I'm definitely getting better. I try to upload a new instrumental beat every 2 or 3 days as I am trying to grow my channel. I feel that being consistent will help in that regard. Here is my latest instrumental beat in the style of a Pop Smoke type beat. https://youtu.be/sVg7RjeXoWI Regarding my thumbnails, I have my Rzr logo that I use each time along with a set font so my uploads are cohesive. Other than that I will include an image of the rapper whose style fits the beat, or something appropriate to either the name or sound of the beat. I don't have Photoshop anymore so use GIMP which is more than up to the task, albeit a little different to Photoshop shortcut wise which took a little getting used to. Hopefully some of you enjoy my channel Stay safe everyone


Subscribed! How long did you say you’ve been doing this?


Hi everyone, I do casual audio readings of fairy tale stories on my channel: Cody's Reading Time: Fairy Tales and Other Stories and when I'm creating thumbnails I try to find a visually appealing image that is either relevant to the cultural origin of the book or can work with the name of the book and I use that thumbnail for each story that I upload from that book so that it's easier to locate stories from each book outside of the playlists that I make. Example: for Andrew Langs fairy tale books, which are all colors (the red fairy book, violet, crimson, green etc) I chose flowers and plants to represent the books; each thumbnail has that color of flower or plant along with my channel name and the name of the book/author. I upload 5-10 new stories every day and here's one from todays batch: "The True History of Little Golden Hood" from The Red Fairy Book By: Andrew Lang ["The True History of Little Golden Hood" ](https://youtu.be/RAUCchm8yh0)


Hey everyone! I'm minimover, and I make gaming videos, some montages and funny videos in general. My latest vid is a collab Valorant montage with some clips from me and some from my friends, and it would be awesome if you guys checked it out! [Decals 🎨 (COLLAB Valorant Montage) - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocAuWlw4K48) As for thumbanails, I'll generally take a clip from my video and add some text :).


Hello everyone. We’re Kerry and Tia and we have a web series called Isolationship.TV. We shoot everything on an iPhone and like to add lots of crazy special effects and original music. We’re just now trying to actually build a YouTube audience. Most recently did a lightsaber battle for Star Wars day: [https://youtu.be/DVNW-AcGsLM](https://youtu.be/DVNW-AcGsLM) For thumbnails, we try to take the best frame then clean it up real nice in Photoshop. I usually tweak the levels and add a subtle vignette to make them stand out more. Sometimes we each a different “best frame” so I’ll Photoshop them together first. After that, we slap on the logo and some nice bold fonts that can be seen on any sized device. But we have templates now for most of our content.


Really enjoyed it and obviously tooth paste needs to be squeezed from the bottom.


I read the rules over and over looking for a question and didn’t see one :/ I make videos about photography, drones, stocks and DIY projects. Just got monetized but haven’t picked which avenue to narrow in on. For thumbnails I either take a relevant frame from the video that has space beside it for text or I’ll take a proper photo with a DSLR with actual intention. Then it’s into photoshop where I have a template with colors and fonts to sort of keep the same feel as my channel progresses. Here’s the [channel trailer](https://youtu.be/vKFURaLJwTE)


Hi guys! My channel name is Sims Anonymous and I make videos about everything related to The Sims. So far, I have mostly made Sims 4 builds and my latest build is of an “inside out” house. Here’s my latest video: https://youtu.be/w-blAlkh8Iw I’d love it if you guys checked it out! I really want to build a community. How do I make my thumbnail? I take screenshots from the game, I edit them on my computer using the Photos app that comes with windows 10, and then I upload it to Canva, resize it and add text. Then I download the completed thumbnail and upload it to YouTube!


Hi Folks, I make relaxing and aesthetically pleasing 'silent' vlogs (no speaking just background music and some ambient sounds) about my simple and calm life. In the hopes to share some calm vibes through the internet. I select my thumbnail image by choosing a still from my videos based on what I think looks nicest and what gives a decent overview of the topic I am covering. I also have large white font describing the video using 1-3 words so it is 'hopefully' easy to see what it is about on YouTube. Here's my latest video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoypJ05Ze24](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoypJ05Ze24)


Hey everyone. I'm Al and my channel, Adventure Together is a travel and photography centric video where I intersperse high quality photography with poor quality hosting. So far I have done a lot of videos in Thailand where I live. I want to eventually get to every single country in the world, making videos about each one. Hopefully by then I'll have got the hang of all this. My thumbnail formula is actually very simple. Take one of my photos from the video, put some white text over the top with the place I'm in, stick my logo in the corner, done. It's actually one of the easier parts of all this. I don't envy you gamers who spend ages photoshopping stuff together. Here's a video of mine that's ok enough to share. I have others I like more but other people don't, so I just shared one that people seem to be ok with. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jTiMtymAdzQ


Hello Everyone, I'm Dunsparce, and I make videos on Pokemon and other games. I started pretty recently, and have been enjoying making videos. As for my thumbnail process, I enjoy taking a background, and then adding aspects from my video to that background. Typically, I'll throw the game logo on my thumbnail, and a few other aspects that relate to that video. Come check out my latest video, where I check out a new Pokemon team online: [https://youtu.be/AUN3E9fCl14](https://youtu.be/AUN3E9fCl14)


Hi all, relatively new to youtube and to reddit. My content creation journey (I do podcasts too) is pretty much for fun and whatever I feel like doing, but I do plan to reassess in a year or so and fine tune my approach at that time, to hopefully strike a balance between what I enjoy and what is getting traction. Right now I've got two youtube channels, one for my lifestyle brand (Firewalking Journey: The things that matter to a location-independent entrepreneur and investor) and one for my music. I actually dabble with a few other channels but those are even more experimental and I don't promote them at all. Hmm, my thumbnail process isn't great. I just try to think about what would be a concept that makes sense for the video and is at least somewhat eye-catching. Then I use canva pro to build the background out, add some text and a photo of my face. I don't put a lot of thought into it and I know I could/should do much better. Ah well. Couple examples: Lifestyle Channel: My latest video, which is doing pretty poorly, but I am hoping it eventually gets traction as it's a followup to my most popular video so far. This is about my experience as a Nissan Leaf (EV) owner for 9 years. [https://youtu.be/WPtZyfUM-kc](https://youtu.be/WPtZyfUM-kc) Music Channel: This is actually a fairly uninteresting reaction video imo but it's been getting a ton of love from the Youtube algo this week. [https://youtu.be/cO-O39lvZXA](https://youtu.be/cO-O39lvZXA)


Hello everybody, my name is gsusfm and I mostly do gaming videos, but I also do reviews of other Youtubers, and make some memes here and there. I try to do things I like on the channel and so far things are going great, nice to meet you all! https://youtube.com/user/darkarck


Hello everyone, I just started a new YouTube channel. I handmake rugs with a rug tufting gun. 🔴 [**Video | Tufting a Pokéball Rug**](https://youtu.be/6PagGl3una4) 🔨 [**Video | How to Make a Rug Tufting Frame**](https://youtu.be/jzBxs4smHfM) I use PowerPoint to make most of my thumbnails. I like using bright colors. ▶️ **Channel Link**: https://youtube.com/channel/UCzPMjLTlsbgOfIwR2X8KoZw


I feel like the tufting video might do well on r/oddly satisfying! That was really cool. A lot faster than I would have thought.


Thank you!! Some of the clips were sped up, but it is still pretty quick.


Hi everyone! I'm an MBA student studying at Cornell, I come from Singapore. My thumbnail making process: typically I use Canva to make my thumbnails. My first step is to go to my video editor to extract a frame of me talking during my video, den remove the background of the frame. Then I overlay myself onto a cool stock background on Canva. My channel: I make MBA life, MBA tips, campus life, and life of international students in US videos with the aim to keep future students informed and entertained about college and postgrad life. Latest video about succeeding your internship in big tech: https://youtu.be/jY4oWagds9s




Hey I'm certain open for a collab! Good to see someone doing similar type of content, we can communicate via DM.


