Is this look interview appropriate?

Is this look interview appropriate?


I conducted many, many job interviews in my last position and have a few thoughts. First of all, I think you look great and did a fantastic job on your makeup regardless of the occasion. The appropriateness of the look really depends on the job you’re interviewing for and the workplace culture. If you’ve done your research and know that you are interviewing with a liberal, open-minded kind of place, then you shouldn’t have any problems. An eagle-eyed interviewer could see that you put a lot of effort into your look and have an eye for fine detail. However, if you’re interviewing at a more formal, conservative type of place, then I think the cut-out shirt, earrings and septum piercing may be out of place. Gotta know your audience :) Good luck!


I second this! I used to be a hiring manager in healthcare (but in the PNW where we are a little more lax about a lot of things). I didn’t care about hand/visible tattoos, piercings, funky hair, etc, as long as the person was a good personality and respectful, and knew their stuff. I did definitely pay attention to how the candidates dressed, as it lets me know how seriously they may be taking it all. If someone was in a T-shirt and ripped jeans, it would be hard for me to concentrate as I would keep thinking “who would interview for a professional position wearing this?” It was a healthcare lab, so there were rules around what the employees could/couldn’t wear due to safety concerns.


> it lets me know how seriously they may be taking it all. This reminds me of my last job when I was looking over resumes of potential candidates. It was shocking just how many people don’t seem to take the hiring process seriously at all. I read one resume where the person didn’t capitalize anything and used “u” and “r” instead of “you” and “are”.


Omg I would immediately move on if I saw that. I can’t believe people have submitted stuff like that for a job!!! I’m glad I never saw anything like that. I did give extra points if there was a cover letter, though. If someone takes the time to make it, I definitely read them.


I would call the person and tell them I was not bringing them in for an interview and why. Maybe I’m just an asshole. But I’m also an Asshole who’s been repeatedly passed over for work and rejected on pretty much every level and almost always without explanation- often after getting positive, encouraging feedback. It’s hurtful and bewildering and Doing that to someone else, letting them walk around being laughed-at behind their back doesn’t sit well with me.


You are not an asshole. You are helping the candidate by telling them why you are not considering them, and it is something stupid they did but very fixable. I moved on from being a hiring manager, and when I was looking I went through so many interview processes and panels, and made it through the entire process 7 times only to get “sorry you’re great but no thanks” with no other explanation. I finally got an offer from a place I was very interested in, so it worked out in the end.


That’s very nice but I’m not actually in a hiring position. I was speaking hypothetically. I’m just someone who’s been on the receiving end of that sort of treatment.


More hiring managers should give feedback as to why resumes were passed over. Thank you for doing this!




This is what I think too when I interview. I hire people based on their skill and their answers. I don’t care if they have tattoos, piercings, dyed hair. But did they at least try to dress nice? Points for them. I once had someone show up in a hoodie and ripped jeans, I didn’t feel like they were taking the interview seriously.


I'm not an interviewer, but I think the dresscode for interviews should match the dresscode for the workplace, it shows that the person has the appropriate attitude and knowledge about their work environment. Not including work gear of course, you wouldn't expect everyone to show up wearing PPE for an interview.


I would generally tell interns I worked with to check out the place they are going to interview and and dress one level higher than the position they were interviewing for.


This is a pretty good rule unless the place you’re applying for is casual jeans and a T-shirt, I still think you should dress nicely. For example maybe you’re applying for a gift shop that can wear what they want to work, still make it look like you dressed up a bit. A sweater and some nice black jeans would even be acceptable in my eyes. Just make an effort :)


> The appropriateness of the look really depends on the job you’re interviewing for and the workplace culture Agreed. This would be fine for game development.


This all the way. The effort you put in is #1, but depending on job culture you may get docked for things like piercing. That said, it’s way less of an issue today than say 10 years ago, and if you have any choice at all it’s better to find someplace that is fine with it because the culture will automatically be a better work environment.


100% agree


Mostly agree! I work in a pretty conservative appearing business (though probably about 60-70% of us are pretty liberal ideologically). We don't allow visible tattoos or piercings other than ears. I wouldn't have any issue with the makeup, top or earrings for an interview or day to day work. We would let someone know in the interview that the septum piercing wouldn't be acceptable normally, but it wouldn't be disqualifying. Hope it went well /goes well!


Note to self: wear my nose ring, bright earrings, and shoulder cut outs to interviews to reduce my chances of having conservative bosses Edit: to everyone who feels the need to tell me this is not about politics, I know that now. I work in a state legislature so even in the context of work when I hear conservative my first thought is politically conservative.


