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This is an appropriate use of editing! Thanks for sharing


I love that she changed the poster in the background with each edit


I was going to say that too. Nice touch.


I didn't even notice... very nice


I haven't noticed. Damn clever


Yeah I would not make a great detective apparently




Wow, I didn’t even notice .


I didn’t either, all those butts are very distracting.


Specifically to famous models of the time, quite smooth.


Her original didn’t have the posters I don’t think. It’s from a few years ago and I saved the pics at the time


Her editing skills though 👌🏻


Right??? Each image looks super realistic. And the picture in the background changing to support “this was the beauty standard per era”—absolutely brilliant. 10/10 clever post.


In the last pic, I got surprised by the cellulites/stretch marks being so prominent. It looks realistic that it's crazy.


You know it's good when you can't tell which one is the original.


They're all edited. She's slim but quite fit.


Is she from the future then ?




I’m curious about what she actually looks like Edit: why do I have a lock on my comment?


If it’s who I think it is, she’s pretty thin and fit.


I'll post her caption as it has a nice breakdown of the ridiculous trends. If it isn't allowed I'll delete! ​ >If I had the “perfect” body throughout history, this is what I’d look like. > >**Mid 2010s-2018** > >Big butts, wide hips, tiny waists, and full lips are in! > >There is a huge surge in plastic surgery for butt implants thanks to Instagram models posting “belfies”. 🍑 Even cosmetic surgery doctors have become IG-famous for reshaping women. Between 2012-2014, butt implants and injections rise by 58%. > >**Mid 90s-2000s** > >Big boobs, flat stomachs, and thighs gaps are in. > >In 2010, breast augmentation is the highest performed cosmetic surgery in the United States. 👙 It’s the age of the Victoria’s Secret Angel. She’s tall, thin, and she’s always got long legs and a full chest. > >**Early 90s** > >THIN IS IN. > >Having angular bone structure, looking emaciated, and super skinny is what’s dominating the runways and the magazine covers. There’s even a name for it: “heroin chic”. > >**1950s** > >The hourglass shape is in. ⏳ > >Elizabeth Taylor‘s 36-21-36 measurements are the ideal. Marilyn Monroe’s soft voluptuousness is lusted after. Women are advertised weight gaining pills to fill themselves out. Playboy magazine and Barbie are created in this decade. > >**1920s** > >Appearing boyish, androgynous and youthful, with minimal breasts, and a straight figure is in! > >Unlike the “Gibson Girl” of the Victorian Era, women are choosing to hide their curves, and are doing so by binding their chests with strips of cloth to create that straight figure suitable for flapper dresses. > >**1400-1700** > >The Italian Renaissance - Looking full with a rounded stomach, large hips, and an ample bosom is in. Being well fed is a sign of wealth and status. Only the poor are thin. > > > > > > Why do we treat our bodies like we treat fashion? “Boobs are out! Butts are in!” Well, the reality is, manufacturing our bodies is a lot more dangerous than manufacturing clothes. Stop throwing your body out like it’s fast fashion. Please treat your body with love & respect and do not succumb to the beauty standard. Embrace your body because it is YOUR own perfect body. ♥️


1980s - broad shoulders, muscular thighs, and big boobs!


3020s - four boobs (two big and two small), extremely short legs, thin thighs but very thick calves, a wide waist but narrow hips, a concave belly and a big butt




Lumpy Space Princess?






did you just describe an oompa loompa?


TIL - Oompa Lumpa women have 4 boobs


10,020s BC - Any hole is a goal


I love it


1970’s— hippy-style-skinny is in. (I think?)


Tan, with lots of hair. My Mother in law and Father in law were very much into the trends, and proud hippies lol


Has tan with lots of hair (on the head lol) really gone out of style since then? I feel like that’s one ideal we’ve clung to in NA.


Hair has changed in fashion too, not sure when, but lots of hair (on head of course) was fashion for a long time, but in the ‘10s for sure it wasn’t: saw so many thinned out hair cuts. Already saw them in 2005, long with very thin ends. But more extreme than now. It’s still the feathered cuts with thinned out edges at the bottom. Not sure how to describe, but I’m comparing to long thick hair that had a blunt cut or round cut at the bottom, that was often fashion (except in the 80s)


I remember one period of time, at least with my age group of 7th graders in late 90s early 2000 was to shave the back of your head with pony tails. What a time to be alive... as someone with incredibly thin hair to start. I probably had like 100 hairs in that scrunchy.


You and the person after you are both correct, one is more early 70s and one is late 70s early 80s (which involved a lot more tanning and cocaine). In the early 70s it was definitely thin but not toned, wide hips


I feel this is me, but LOL when you put it like that


Just a detail correction: the Gibson girl is from the Edwardian era, not victorian. The Victorian era is from 1937-1901 (the time when Queen Victoria ruled England). The Edwardian era comes right after through the 1900s-1910s. Yes, I'm fun at parties lol Edit: I typed wrong. The Victorian era is from 1837-1901.