Hi everybody, I'm Justin, TheTallGuyGamer, I've got a gaming/comedy channel where I initially uploaded videos and clips of Twitch streams but I think I'm shifting my focus to YouTube primarily and will only stream on the side when I have extra time. Here's a link to one of my favorite shorts I've made: [https://youtu.be/6NTHMR1jgxA](https://youtu.be/6NTHMR1jgxA) I've always had a passion for gaming and entertaining others. I love to talk about games and ideas with others and would love to connect. My thumbnail process is one thing that definitely needs work. I usually will just grab a still out of one of my videos (Using Davinci Resolve) and then I use GIMP to edit that still into a useable thumbnail. I'm certainly not a video editor or a graphics artist so I'm still learning these applications and have a long way to go. I also just need to get better at choosing the still I'm going to use as the thumbnail to grab more attention. Link for my full channel: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqmxgDz3GpV2fvFiHE5XNQ](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqmxgDz3GpV2fvFiHE5XNQ) All feedback is encouraged and appreciated (positive and negative!) Thanks for listening and I hope to see you online!


Just a nobody on a sea of everybody. When I began my YT channel I would just let the process use whatever frame that came up as my thumbnail. After a bit, I started selecting a frame as I was editing. Only recently have I started really putting time into designing proper (well kind of, I guess) thumbnails after watching Annie Dube's channel. I'm currently using the free version of Canva, it seems like a nice easy way to produce them so far.


I got the subscription for Canva, and it is SO WORTH IT--in case you've considered it. I love it, and the content planner/branding stuff is so convenience. Plus you get all those premium assets. It's top tier.


Thank you for the testimonial, but I feel that the free version meets my needs at this point in my journey. In case I do decide to upgrade, please message me your affiliated marketer link so you get the credit. :)


I've read quite a few posts with Canva mentioned. Is it a desktop app?


Hi fellow creators! I'm a singer and artist, average at both (😅), I compose songs, do covers and illustrate the whole everything! (I try to make it educational-useful as I go, so that people (and myself) can come back to my channel with at least one good reason!) [https://youtu.be/dYcV06Ixx94](https://youtu.be/dYcV06Ixx94) (Me singing 🎶, drawing 🎨, playing, learning, about creep from Radiohead) **MY OWN THUMBNAIL RECIPE :** 0. Spread what is important for you to have in your thumbnails, but in small servings. Put them aside. 1. one spoonful of knowing what the main subject is about and make it more visible than the rest. 2. Throw everything in the mixer and hope you produce an intriguing drawing that will lure people. 3. (corrections, start over, corrections, start over again, accept that it's not perfect, settle, ???, there you are. Enjoy!)


Dude, you're incredibly talented. You're one of the only covers of Creep I actually enjoy (I generally dislike that song but your version of it is really fun to watch). Going to binge your channel now.


https://ibb.co/jgDH11K A drawn reply for you ❤️


💜💜💜 Sending all love to you


Hello everybody! I make let's play of old video games for now. I'm kinda new to YouTube. I'm almost 1 month old in this adventure xD This is my latest uploade video,a live video actually. And about my thumbnail, I recently changed my The Suffering thumbnails and I think I made them look better. [https://youtu.be/DGYLHXXOb70](https://youtu.be/DGYLHXXOb70)


Watched a few of your videos. Love your humor, keep it up!


Hello! My name is Louie and I have a Sketch Comedy channel! My main goal is to hopefully make people laugh and make their day a little bit brighter! I’m new to this style of video making so I’ve definitely been learning as I go along. My thumbnail making process is actually quite simple, I just take the funniest looking screenshot I can from each video, and add a short quote from the script on it. Probably not the most efficient thumbnails ever, but it’s good enough for me haha also Canva makes things easy! Here’s my latest video “When the bank robber is dumb” I hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/cju7wkFXjB8


Keep at it!


Hello, I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with a channel and just started uploaded the content I want to do. ART! I'm going to journal my venture back into art after 15 years of doing nothing with it. I have few ideas for content and about how I'm going to tie gaming into it. Heres one of two video with commentary I posted this week: [Bad Habbits and Goals.](https://youtu.be/WBF_2H7OR9k) My thumbnails are balancing the topic and color. I weigh what grabs the eye and work in GIMP. I keep my layouts modular.


Hiya! Imagine Graham Stephen and Mr. Beast had a baby, and that baby grew up to be a Crypto Youtuber. That’s what I’m striving to do with my channel - NoAutoPilot. My typical thumbnail process is this: I have a template in Photoshop that I swap out my reaction photo on. As well as add in a logo or image to help it pop. For my photos, I try to give a mirror what I think the sentiment of my viewer is, who clicked on my video. For the text, I make it simple, easy to read, and try to make it intriguing or interesting. I’m just now dabbling in some photoshop touch up stuff. I’m happy to answer any questions on any part of my process. Just let me know 👍 Link - https://youtu.be/0qtSXCz_wTU


hey my name is scasm and I actually just hit 1000 subs today! I make video essays about games and general game news and reviews This is my latest video that I’m proud of, the entire history of Mario - similar style to the very popular bill wurtz video https://youtu.be/SFbElQ7ivf8


Pretty good analysis there bro. The monster hunter video is sure to get you flak though lol. I can already see the dislikes


That Mario video slaps man. I love your avatar btw. I dont know what it is with people with TV heads but i always thought they looked cool.


Thanks a lot dude, appreciate it! Yeah I’ve always thought it was cool since I first saw the TV head robot in FLCL like 15 years ago or whatever. Been using it ever since. Thanks for watching!


https://youtu.be/Pa7vi9CLnOo Hi everyone, this is the 11th video on the channel and I think I've improved on my last one. Looking for feedback of course and if you enjoy it, I'd love it if you could leave a like. Thanks!


I'm Kev. I plan to work on a series of horror movie retrospectives, as well as other pop culture phenomenon. I like to use film & music as platforms to subtly discuss modern issues, such as mental health, so it becomes less taboo to talk about them, while adding a touch of light heartedness so the vibe remains cool & chill. Recently uploaded the first horror retrospective of my series, covering & ranking the Saw franchise: https://youtu.be/_iOtYLwn9wM I like to have a night time aesthetic with my channel (as if you're staying over at a friend's!), so I follow patterns of neon blues & purples for my thumbnails. Still experimenting to see what I like and what works.


Yeah, it’s hard to figure out what works without a ton of traffic but I do like those neon colors.


Hi all, SillyMarthiniGaming here :) " **Describe your thumbnail making process.** " Uhm.. i make a screenshot i deem fitting :P For example, i made a screenshot of a hoglin because i went to the nether in search of some leather! :D Progress has been made with an amazing nether spawn :D w00t [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXmLV8aQAXqVr-bXOLAEIGA](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXmLV8aQAXqVr-bXOLAEIGA)


Hey! My channel is called The Intense MD. I’m an ICU doctor who is on a mission to let the general public know what happens in the intensive care unit. My Tuesday videos are more educational and cover topics such as life support, what happens during emergencies in the hospital, etc. My Friday videos are more informal videos discussing my experience, reacting to medical shows. I used Canva to design my thumbnails. In general, both types of videos follow the same color scheme (teal/blues). I include a photo of myself in each thumbnail, but my Friday videos typically have a more casual appearance. I try to use 3 words or less to grab attention and let someone know what the video is about without cluttering the thumbnail. I also choose an image or graphic of one thing (and remove background) to be the focal point that correlates with the topic. My goal is to have someone figure out what they’re going to get out of watching the video in 5 seconds or less. Definitely an art I haven’t perfected, but I have come a long way. I’ve completely redesigned the thumbnails on my channel at least 3 times since starting up in March. I’m going to leave my channel link here, if anyone is interested in checking it out! https://youtube.com/c/TheIntenseMD


Hi Folks! My channel: Providing summaries of recently published scientific journal articles on immunology topics so that they can be understood, put into context, and enjoyed by a broader non-expert audience. I use my immunology background to make these informative, and my personality to make these topics as interesting as possible. My channel name is Investigate Explore Discover, and by checking it out you may learn something cool you didn't know before. [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZh5LGLABhAawEolr2kpQXg](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZh5LGLABhAawEolr2kpQXg) To make thumbnails I take a photo of the printed out paper that I am covering on a cork board that sits behind me when filming. I then take a screenshot of a moment through my video where I am smiling. I remove the background of the screenshot and then, in Canva, I place my photo over the picture of the paper. I follow that up by adding a translucent white box where I put my text over so that it pops out more against the background.