There are also plenty of liberal people in fields that tend to dress conservatively, though. I’ve worked in settings where it was expected/required that employees wore business attire, but the ideologies of the majority of employees were not conservative.


Same! I’m an accountant at a firm and we have a lot of clients that vary in how formal they are so to keep it safe, we’re pretty clean cut and business casual.


> ... employees wore business attire, but the ideologies ... Exactly. Even the Beatles wore a jacket and tie.


I'm a lawyer and I dress fairly conservative at the office, but I still have a shirt and a dress with cut-out shoulders that I wear fairly often. I live in Florida so it's pretty common to see female office workers wearing shirts or dresses without sleeves (any by without sleeves, I mean ones cover the top of your shoulders, but not the sides). If it's okay to expose your entire arm, so I don't see how a cut-out shirt that only shows a small portion of your arm is any less conservative? That said, I always wear a suit jacket for interviews, so no one sees my no-sleeved shirts until I get the job.


It's not just bosses, it's company culture. I'd personally be fine with it for any of my employees (and want funky hair myself!) But my HR would never allow it. Stay away from older companies. The culture tends not to shift from that mindset.


Yup. I’m a department head at a global corporation in the healthcare field. I honestly couldn’t care less about stuff like that. I have tattoos and piercings myself, though they are mostly inconspicuous. The company, however, is a bit more strict than I am.


Conservative field does not necessarily equal conservative bosses.


Every boss is conservative in russia


Irrespective of the boss, they hire to meet the needs of their customer base, and if you’re forward facing some tattoos and piercings may be a no go in the corporate customer facing image. I could give two shit what my employees do in their personal time or the number of tats they have. That being said, no visible piercings other than ears in the work space, and you may be required to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover the arm tats. It’s the reality of living in the Midwest. Sometimes you have to eat shit and cash checks to get ahead.


I think you're reading into the conservative part far to heavily there.


Exactly! Haha >.<


I've got dyed hair, used to have 12 microdermals, have a vertical labret, have tattoos that are visible with a t-shirt or capris, etc. I would thank people interviewing me for saying I didn't look like a good fit and they'd look surprised. I'd smile, laugh and say "better to recognize we aren't a good fit now, verses when you guys have my rent money!"


I second all of this. I worked in the US Senate for many years, always for progressive Democrats, but nevertheless, workplace attire is conservative there. You look awesome, but for that environment, I would lose the piercing, the severe arch in the eyebrow and the winged liner. That said, if you’re applying to work in advertising or beauty or a company that makes alcohol, the office culture will be completely different. I would always err on the side of dressing conservatively for the interview. You can always jazz up your look once you’re in.


Came here to say this. I work as HR in a corporate job. It’s your normal business casual type of office. For that type of job/interview this look would be a little too casual. I’d recommend no nose ring, a suit jacket, and basic earrings. Tone down the eye make-up. But it totally depends. Are you in marketing, something creative? Then your look would be more appropriate. But still would always recommend a suit. Always.


I think the makeup looks good, but the outfit seems pretty casual. But I guess it depends what you're interviewing for.


It depends on the job. If it's an asst mgr position in a restaurant or a hip boutique, shouldn't be a problem. If it's customer facing in a more conservative office/industry or interviewer, it may cause some issues. I would try to find out what their dress code is ahead of time if you can. I would not have a problem with it in my role as a hiring manager. I've hired people with obvious tattoos and piercings before. If you want to avoid working for someone who has an issue with your piercings or makeup, I would make that obvious right away, tbh.


You look great but as a female professional in a administrative role for a hospital- my rule of thumb is always dress simple and professional and fairly conservative, for any job interview, cold shoulders are fun not professional


Totally agree! Her makeup looks gorgeous, but in a professional office if I saw someone with that much makeup on for an interview I'd assume they were young and maybe a bit inexperienced. I'd go a little more conservative on the makeup until you get the job and then impress everyone with how amazing your makeup skills are too. However if you're interviewing for a more casual position I think it would be okay.


It totally depends on where she’s interviewing, though. At some places, even higher up positions would actually encourage a more polished makeup look like this.


As with the others - depends where you’re interviewing. Make up is great but the cut out top and piercings aren’t super great for a professional interview.


This. Especially if you're interviewed for a job that requires customer interaction. Piercing is most likely not getting you the job. The cut-out top too. I also think you have too much make-up, it really feels you're going at a party than going to an interview.


