A Shang-Chi spin-off series focused on The Ten Rings and starring Xialing is in development

A Shang-Chi spin-off series focused on The Ten Rings and starring Xialing is in development


It’s RPK, so do the usual expectation lowering. He also supposedly said in the post that a Monica Rambeau series is in the works.


This is all just too much. We don't need an Agatha show, a Rambeau show and a Xialing show. It's like they're making shows just to make shows now


I remember when people were saying this about the Loki show lmao.


To be fair now we got:(not including shorts and specials) Hawkeye Ms marvel She hulk Moonknight Secret invasion Iron heart Armor wars Loki season 2 What if…? Season 2 Echo Wakanda Agatha Of the ones rumored: Ten rings Monica rambeau Daredevil America Chavez (did variety confirm this one? I forgot) That’s 16 Disney + shows. I’m sure they’ll only release 5-6 a year and I will watch them all but as of right now looking at this, it’s a lot.


Agatha one is also just "in development" that really doesn't mean anything is gonna happen. America chavez wasn't announced by variety. This and monica one are just rumours


People seem to be forgetting that Daniel RPK isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to leaks, rather just trailer dates. During the Covid phase, he would say really ridiculous things such as how Tobey Maguire was actually playing Uncle Ben in NWH or how Matt Murdock would be docking the DD suit in NWH.


The Agatha show has a showrunner attached.


Yeah....to develop and pitch a show. It still means nothing concrete as of yet.


Disney+ needs content to compete with Netflix and Marvel is consistently their most viewed content. A lot of these shows like Wanda Vision & Falcon and Winter Soldier have been limited series so its also not like we’re gonna get 9 25 episode seasons of all of these either


I mean they could just as easily renew Daredevil, Punisher etc... for seasons on D+ akin to what Netflix did with Lucifer. I'm also 99% sure that it would have a much bigger turnout than any of these shows.


I know MCU canon is a hotly debated topic on Reddit so I’m gonna tread lightly here, but I think the plan at least for the Netflix shows is to reuse the characters that really worked like Daredevil and reboot the ones that didn’t like Iron Fist. I imagine the Daredevil we get in the MCU films & D+ series will have a similar background to the Netflix shows but not necessarily the same… this way D+ viewers who missed the Netflix shows don’t feel pressured to watch multiple 13 episode seasons of multiple shows of varying quality on a rival streaming service in order to be caught up. Also if the MCU has taught us anything it’s that they’ll turn anything into a household name. Daredevil and Punisher have great Netflix series but are also synonymous with bad movies and come with high expectations. These shows that have been announced are easy home runs since no one expects anything from them, much like Wanda Vision and Shang Chi


Not only that but the shows in the Netflix universe are all a lot more graphic and use colorful language than what Disney's shown us that they're willing to do so far. When the DD leaks got posted I suggested that they'd just adapt the actors to newly written characters because I figured there was no way Disney wanted to encourage people to go back and watch something on another platform that's also adult-oriented. We'll see though, I'm excited regardless of what happens. Charlie and Vincent were amazing in DD and if all we get are the actors then that's good enough for me.


That also makes sense, and while I know that freaks a lot of people out cause there’s this obsession with things being gory and R-rated somehow equally good or better, most of my favourite punisher & daredevil stories are PG-13 and still deal with very heavy and dark themes


Dude, every single one of these shows has had broken several records upon first release. It's gonna just generate a big turnout regardless of what it is


This is shitty logic. They've never banked on their popular characters to ensure audience engagement and interest. If they had we never would've gotten things like Guardians, Shang-Chi, Eternals, etc.


They're still only likely to release ~4 shows a year. Are you going to want a spinoff of Wandavision 6-7 years after it ended? I'm sure someone will, but it definitely seems quite bloated. And that's before considering the next 25 shows they announce before that one is released.


Yeah, but not all will appeal to everyone and honestly I love the wealth of content. Even when I can't watch them all in order, the fact they are only like 6 episodes long or whatever means that I can just wait on them and binge them all some lazy winter weekend.


But Loki was a major character across 4 movies from all phases, plus, It setted up the Multiverse. I agree that are a lot of Disney+ shows rumured/being made that aren't necessary.


