Why was Thor able to trap Captain Marvel under Mjolnir?

Why was Thor able to trap Captain Marvel under Mjolnir?


The theory I found that I like the most is that Odin wasn't *adding* a restriction to Mjolnir with the "whosever is worthy", he was *loosening* the already existing restriction. Before Thor was banished, Mjolnir could just flat-out only ever be used by Thor: *nobody* else was worthy. When Odin decided to teach Thor some humility, he changed the enchantment so that anybody that was worthy could wield Mjonir. Basically "Get your shit together, or somebody else will get your hammer." That neatly ties up the issue with the hammer and Carol in the What If episode. That version of the hammer didn't have the new enchantment, but had the original one: Carol couldn't lift the hammer because she isn't Thor.




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And that's why Jane Forster **becomes** Thors when picking up the hammer in "Love and Thunder"? Although I wonder where the hammer is coming from. It was destroyed by Hela and the "new" Hammer was returned by Steve.


Considering how vastly different Ragnarok was from any of the inspiring stories in the comics (especially Planet Hulk), I wouldn't worry too much about pulling directly from the comics version of the story.


Oh, is that the plotline they're going for in that one? Cool. I hadn't really been paying attention to the specifics. I'm not sure how they're gonna handle it, since Steve didn't turn into Thor when he wielded Mjolnir. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


If I remember correctly in the comics she is terminally ill and while she is herself she is doing chemo. But once she becomes Thors the chemo is cleared from her body and the cancer can spread again. No clue what they will actually do in the movie. But yes, she becomes Thors: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/thor-love-thunder-plot-leak-reveal-jane-foster-thor/ >Natalie Portman is returning as Jane Foster, but this time the Asgardian hero’s ex will become the Mighty Thor herself. Taika Waititi’s film is set to borrow Jane’s transformation from the comics, with the astrophysicist wielding Mjolnir and being gifted with the same powers as her old boyfriend.




Rumor has it that the shards get reassembled, but it still maintains the cracks


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With the love for parties this Thor have, you'd think he would get in serious trouble more than once and had to be taught a lesson because of that. As some people has already suggested in similar posts before, Odin could enchant Mjölnir for many different reasons, even such silly as to protect it from being stolen while Thor is completely out of it or drunk during his never-ending parties.


I don't think this Thor was banished to Earth


Exactly, which means they shouldn't have the enchantment on the hammer, which means Captain Marvel should be able to lift it with no issues.


It has never been stated in the MCU that the worthiness enchantment added a brand new clause about who could lift Mjolnir. I firmly believe Thor and Odin were the only ones who could lift it for the past 1500 years (or however long ago Thor took possession). Thor treats Mjolnir as if it's second nature to assume he's the only one who can lift it, likely because that's how it's been his whole life.


The fact that it can pin Captain Marvel is evidence that whatever the circumstances, the worthiness enchantment is present and that this Thor is worthy. It is most likely due to the act that while his parties are rowdy, he has managed to foster a peace between so many usually antagonistic forces.


yeah both the frost giants and Surtur seemed chill at his party


Idk, Thor before banishment in Thor 1 was a dick and quite undeserving of being worthy. Yet he could lift the hammer then. So I don't think the spell was always there. Also, the way Loki tried to lift it seemed like he's surprised, that means he most probably was able to lift it before.


>Also, the way Loki tried to lift it seemed like he's surprised, that means he most probably was able to lift it before. Or, Loki being the narcissist he is, is surprised he couldn't lift Mjolnir (The episode was probably his first time trying to lift the hammer) and his inflated sense of self worth made him imagine being capable enough to wield Mjolnir. JK, honestly I doubt Loki tried lifting it before (I mean this dude forgot he can literally break smartphones but just dropping them) also his Frost Giant design is by far my favorite. I freaking love Loki.


Different universe, different rules for the hammer


There may be a different enchantment to the hammer that only thor can lift it or there are various different enchantments that can be applied and thousands of ways to get them applied I mean that that enchantment isn't locked away in that one particular main timeline and there can be many ways for the enchantment to happen


Probably just a different enchantment, as it’s a different universe. In the main MCU universe, anyone was able to pick it up until Odin placed the worthiness enchantment after her banished Thor. That’s why Hela used to be able to use it


True answer: captain marvel doesn’t even lift bro


I think it's a misunderstanding, Odin's enchantment/curse (depending on how you view it) on the hammer is separate from Mjolnir's worthiness factor. Odin's exact words were, "whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall wield the powers of Thor." Which I think was in relation to Thor's lightning powers, not Mjolnir. In Endgame we see Cap get the Hammer finally, and while I think there were some sparks, he was never shooting lightning blasts or calling storms like Thor would. He was worthy of the hammer, but he did not gain Thor's power.


>he was never shooting lightning blasts He was ABSOLUTELY shooting blasts of lightning from the hammer. AND he used it to call lightning straight from the sky to blast Thanos. Cap absolutely had the powers of Thor.


He definitely did but why didn't he gain armour like Thor usually does.


Theory: Because he didn't activate that. Getting the armor is just one of the powers of the hammer. Thor seems to make a concentrated effort to "summon" the armor when you see him power up. Cap just never chose to do that.




Maybe Carol isn’t worthy? We haven’t really had a clear idea of who is and isn’t yet. Like, who has become worthy so far? Thor, Vision, Captain America, and eventually Jane Foster. These are all very different people. It would make sense to me that Carol SHOULD be worthy, but it depends more on Odin’s ideals of who is worthy or not. Here’s a question, James Rhodes tried to lift the hammer, here’s a guy who fights for his country and is a cool dude. Why wasn’t he worthy?