Depends on the job! It looks great though. I'd say depending on where you are applying, flip the septum up 😊


side note, if this is an american post, they probably have to wear a mask for the interview. I know i had to (gladly) a few months back but ye


I would avoid the cold shoulder top. I’ve gotten feedback (in a relatively casual/progressive work environment) that cold-shoulder did not give off an “executive presence”


Makeup looks great. I’d say the earrings & shirt are a little casual depending on what you’re interviewing for. I’d flip the nose ring up as well. Again, this is all dependent on what you’re interviewing for. ☺️


In my opinion, no. I would say, no exposed shoulder and no cat eye. Go way more natural on the eye makeup.


I wear a cat eye daily and have a septum piercing and I also vote no. Makeup should be light and work to enhance your features for a job interview. I always flip my septum up into my nose and dress conservatively. People are saying it depends on where you're interviewing but honestly, I disagree. Interviews should always be professional.


I get the feeling that a few people are holding back to be polite and positive. I know I did. I didn’t feel bad because I was being constructive in my criticism in the interest of being helpful. I was actually more afraid of being jumped on for being rude or negative.


Agreed. I used to hire for a retail job and I expect people to show their personality in their jewelry and makeup on the floor, but for the interview itself I expect people to look their most professional.


Yeah I also used to hire for retail and I feel the same way! If they're not going to put in that effort on the day they should be aiming the hardest to impress, I don't expect their performance to be good long term


I disagree. I feel like I agree more with the sentiment that I would rather present myself in a way I would like to actually appear at work. Maybe I would do slightly less dramatic wings, but I would not want to take out my piecing for an interview because I would hate working somewhere that would expect me to hide that stuff. However, I do think this is highly dependent on the industry.


That's fine, I'm just giving advice with the assumption that she WANTS this job whether or not they allow piercings. I don't mind flipping up my septum for a job, I actually prefer to hide it at work. I've flipped it even for jobs that allow it.


i was weirded out that no one had the guts to straight up say no. i second this opinion you can always find excuses but the simple truth is „NO“


I agree. Clean cut classy is my strategy. Unless this is for a boutique, piercing studio, or a trendy restaurant, as an interviewer I would need her to just slay on skills, experience, and culture fit. A subtle natural makeup is more appropriate in about every other scenario. Form fitting clothing is fine with classic lines, but cutouts are a nope. Pumps are great so long as they're not gladiator pumps or sassy platforms. Large fashion earrings--nope. A small drop or post gets the job done. A pop of color with a blouse/sweater under a blazer is cool, but no loud outer layers. If you want to be expressive after you get the job, cool. If your interviewers are casual or expressive, they can be because they already have the job and you have yet to prove yourself. This is my approach everytime.


I like to tone down my eye makeup especially for a job interview, as there are studies that show the makeup look you have on now makes employers see you as incompetent. (It's great every day makeup though, once you get the job!) I would go with very soft neutral shadow only and some mascara. No eyeliner or dark shadow, especially underneath the eye. For the lip I would go with a chapstick. Maybe a colored lip balm at the most.


I used to work in a law firm in DC doing recruiting. While a conservative polished look was ideal in that kind of setting, nobody would think twice if someone had a little color on their lip or eyeliner. It all depends on how the makeup was applied. Assuming she's not applying for a stuffy desk job in a big corporation, I think her look without the cat-eye would be fine (and a different shirt).


I've worn makeup like hers at work for years, I think it's great. I read a recent study, which this article references: https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/women-makeup-workplace It shows that heavy makeup can hurt the way women are perceived in the workplace. Hey, why not give yourself the best chance you can to succeed in a job interview?


Firstly I think your makeup looks AMAZING I don't think it's suitable for a job interview though (unless you're going for a creative role). I would say your eye makeup is a bit too glam for this situation - I would say stick to more neutral eyeshadow and kohl eyeliner rather than winged liquid eyeliner.


I do the interviews/hiring for a small business and I can tell you in all honesty that I would pass on you instantly. I'm not saying that to be harsh, but the exposed shoulders, playful earrings, septum piercing, and heavy make up (looks more appropriate for a night out imo) would be too unprofessional for me. That being said, I also hire for positions that are very customer facing. I would wonder how you would dress for the job if you showed up to an interview like that. Unless it's for a job at a place that has a really lax culture, you should dress conservative and remove facial piercings for an interview. Toned down make up is usually better as well. If offered the position you can ask about dress code and piercing rules at that time.


late edit: agree with 80% of what thesixthamethyst said (not 100) I work for a major healthcare organization. The makeup and piercings wouldn’t make me think twice, just the shirt. I think you look put together and nice, but I might mention the dress code, I think I was too harsh originally.