I'm honestly suprised how easy it seems to forget that Iron Man was a property that Sony was giving back to Marvel with two hands because they thought it wasn't worth a dime... and how many times Marvel Studios proved that without their biggest franchises they can rock the world... and after more than a decade here we go again with the same scepticism that it's useless just like GotG or not a pre-established "big" character like Shang-Chi...


No one knew it was setting up anything when they announced it. I saw the "this is unnecessary" complaint very often before any of the trailers were dropped. The point is, none of the people complaining about these shows know how they're going to be tying into the larger MCU, so if that's your basis for thinking they aren't necessary, it's pretty invalid.


>No one knew it was setting up anything when they announced it. Then they all forgot Endgame! The Ancient One explicitly said that when you mess with something on the timeline, It creates another branch of that timeline, instead of changing The future. We had a new branch were Loki escaped and never redeemed himself. It was Endgame's biggest plot hole! How could people belive that his show would be pointless?


Could easily have just had NWH/DS2 open up the multiverse and have it be that, the shows so far have been pretty inconsequential to the overall story/individual character stories compared to the movies. All these side characters getting (rumored) shows doesn't exactly sound like good news to me unless they're just padding in between the big shows like Moon Knight and Daredevil but at that point, why not use these extra shows to bring in new characters such as X-Men characters?


To be fair Loki actually had multiple ongoings, even Wanda and Vision had their own ongoings. You know who never did? The baby sitter for Franklin Richards, Agatha, and Shang Chi's completely original character sister. Id rather see solos for Storm, Jean, and Betsy any day over Agatha and Shang Chi's made up sister (ya he has one in the source but its not Xialing). That being said, Shang Chi was a phenomenal film, this can be explored in the sequel. Its one of the few times where the movie was better than the books


To be fair Loki had a 5 part mini from 2005 before Hiddleston...


I only thought that about Loki after watching the series not before.


People said this about literally every new Marvel project since Guardians 1


What’s wrong with a show about The Ten Rings? If you’re not interested, simply don’t watch it.


Entertainment isn’t “needed”. That’s stupid. You may not be interested in those shows, but that’s you.




They haven’t even been greenlit yet. Odds are Marvel picks 2 out 3 to follow through with. And each series will be important to something in the future. I’m sure this series would set up the premise for Shang-Chi 2, and Monica’s series would probably show the operations of SWORD, maybe dealing with lesser known comics villains each week


Yep, “in development” doesn’t mean “for sure happening.” Anything that hasn’t officially been announced by Disney should be taken with a grain of salt even if it *is* true.


Marvel is very unusual in that they have a one to one development ratio. How many Marvel Studios projects in development can you name that never got made. Runaways began as a feature script in the Phase 1 days. Anything else?


To be fair, we have no idea how many ideas just never made it public. Charles Murphy talked about Secret Warriors and Nomad a few years ago, we have no talk of those anymore


Inhumans is a big one.


That’s the thing though; we only know about stuff that they’ve announced or that “leaked” out (in quotes because we all know that the trades are fed stories a lot of the time). Over the course of Marvel Studio’s history, there have likely been dozens of projects that we never even heard of that never exited the developmental phase.


Power pack


I'm fine with these shows (I'm not particularly interested in any of them, but I will watch them as they come out). My issue is, why are we getting shows for nobody characters and we're still seeing nothing for the Hulk?!


I’m with you all the way, like are we really gonna get a project base on Agatha harkness or werewolf by night before fucking NOVA


I think She-Hulk is basically a Hulk show they just can’t make him the titular character in anything because of licensing issues with Universal


Doesn’t She-Hulk fall under the Hulk franchise? Like how Deadpool falls under X-Men, doesn’t that mean Universal should own her?


Universal only has the movie distribution rights. Anything else is owned by Disney.


Then why won’t Marvel make a Hulk TV show? Is it because Universal owns the assets to the MCU version of the Hulk since he technically first appeared in The Incredible Hulk?


I believe Marvel and Universal's deal was that any Hulk solo project was to be done through them (Universal). Marvel/Disney could pitch a solo Hulk idea to them but Universal also had first rights of refusal so they could say no. Hulk supporting characters seemed to be in even more of a gray area a couple years back but with the announcement of She-Hulk and rumors of characters like Rick Jones, Doc Samson and The Leader showing up sooner than later, I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel and Universal renegotiated a sweeter deal. As a side note, rights to Man-Thing defaulted back from Lionsgate a couple years ago and Hasbro owns the rights to the Microverse and Micronauts which is why they call it the Quantum Realm.