Hey hey, my name is Indieguy and I review mostly old games, like the stuff you'd find on [GOG.com](https://GOG.com) or your old PSP games. I try to mix in a couple of memes, trying to keep the editing as consistent and good as possible. I take a lot of inspiration from youtubers like Gmanlives and Civvie 11, but I try to insert my own dry comedy style and to also try and stand out I insert a small b-plot into the videos with two other characters, Brian and the ancient deity Omnoshivra. Making thumbnails is always hard for me since I'm not really that good with photoshop, and because there's always those GODDAMNED FAKE TRANSPARENT PNGs!!! I guess I follow a sort of a template: a colored borther, promotional material for the game in question, my avatar or face and text that says "Rapid Review". [This here](https://youtu.be/n0Wr7O7hh7M) is my latest video and [this is my channel!](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS_60rX96gwq45YZPaPJtlw)


Hello! My channel is called Variegata Gaming and I play PC games, mainly RPGs or building simulators. Here is my channel: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCynDvRa7t-ANI5H7RJX\_mqA](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCynDvRa7t-ANI5H7RJX_mqA) I am still learning how to make better thumbnails. I actually just use screenshots and Powerpoint at the moment! I've tried to jazz them up a bit but still keep them clean and simple. I have yet to settle on a proper channel 'branding style' so each of my thumbnails are quite different at the moment.


Hi, I do videos about things that happen and my life in the countryside Here is a video talking about our cat that is addicted to food: [https://youtu.be/S0uFo9Ku4Ys](https://youtu.be/S0uFo9Ku4Ys) ​ For my thumbnails, I take photos of different things, then use gimp to Photoshop it and create a thumbnail


hi i'm crazybloodmonkey i mostly do gaming videos but sometimes i do animation and shitpost. my thumbnail making process varies sometimes i just go to google and just pick a wallpaper of the game i am playing in the video and if it has the logo already i just add the number on the thumbnail. but sometimes i do the same process but have to add the logo or the character i am playing as. but sometimes i actually make the thumbnail and put things together and depending on what it is i might add some effects like lowering or increasing the saturation or messing with the gradient though most times i don't spend too much time on my thumbnails. video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbyQY1MBC0k&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbyQY1MBC0k&t=1s)


Hi everyone. My channel name is efry and I make Minecraft videos. So far my best performing ones are reviews but I'm trying to get into let's plays and such. My latest video: https://youtu.be/QgXuJ-wSesQ My process for making thumbnails: 1. Upload the video (I make the thumbnail while it's processing) 2. Open Photoshop 3. Discord call a friend (I find that having a second opinion useful and it overall makes the experience more enjoyable) 4. Add a base colour 5. Add the subject of the video (an image) in the middle 6. Add impact text to confirm the title 7. Add the skins of the people in the video as well as anything else I have only uploaded a few videos so far (4 on the channel with a couple unlisted or on other channels) but I hope this might help someone! :)


Hey, what’s going on Redditers? I’m Steven, and my YouTube channel is called HeyTechi - Apple HomeKit Tips, Tricks & Reviews. I started YouTube about 6 months ago now. As you can gather from the above, my channel is interested in Apple HomeKit devices - but more broadly the Apple Smart Home in general. I think smart home technology is the future of how we will live, because that tech helps us all live more sustainably - it also helps save money on your electricity bill, and is good for the environment! If you’re interested, check out my page here: https://youtube.com/c/HeyTechi As for thumbnails, use a well known thumbnail site. I tend to take a photo of whatever item or product I’m reviewing, remove the background, add a textured background. I always try to include just a few words of text to grab the reader’s attention. Oh and never put anything in the bottom right corner - that’s where the time of the video goes (I made that mistake a lot when I was just starting out! And if you’re reading this, best of luck to you growing your channel!


Hi!! So I go by the name of Chief Saucin, and I do typically gaming-meme videos, and I do edit pretty chaotically if I have to say. I just uploaded my newest video today. And my thumbnail making process is half of commissioning them or a quick 20 minute session on Canva, it depends on the video i'm trying to make. Anyways, here's the video below and thanks for reading this!!! [Rainbow Six Siege is CHAOTIC](https://youtu.be/gZWB_yQlIZs)


Hi guys, I explored cooking on wild with open fire and that’s it on my channel. Sometimes I fish in the beach and sometimes in ponds or rivers. I’m sure it’s interesting https://youtu.be/AByOPFUWd3E


My name is Anthony, I am a totally blind YouTube content creator, if anyone is interested in checking my channel out, let me know?


Hello I am William from Found in Japan. I am trying to do a mixed bag of content related to Japanese places people and things that can be found in Japan. I have others who are going to join up but can’t currently with the lock downs. When I started making my thumbnails I just was throwing some text around a screen pick from The built in tools. In this most recent episode I decided on a color pallet and a more comic panel design lay out using GIMP. The following mu my most recent video. My others are related to snacks and instruction. Thank you for taking a look. Japan Vlog : EP 5 Solo Walk in the fields and Shrine Visit (Mitami Shrine)](https://youtu.be/-rUwpdoOQDY)


So, it's Sunday but whatevah 😊 I'm Grant and I do videos that focus on Armored Combat, some workouts, vlog-ish stuff, and do some armor unboxings and reviewed and things like that. I'm going to expand a bit around the armored combat niche and do some news, parodies, and fight reviews eventually. I try to do thumbnails in a completely staged, separate picture, but sometimes I forget so try to show some action and put text that would compliment the video but not just rewrite the title. This is my 2nd best vid so far per analytics. https://youtu.be/3MmFX0_KZ94


Hi, I'm Clifford. I'm a twitch streamer and youtube content creator. My youtube content is just highlights of my twitch streams for the time being. My streams are mainly about anime. I basically sit in my chair and talk to myself about one anime that I've watched per stream, give a small description and if I get viewers (which rarely happens), well, I talk to them... about anime. Sometimes, I also play chess and PS1 games or work on my anime list on stream to add variety. Then, I use that stream and make a yt video! I can't monetize my yt account in my country so the account is there just to promote my twitch streams. Everything I do is boring, but that's just who I am as a person, and I hope some people will like my content regardless. Here's the most recent yt video posted today about Darling In The Franxx: [https://youtu.be/t30vrBUBMpU](https://youtu.be/t30vrBUBMpU) My twitch: [https://twitch.tv/phytoxia](https://twitch.tv/phytox1a) My thumbnail making process is prehistoric 'cause I've got no skills, no time and I'm too lazy anyway. First, I take a picture of myself doing something that relates to the anime I'm talking about. Then, I edit the thumbnail with PAINT (omg!!) to the best of my ability and tadaaa! Here's my youtube channel: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQd4EGVzBgvxcuwAld9tlg](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQd4EGVzBgvxcuwAld9tlg) Thanks. Bye!


Wow, I'm excited to have found this sub! It's great to be here. We are a very new channel and presently have six of our full-length videos up now. [Here's the latest](https://youtu.be/syAIUE4P-7o) from earlier this week. Our channel, **"**[Two Sides of FI](https://www.youtube.com/c/TwoSidesOfFI)**"** is hosted by me and my good friend of nearly thirty five years. The show is FIRE (financial independence / retire early)-themed. We didn't want to make another "how to" show! Our belief is that because we know each other so well, we can have really candid and unscripted conversations about our respective FIRE journeys. Given our different backgrounds and personalities, there are many differences in our approaches and perspectives despite the many things we have in common. Thumbnail process: As my creative partner is a design professional, there's a natural hierarchy of roles! We throw around a few concepts over text msgs / Notion and then he mocks up a few ideas in Photoshop. We then finalize the design over text and he finishes the art. Our approach is graphical in nature vs. caps from the videos themselves, barring our earliest ones. For the most part, it's a pictorial representation of one or more concepts from the episode coupled with text based on the actual video title. Thanks for any feedback you can offer!


