Thanos was right.

Thanos was right.


Thanos killing half of all people was an apocalyptic event in and of itself. He just delayed impending calamities by causing an immediate calamity.


Killing half of all people would, temporarily, help with overconsumption and humanity's carbon footprint. However, without actually finding a way to live sustainably, we'd almost certainly eventually increase our consumption and end up back in the same situation later on. It would just push back the timeline a bit.


Thanos should've just doubled all the resources 🤔


That woulda been even worse for the environment, twice as many fossil fuels.


I mean, could he have just deleted global warming?


We might all die, since we do need *some* greenhouse gases to help with the sun rays.


But you get double environments. This is the ‘parts’ environment with a salvage plate.


It depends. It would push the consumption back substantially and would take a long time to recover. We are already quite close to several technologies that could make carbon policies a non issue (as they’d be advanced enough to wholly substitute current means of energy production). Given all of that is documented even if there was a slow down in innovation due to less people working on it by the time the population recovers technology should be sufficiently advanced to compensate.


I don't know about a long time. I'm almost 40, and the world population has nearly doubled just in my lifetime, so far


So a 50 year timeline. Many people feel were on the verge of scientific breakthroughs that will make climate change a non issue in the next 5-10 years. So you buy an extra 3 4 decades.


I mean, sure - hopefully. But, not if half of them are snapped, or all the human infrastructure they need to make those advances is in shambles, right?


The data isn’t gone. The research is there and most the infrastructure isn’t built yet. If anything having legacy infrastructure destroyed helps. We had two world wars and recovered in less time than that. Every major city in Germany was destroyed and they bounced back in less time than that. Tokyo was fire bombed to near ash and did not take 40 years to become more advanced than it was previously.


Who are these many people?


It’s so puzzling to see people genuinely believe Thanos’ philosophy was in any way correct or intelligent lmao


no Thanos did not solve the problem correctly, just remove all matter and energy and there would be no problems


Because nothing would exist. Life is literally only matter and energy.


ah, but it would fix the problem completely.


"In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."


One reset charge away.


Actually, according to [Oxfam data](https://oxfamapps.org/media/press_release/carbon-emissions-of-richest-1-more-than-double-those-of-poorest-half-of-the-world-oxfam/), the richest 10% of the world population accounts for 52% of cumulative emissions - with the richest 1% accounting for 15% alone - whereas the poorest 50% account for only 7% of emissions. So odds are that Thanos would have a disproportionately small impact on total emissions.


Not to mention that even if global warming continues at its current pace, Alabama won't be anywhere close to underwater until maybe 2250.


Thanos would’ve been right if his solution had been to double the universe’s resources rather than eliminate half of its population.


Nobody ever said Thanos was wrong. It was certainly the most fair way to give Earth a reset. MCU versus comics left out his real motivation for doing this - it wasn’t altruistic. It was to deliver a cavalcade of souls to Lady Death so he could win her affections.


Thanos is a simp confirmed.


Yup. HUGE pussy.




Not Hella from Asgard. That’s MCU stuff. Here is a [link to her/him/it.](https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Lady_Death_(Marvel))


Actually that (Hela being death) is *mythology* stuff. She's Death in Norse mythology (though just named Hel usually) the same way Hades is in Greek or Pluto is in Roman. The comics created the 'female Grim Reaper' version as a separate character.


Can confirm.


>and the disasters mentioned in Loki started in 2048, it took a mere 25 years for an apocalypse events to take place The time frame was based on when that gum was manufactured. There were probably events before that.


Nope, Thanos was 100% wrong in any possible argument, hence “mad” titan. Take away half of life? Take away half of food and starvation persist. He was an idiot


Total BS. Total. If you think Thanos was right, then you know what to do, don't you?




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Thanos didn't give a fuck about Earth. He was trying to save the universe.