The Quantumnauts?


Dunno why they didn't make one. But Marvel actively developed a Hulk show for ABC. There was a lot of talk about the Hulk show around the time Jessica Jones came out because Guillermo Del Toro was attached to it.


I don’t have the answer to that question. Marvel probably has plans for She-Hulk which is why they’re giving her a show and since it’s confirmed to bring back Abomination and there are rumors of the Leader returning I don’t see much of a reason to make a Hulk show at this point other than to turn Ross into Red-Hulk but that could also be done in the She-Hulk show.


Hulk needs a goddamn movie at this point


This feels like when DC announced a Trench movie after Aquaman


That really was the most out of nowhere pitch for a film since the Aunt May movie. Like, “hey, remember those weird fish dudes that showed up for 5 minutes in that cheesy Aquaman movie? Want to see a movie about them?”. Uhh, no?


You don't need to watch them all. ( I'm not trying to sound mean )


This has probably something to do with Disney. Wall Street sees a lot of money in streaming; so shareholders are pushing Disney to create more content for streaming. I think that is positive from a costumer perspective too, because we will get more content to watch. On top of that, I believe Marvel will only produce shows like these if their stories fit within in the wider MCU. They are not overproducing or something, since the releases of these shows will be spread out over many years.


> because we will get more content to watch Which is great, but only if it doesn't come at the cost of quality. Not that I'm saying it will, but quality should always come before quantity.


I agree, although I'm sure the quality will be fine. Marvel is a well-oiled machine at this point. It makes sense that with the company expanding, they can also potentially handle more projects at the same time. Feige clearly works with people he trusts (like Jac Schaeffer returning for the Agatha Harkness spin-off) and wouldn't risk hurting the brand by putting out content that isn't on the same level of quality we are used to.


Yeah don’t get me wrong, I still have faith, but I understand the concern. I personally feel the quality of some of the shows has dropped a little (I think WandaVision was phenomenal, but even it really fumbled the last episode imo), so I’m hoping that was just MS finding their television feet and that going forward the quality will return to what I’ve come to expect.


When the quality of a company’s content reaches a consistently satisfactory level, even at its most mediocre, the quantity of said content should be maximized to the highest possible production capability.


Ima watch fuck it feige make all the shows Ill watch em all


You’re wrong, we do need this.


I beg to differ, i want as much as possible.


I think it will be a great way of giving highlight to a lot of characters. They don't need to be multi season shows, they could just be one off mini series that Marvel plans on spreading out over the years and help carry the Disney+ style narratives along while highlighting certain characters POV and some backstory along the way.


Yeah, at some point, you just end up devaluing your brand. Pumping out a show about basically anything is just going to make the whole shebang feel less special in my opinion.


What do you think is going to happen when mutants appear? The same thing is going to happen.


It’s almost as if they’re a multi-billion dollar company with very popular products that likes making money 🤔


It’s actually not. Think about it, what shows that we know of (that has been confirmed / announced by Feige himself) that will release in 2024 and beyond? None, these shows would probably come out 3 or 4 years from now. And as of now, We’re not supposed to know these shows are happening…


Rambeau's getting a show? Awesome!


Any Marvel fan should be happy about this . How can you not be excited for more content? What would you like to see instead?


To me personally, the only show that sounds really interesting and helps propel the story is the Ten Rings show especially since at the end of the movie it says that it returns.


They have the money to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.


Nobody is forcing anyone to watch the shows. Who is anyone to say what needs or doesn’t need to be made?


There’s a million comic books, there can be a million shows.


Okay, the thing is, I reckon some of these shows wont go forward. They haven’t even started production on most of these and so if they dont have a good story and direction they can just cancel it in preproduction.


I dunno where they’ll go with Agatha and I don’t recall reading about a rambeau one but did you actually see Shang chi?? They totally set this up and pretty much HAVE to do it now, there’s so much to cover with her and the Ten rings


Funny how suddenly Marvel is making “too many spin offs or shows” when 3 female led properties are announced but when its Werewolf by Midnight or Nova then its all happiness.


But those are two known properties with (in Nova’s case) decades of solo comics. Agatha and Xiliang are new or historically minor characters. I don’t think those are apples to apples comparisons at all.


