Keep the humpback peak under the horizon and make it the main subject. As it is, the background competes hard with the subject. Also bump the contrast and color separation of the humpback and the background. Good Luck


The sky is blank and uninteresting and it appears you have included it to stick to the rule of thirds. Wide scenes don't tend to work without dynamic light, and this is flat light. You can try and process this differently, but you're better off returning when the light is different. Not all landscape photography is wide angle, and in this light I would be searching for details with a telephoto lens.


I find VA notoriously difficult to capture


I was playing around with the dimensions of your photo, and I found that if I cropped it to a square, with the bottom of humpback rock on the lower left and the peak at the right 2/3 of the way up, it created a much more satisfying image. I like the contrast of your image and the subject matter, but the framing isn’t as flattering with the current dimension in my opinion. Try the crop, see how you like it.