Hi everyone. My name is Jordan and I run Improv Game Reviews, a review and gameplay reaction channel. I have been creating content for the last few months and although growth has been minimal, I really enjoy creating the content! I am always interested in feedback and comments on how I can improve, I enjoy tinkering with the channel and finding ways to make the content better. Here is a link to my latest video, which I would love for you to check out. Any and all constructive feedback is welcomed! [Booting Up: New Pokémon Snap](https://youtu.be/03v8buNncUU)


Hello all you beautiful people :) I'm Logaheart and I mainly do some gaming videos for fun and I want to grow my community. I played resident evil so if you enjoy youtubers getting scared go watch! [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBeM22X6KFk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBeM22X6KFk) Thumbnail process: I use canva and look up images about whatever I'm doing and upload it onto canva. Occasionally use this remove background thing which is pretty useful [https://www.remove.bg/](https://www.remove.bg/)


Hi I make gameplay videos. I recently got my ego deflated by your feedback and have been trying to make better videos ever since. My latest video is "Tropico 4 - #05 {The Miners and the Chinese drill". Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJp0qanmNDM&t=37s Please tell me how I can improve!


Hey there, I make cod zombies content. I’ve been on YouTube for 4 months now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at making thumbnails. Arranging from using lightning effects, fire, distorting, blur etc. all of it, to make a very caution thumbnail. Check out my content, I talk about a lot of things and would love any feed back :) https://youtube.com/channel/UCR8H5nzvFVKUnkBqbCsGMnw


Hello! I typically make Minecraft content, I know, pretty basic, but my main video source is building tutorials, I’m working on a castle tutorial right now, and for thumbnails, I’ll take a screenshot of a part of my build and edit it to make it look nicer. Here is my newest video, and I’m still fairly new to editing/making videos so please, if you’d like, comment some suggestions https://youtu.be/5yhO2-6qoF0


Half an hour before midnight lol. Let's see, I'm a 40 year old chaotic neutral bard from Pennsylvania who enjoys the 80s, music and video games. So basically I'm everyone lol. I have four cats (2 rescues and 2 I inherited) 1 son and a gorgeous girlfriend who supports my musical endeavors yet makes fun of it for being so nerdy lol. Here's my latest release [Raise Your Tankard - Sam Thul (Original)](https://youtu.be/suPYB7P1WRU)


Hey guys, I primarily post 20-30 minute clips of video games on my channel. For thumbnails I use the free version of Canva. I look for an image that highlights the game I’m playing and then I add text to make it more interesting. This is one of my videos! Habroxia Levels 1-5 on PS4 https://youtu.be/QMx0LRNQOnA


Hope nobody minds me posting this a couple of days late--I caught this thread during my lunch break at work and bookmarked it but forgot to address it at home during the few hours I'm actually on the computer before getting ready to head out again (I'm currently on one of my days off). ​ Anywho, to answer the question: ​ My thumbnail making process, which I really need to get back into, is currently the lazy method of just getting whatever screengrab from the actual video I feel best represents the video in question. (For the record, I'm not saying anyone else is being lazy if they make their thumbnails the same way; you put in whatever amount of effort you feel is best for you. I'm saying *I'm* being lazy for doing it this way because I feel I should *probably* use my CS education to figure out something I like better but I'm currently choosing not to.) Sometimes that means letting YouTube pick until I've found something better, sometimes it means running the video through a video-to-jpg converter and picking a frame of my liking... and sometimes it actually means *editing* that frame after the fact before uploading. The reason I "need to get back into" it despite using such a simple method is that my last several videos have all been showcasing fitness games using a 360 degree camera, and while I'm *kind of* okay with the automatically-chosen thumbnail on the 360 versions (aside from the fact that you can clearly see the TV instead of it looking like a screengrab from the actual game, so that's one of the areas where I'd need to start editing), I'm not sure I'm as pleased with taking a screengrab from the split-screen version of the same video. Oh, and some of my gaming videos may not have a single frame that "best represents" them so sometimes I'll use a screengrab that I feel best represents my experience with the game as a whole... case in point, the same image I use as my avatar on my gaming channel may show up multiple times when I start making Skyrim videos (which will focus on showcasing my favorite mods, showcasing my self-imposed challenge of limiting weapons to "whatever I find in the dungeon I'm currently exploring," or showcasing my attempts at using VR, rather than the super-saturated Lets Plays). Obviously I need to learn to make better thumbnails. ;) But I'm satisfied with this method for the time being. ​ Got a couple of channels to pick from (one hodgepodge of a main channel that I'm *slowly* turning into a more "creative pursuits" topic like reading, writing, and photography, and a motorcycle/travel channel), but since I answered the question based on my gaming channel I'll offer that one: [Unfashionably Late Gaming](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7m2Fa_3VVT_8ESEtPRXu2w), which I absolutely named in a moment of self-deprecating humor as a reference to my habit of taking forever to doing anything related to YouTube... or gaming in general. As it is, the only reason I've been giving the gaming channel quasi-regular attention right now is due to my New Year's Resolution of getting in more exercise via these games in the first place. Making videos out of it is just an extra step.


Little About me: Im a young student that study nursing at the university, and working a part time job in between as a medic. In my free time, I doing videos, mainly unboxing videos and personal reviews of new products that I find interesting . My goal is to make my videos as short and on point as possible, because I know your time is precious. This channel is my second passion after nursing. I really enjoy filming, editing and putting a good music that will perfectly fit. Besides, there is just something about opening a new product from the box that just little exciting don't you think? brings back the inner child in you :) Thank you for your support. ​ link to one of my favorite unboxing video in my channel: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVv27reInsA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVv27reInsA)


Hi friends! I'm Annaliese, the All Canadian Reptile Girl. Reptiles are amazing, but so much outdated and just plain wrong information is out there as 'common knowledge' and they are widely feared and misunderstood. The goal of my channel is to showcase how awesome reptiles are. They make incredibly rewarding and even affectionate pets and don't deserve the fear they usually get! https://youtu.be/g1jA0L4_fGc My most recent video is about common 'starter reptiles' that really should be for more intermediate keepers. I've been doing some work on getting some energy/movement into my videos with alternate angles and transitions. What do you guys think? My usual thumbnail process is to take a frame from my video (because I always forget to take a proper picture while I'm filming). I clean it up to get a transparent image and drop it into my template on Blaster Suite. I adjust the position and size of the regular elements (logo, splash behind the text, etc). Change the color of my background and call it a day.


What a great channel! I have a 9 year old daughter that has become quite captivated by lizards she finds out in the wild! She would absolutely love your channel to learn more! You have a great personality that shows on camera. Very informative! And I love Night Monkey! My daughter has asked for pet reptiles a lot and this helped give me a better idea on the care and needs of these pets!


Thank you so much! If your daughter likes lizards she'll probably really like the video I have coming out in 2 weeks. I introduce my Giant Argentine Black & White Tegu. She's definitely not a starter reptile, but she is really, really cool!


Hey I watched your video and it was quite informative! I loved the way you talk with confidence ❤️


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


Hi my channel is Dyoramic, I'm a maker who also likes Lego so try and combine the two. This week to celebrate Star Wars day (the 4th of May) I made a giant Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber that lit up and moved. [https://youtu.be/tlrsdGeg2So](https://youtu.be/tlrsdGeg2So) To make thumbnails I try and select a scene from the video that will intrigue people to find out more and click. I use all uppercase letters and try to limit myself to around 3 words. Thumbnails is an area that I need to work on.


That was really cool! I'm not a huge star wars fan (to my dad's great disappointment). But that was really neat. I feel your struggle with the troubleshooting. I often start building reptile enclosures without planning all the way through and end up scrambling to adjust part way through. Lol


Thank you! I tend to find that even when I plan ahead it doesn't normally work out and I still end up having to troubleshoot 😂.


We also got no sleep as we scrambled to finish our Star Wars video in time. This was super cool though. And love the editing. It’s really good. We’re no experts but we just watched a handful of thumbnail tutorials and followed the collective advice as best as possible.


Good Morning, My thumbnail process is usually going to canvas with a background from a game, putting a photo of myself on the top layer and throwing in the name of the song. I create Metal Covers of Video Game tracks. My most recent track is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and I hope you enjoy. https://youtu.be/w6sgv8s84o8


Hi everyone I make videos about the deeper meanings, ideas and mechanics behind movies, shows and videogames! Do you like to explore? Open World Games are designed for exploration but so many people skip it. Why? What are these games doing wrong? [https://youtu.be/uOhCgLnMuLA](https://youtu.be/uOhCgLnMuLA) As for the question my thumbnail has a nice background with highlighted text to hook the viewer. I usually start by looking at other creators and their videos similar to mine then find a nice background and font that fits the video then I just make something astatically pleasing.