Well, I don't see people respecting Wanda's historical significance in Avengers and all they talk about is House of M. Do you seriously think people who complain that much are really well versed in comics?


Ehh... I get what you're saying but I don't think that's entirely fair either. I'm sure some people are bandwagoners, but some people just think it's cool/interesting if Wanda loses her mind. I don't, personally, but I get it - House of M was a huge storyline, shitty or not. I'm sure there's a big chunk that say "Werewolf!" despite not knowing the character at all, sure. But he's still got more comics history to him than Xiliang for example, and more obvious team-up potential.


I would politely suggest their favs' worst storylines are also interesting to see and should happen in MCU then, just fair exchange of hot takes. Also comparing anyone to Xialing is kinda cheating, who is like an OG character. (But again, Hope who is like an obscure AU character became the main Wasp, where is the complain about that, only ever see dedicated Janet fans maybe talk about that.)


So? The MCU is known for turning unknown characters into household names so that really doesn’t matter.


They weren't unknowns in the Marvel Comics, which is what the MCU is based off of in case you forgot. Both of these characters were unknowns and don't seem to have anything going for them unless they're going to butcher other story lines and slap it on the character to make it more interesting (like Echo)


That’s is definitely not an apples to apples comparison. Nova is long due, and a far bigger character by tenfold than all of these other characters. Also, I felt the same about Werewolf, a show for him is questionable.


exactly we have the opportunity to see comic book characters bought to life, but apparently it’s too much for shows that no one knows anything about yet


Bingo. I really hate the casual sexism in comic book culture, but at the least im glad we are calling it out more often in today's culture.


And they will immediately deny the sexism claim by saying it's not about gender and stuff lol.


I can’t speak for the rest but I personally don’t want so many Disney + shows. I feel like eventually it will become too much to follow and people could easily get lost if it ties in to the movies But we’ll see. I didnt expect to be interested in Loki but it turned out to be really interesting. I hope they can manage it


I don't want MCU to be over-bloated as well, but I am generally for lesser known characters to get their time to shine. But again I don't think people are obliged to watch stuff they don't like either? Again, it's partially me being annoyed at dudebros with Spider-Man and Daredevil avatars on Twitter lol, don't know why but some fans are entitled as heck and complain about other characters getting some recognition and resources. There are certain fans who act like they want DD to hijack the Echo show and stuff, yeah, I am not a fan of that behavior to say the least.


Almost like most of the time it's not about that...Look there is is sexist fans obviously, but to assume that everybody that thinks there is too many spin off shows is sexist because some of the ones that were announced are led by women is stupid. If these were male characters there would be complaints about it being too much too


There will be if said male character is not a white dude on everyone's wetdream wish list. Not all fans are sexist sure but female characters generally get more shit talked about them, so yeah, the general comic adaption fandom culture is generally harsher toward female characters. Carol and She-Hulk are classics on their own right but they went through a lot of crap, and some dudebros are sure excited as hell about hijacking Echo's show as a vessel for Daredevil. Or what about people who are super excited about turning Wanda's show into the vessel for their favs.(Yeah, X-Men, not exactly all white dudes, but surely people really want Xavier and Magneto and of course Wolverine randomly popping in.) Sexist fans will bring about sexist culture, and I wouldn't even call them a vocal minority judging from the fandom experience in general.


Nah they are definitely a vocal minority thankfully, at least on this subreddit. Also people being excited their favorite characters that are heavily tied to characters that have their own show might show up in said show doesn't mean that they are sexist (although that probably is the case for a few people). Unfortunately yes female characters tend to get more vocal hate because that's when the sexist fans all come out of their holes to complain, you are right about that


I will call entitled dudebros who demand their favs in others' show and cry about it when it doesn't happen at least casually sexist. I surely don't think X-Men are entitled to Wanda's show, they are not even really connected despite what some people might think on surface level. But all they ever talk about is hijacking her show for characters who would make no sense to be in that show. Now we are at it again with DS2, hey look, finally a male victim here, this time Strange whose movie everyone wants their randos in.




