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Could have shown it off at E3, but nah, gotta show those Marvel games.


That was crazy to me. The game was coming out the next month but they spent more time on games that didn’t even have a release date!


As much as they should've advertised NTWEWY more, it does make sense to focus on hyping up a cash cow like Avengers. NTWEWY was only ever going to be a niche cult hit, at best.


attitudes like this are how you DONT get long running and beloved ‘niche’ series like kingdom hearts. smdh


What's funny is that apparently sales for Guardians Of The Galaxy didn't sell super well either :x they need to step it up


Gotta grab that sweet disney money obviously. And then they're wondering why their own ips are going to shit


Wait it released!?


I legitimately didn't even know they released a remake of the original I travel the internet mostly free of advertising, but it's still weird I never even heard that the series was revived until a few days ago


no, Final Remix is the remake/port, NEO is the full-on sequel


This whole exchange is testament to how awfully Square advertised Neo: TWEWY


The remake released like a year or 2 ago


It came out in 2018 on the Switch. 3 years ago at this point.


they had a free trial of it on the switch a week ago. i didnt get far, but it was there


Yeah, back in July


This meme is literally perfect. It’s a shame to see a game this good get treated like this. The original is what got me into KH, so this series means a lot to me


The Marketing Ends With You


The original was popular enough, and I’m willing to bet Dream Drop Distance brought in a couple new fans as well, cause I’m one of them. They really just didn’t market it well enough, some people even assumed this was just a remake.


I assumed it was a remake until I read this very comment.


the original is on the switch as well btw


See thats what I assumed Neo was this whole time lol


It's ... not ? Damn, I just saw it pass quickly in a news saying they'll be an epic exclusive and thought it was a Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 deal.


Didn't they also release a remake around the same time? It's so confusing


Nope. Final Remix (the remaster for Switch) has been around since 2018 NEO, the new game, came out this year. July was the release of the Switch and the PS4 versions, while in September they released it for PC I agree that Square didn't really market the sequel well though


They could have also ported the first game to PS4 if they are going to make the sequel for that console. Bet that also hurt sales when people hear that it was a sequel.


I guess, though the docked version of the remaster is kinda weird. Can't imagine how that would be for PS4, one more stuff to blame on Square tbh. I have to say that the handheld gameplay is really good though! And I'm not sure how the original TWEWY works with license and stuff, I think Nintendo has a certain grasp over it. But again, I'm not totally sure about that


Without completely reworking the game again, I don't see them releasing it on anything outside of Switch except tablets.


Yup, Final Remix. Don’t think that one had any good marketing either.


I don't know how they expected this to go to be honest. It's the worst when game companies do this.


Totally, especially how they spent half an hour talking about Guardians of the Galaxy during e3 and I don’t think even a word was mentioned about neo. If people don’t even know your game is coming out how do you expect it to do well, they didn’t even distinguish that it was a sequel well enough considering how the majority of people actually thought it was a remake.


What’s the relation between DDD and TWEWY?


Characters from TWEWY appear in Traverse Town in DDD so that world ends up becoming about them.


Huh. I had no idea That’s nice


Didn't even show it at E3 and devoted most of their show to Marvel.


On top of that, it only appeared in a Japanese Nintendo Direct, not the English one


I never knew that until right now. They really did a bad job with this. The only favors they did it were green lighting it and releasing the anime and demo


Guess we waiting another decade for the third game


If we're lucky.


Square Enix whenever they shoot themselves in the foot. Who could do this?! It must be our Developers!


they have been doing this for like 10 years ff14 versus 13 ff7 remake all of these were in production hell because of their shitty managment


KH3 was in dev hell too because they kept juggling Nomura


Didn't they switch the engine shortly after starting to work on it?


They started and stopped production on it a few times so what was supposed to be for ps3 ended up on ps4 with a different engine. Nomura got assigned versus13 shortly after (I think BBS) then he got assigned ff7. In fact they announced KH3 in 2013 while the finished game didn't get released until 5 years later.


Funfact: Nomura didn't know he was directing FF7R until fans got the first announcement he literally found out when gamers found out that's horrible management right there.