I really dig the topics on your channel, specifically your main video of 'Why do we like horror videogames?'. I was actually planning to work on a small doc on 'why do we like horror movies?' so it's cool to see others working on similar topics paralleled on the same genre & intention of discovering things below the surface. Really great work.


Yello. I quite enjoyed ur take on why ya never fast travel;ed in Cyberpunk 2077 and RDR2! Those worlds were pretty full of life and captured the feels of ya never know what was gonna happen as u traversed em.


Hi. I’ve been making movie reviews YouTube for awhile, but have come back to doing it after a long break. I’ve been trying a new style of thumbnails for my latest videos. I removed myself from the background in GIMP then add in the blue background. Then I add my logo and the poster of the thing I’m reviewing. This is my latest video about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: https://youtu.be/BcgZ-pWBWbs Any thoughts or feedback are appreciated.


Hey, I make comedy educational content, I have a little pixel avatar I’m fond of, and figured I could take the Sam O Nella/CGP strategy of making my thumbnails include it so people would remember my channel more, not sure how that’s been working, but not enough in my mind, so this last video I made was the first that didn’t use my avatar — well partly because I wasn’t sure how to include it anyway. https://youtu.be/B7E0lQBXAi8


Very interesting topic. Everyone knows about the civil war, but did not realize there these smaller wars between states outside of that. I like the quick delivery, animations are fun and I like your sense of humour. Well done!


Hello! My name is Savannah, and I run a gaming channel with my sister called [SQ Sisters Gaming](https://youtube.com/channel/UC5BonxiMsTzl0ylwrrP9chA). We post mostly Rocket League and GTA Online videos, and I’m so happy with our current growth! 30 subscribers in about 1.5 months and growing! If you like Rocket League montages, check out our recent video: [Best Goals in Gold 2v2s | Rocket League Montage](https://youtu.be/NRRFL0ZOM9o). Thank you for any support!


Hola. Just checked out ur latest GTA heist vid and the editing and stealth was pretty good. Left a like and comment. Keep up the good work!


Hey thank you so much! Means so much


Hi guys! My main channel name is XLS HighVoltage Edition (I have others, but this is Main). I create gaming content on the Highest Difficulty possible. Every gameplay have min. 1 Steam game code in it (freebies for viewers). And I upload once every month (for now). [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSNkklYfgMLTmAADGRXHQw](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSNkklYfgMLTmAADGRXHQw) For the thumbnails, I mostly take in-game screenshot and put the name of the game to that screenshot - I make them simple basically (via Photoshop). Cheers! =)


I make short sketch comedy/skits and for my thumbnails, whenever I feel they are necessary if the frames within the video can’t make a good one, consist of me taking a picture after filming and removing the background and editing a thumbnail on the Canva app! A video I’m particularly proud of below, drop a like/sub if you’re genuinely interested in the content ❤️ https://youtu.be/FGuIn5CZazA


My channel is Creative PowerPoint. Every week I release a new video showing creative (or even artistic) ideas using PowerPoint. My motto is "Every creative day has a creative PowerPoint". And the link to the channel https://www.youtube.com/c/CreativePowerPointEveryday I usually use PowerPoint for my thumbnails. Having already the Powerpoint example slides, it's often just a matter of taking one slide from my demo deck and add the PowerPoint logo and some text. I sometimes add a darker overlay to have the text readable. If the demo features a movement that cannot be represented using a still thumbnail, I add a pictural element like an arrow to suggest the movement.


Penguin paintball is my channel. Just getting up and started. Thumbnails are probably my weakest aspect. As of now I just try to find a frame in the editing that might grab some attention. Im not good with photo editing so they're just boring basic ones. This is my latest video https://youtu.be/w3DcpVfUtHQ


Looks great! I play a lot of airsoft and love watching paintball/airsoft videos.


Thanks for the watch. The channel is about to have a major upgrade over the next couple months. Be sure to stay tuned for all excitement to come


Hi I’m StarGamingZ, I make and stream fun Pokémon let’s Plays! To make a thumbnail a screenshot an interesting scene of the game put it on Gimp, blur it out, and add the game’s title and the character associated with that week’s episode. This is an episode of my Pokémon Rejuvenation Let’s play! Let me know what you think!! https://youtu.be/M3wstHJ0LW0 Also I stream Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm EST on Twitch: StarGamingZ2500


Interestin editing chops here. Been years since I've played any pokemon game (since Gold).


Hello! My wife and I love visiting breweries and recently started vlogging it. Only a few videos in so I’m still learning an editing workflow. So far I’ve been forgetting to take pictures as well while we’re out. Still have a touch of anxiety carrying around a camera in a public space. So I’ve just been using screenshots from the video for our thumbnails. https://youtu.be/zqc1lbp0LWI


Hey everyone! My name is Ocean and I make comedy driven video game review content! I am also expanding my horizons soon with new series' on the weirdest games and the most "cultured" games out there! Hope to make some new friends here and make some great content with y'all! :D [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0jsnvsrzug](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0jsnvsrzug)


Checked out a few of your videos! You've got a great balance between your comedy and information. Keep up the great work!


Happy Saturday everyone! Our thumbnail process is pretty simple: Snap a pic of the boardgame front and center, then take two well lit pics of ourselves in some comedic pose, Photoshop them onto either side, slap the title on, and voila lol We tried photoshopping for a while, but we felt it distracted and there was no unifying theme. https://youtu.be/U3mRDRcYbRc This week's video is another entry in our series of weird and obscure boardgames and it is a mashup of Nerf and Connect 4.


Hey everyone, I'm Adam. I make tutorial videos on how to make props from movies. I try to do a 'Basic Build,' which is a cheap version and then upgrade it each time to create a realistic version. I make my thumbnails during the filming process and try to plan what I'd like as a screenshot. Here's my channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCjI_X4KEUJqJ3ZKz8UgwLgA


Hi everyone, I make weekly videos covering news stories that you might have missed from the previous week. I try to make it interesting and informative, always less than 5 minutes. Let me know what you think, thanks! [https://youtu.be/0oAAWoqUDq4](https://youtu.be/0oAAWoqUDq4)


I checked out your most recent video and I dig it! Your voice works well for news stories and is calming. Also the bonus short news stories at the end are a great idea! What made you decide to focus on this particular subject matter?


Thanks for your feedback! I try to make all of the stuff on my channel educational/informative so this was a good way for me to discover some cool stories and also share with others. I also haven't come across too much comparable content in the niche. I make it short enough that I can do it on a weekly basis without having to worry about it too much after full time work M-F.


Omg! Love your voice. 🔥🔥 & Your style. .any chance you'd be covering stuff from the middle East too? I am a new commentator myself. Movies mostly. Channel name is same as my user id. Hehe 🙌🏼


Hey, thanks for the response! I try to cover stuff from all over, including the middle east. It just depends on if I find a story that isn't covered as much in mainstream media.


I watched your video cos pretty much all the comments had a lot to say about your voice. While I'm not really into the news you were sharing I am included to agree about the quality of your voice. It's well paced. Neutral in tone and calming to hear. That's something money can't buy. Wish you all the best.


Hey, thanks for the comment! I understand that it's not for everyone. Thanks for the feedback on my voice, i try to keep it calmer and it takes me about 15 minutes to record the 4 minute video. I tend to mess up some lines a bunch.


Hey everyone! I’m Waxo of Waxo Plays and my channel is centered around Video Game news, reviews, and commentary. One of my latest and more well produced videos can be found at https://youtu.be/aqAGNwTQgEE. Feel free to critique/comment about it, any bit helps 😁 When it comes to thumbnails, most of the time I wait until I’m at the end of the project to make them. When I do, in the case of my news videos, it’s usually something quippy pertaining to a news story. In my other videos I try to go for whatever captured the mood of the video the best.


Happy Saturday! My thumbnail making process usually involves making thumbs that are consistent, at least with the backgrounds. They can change slightly as far as color, but the pattern may change up. I've broken my episodes up into seasons, so season 1 thumbnail backgrounds are different from Season 2. My channel is called I Miss the 90s https://youtube.com/channel/UCed34u0UUa7XGKdPXLexSfA So far I've covered tv shows, cartoons, music, and movies. Revisiting and learning the history of my interests as a kid through the eyes of a now 38 year old dude. I took a brief 6 month rest due to moving and refiguring how I'd like to produce my content. So far I've been enjoying my new set up. Hope you all check it out!