MCU fans are the most ”woke” fans of a movie franchise lol. Sure there are a lot who aren’t given a bad name by these stupid people, but damn do they pull out the racist/sexists card whenever anything bad happens. I remember when a person made a post about how someone was racist because he was “worried” as to how reed richards would be white if kang is black as he didn’t know the generations stuff, and that got comments like “hang in there, brother. Racists are shit like him”. It’s just so cringe


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nova is actually a popular character among comic book fans, what you on about ? of course fans would love that series/movie if it happens. who even cares about xialing ? i give you agatha, but they shouldve gone with more popular character like ghost rider/helstrom & satana/elsa bloodstone, etc. to explore the mystery/fantasy side of marvel. no, its not about gender ffs.


Where is this conversation happening?


I would agree if it felt like it was getting in the way of the movies, but the sheer amount of projects is just so staggering it’s hard to argue that they are not allowed to focus on whoever they feel like.


I'm going to reserve my judgement once we see the show but this actress's debut was in Shang-Chi. Honestly I am open to the idea of a new actor getting these opportunities. Some of the underlying sexism and racism in this sub is getting kinda pathetic honestly.


tbf i always thought they were doing too much. 30 projects over like 4 years is way too much, especially when everything feels so samey. It really takes away any sense of excitement when its "oh the new marvel thing's out".


Because Werewolf by Midnight and Nova are new original characters getting introduced in the MCU. The three female properties are spin-offs of previously established shows.


I think you're just grasping at things to be offended by.


**Stop with this bullshit. Noone cares if that character is a woman or black :P Not everything connects with Twitter problems** The Werewolf is a new character, Nova as well (and he is loved by many people). Making a new series based on a side-kick character seems to be unnecessary because it looks like everybody is gonna be a lead character which means the audience might feel overwhemled. You want to watch e.g. Captain America? Okay, let's wait for him 3 years because the queue is super long of side-kick series. My next thought is, those rumors are **misleading** because we don't know what exacly is going on. Maybe Agatha series is something different and she is just in it.


Yeah people will always find something to complain about. It's getting old


Too much is never good


werewolf by midnight is also unnecessary imo


The Ten Rings Will Return


I thought they would return in like Shang-Chi 2.


Can we actually have a martial arts tournament this time??? Then we can have introductions to cool marvel characters


Imagine if the show was just a tournament with a bunch of marvel characters showing up to fight.


That's exactly what I want lol


If Marvel irons out the kinks in the D+ shows, it will be the best thing to ever happen to the MCU. The fact that Agatha, Xialing, and others are getting time to explore their own stories is incredible, and will make the subsequent movies better. Starting Shang-Chi 2 with a stronger set of characters will automatically give it a huge boost. Speaking of Shang-Chi, he’s gotta make an appearance here right? Also, it’s pretty crazy that we are now discussing projects that will come out in the 2024-2026 range


It’s pretty crazy compared to the early Marvel stuff where they even skipped over projects starring main Avengers like Hawkeye and Widow to what we’re seeing now with some of these shows. Seems like every popular character has the potential to get their own project


I just want more Wenwu tbh.


Definitely. He had such a fascinating history.


Give me a show about everything about his life before Shang Chi. You could do anthology seasons about each civilization he conquered.


lol good luck getting one of the most esteemed actors of all time to agree to a disney+ prequel show about a character he clearly only wanted to play once




I agree best part of the movie.


They're making so many spin offs 😱




Now that they have their own streaming service anything is a potential spin-off 😆.


I loved Xialing so much in Shang-Chi! There's still a lot to explore with her character considering she just revamped the Ten Rings. Agatha's show was confirmed by the trades yesterday, but today DanielRPK said Monica and Xialing might be getting shows too. Honestly, that all sounds great to me!


Funny this rumor comes out after the agatha harkness show was announced.


Fr like... And I'm curious why Marvel Studios will allow trades to report an Agatha project in development but not disclose a Monica and Xialing one when there's no reason to hide them? Idk I feel like RPK just pulling shit out of nowhere


So that’s more screentime for Xialing, razor fist, Ronny Chieng and the rescued widows…… ![gif](giphy|sDcfxFDozb3bO)


That sounds great


I don’t understand people saying we don’t need an XYZ show. Like if you don’t want to watch it you don’t have too. Most of the rumored upcoming Disney+ shows are following fan favorite characters who haven’t gotten much screen time or development. We never “need” a movie or show about specific characters but people clearly want it. I for one am excited to see more of Agatha, Monica, and Xialing


People literally only comment this on female-led shows. They did this for Okoye, Agatha, Monica, and Xialing. But when Werewolf by Night was announced, everyone here was happy.