For what job? An office? Health care? Anywhere you deal with the public? Absolutely not. In a kitchen/ bar, that's probably par for the course but still not ideal. Imo you should never wear cold shoulder tops or facial piercings to an interview.


Not appropriate for the corporate


Hair looks nice, I’m assuming the outfit is not the point of this question since this a makeup sub. The makeup is very nice and I think the brownish eyeshadow is a good pick, however the eye makeup overall is heavy. I don’t think you need to look like you’re not wearing makeup for an interview, but the eyes definitely look a little too “sexy” for work. Lips and cheeks and foundation all look great for interview, eyebrows I’m on the fence. Looking beautiful is always helpful in life, but especially professionally for women it’s a thin line between being a good-looking person and not being taken seriously


That last line really summed it up for me: >Looking beautiful is always helpful in life, but especially professionally for women it’s a thin line between being a good-looking person and not being taken seriously This is so true. No matter how much you know or how smart you are, there's a hurtle to jump if no one takes you seriously. I think OP looks nice, but I would not want to go to an interview like this. As others have said though, it does depend on the job. I interviewed for a retail job in my early 20s in a store similar to "Forever 21." I was told I didn't get the job because I wasn't wearing enough accessories, ie I was dressed too boring/conservative. So it could be appropriate, depending on the position. The bank I worked for years later felt differently.


I think the eyes are a little dramatic looking. They are pushing more of a glam look than a professional look. Unless you work in the makeup or fashion industry a wing like that will be quite polarising, as will the nose ring.


Depends on the job.


It looks really nice however i would flip the piercing up and also be less dark on the eye make up (it looks lovely just if you’re going for a professional role)


Personal opinion: your make up is perfect, but I feel the septum piercing and earrings are fighting each other. If you are going to keep the septum piercing I'd go with a simpler pair of earrings (studs or something small), or keep the earring and pick a subtler septum piercing or none at all. I think together it's a little distracting (again my personal opinion) because during an interview you want them to focus on what you are saying and not what you are wearing. Cheers and good luck. I'm also assuming you've done your research and know the culture and standard of professionalism of the place you are interviewing at.


Looks like you're dressed for breakfast at Cora's not really an interview look.


Nose ring for an interview? Not a good idea


Man. This comment section reminds me why I am never ever leaving the hair industry. I’ve been in this bubble for so long I forget that this isn’t considered professional. If I ask my bosses if I should get more tattoos, piercings, and pink hair they are like “do you boo. Love to see it” ETA: I’m not a hair stylist behind the chair. I work corporately for one of the biggest haircare and color companies in the world. In our corporate environment we are encouraged to show our personality. The only requirement is all black. But black and sparkles is HIGHLY encouraged. Every single one of my bosses is a woman and it’s fuckin sweet.


That sounds likea helluva lot of fun! Good for you.


I think you look awesome! Flip up the septum ring unless it is a company where body mods are openly encouraged (think hip coffee shop). Even if they are okay with mods, always best to err on the side of caution and go with a more conservative look.


Depending on the job, if anything the jewelry (your earrings moreso than the facial piercing) could come off unprofessional to an old interviewer, but your makeup and top look very polished:) good luck.


I respectfully disagree with you. I think the older conservative interviewer would not like the nose ring piercing over the earring. Again, so dependent on so many things. Edit for insight: I work in HR for a super conservative corporation in the Midwest. :) but I have tattoos and colored hair and LOVE the piercing and your look.




No, they’re not in agreement. First reply says the earrings look more unprofessional than the nose ring. This person is saying the nose ring looks more unprofessional.


The earrings are beautiful . I don’t think they come off as young or eccentric... I think they give you an artistic look, I could see people all ages wearing them.. your makeup looks really nice, I bet you will do great




Yea, I was just referring to the comparison :)


I think its a case of theyre worl appropriate but not interview appropriate. An interview isnt the time to be out there with your fashion as people will write you off. Harsh reality but it is what it is.


that's what I thought too


I tend to play it safe and go bareface for interviews but feeling confident is important too. I interview people occasionally and I'd never consciously mark down a candidate on account on account of their makeup.