Hey guys! I make music out of weird things (dirty dishes, cleaning products, turkeys, pumpkins etc) For my latest video, I made a beat with fire! :) https://youtu.be/gKS7TCz3qNg Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 😊🙏 I use photoshop to make my thumbnails. I usually try to use pre-existing frames to come up with an idea but lately I’ve been thinking on setting a day aside to actively dedicate time to shooting pictures for thumbnails.


Wow. That was one sick beat. I really liked it. I do dabble with a bit of music myself but this was sick!! Keep it up!


Hi everyone! My name's Jamie, and my youtube channel is centered around my endeavors as an artist, but I also include some vlog-ish content alongside some of my videos so that my audience can get to know more about me alongside my artwork. I do a lot of timelapses with chillhop in the background to show my process for creating a piece. If you're interested, here's one of my most viewed videos. :D It's an illustration of a forgotten beast from the game Dwarf Fortress. I love using the game's creatures as inspiration. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioEEesFugHM&t=16s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioEEesFugHM&t=16s)


I really enjoy the vibe of your channel. I can put it on in the background and check back in on it every so often to see the progress. I love these types of channels. Can't wait to see how you and your art evolve!


Thank you so much for the kind comment\~ I really appreciate it!


Of course! I'll be binging your channel this weekend haha, thanks for the amazing art!


Me and my friends have a group gaming channel. We make videos about our funny moments during gameplay. For our thumbnails we have an artist we hire each week once we come up with the idea for our thumbnail. He does a great job and is able to bring all of our ideas to life. Our most recent thumbnail was an impersonation of the John Wick 2 cover art. Here’s the link to our channel if you’re interested in checking it out! https://youtube.com/channel/UCGF9rfK91CyMC0jd9ELZ9tA


awesome channel! I am your 99 subscriber bud


Thanks man!! We really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the upcoming videos


Hey everyone, I'm Cy. I like to film and create artistic videos from my hiking and outdoor adventures. My latest video is a photowalk / hike of a trail in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. I hope you enjoy! 🌲 📷 [https://youtu.be/nP6wTeOJ1Z8](https://youtu.be/nP6wTeOJ1Z8) ​ As for thumbnails, I generally like to include a still image that I photographed as the main background of the thumbnail. I've found that images with contrast-y blues and oranges work really well. I like to include white text over these images, I've experimented with other colored texts but seem to always come back to white as a personal preference.


I thought your editing was pretty solid. As one with an incredibly short attention span, I wasn't bored. Hopefully you can get a drone soon and get some sweet perspective B-roll


Hello everyone! I restore model cars. The cars that have been abandoned, I try to customize them and restore. My latest video: [Ford Mustang Restoration](https://youtu.be/uGVyFg3JX98)


That was one mesmerizing process. I really liked the start of the video where the car was burning. That was quite a hook. One suggestion that I would like to offer is if you could talk the viewers through the process. I was confused where you got the plastic pieces from. Did you buy them or did you have to custom 3D print them. I was also curious how you got rid of the rust. So quite a few questions. And while we all have the comments section its helpful if the video creator takes you through the process. If voice is not your thing. That's okay. You can also use text. The last suggestion would be to include label the sections in your video. So step 1 maybe removing debris. Step 2. Painting and such. This is a personal choice though.


Interesting concept for sure, how did you think of it?


Hi all - I’m Jamo Films Presents https://youtube.com/c/jamoheehoo I have videos on various topics that interest me (gaming, food, ear picking...) until I figure out a niche. For thumbnails - I use photoshop and start with the most interesting frame of my video when it’s done. Then I post in subreddits for feedback and often end up changing my thumbnails 2-5 times within the first week. After a change I check the CTR to see if it’s up or down. Once I see a 2% jump, that thumbnail stays as the one I keep.


Hi! My name is Lindsay and I usually make lotr or Narnia content but today I made a review of the shadow and bone show since I love reading and fantasy! Here is the link: https://youtu.be/lTp2XIPGk9A Answer: to make a thumbnail, I usually take a screenshot from the video, cut it out, and put it over a photo relating to the video! I use photoshop to do all the fancy work, but my thumbnails really aren’t all that fancy lol


Hi y’all, I’m Red. I make pop culture essays/analysis videos. Movies, music, and television. I’m still learning how to do thumbnails, but I try to make them simple and eye catching. The more complex, the worse I end up making it. I try to use a lot of reds and yellows. [This is a video explaining what it means for a series to “jump the shark”.](https://youtu.be/muk4K88i3cI)


I love this! I subscribed!


Thank you!


I'd say tons of shows have been "jumpin the shark" these days. I usually find video essays /analysis quite interestin'. I'll sub. Feel free to check mine out..if ur a gamer that is.


Hi hows it going when I make thumbnails i like to keep it clear but I'm still new to it and haven't gotten to the point of using a separate image i just try and get the titles in the video to show up first. ​ channel link: [craftentric youtube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLM1DMDIGg7Ntp4ZwWyIPbA) I'm curious what type of vibe, motif , context other people see in these videos, at some point i may get the courage to include my face in these videos and maybe my voice, but right now the state of where I'm recording makes me self conscious haha, look forward to hearing from anyone. Its titled craft centric and so far a lot of the videos on here are spare time projects but some were for school so they're a little more last minute. if anyone has any project ideas I'm open to them also I like making stuff and recycling where possible [street mtb edit of myself and a friend](https://youtu.be/xluybfrUSLg) [a silly troll video you wouldnt like it anyway](https://youtu.be/tTJYFc8DjhY) ;) [origami tessalation timelapse](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Jp82lYBvIA&t=27s)


Hey everyone! I'm an artist based in Boulder Colorado (for now) My thumbnails: I mostly pick an image from my video that I think articulates the point of the video. I then tweak it a little to make it into a good thumbnail. My channel: I make artsy vlogs, I think of my YouTube channel as a canvas, so I try to create a story across all of my videos. https://youtu.be/OwGN8QD8-Js


Your video hits a chord. Your voice is soothing and I like your video editing style. Keep it up. No feedback to share. I work as a behavioral trainer and there are so many who share similar issues. This one really resonated. Good job keep it up


Hi guys! I am making educational videos about crypto. My newest video should help you to estimate value, security and potential of any cryptoasset simply by looking at the data. I prepared some stats for Ethereum and Cardano to help me and others to understand, which one better. I would appreciate any feedback :) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCdGap3nz8w](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCdGap3nz8w) ​ regarding Thumbnails: the first one was made by my 13-years old sis haha. She showed me an app, and now I am doing them by myself. It is the very last thing I do before uploading a video and it takes me around 30 min - 1hour to finish. I wand to make my thumbnails in one style, that's the goal for the next 10 videos.


Really nice video, enjoyed it.. one tip though, get closer to the mic :)


Hey Everyone! I love old technology so my channel is RavenWolf Retro Tech where we Restore and Explore old technology. Its about 75% retro computing with a smattering of other old tech. I made a template for thumbnails so that they have a consistent look. I try to include an interesting graphic related to the content with brief text to create curiosity. My latest video is at [https://youtu.be/9RvYafMZDb0](https://youtu.be/9RvYafMZDb0) To see a bunch of thumbs the channel page is at: [https://youtube.com/RavenWolfRetroTech](https://youtube.com/RavenWolfRetroTech)


Hey, I’m Nebulowl and I review games from older gens that I don’t think are talked about much anymore. My last video was about the original Killzone for the PS2 (https://youtu.be/V03lxYIIiEw) As for thumbnails, I basically edit my last thumbnail to make the new ones just to keep things consistent. I got my owl mascot on the right side, and the background is generally cropped from the game’s boxart, with the title on the left somewhere. I use GIMP and I think for the most part, they’re good looking thumbnails.


Dude I watched the whole Killzone video even tho i never played the games. The video was nearly perfect but the only critique I got is that your audio quality declines when you're on screen. Other than that it was attention grabbing and the humour was great man. Keep it up dawg


Thanks! Yeah, I know about the on camera audio quality. Gotta figure out a better mic solution for that.