Now that you mention it, I’ve noticed this. No one said anything like this about Ghost Rider, Daredevil, or Nova either. Yet already established popular female characters have spin offs rumored/announced and suddenly every character doesn’t need a show?


Yup. The exact same thing happens when criticizing existing Marvel projects. Think about it — out of every phase 3 and 4 project so far, which are the ones that receive the most criticism? Captain Marvel, Black Widow, WandaVision, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and FATWS. 4 out of 5 of those are either led by women or co-led by women, and I SERIOUSLY doubt that’s a coincidence. It’s subconscious sexism at best, and active hate at worst.


Oh I completely agree with you! The MCU fan base has a huge sexism problem. The most hated on projects are always the ones led by women. It’s extremely annoying because all of these projects are really good but don’t get the credit they deserve because of vocal the hate is


> Think about it — out of every phase 3 and 4 project so far, which are the ones that receive the most criticism? Captain Marvel, Black Widow, WandaVision, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and FATWS. The most mediocre ones, yes. None of these are bad by any means, but they don't compete with Civil War, Ragnarok, IW/EG, etc., if you were to rank the phases the ones you mentioned would probably be on the bottom half just because the competition is so acclaimed. I'd disagree that WandaVision receives that much criticism (outside of this sub, and most of the hate here is theorists being salty about Mr. Boener etc.; people were raving about the show here before the finale). And the other criticisms I have seen are usually people upset that Hayward was a cartoon character or that Wanda wasn't held accountable for enslaving a city full of people in her fantasy world, which are both really valid issues imo. Also, I'm not sure why you singled out Phases 3-4; if you look at the MCU as a whole, the least well regarded properties are probably TDW, TIH, IM2, CM, and Iron Fist.


I singled out Phase 3 and 4 because those are the only ones with women led projects. And every single one of them got subject to FAR more criticism than projects led by men from the same time period. Sure, FATWS got criticism, but it got nowhere near as much as Captain Marvel did. I’m not saying those projects I listed didn’t have problems, because they definitely did, just like all movies and shows do. I’m saying that those projects were evaluated and criticized much more harshly than the male ones and I doubt it’s a coincidence.


> I singled out Phase 3 and 4 because those are the only ones with women led projects. And every single one of them got subject to FAR more criticism than projects led by men from the same time period. Yeah because the man-led projects from that period were straight-up better lmao. I haven't met anyone who thought Black Widow or Captain Marvel was better than Ragnarok, Shang-Chi, or even Homecoming. None of the latter films were bland or forgettable, which was the main criticism I've seen of CM and BW. > Sure, FATWS got criticism, but it got nowhere near as much as Captain Marvel did. I'll agree on Captain Marvel, something about Brie Larson seems to cause the blood of every misogynist to instantly boil. Probably the most sexist bullshit I've ever seen directed towards a fictional movie character/the celebrity playing them has been towards Carol/Brie, only Rey Skywalker comes close in recent memory. All of that being said, FatWS was (imo) better than CM, so it's reasonable for me that the latter would receive more flack. Absolutely nothing in CM was as gripping or memorable as Isaiah Bradley's backstory or Walker's arc. And while the show has very significant flaws (Karli's laughable arc, Sharon Carter shock value double cross nonsense), in my experience those issues are brought up in every discussion about the show, so it's not like it's flown under the radar. > I’m saying that those projects were evaluated and criticized much more harshly than the male ones and I doubt it’s a coincidence. I agree that misogyny is a factor in the criticism, but I also think Marvel needs to step up its game and make more woman-led projects that are actually good. Jessica Jones for example was easily better than any of Marvel Studios women-led projects and it shows in the way the show is talked about to this day; fans are generally in agreement that it's one of the best shows Marvel has ever produced (even if people are split over its second season).


Perhaps we have some common ground then. I’m willing to bet, however, that most female led projects going forward are going to receive more criticism than the male led ones. I’d LOVE to be wrong about this, but based on the patterns from before, I’m not so optimistic.


We haven't gotten something like Jessica Jones in the MCU. That's a powerful marvel show that is better than any MCU female lead content


"Don't gender bend characters. There are so many good original female characters out there, give them their own shit." "Ok" "No, not like that!"


I said it about Werewolf by Night


I wanna talk to those excited by a Werewolf by Night show cuz... why 💀 an Agatha show is infinitely more exciting.