Honestly, I don’t know what job you’re applying for, but no. I would tone down the eye makeup quite a bit, it’s quiet heavy and dark, like it’s for the club. I would maybe skip the winged liner and go for natural brows. Lip color is perfect. Base looks great. Remember, you want them to remember you and how great you were, not what your makeup looked like. Switch out for no or simple earrings. For pretty much any job that you’re interviewing for, no matter if you will actually wear business attire on the job, wear business attire to the interview. A white or blue collared shirt with pencil skirt or trousers will do. You could also go with a businesslike sheath dress in the typical work colors. Closed toe nude or black flats or pumps. No septum piercing. If you want to get crazy with it, wear hosiery in a color that matches your skin tone. Good luck!


The good thing is the nose ring opinion doesn't matter as you'll likely be wearing mask! Even the makeup doesn't matter so much because it's really only the eyes that they'll see. Remember a long workday in a mask is tough on foundations at the rub points - be sure to wear a foundation very close to your natural color! People unemployed through the pandemic may not realize this. Good luck on the interview!


So many people are going on about the septum ring lol but you’re right! It’ll be covered with a mask!


My last 2 interviews they sat me 6 ft away and told me I could take my mask off- just a fair warning!


Just say you're more comfortable wearing yours. It's the smarter move anyway.


It depends on the industry/ job. We might not like it or agree with it, but the reality is both men and women are uncomfortable about an attractive, put together woman with obvious makeup on. I usually would do no- makeup makeup and have my hair in like a braid or bun, but your industry is probably not the same as mine


Not really. If she’s interviewing for a financial corporate position, or a law office, this outfit and make up would be inappropriate, has absolutely nothing to do with how “put together” or “attractive” she is.


What industry are you in that both men and women are uncomfortable with an attractive/put together woman in makeup ?


Defense. But given the average redditor age is in early 20s (last I saw) and I'm almost 40, I've also just had more years of work experience to see the misogyny against women. I literally heard multiple dudes saying they didn't want to hire attractive women as they'd be a "distraction" (not at my work or I'd be up hr's ass) and have had multiple instances where other women told me (in and outside of work) they assumed I would be a "bitch" because I was very put- together and were surprised when I wasnt.


I’m 40, and while this may be true, I don’t think this means we should all just conform to satisfy people who don’t like working with attractive women. Also, I have a nose ring (small stud on nostril) and I never remove it for interviews. I do dress more conservatively for an interview than I normally would, but my nose ring stays. That being said, I understand not everyone can always be choosy about a job, and if I had no other choice, of course I would remove the nose ring to be able to support myself and my family. But, back to my original thought, I don’t think anyone should have to feel they might be too attractive or put together for a job. That’s freaking ridiculous. The people who are threatened by an attractive person are the ones who need to change. (And this is coming from someone who would not be considered “put together.”)


There have been studies that show that more attractive people are often viewed as being less intelligent than slightly less attractive people. Even if you kick ass at the interview, there is still that obstacle. The same is true of people with southern accents.


It is an unfortunate reality in most workplaces. It was most obvious at my last job, a corporate job. I wore natural make up and wore professional clothes and based my clothes on what I saw other women wearing. I was the youngest woman there, and I got in trouble and written up for my attire when I tried to look nice, and got criticized for my work performance or treated differently by my supervisor when I wore make up or nicer clothing. When I wore no make up or was dressed down, there was a marked difference in the way I was treated. It was too obvious not to notice. The most obvious was when I pointed out that there were other women who wore the same things that I wore, and she said "This is just between you and me, you have a certain body type, and honestly you can't get away with the same things as some of the other women here. It can be distracting for your coworkers." That comment left me completely stunned. I said something to HR about it and they said that "She denied saying those exact words and that the comment was not directed to me specifically, and that they will never reprimand a supervisor for disciplining an employee about her appearance," and nothing came of it.


What industry are you in ?


Heavy makeup is generally reserved for nights out, not interviews. Just like you wouldn’t show up to church in booty shorts and a crop top and dark glittery eyeshadow; she looks lovely but her makeup and outfit isn’t appropriate for interviewing in most of the professional world.


I am a recruiter who recently switched into HR and it all depends on industry. If you’ve been working there and they know who you are, then by all means fine. If its retail or IT and its laidback, yes. However if it’s a more formal or business company, the cat eye and piercings and open shoulders wouldn’t work. It’s all about knowing your company’s general dress code. :) I think you look great!


Depends on the job


Depends on the job.


Looks fine to me. Good luck on your interview!


What is the job? Is it corporate, artistic etc.?