Hiya I make adult comedy animations and memes mainly using clip studio and opentoonz. Here's my trailer https://youtu.be/8LaFqBY28rE My channel is Phyyn Productions and I use canva to make thumbnails or derive them straight from the animation itself, usually the latter. Open to any criticism, ive been working on longer videos so I haven't posted in a while


Hi! I make gaming centered videos, somewhat in the style of Let's game it out. I personally feel like my content is good, and definitely worth a watch. Hopefully you agree! [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW74oQ5QKLM&ab\_channel=WoltyBird](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW74oQ5QKLM&ab_channel=WoltyBird)


Hey guys my channel is still fairly new and is basically a vlog about the different hobbies and projects I do. I share the process of learning new things and whatever pointers I have from the process. Here's my latest video where I had a huge cardboard box from our new mattress and decided to make a cat tower! Hope you enjoy it, thanks! https://youtu.be/56FbNwo4dAk


Started a YouTube channel titled [Just Horrifying ](https://youtube.com/channel/UCbYce2FVKe-9jTPrD80K3xg)about three months. On my channel I cover true crimes. My most recent video focuses on a [Man Who Started California Wildfire To Cover Up Murder ](https://youtu.be/hZmAXi8QwfE) As part of my thumbnail making process I try to find pictures that are fitting to the story. I then open Canva and select the YouTube thumbnail design. Upload the photo or photos to Canva, add text, maybe a design and export the Thumbnail. Hope this helps


really great editing!


Thank You


Hello! I’m Franko Torres, a guitar player/guitar instructor with a channel where I cover music theory lessons, guitar lessons, demos and much more. [guitar lessons](https://youtu.be/39eJfG8qJmI) I also have a new channel where I do behind the scenes stuff from the photoshoots/videoshoots that I work with, also reviewing camera gear. [creative towers media](https://youtu.be/XlO4D1Tz_ns)


Great videos been looking to play more guitar I will be back!


Hello, I am Aveuz. I usually make funny gaming commentaries or as some like to say funny moments. I try to do a variety of different video games. My videos are around 5-10 minutes so not very long haha. Anyways- This is one of my latest videos, a funny moments video on Days Gone. Let me know what you think about it, I'm open to all sorts of feedback :) https://youtu.be/bmNSNHFMFMU Hopefully you guys like it.


Bahahahahaha. Loved your sense of humour. "Should not bring a fist to a knife fight" I laughed at that. Your jokes are really good. One thought though you could work on your delivery. Some lines are a tad rushed. Also love the use of sound effects. Well utilized.


Thank you man, I really appreciate that feedback. And yea I get that I have a habit of speaking too fast at time xD. But yea I really appreciate the feedback thank you for those kind words :)


My son and I make videos talking about movies. Right now most of our videos are about movies that are so bad they’re entertaining to watch. We do have a twist though. Instead of being on camera ourselves we use puppet characters and try to add in a bit of comedy. Our thumbnails could use some work. Right now we have a template and we just put the movie poster into the template. We’re planning to make a few variations of our template so the thumbnails don’t all look the same. Here’s a link to our latest video. Microwave Massacre https://youtu.be/_zwdfyAP8MQ


Time to get excited! "The Witch Rats 06: The Search For New Wands" https://youtu.be/xGrgMCuCAJI I have a little puppet show I created called "The Witch Rats" and would like you opinions on it. It's about little rats who became witches and have adventures and cause mischief. Any and all critiques are welcome. My thumbnail process us simply screen grabbing an interesting scene, outlining the subjects, then adding a purple and white outline to the frame.


Hello! I am 23 years old who is crazy for F1. I make F1 related videos, form previews to races to top 10 type videos. If you like F1 or sports in general you should check me out! My channel: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWv7EUFpqYryabUHUMN\_nbw](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWv7EUFpqYryabUHUMN_nbw) Honestly my thumbnail making process is easy. I ask myself "what would make ME click on the video?" then based on that answer design a simple eye-catchy thumbnail!


I'm Jason. I started my channel a year ago. [Exploring Intuition](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCBN1ez6aBI&t=11s) My channel is focused on Outdoor Adventure and Exploration. I took a brief break from it around the end of last year, but the channel has really picked up since then. I'm at 265 subscribers in just over a year, and around 15% of those have been in the last month. I'm hoping to maintain the growth. If so, i should be able to be monetized by next year sometime. I'm having a good time with the channel regardless.


Hi Jason, I make similar content/ fishing videos. I will check ur channel out!


I like how clean your thumbnails are and how organized ur content is!


Ello friends!! I'm starry, I make videos of me building and playing bedwars, and soon I'll be making a try not to laugh series on my channel, I'm working on a video right now [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpmAc0GyeKRMgLIJWZdp-Q](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpmAc0GyeKRMgLIJWZdp-Q)


Hello there, I'm a girl from Canada that really enjoys making videos. Right now, my channel is mostly 'lifestyle' and random you could say.. but I also do sing and dance in my free time and would like to start posting covers. As for thumbnails, I use photopea which is essentially like photoshop, I'm starting to get into a style where I make a background and then add a cutout of myself with some text. ​ Here is an interesting video on random acts of kindness but please feel free to see any video that may interest you and let's you get a feel for my channel, enjoy: [https://youtu.be/H268Wb1jNv4](https://youtu.be/H268Wb1jNv4)


My thumbnail making process is find a spot that seems to suit the video the best especially when I’m skateboarding and it definitely would how’s maybe add some more tax plus I like it short and sweet into the point advertise the product I’m testing or the place I’m going $30 Hammock worth buying? https://youtu.be/FKHdRuIhgTo


Hi everyone. I've been doing short films for a while now, at 400 films actually haha. Just a hobby, for fun and to connect with others. Never really got much of a following, too artsy-fartsy I think. But that's okay, I stay true to my voice. Recently been trying soft-spoken storytelling, with soft visuals. This is my first, but its only an intro to what its all about. Thanks for watching :) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1i4HxjG8Ro](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1i4HxjG8Ro)


I like your style, keep it up! And I mean, you know what you like to create, nothing wrong with that.


Hi everyone! Always liked hanging out in the sub here.. Started a new channel to help streamers with the technical side of streaming (don't ask me how to grow your channel) https://youtube.com/channel/UClK_vGBhOOdYbEGLkqfpIgg I think thumbnail design is fun and should always be in mind.. I'm not good but I'm trying to improve and develop a way to have a little narrative in them. Also trying for a uniform color scheme 🧙🏻‍♂️


Hey, I’m [The LBC](https://youtube.com/channel/UCeubK9rql_37WdJCI5UkFzA). My content is left-wing political analysis/commentary with an eye towards being educational and entertaining. I’ve only made one thumbnail so far but basically I just wanted the background colours to match the subject and the text to contrast it enough to be legible and possibly eye catching. It’s my first video and therefore my first thumbnail so I don’t really have a process. Next video is a book analysis with face cam so while I was editing the video, I took screenshots of me holding the book and looking like I may be making a good point? And I’ll use one of those for the basis of my next thumbnail. [Here’s the first video](https://youtu.be/zF-X7rK1bqo), for reference.


Hi everyone :) I'm Reese! I started doing YouTube & Twitch this January after I graduated with my Masters Degree. After starting my 9-5 job this year, I was left with so much free time, and I felt empty after sacrificing friendships and hobbies for my education & career. I've never even played videogames as a kid, and now I did my first Let's Play!!! Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion 💕 I genuinely enjoyed every moment, and I hope you do too if you choose to check it out. https://youtu.be/96d_2c_U--Q


I absolutely love what you did with your template! It matches the game your'e playing perfectly and it doesn't distract from the gameplay like most. Keep it up the good work and congrats on receiving your Masters Degree! :D


Hi! I'm Bailey and I make commentary videos on movies, TV, books, podcasts, or basically whatever I'm doing to entertain myself at that time. I just hit 100 subs and I only mention that cause I'm still riding that high. Anyway, this is my video on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. It's the video I'm most proud of and put the most effort in to I think. Thanks! [Why The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ONLY Works as a Series | Explained](https://youtu.be/lHbnaiNzmg4)


Hi I'm a 40 year old father and I'm using YouTube to tech my kiddo about the importance of chasing perfection, working hard and being resilient. I am trying to tech these life lessons using YouTube and his favorite pastime,Video games. There are chances we'll get nowhere with this but there are things he is learning which are invaluable. And then again if something clicks, good for him. While he gets most of the footage. I help with video editing and music composition. I ignored making thumbnails earlier but having joined reddit 20odd days ago I read about how important thumbnails are. Thereafter I downloaded Gimp which is a free photoshop clone that I'm a bit familiar with. I take screen shots from within the captured footage to make the thumbnails. I do my best to stay away from copyrighted images. I take design inputs from my kiddo to involve him in the design process. So here is the first video on our channel where we created a thumbnail. For the earlier videos in our channel we just went with the default option. [Minecraft!In the name of Science](https://youtu.be/BI8o4zuqn_M) I'm still learning about reddit. I don't know what lambda (that everyone talks about) is but I'm working to figure that out. Meanwhile any constructive evaluation is most welcome. Thanks community!