Nope. I feel this way for Werewolf by Night as well. I personally don't want too many shows as they're more time consuming than movies and even I, a MCU diehard, am afraid, that it'll be too much to consume and I'd get lost in it. Also honestly, some characters imo don't need their spin-off. Of course you could say that I don't have to watch these shows but my counter argument would be that you NEED to watch everything MCU, because at some point everything connects. On the other hand, I haven't seen this female project hatred you're speaking about in relation to the She-Hulk show for example. I think it's simply all about the popularity of the character.


You might have felt that way, but did the masses? Go back to the thread where it was first announced. I guarantee you that the highest voted comment wasn’t talking about how not every character needs a show, unlike the shows I mentioned. Remember this is the same subreddit that wants Avengers, Guardians, F4, X-Men, Eternals, Inhumans, SWORD, Young Avengers, Champions, West Coast Avengers, Dark Avengers, Thunderbolts, and Agents of Atlas to all be separate teams. I’m serious, if you say that some of these teams should be combined, (such as Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts, Young Avengers and Champions) you’ll be yelled at. Yet suddenly, these side characters getting their own shows are the problem of being “too much”?


I think you throw all the MCU fans in the same bag. I believe there is definitely a part of the fanbase that wants for every comic property to have it's own movie/series/project but there is also a big portion of the fanbase that wants the MCU to be more focused. I don't think it's a sudden opinion change from the fanbase. I think that people who feel this way will hold their opinions consistently. It's just that we didn't get a lot of projects that would get such a reaction in the past. With more projects like these we'll also get more of these reactions.


I tried to post this hours ago but via another account and wasn’t approved, a mod said I should use the original source but this post isn’t using the original source either.


Excellent. Loved her.


Me too. The movie made me crush on her hard.


If this gets us more Wenwu flashbacks with Tony Leung kicking ass and taking names through the ages, then I am 1000% on board


I wonder if this is in place of a sequel or if we are getting both.


I’d wager a bet that it will be both. It’s not like the movie didn’t make enough money to justify it.


That's a surprise, I assumed that she'd be involved in Ironheart.


I figured that too. Maybe she could be in both? I can see the Ten Rings being the next HYDRA: the big criminal organization that makes appearances in different projects to cause trouble


I am 100% onboard to see more Xialing.


meng'er zhang was so good. Definitely more of her would be great.


"Daniel Richtman, a reliable scooper....." Okay, I'm going to stop you right there, pal. (Not saying this can't happen, but unless he has sides that back it up it's just a rumor).


I feel like we are getting too many shows.


You don’t have to watch them all, you know.


But you kinda have to watch everything that's in the MCU to get the whole experience, don't you? After all, it's all connected.


I think long time fans have a sorta sunk cost fallacy with the series now. They've put in 10+ years of viewing. So now they feel like they need to see everything. In which case the avalanche of new content can feel overwhelming.


Can't say I'm a big fan of the marvel tv shows. The tv shows have been very mediocre except Loki. There are 1-3 episodes that are good in the rest of the shows but overall average and I have zero interest in going back to watching them apart from Loki. I wish they wouldnt have spin-offs for everything. Rather focus on actually having a good show than just pumping out average ones for the sake of it.


Exactly my thoughts


I'm kind of worried. I mean, first the Disney+ shows were to explore the lesser focused on heroes (Wanda, Falcon, Vision, etc) and then they moved into new heroes (Kamala Khan, She-Hulk, Moon Knight) to even events (Secret Invasion, Armor Wars), but when they're already doing spinoffs of characters who only had 15 seconds of fame, I get worried that they are just scrambling for content. Like, Agatha really didn't do much in WandaVision outside her theme song, and Xialing I figured would set her up as a villain for a future Shang-Chi film. But the thing is, you know they're going to Cruella it and make them "not so bad". Like, I would have loved to see more Cosmic stuff, but spinoffs off of Spinoffs just feels like it's diluting the Marvel Brand.


Marvel turned the Guardians of the Galaxy into household names. I have 100% faith in them until they prove otherwise.


Not everybody is James Gunn


well, look at how many people didn't know about Shang-Chi. now everyone likes it. Same goes for Antman


buncha crybabies,we dont need more. Yes we do ,we need all of it ,a hundred spin offs wouldnt be enough.


Why is everyone getting a spin-off? Lol


This is getting to be a bit too fucking much. If you want to continue the story, make a movie most people would watch.