It all depends on the job you’re interviewing for and even the person you’re interviewing with. Unfortunately people make assumptions about other people based on their own misconceptions and/or experiences; most people play it safe with their appearance in hopes of landing a job, even if it isn’t a statement about who they truly are. In my opinion you look professional, respectable, well dressed and put together. You’re appearance wouldn’t factor into the decision I made if I were the interviewer. Good luck!


I have an interview for Assistant Manager, and this is a pretty toned down look from what I normally wear! Just need some reassurance since I’m nervous AF! 😅 Foundation- Estée Lauder Double Wear 1C1 Concealer- Revlon Colorstay 02 Powder- Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Contour- Shade and light Blush/hi light- Pixiglow Cake GildedBare Glow Brows- Morphe Micro Brow Java Eyes- Morphe 35S Liner- L’Oréal Infallible Super Slim Waterline- Milani Supreme Kohl Kajal Mascara- Half Caked Totally Tubular Lips- Chanel LE ROUGE DUO ULTRA TENUE Ultra Wear Lip Colour #48 Setting Spray- ELF Dewy Coconut


Assistant Manager is a pretty generic title and tells us nothing about the industry or setting.


Good luck on your interview You are gonna rock it!


assistant manager, or assistant TO the manager?? good luck!




You look beautiful!! Good luck on your interview hun!


Thank you! Everyone says I got it, but I’m still nervous. 😬


Deep breaths and a mantra of “I’m confident. I’m capable. I’m ready.” That’s what got me through my interviews!


This is one of the reasons I like working for a west coast tech company. We have such diversity in our ranks. Piercings, tattoos, range of hairstyles. Of course we have neckbeards with cargo shorts and flip flops - but that’s all part of the diversity. You look great!


Your eyeshadow looks flawless! Good luck with the interview. ^_^


Thank you so much!! 😊


It depends on the corporate culture. At my company that would be a no problem look, but I work at a young biotechnology company so we are more casual.


Is this look what you wear every day?


No problem. I’m also a social work supervisor and work for a very left leaning agency.


If you're working in clothing retail or similar, sure.


Depends on the workplace and job. Either way you look lovely.


Yup! Looks great!


You look fabulous. Depends on the industry. For anything formal then no. And for me that’s mainly the bare shoulders.


I agree with most comments below, I think you look great, but it depends what/where the job is. I think the makeup is fine actually, but not sure about the shirt or septum ring, if it's a professional type atmosphere. I have a septum ring, everyone and their mother has seen it, including all my workmates and bosses. I interviewed for an internal promotion in October, still flipped the septum ring up for the interview, even though they've all known me for years and seen it may times!


Depends on the job


Depends on the volume of the job


Depends on what the interview is for


Looks totally appropriate. I hope the interview goes well or went well. May I ask where I could find those earrings?


Yes. Beautiful.




I am a manager and the makeup is great. The cat eyeliner is amazing, but if it is for a conservative-type job, I would do a baby cat eye with a taupe liner, then smoke it out with a neutral taupe shadow on top to make it last.


It looks awesome! Good luck!


Thank you! 😊


Yes. Neutrals and browns are great for interview friendly makeup. You look very nice.


Thank you!!! 🙂


I think it’s extremely appropriate except for the cat eye, I would choose a softer-looking way to finish your eye corners. The cat eye is gorgeous and elegant but in a job interview you want your eyes to feel more warm and down-to-earth. You asked us to comment on the makeup but out of concern I would just add (depending on the field) it rarely hurts to be too formal in an interview but it often hurts to be too casual. Your dress is a presentation of your professionalism and a pantsuit or nice blouse & skirt combo won’t let you down in this kind of situation. I hope my giving my two cents won’t make you more nervous. I can tell the effort you’re putting forward for this opportunity and I wish you the very best of luck!


Retail, entertainment, casual dining - yes. Business/office/medical/white collar industries - no. Your outfit is really cute, but like others said, it depends on the job. I really like to do a full face on weekends, similar to yours. During the week, I wear little to no makeup to 1) prioritize sleep and 2) it would look excessive/unprofessional in my role (executive team). When I've seen interviewees come in with their face beat here are my thoughts: Off the clock self - cute eyeshadow! On the clock self - this looks like it could be a problem. Candidate takes a lot of time with their makeup, appearance, etc. How will that impact their ability to arrive to work on time, prioritize their job over their appearance, etc. FWIW - I also have 10 tattoos, several are pretty big and visible unless i wear long pants/sleeves. I cover these at work, too. I don't personally think that heavy makeup, tattoos, etc. affect anyone's ability to do a job on a personal level. But I understand that expectations come with my role and it's not a hill I'm willing to die on.