First off: Great job for believing in ur kiddo Second: 30 seconds in and it sounds like a real science experiment. Your son makes it sound so professional and I like the background music. One tip, maybe make an advanced intro? I’m gonna sub


Hi, my channel is BethOSaurus and I make gaming content (usually) every other day. I often play entertaining games on [Itch.io](https://Itch.io) in the horror or comedy genre, but I'm always open to suggestions. My editing style is heavily influenced by CoryKenshin, but I'm not trying to be a clone/mimic or anything along those lines. I always create my videos using either Shotcut and Hitfilm, and I create my thumbnails using PIXLR (cuz they're all free). For my thumbnails, I just take a frame from the gameplay and spice it up a bit with text or filters. I have a pretty small channel but I think it has some great potential! More than anything, I'd love to develop a strong community! Make sure to check me out: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX3cJ\_VJPJVnemC3PcnLryw](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX3cJ_VJPJVnemC3PcnLryw)


Hey newtubers I am fitinscrubs and I make a variety of videos. I made an unboxing of a massager and this is my newest video. https://youtu.be/t9VYLc0Oi5c I am still trying to create a formula for my videos amd so far I like what I am doing. A short commercial then unbox then a quick first impression video. Thanks newtubers!


Ey up everyone! My YT channel Is NorthernSoul Gaming which focuses on playing the hardest games on the hardest difficulties (with varying/wacky degrees of success). I also always make sure to play games which have heavy multiple character customisation so the audience can get involved! The way I build my thumbnails is usually depends as I'm still experimenting a lot. Some playthroughs I've built similar thumbnails with just episodic numbers that change on them. Others have different thumbnails per video. The four main things I really do are backdrop, colours that pop, positioning and (most importantly) add my stupid face into the thumbnail. That currently works for me but as I say every new video is still an experiment! Feel free to give my latest series a watch starting with this one and get involved if it takes yer fancy! - [https://youtu.be/OCE49OIRY-0](https://youtu.be/OCE49OIRY-0)


Howdy! My name is Thomas, and I run a comedy gaming channel with my friend blaine. I plan on creating Battlefield videos in the future, but since i had the footage, I recently made a Minecraft video. TBH im pretty proud of my recent thumbnail, so I'll go full in depth on how i make it. I use a Mac to edit, but the process should be similar if you edit on PC. First I open apple's presentation software and create a new blank presentation. The first step is to find a background, I might find a screenshot from my footage that i like, or will search online. In this case, since i am building a house in the video, I searched for "house" on google images until i found one I liked. Next is to find a subject, or something that will attract the eyes of the viewer. In this instance, i wanted a character to be holding a blueprint. I found an image of the fortnite blueprint and added it. For this step it is important that the subject has a transparent background. (If the image you like doesn't have a transparent background, at the bottom of the post, I can explain how you can make your own.) I found Minecraft steve arms and a picture of Squidward's head on google, and added them to the right side of the thumbnail. Framing is important and is learned over time, but make sure not to make the thumbnail feel too cluttered. Last is our title/eye-catching text. Font and color is important. If you want white text, but have a bright background, consider adding outlines to your text. I almost always add shadows to text to make it pop out. The content of the text is important too. Not too many words: 3-7 words is my range. Text that differs from the title or emphasizes certain words from the title helps. Once you are done, export the presentation as a png! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions let me know. If you want to see an example, take a look at my video below! [vid](https://youtu.be/ehu-5PMo8No)


Wassup?? My name is Chee and I have watched SOOO many "How To Be A YouTuber/Influencer" videos that it should be illegal. I have a lot of ideas but also a lot of self-doubt so in order to just get something on my channel, I made a video talking about coming out to my mom as being a homosexual. ( [coming out to my mom](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VojzdK7sVMk) ) Moving forward, I may create videos talking about my Asian-American/Hmong-American upbringing; the good, the bad, the weird, the funny, etc. I also am very into VR gaming at the moment and want to make videos in that topic as well. With thumbnails, what I do is take a screenshot of the video and use Photoshop to save it. Thanks for stopping by!!


Hello guys! I am Wikapika, I run a gaming channel, I am passionate about playing games of all kinds, but my first adventure started with Little Nightmare's II .... but at the moment I am not able to record anything due to a damaged PS5 gamepad :/, but I promise I will try to post something as often as possible 😊 Here's my latest gameplay: https://youtu.be/duCDUZ7QWxY Thanks in advance for your attention and have a nice evening ^ '^ And answering the above question, my thumbnail creation seems simple, I use a gimp to cut what I want to cut, I put on what I want to put on and that's it 😁


My mate and I create short comedy videos that focus on one word for 2-3 mins of educational silliness. My thumbnail is usually an image from the video and the word in question across the middle in a banner. I wanted to create a uniform style so they'd be recognisable. However, I know they're not the most eye catching - my plan is to do this style for around ten videos and then change it up to see whether different styles attract more/less viewers. [https://youtu.be/CTgQhVWDFzg](https://youtu.be/CTgQhVWDFzg) This is the link to our most recent regular video and is about the word PIG. We're having good fun making them, but we're still very new to writing and editing and so any feedback would be hugely appreciated. Happy to help out in return for anyone who can offer us pointers :)


Hello, all! Our channel name is Completing The Circuit and we make tech and gaming videos! The drive behind our videos is that we believe the industry could be doing better, whether it be preventing scalpers from being able to buy consoles in the first place, or how companies need to start listening to the developers when they say a game isn't ready \*cough cyberpunk 2077 cough\*. Additionally, Dom (the face of the videos) livestreams games on the weekend. Right now, he's playing RE: Village on Fridays. For thumbnails, we change the thumbnail style based off of the "series" the video is in. For rant videos, we like to go with a red color scheme (because GRRRR lol), gaming is green, and then product videos are just the product on a desk. We do all of this in Photoshop. Please take a look and let us know what you think! :D Here's the channel: [https://www.youtube.com/c/CompletingTheCircuit/videos](https://www.youtube.com/c/CompletingTheCircuit/videos) And this is a link to the latest video "Why The Nintendo Switch Is A Complete Success! + Our First Giveaway": [https://youtu.be/wy-tZucr0ZM](https://youtu.be/wy-tZucr0ZM)


My channels name is ZackNSlash and yesterday, I started Resident Evil Village for PS4! It's so fun but confusing because I didn't get the cabin ending for RE7. My thumbnail process is getting a good picture out of my video that looks cool, making a transparent background of the game title art, and putting part 1 and if it's a long play I put that too. https://youtu.be/I6h9F-szREw


St00m32LetsPlay For thumbnails I use my phone for quick and easy editing in a free app. Will be trying out windows based free software soon Please check out my youtube. Will be doing some LetsPlay videos. Just started with Metro 2033. Would appreciate the support https://youtube.com/channel/UCloiYf1zFfZi-vHAnwsR5Jg


Yo! I do voice acting content including impressions, stories about auditions and also some general bits about myself! I actually have a friend who does my thumbnails for me! Here's my personal favourite video where I talk about my inspirations for voice acting! https://youtu.be/gWUQ8Rc5hdM


I play Garry’s Mod and have a load of fun! I’d like to think my content is decent and I like to make no sense. Here is one of my newest videos! https://youtu.be/RwKbObKip9Y