Yeah, I could understand if they said "Shang-Chi 2 is in the works". They are trying to turn every little character into a franchise


I don’t know, it seems like they are going a bit overboard with the shows honestly. It was cool at first, but I don’t think we need a show about literally every character. At some point it just becomes bloat and starts to drag down the MCU. It doesn’t help that the quality of the shows has been shoddy to say the least. I can’t say Im super optimistic about any of this at this point.


Maybe Monica show introduces blue marvel and the ultimates


“they’re making too many shows” okay then dont watch them all


At this point, why not give Jimmy Woo a show titled: **"Jimmy the Magician"**


Feige: Write that down, write that down In seriousness, Woo in an Agents of Atlas project would be dope


We are so spoiled with all these MCU Disney+ shows and I love it.


I see people saying it’s to many Disney+ shows I don’t see this any different from Netflix making a lot of Netflix originals marvel just happens to be the most popular content on Disney+


“Netflix Originals”, seriously? That’s your argument? Tell me, how does netflix pulling out bunch or originals which is independent of each other compare with MCU pulling out shows that connect to the wider universe. And btw, I don’t think you have noticed this but people generally shit on their originals as most of them are shit


i see a lot of people say they're fine with more stuff being made as long as its the same quality but i disagree; I'd rather they make things of higher quality even if it meant making less things. The world will live without 3 marvel movies and 4 shows every year.


Xialing suit looks a bit monicas from the comics lol


I was hoping that we’d get a show about Ta Lo, but that’s probably gonna be more expensive to do. Xia Ling is cool though and I would like to see more of her. It’s just odd that the show is gonna be about The Ten Rings as in the organisation but the rings themselves aren’t in it.


I would watch this show over the Agatha one.


I have to say, I’m really liking the variety of all these D+ series in development. Also, they all actually matter and have an impact on the MCU, which is just so cool for a non-film series.


I guess we'll find out during disney+ day then? 🤷


yes, please. I wish xialing could’ve had more screentime without it detracting from shang chi and wen wu’s plot. this is the best way to go about that imo. also, if you’re concerned about there being too many series, don’t watch them. you can always just get a recap of it online for free without investing the time into something you don’t wanna watch. I don’t think it’s a healthy way to engage with the mcu if you’re watching every single project, including things you know you’ll hate and have no interest in. I say this as somebody who’s committed to watching basically everything, since I know I enjoy even lower than average superhero content as a fun way to kill some time.


Look, I love the MCU and there’s so much to pull from the comics and further adapt characters we have but there comes a point where there’s too much content. It’s starting to feel overwhelming


why are so many people complaining about these recent show announcements? you don’t even have to watch it in the first place it also allows for different aspects of the MCU to be explored.




The only response to this should be: Please, can i have some more? i expect a bunch of things to be announced in November at D+ day or in December


I hope they go all the way with the fighting for this if it happens. The actress was the best martial artist by a long shot in the film. Her moves were so clean.


I am not complaining


Awesome I really liked her so I'll watch it. Way more interested in this than the Agatha show even though I love everything Kathryn Hahn does.


Feige when am I getting my own spinoff show?


Wow! Not like anyone who watched Shang-Chi's ending could have guessed that! I technically beat him to the "scoop" on my Twitter yesterday.


Ya’ll said the same thing about a Loki show back when it was announced and now everyones like iTs tHe bEsT McU D+ sHoW 5eVer. Like you KNOW you’ll still be watching it when its out lol


A Earth spin-off series focused on random civilians and starring your mom is in development


I'd love this. I'm not afraid there will be too much content - I expect a lot of the D+ shows to be one season long with six episodes, and I think it makes sense if they're using them for worldbuilding and to highlight and deepen characters that are either new or supporting characters from the movies. And Agatha, Xialing and Monica were all popular, despite what some users in this thread seem to believe. People won't all like the same characters, and some shows or movies won't be for everyone. Nobody will get punished if they skip something.


I really wish they focus on movies than tv shows


Will the new black widows and 10 rings face off?


First it was "we don't have enough marvel shows to watch" to now "they're making too many." Make up your mind people.


If these characters are all getting one, I’m pretty damn confident Black Knight will get one too


It's slowly becoming a Marvel Cinematic Spin-off Universe.


Daniel only has marketing sources