Depends on the job, but I would say no. The open shoulders, jewelry and makeup combination make you appear very young. You look fantastic and it would not make me blink at a job, but seems like a suboptimal choice for an interview. I also recommend never wearing more than a drop of foundation to an interview, particularly liquid foundation. It’s typically distracting. Doing a wing with simple shadow or sparkly shadow with a simple liner would be less distracting. Lip color is lovely and suits you well!


I have done a lot of interviewing for my job in Seattle, and I've never had a candidate come to an interview with such dramatic makeup. I work a non profit that is part of a business member organization, if that's helpful at all. It looks lovely but would be unusual for me to see on a candidate.


I'm actually shocked at all the people commenting on cat eye makeup not being professional. I literally won't show up at the office without it lol


Definitely. Very professional looking and sophisticated. Fabulous.


You look like a lovely young woman who is ready for what’s next. Earnings are fun. Keep them.


Your typo / auto-correct puts a really fun twist on the advice you're giving! It made me smile!


I'm so glad you pointed it out. I didn't notice the typo at first, but now it's making me smile too.


Tbf I live in Seattle which has a VERY different culture in many ways, but the number of people saying to flip up the nose ring has me cackling, especially the ones who have said they do interviews and would write you off immediately. I’m an executive recruiter with a septum ring that can’t be flipped up (seamless ring) and have never had any issues being viewed as professional, and I also wouldn’t judge someone for it. Unless this job is filling some desperate need for work, I say be yourself.


I had the same thought. I live in a large city but I’m in the Midwest and facial piercings aren’t that big of a deal here.


How have you found the HR job market in seattle? I'm in my first year of an HR job and I'm still loving it. Our plan is to move to Seattle in the next few years and I'm nervous for job searching. I have a decent resume I'm just worried since there's SOamy applicants. But there's also so many jobs.


It will be hard (but not impossible) if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, and if you were moving tomorrow you’d probably have a tough time given how little experience you have in HR, but with 2-3 years under your belt you should be able to find some decent opportunities in entry-level/junior HR roles. I don’t have a ton of visibility to the HR market currently because I work pretty specifically with senior management/c-suite types in logistics and operations, but there are a ton of big employers here that are perpetually growing, so it’s a decent market if you can secure affordable, geographically feasible housing for yourself. That said, who knows what the scene will look like in a few years.


Barista, yes, anything else, no.


No. Shoulder cut out is inappropriate. So is the nose ring.


I personally take my lip ring out for interviews as it often wouldn't make a good first impression but if I get the job I wear it and they can't fire me :p


Since we don't know what kind of business you're interviewing for, it's hard to know if the nose ring will be considered ok or not. Personally I'd remove it. You're so pretty! I don't understand the nose ring thing tho :o Maybe I'm old :o


completely depends on the job. if you are interviewing for a corporate position or something with a professional dress code, i would say no to both the makeup and outfit. i think makeup for a corporate job interview should be very understated - this also goes for clothing. your makeup looks great, and it shows skill and attention to detail. however, it shows a possible inability to adapt to your environment and judge what’s appropriate. if an interviewee came into my workplace with your makeup and outfit, i would question their judgement on what is appropriate for an interview. you could wear that to work once hired but would be expected to look more professional in an interview. it wouldn’t be a deal breaker though - i would be understanding and chalk it up to inexperience. you clearly put effort into your appearance, and judgement errors can be learned from. a good interview would override my concerns. - someone who dresses way more funky outside of work


Depending upon the job/industry and the dress code they may have,I might remove the septum ring or even flip it up & out of sight. The makeup is very pretty and appropriate for the vast majority of workplaces of all kinds but, depending on where you’re interviewing , I might scale back the lower liner a tad on the inner eye. Job iInterviews aren’t the same because workplaces aren’t the same. Working at a tattoo shop or Adult book store is different from say, a church-affiliated day care or the front desk of a five-star hotel. The cultures are different so there are different expectations for how the employees should present and groom themselves. With those small, possible caveats, I’d say you’ve done a very good job. I can’t really see your outfit but I’d maybe wear a top in a brighter or prettier color, preferably something that buttons with sleeves that cover the biceps. You’ll look more professional and be more memorable to the interviewer in a blouse or shirt in a strong, flattering color. Robin’s egg or royal blue, cerulean, & various shades of pink, would look good on you, nearly everyone has a flattering shade of red. Not to everyone’s taste perhaps but polka dots, especially black & white flatter everyone and are visually striking to make you more memorable. Wearing something that stands out a little while still being professional can project confidence- even when you might lack it.