Quite terrible. Almost as terrible as taking up years of a devs time making ffv13, allowing him to pour his heart and soul into the characters and world, then deciding last minute to rip him away and give the project to someone else who would then gut it and remake it into something entirely different. (You can really see the salt from this in the secret end of KH3)


Yeah, but that's mostly because the in-house engine they were using before (Luminous) nearly bankrupted SE. ^(God, imagine a world where KH3 never came out) ^(at all. Or FF7r, or anything. :()


Things weren't nearly as bad for KH III since we had all the side-games, some of them being just as good as the main titles. It's not like there was an absolute gap of activity between KH II and III.


yeah but there still was a 7 year gap between DDD and III. earlier the biggest gap was 2 years - between I and COM. recoded and BBS even releases the same year. a 7 year gap is a very long time in gaming.


well we did get ux the remixes and fragmentarry pasage


A phone game and a tech demo aren't really true titles. Especially when its tacked on to a remaster collection.


they are titles and are just as important as any other title wich makes them very much true titles just cause its in the mobile dosnt mean its not important ux is very important


Thats all good and dandy if you only play KH for the story. But being important story wise does not make it a *video game* true to the series. It was a pay to win chibi mobile game that probably cost them very little to make, resembled nothing from the original gameplay, that most people lost patience for and just watched a story recap of. Thats like saying "oh boy I've been waiting for FF7 remake for the past 6 years but they came out with worlds of final fantasy and thats good enough I guess." And 0.2 was advertised as a teaser for 3, it was a 1 hour game that added very little storywise and looked pretty. In all honesty it should've been the opening sequence of KH3 rather than its own title. People were getting so damned frustrated with them cockteasing everyone with remasters for 4 years that they threw it in as a "here you go, now shut up".


first of all its not pay to win you haven played gacha games have you i played the game and did fine in it without paying a single thing kh gameplay varries from game to game chibi or not it was a true kh game just as important as any other 0.2 did add ot the story and was just as important as any other and remember they did all of this while working on 3 and nomura having to multiple projects


Yes and we've also gotten quite a few Final fantasy titles aside from ff7 and ffv13, that wasn't my point. Also the end result KH3 was rushed as hell and they needed to fix it with paid DLC, even Nomura stated it was rushed and he wasn't thrilled about the end product due to time restraints.


I knew about ff7 remake and ff14, but for versus 13 I suspect it actually is an issue on Nomuras part.


it wasnt they messed up their games so he and his team had to go and fix them and they kept taken his team away from him and sending him on other projects leaving him unable to enter full production untill like 2013 2012


You would think that people who literally make marketing games their entire lives would understand the concept of "sales are proportional to awareness which is proportional to advertising" but goddamn. Some people just have their heads so firmly entrenched up their asses they are salvageable.


Square showed the Guardians Of The Galaxy game for +30 minutes at E3 2021 and totally ignored NEO, no wonder why it "performed poorly". (No hate to Guardians of the galaxy though, it seems like a fun game)


If they’d released it on steam at launch it would’ve at least had one more sale.


How have they not learned from their Final Fantasy launches on Steam, that steam makes a ton of money for them? This EPIC exclusive deal is only hurting them


"It's not hurting us, look at all this money we get upfront and all at once! Surely it's not harming our consumer base because of a variety of reasons." - Every developer who accepts Epic Exclusives when they don't need it. (To clarify, there ARE a few indie games that probably wouldn't exist if not for Epic, those games I'm fine with. They are just making a logical choice, but big studios, they're just being greedy, and completely ignoring the importance of Community engagement)


Easily would have blown up, especially if they were smart and threw on TWEWY Final Mix as a Pre-Order bonus


Literally am waiting on the Steam release dont know why they decided on Epic exclusivity (actually i do, $$$) and now are upset at the performance


Really should've released it on steam too, and market them the same as they did with gotg




If you sincerely enjoy a game, it's fandom never dies. I'm a huge fan of many games that haven't seen the light of day in decades. Dark Cloud, Steambot Chronicles, Dual Hearts, Megaman Legends, etc. If you search for those communities, they always exist.


Lack of marketing and an Epic exclusive on PC that alienated the most popular platform on PC and it's users that openly hate Epic, while also making little to no effort to make new potential fans have a reason to care about the franchise to begin with... *GEEZ I WONDER WHY THIS FLOPPED*


What? No one told me this was on PC. I'd given up hope of ever playing it, thanks for the good news


I always saw it as a niche franchise anyway. Sad for the fans of it.


Lack of marketing, Epic games store not steam, plus not on xbox either. Yeah obviously it wouldn't sell well on xbox, but if jrpg developers didn't ignore the platform for so long it would probably be a popular genre on the platform. Then again, the recent lack of new square games on xbox is just sony paying for them xD. FF7remake was meant to end it's exclusivity april this year, then the special edition came out and they bought another 6-12 months LMFAO. At this rate i won't bother spending money on the game. And FF16 will be exclusive. Oh well i guess.


