Why do they even bother with trials

Why do they even bother with trials


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Oh, there’s all sorts of precedent in human history for autocratic regimes that love bureaucracy and holding “trials” for alleged offences where the outcome of the trial is virtually guaranteed. You don’t even have to go into history, in fact, there are plenty like that now. Also all sorts of human precedent for official entities finding euphemisms for killing and death.


Yes this, but I still think Ayy brings up a valid point. The trial must have a purpose not just to show how the time lords are showing they aren’t authoritative. Maybe you can prove you are not guilty? Maybe there are lesser charges? Interesting question for sure.


Potentially the Timekeepers even just viewed themselves (or wanted to believe themselves) as neutral arbiters of the correct flow of time, and founded the TVA based in that flawed self-image.


Or it’s a cover cause they are working with Kane the conqueror.


Probably because most of the lower level TVA employees are not aware of potential shady purposes of the Time Keepers. So the TVA need to keep up a facade of there being fair trials to keep them placated.


maybe sometimes they accidentally grab someone's twin


I'm guessing that TVA might find Variants useful to be recruited.


I agree. I think the trials are to determine who was trying to fuck with time intentionally and who just got caught in the wrong time/place. There’s a huge city in the TVA so I’m gonna guess it’s filled with the people who are innocent, but out of their own timeline.


I think people can make cases for their existence even if their timeline is destroyed. Or if not then the TVA agents are told that people can make cases but in reality the game is rigged and everyone always gets erased


Great answer. I think that almost everyone gets erased. And once in a while they recruit someone and force them to live in their city and work for them. But there is no other choise and the workers should feel that it’s fair and not rigged.


I think it’s to maintain a impression that it isn’t rigged. Mobius says: ”You want to get out of here, right?” Loki later realize it’s a bluff and says Loki: ”I can’t go home can I?” And Mobius confirms Loki is right. The timeline was reset when they left and there is allready a variant in Loki’s place.


Not everyone gets reset. Mobius's request to recruit Loki would have been flat out denied were that the case. Also in end credits there's a shot of a pamphlet along the lines of "Living Your Life As a Varient".


Probably because they are perversely incentivised to harshly punish low level offenses by a system that is itself inundated with callous prejudice. I don't know how the writers come up with this stuff.


I would bet captain America was brought before them for going back to stay with Peggy, but when he was brought in followed the rules, and was respectful. So they sent him back with some ground rules, like not telling Sam anything when he gives him back the shield.


But what if that “was supposed to happen” like the time heist


Idk. I’m just having fun.


Given how many violations seem to have happened because of the inifinity stones, I believe that they orchestrated the destruction of the stones. Strange only saw the one “sacred” timeline because they pruned all the others. Cap going back in time to live in secret is a small price to pay in the long run.


>“sacred” timeline Seem to me Just the timeline that profite to the time Keeper personnally the most. They don't care about the rest of the Universe...


Omg. Sam: “Hey Steve tell me about this girl” Steve: “No, no I don’t think I will” They totally told Steve to not talk or else.


There is a reason they are using two different words, pruning and resetting are different things most probably. We have seen pruning, both with timelines and variant (that goldman sachs guy was pruned). The show hasn't yet told us what resetting means.


Its probably an old rule laid down by the Time Keepers that they just have to follow. They do it because that's how the system was initially set up and, in this hellish infinite bureaucracy, nobody but the Time Keepers has the authority to change it. I half expect the show to reveal that the Time Keepers actually died/disappeared ages ago, and the TVA just hasn't realized yet. EDIT: Plus souls canonically exist in the MCU, so being reset might actually be different from death.


i say eons ago they actually did have trials and everything and there was probably 3 judges so the verdict is always fair but i also believe that the TK arent around anymore and the TVA agents are scrambling to keep things in order so the easiest solution is hold a trail and give the faint idea u can plead not guilty but in the end its easier to just prune you! cause really you you can prove some evidence but what if the accused wants to call in a witness that goes against their whole we aren’t supposed to be known thing!


Maybe the TVA is just a bunch of useless bureaucrats who do pointless garbage? Seems likely based off of episode 1.