What's with the trend of really hard lined, chiseled eyebrows? It looks odd.


You have a nose ring in, so no


Makeup yes, nose ring no...


Going to blend the comments I see here and offer my thoughts on the makeup. Like everyone else, depends where you're interviewing. Retail/service/food industry I think this is all probably fine, make up or fashion sector also probably fine. For office or other places I'd go slightly more natural, and go for different clothes and accessories regardless. Cold shoulder top is a hard no, though the sweater is otherwise really nice. I think if you do this look slightly toned down it would be good. A lighter, less opaque shimmer, slightly less dark to the eye shadow, and I'd make the cat eye more of a little flick and possibly go for a brown or eyeshadow flick as well. This eye look is magnificently executed though, and would be great as day to day makeup.


I think you look wonderful! Makeup looks beautiful. Depending on the job, you may want to tuck in the septum piercing at the interview, but otherwise, I see nothing about this look that they could find any fault with!! Love your earrings too! :)


Yes. It is if you take of the nose ring. Just my opinion. Don’t get offended


...for a barista or tattoo parlor receptionist.


I think it looks very classy. Totally good for an interview.


Yes! Good luck on your interview!


Makeup definitely. It's perfect. Others clearly disagree, but I say wear the nose ring if it's something you wear every day.


Yes! Best of luck to you!


Let's be clear - any job that chooses who to hire or not hire based on interviewer preferences as to how a person should or should not look is not a place anybody should want to work. My, or indeed anyone else's, opinion as to how good or appropriate you look should be irrelevant. You can test this by changing the criterion - is the 'look' appropriate - to something else. Eg, is my sex interview appropriate? My pregnancy, my disability, my race? The only question is are you qualified. Anyway, all the best aside, you of course look fantastic. I love the earrings. Good luck with it. x


I think we can all agree with that while at the same time acknowledging these issues do in fact exist whether we like it or not. And some people can't afford to be picky about getting a job.


Totally agree. Seems like my comment had a tone that made it come off all wrong. Sorry OP, sorry all.






You're going to find the septum piercing really hold you back if the job requires any external client interactions. It's a tie breaker that becomes an easy reason to eliminate you. Push it back at the interview and keep it back at work, you'll be fine. Look great otherwise


I’d take out the nose ring


I would lose the nose ring


The top, the winged liner and the piercing isn't appropriate.....


If you want the job, take the metal out of your face.


OP already interviewed. She wasn't actually looking for advice. She was looking for compliments.


That's the perfect look! It flatters your and your features perfectly. It adds a lol somthin-somthin wothout being over the top. Honestly, I want a tutorial.


Yes, you look beautiful! Good luck!


Shouldn't the ear ring and the nose piercing match?


Hell yeah, it’s gorgeous, you go get that job!


It's beautiful! I love it! The whole look is 🔥


I think so!




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Personally I might switch the color of eyeshadow to something more neutral, brown. I also agree the eyes might be too glam with the cat eye but I might have a different opinion with a more neutral eyeshadow. I like your makeup though and you’re really pretty. Not sure what exactly you’re interviewing for but I think the earrings are a little bit childish, simple stud or small hoop may be better? They’re very cute but professionally I’m not sure how they’d be viewed by some people.


Depends on the job - I think makeup is fine but would flip up the septum and put on a blazer. Saw a couple comments about earrings but it looks like you have stretched ears, I would say plugs like that are more appropriate than tunnels. Maybe if you had a more plain pair of plugs but if not I don’t think the earrings are a big deal. I also have stretched ears and when going to work I wear plain colored plugs that look like earrings. You can find them on Amazon if you need something quick.


You look great except for the septum piercing and exposed shoulders.


The black eye liner is a little too harsh for my taste for an interview. I think just a brown Smokey eye with some delicate false lashes would look really good 👌 Have you tried using dark brown liner instead of black?? I have similar eye, skin, and hair colors to you and I personally think dark brown looks much better than black on me. Edit: I would also go with a more neutral, less peachy lip color


so where are you interviewing tho?


I would not do a wing, if I wasn't sure about the company.


Depends on the job. Going for like a banker, I’d get something more dress like. Going for blue collar stuff, you’re pretty alright. No matter what though, I’d leave the nose ring. Facial piercings aren’t exactly business.


Remove the nose earing and the flower earings and you'll be good to go for the interview.


Depends on your country i think. But without the piercing better


Depends on the job I suppose, a serious job no, but a minimum wage, I suppose yeah