Yeah, I had no idea if it was getting a physical copy or not so I didn't get it out the gate because I wanted a physical copy.


I didn't even know it existed until a month ago.


It also came out around tales of arise, personally I was playing arise for idk how long, just bought neo this week. Square didn’t expect Bandai to be jrpg king this year.


How do you botch marketing the sequel to one of the most popular DS games, which received a remaster on Switch, the same system the sequel is on?


They were too busy shoving Guardians of the Galaxy in our throats


Should have taken a page from Nintendo on Metroid Dread. Franchise was practically dead, and after marketing, it was exploding with success.


So like, maybe I'm crazy but I feel like is aw a lot of ads for this. On YouTube, in Directs, in gaming news, etc. prior to release


Hmmm... Not sure. Gaming news, possibly, but that's not really Square Enix doing the marketing, that's the media doing word of mouth. And the only time it ever appeared in a Direct was once and only in the Japanese version.


People who never heard of the franchise: OMG THIS IS A PERSONA RIP OFF


Is it? I have hears so much about persona but never tried it. The ds version of this game is awesome because of style/music and innovation like fighting the same battle on 2 screens controlling 2 characters with stylus and d-pad. Just got into it now and tbh i don't think other hardware would deliver the same goods, like ok the story could continue but gameplay-wise it would be lacking.


It's fun but tad overrated in my opinion. Granted I only played persona 4. It gets repeptitivein battle system but the dating mechanics are fun. while twewy action is more fun because of the pins.


This is disappointing as the game is very good. Even if the game was marketed better I don't think there is a lot in terms of audience. Fans of the original game are in their 20-30s with full time jobs, no time and other shorter games to play.


Theres also the fact that, from what I heard, the best way to play the original (so you can play the sequel) is still the DS. Personally I had to resort to a YT playtrough cause I dont have any Nintendo consoles. A lot of people may have turned off by that Also I think the game is a little overpriced, at least in my country. Its the same price as when KH3 released, and while I enjoyed a lot of my time with NEO and think its a pretty good game even though I didnt finish it, no way it had the same budget as KH3 to justify that price lol


it has a standard AAA 60$ price tag. get used to it, publishers are only going to be even more greedy. MOM was 60$ and it was a rhythm game...


Idk how they can even say it "underperformed" when they hardly marketted it in the west. Like seriously, they had their own show in e3 and spent half of it for their Marvel games.


I completely forgot it came out, only saw the announcement trailer the avoided keeping up with regular news about it to go in blind. Gonna pick it up on PS4 later for sure! The first TWEWY Is one of my favorite underrated Square Enix games from my childhood alongside Samurai Legend Musashi. Both of those series deserve so much more love 💖😭💖


Square Enix sets ridiculous sales expectations for their games and then doesn't even wait until the holiday season to tabulate their disappointments...


Square doesn't seem to understand this isn't final fantasy, people will not automatically throw cash at it.


The amount of people in this comment thread who didn't even know this game existed or was a direct sequel really says it all.


The saddest thing about all of this is probably how good NEO is. I haven't had a sequel in a game that felt better than the original for years. NEO improved on pretty much everything, the game is challenging, catchy songs, Rindo, Fret and Nagi are super likeable. It's sad to know that this game will be like the original, a niche game that is better than what people give it credit for. Then again, maybe that's good because now we don't have a bunch of mainstreamers completely ruin the franchise.


Did you play the original on switch or ds?


DS, It was groundbreaking and used every function the DS had. I still have it and still love it, but I also bought Final Remix because I love the franchise so much.


But is the final mix just as good objectively? I never tried any final mixes as i always felt they wouldnt be worth the time being cashcow milking.


Tbh, it strips away a lot of the narrative from the original. The RG and UG work differently, you don't have separate screens and buttons, and some explanations just... Don't make sense. But I really wanted to play the extra chapter so... Also, maxxed out on the DS version so it was nice to begin fresh.


I just started the ds version 2 days ago and so far liking it. Does the sequel live up to the ds version?


Probably surpases it, but you absolutely need to play part one to know what is up in part 2.


Yeah, let's hope i finish it. I just started the 2nd week of games.


Oeh, almost there! Who is your fave so far?


Really? I thought it might go further. Ehmmm the lead i guess? I dunno i like the game as a whole not a specific character per se. I was replaying ds games and this had a game of the year award but i never got around to playing it. To my surprise its by kh director and i'm loving the direction they took with it.


I'd say the final mix is about equal with the DS version. It's definitly on the "good" side of remasters in that they actually rebuilt the game instead of just upscaling. The old songs are now HD quality, the pixel graphics are replaced with nice hand drawn looking sprites. They did loose some stuff, going from two screens to one, but I feel the ability to play it in higher quality on a modern system is worth it


I'm actually really digging the lo-fi audio


It's not a marketing issue, it's because they waited 13 years to make a sequel. Easily.


People are acting like twewy was even big in the first place, it’s a niche title lmao


Okay and?? It still could have done better with better exposure.


Half the people who knew about it didn’t get it because they weren’t sure about the gameplay lmao


You... Can't even verify that


There's literally a demo out for it.


Or maybe people just aren't interested?


I don't know why you're being downvoted but i completely agree. I loved the first one, played the new one's demo and after five minutes i was like NOPE. Didn't seems fun enough and not a fan of that fisheye fov effect


The game really opens up after you get more Pins and get more party members to do extended combos. It's one of my favorite games on Switch, by the end of the demo when you have more to work with it got really fun. Plus, the music slaps.


It's weird. As an xbox series x owner i now why i havent played it. But appereantly not a lot of other people Werent interested as well.


For me it's both. I had no idea they made a sequel until well after release, and even then I was still unsure it wasn't just a remake at first, as it's been a long time since I played the first game. At the same time, it having been a long time I don't remember how much I liked the first game. I *think* I liked it a lot? But I watched a trailer for the sequel and said eh, maybe some other time. So yeah sometimes it's just a case of taking too long to make another entry in a series or just making a game not enough people asked for to begin with.


Yep I agree with you. Besides final fantasy vii/xiv,Nier square Enix jrpgs are dying in popularity which is also apparent in kingdom hearts A lot of the fanbase for these games are already in their 20-30s with full time jobs and no time to play games


Dungeons Encounter only has one trailer and release 😎 this game has few more but not enough . At this rate i kinda worry about SO6 release next year , wonder if they will actually do some proper ads and showcase . They burn all money into avenger and their western studio


I literally had no idea it even came out.


I do wonder if this will affect TWEWY appearing in future KH titles.


They'll probably just use KH to promote it like they did for the original. Which was just as niche.


Square Enix use mainly final fantasy and kingdom hearts for marketing


It's so sad. NEO is easily my goty and I've only been a fan of TWEWY since the initial trailer of NEO which led me to buy the original for switch. I don't even think they put out a trailer and really any promotion before the game dropped.


Considering how KH3 ended I really hope they include a Neo TWETY world in the next Kingdom Hearts, and create some kind of Final Mix version for PS5 and Series X. Kingdom Hearts is what got me into the series originally, and I think it could help give the game a bit of a boost in sales.


I remember skipping the ads for this game all over the place


And now Square Enix just discounted the crap out of that game. Might as well get it now before the price shoots up unexpectedly.


*NTWEWY gets literally no marketing* SQE: "How come the game isn't selling well?" I loved the original TWEWY. Even though I didn't like the double combat (felt like a gimmicky way to force players to use the touchscreen) the story and characters were so good! And yet, I found out about NEO only by accident when I saw it on the shelves of a local shop.


the sequel was too late to come unfortunately i think it will be the last not enough profit to warant a sequel


One of the main things I do on my phone is play an SE-published mobile game. I get ads for *that* game, but never for SE non-mobile games (which is pretty much all I play).


Curious, I’ve never played the game before. All I heard was that it was janky on the switch. The first game that is.


Goddammit Square I was hoping for another sequel since Neo was kinda setting up one and still left some unanswered questions if I remember correctly. I will probably never play the GotG game due to the past E3 it left a bad taste in my mouth maybe should have used some of that time for TWEWY


I had honestly completely forgotten about it until I saw it had a demo in the eShop the other day.


Neo what?


I didn’t even know the game dropped lmao. I seen some gameplay of it on a post and thought it was some remaster of the OG 🤣


Is this a good game? Been needing something besides KH to play.


They’d rather prance around their dumb Chocobo Mario kart instead


Aht aht aht, we don't slander the Chocobo Racing series in this household


We don't slander Chocobo period. Where's Dungeon Hero X? Time for commenter to face justice


well... it's the marketing AND the localization. I don't know how they thought stuff like "cultural appropriation", "top tier troll" and "sus imposter" would fly for a game with a mostly weeb audience who are already tired of bad localization in anime.


It was... Excellent localization. I know personally myself and other players actually got a lot of good laughs out of those throwaway lines. You sound like one of those people looking to be offended anyway