You mean 1837. I'm fun at parties too.


Yes. Thank you for pointing out :D


No, the Victorian era can only be experienced in reverse time




What are some of her videos about losing weight? All i see from her nowadays are her YouTube shorts about her fitness wear brand.


In her workouts she often stated, this will slim down XY or this will help you lose weight etc. It's small comments but as a person with an ED I find them a little triggering as I want to do sport with the focus on getting strong, not lose weight. She also somehow lost her appeal to me as she seems forcing her positivity now, it comes across a bit fake. This is my opinion, but I think she is very thin now and she looks rather "weak" and pale now, compaired to her former strong and healthy looking self from 3 years ago.


I totally agree and also have stopped watching her videos. I highly recommend Caroline Girvan if you haven't seen her workouts yet. She is so genuinely positive and beyond strong. I am obsessed with her workouts.


This is great. It really does show you how it’s the luck of the draw if you “fit the trend”, and trying to force yourself into fitting that trend doesn’t achieve anything. Your body is beautiful, just because it’s not ‘on trend’ doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. It’s difficult for us comparing ourselves and each other in terms of ‘beauty’, sometimes it seems impossible to escape it. But this is a nice reminder that it’s all an illusion- your beauty isn’t defined by what is popular.


It’s upsetting to acknowledge that body types are trendy, as if they’re a purse or piece of clothing. But I try to acknowledge the reality of that because it’s almost freeing for the exact reasons you mentioned - beauty isn’t, and shouldn’t be, defined by what’s popular at the time.


I know beauty trends as makeup and hair are okay but it's so messed up how body types become trendy or are trendy


I mean, pre-1960s, it was a lot easier as foundational garments were shapewear, so when you look at any of the photos above, keep that in mind. They *didn't* expect you to have the trendy body shape, they expected you to wear shapewear and padding to make it look like you did. But as fashion has been more minimalist in terms of layers and those garments are seen as old fashioned, then your body itself is expected to keep up with trends, and that's where a lot of issues start. Seriously, you can look at each decade of the 1800s and see how the fashionable shape changed, but women were never expected to change their body to match that.


Yup, back then you'd wear a hoop or bustle to give yourself a dump truck booty. https://historicalsewing.com/big-butts-of-the-19th-century


Fillers and surgery are making it much worse, too. Shapewear and padding is fine, honestly. Accepting real bodies is better, but shapewear and padding for events or whatever isn't actually harmful at the end of the day. Surgically altering your face and body to fit a standard is big, and then it's not reversible. People like the K Family (not sure I can name on this sub but y'all know) have changed their bodies so much, what happens when it goes out of fashion? They'll get it removed but it can never go back to how it was. And the people who did those same surgeries but ARENT millionaires are going to be worse off.


I have really thick black eyebrows and when I was little the trend was pencil thin blonde eyebrows. The second I got to the age where I was ready to start getting rid of my eyebrows, the beauty and make-up trend shifted dramatically to big eyebrows. Suddenly I went from being made fun of to being envied. Had that shift not happened, I would look very different and probably have permanently destroyed my eyebrows by now. The 2010's were such a relief.


Even worse that people are getting surgery to conform to them... I fear the day that the whole "fish lips" goes out of style, because I'm sure whatever follows will be even more heinous.


I feel like thick lips have always been desired, but maybe I'm wrong.


For most of my life I've been insulted for my naturally thick lips. Only since maybe 4-5 years ago have I ever seen people wanting thick lips


I grew up during the heroin chic years and got sadder and sadder as my hips, thighs, and butt became much curvier. My costumer friend nonchalantly and correctly labeled my shape as “pear” and I cried about it later that evening. I’m reeling that this is now the “preferred” body type. [I see companies using this shape for modeling bathing suits and tiny dresses and it doesn’t compute.](https://i.imgur.com/C4l5P6v.jpg) And despite seeing this shape used everywhere in media now, I still hate my body. Just goes to show how impressionable we really are during our early years.


Born in 1981, grew up in Orange County, SoCal. Same, friend… same. It’s amazing how trends have changed since then. I was speaking about this just the other day, and referred to those times as “pre-Beyoncé” and they knew exactly what I meant.


Beyoncé is nipped and tucked to high heaven. Not exactly the average woman


I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Down in the south we always appreciated that body type. But then, people who were slimmer got shamed so =/ it's a double edged sword.


I have the classic 90’s-early 2000’s body (big boobs and long legs) but it’s 2022. I’m two decades too late from being attractive, or at least that’s how social media makes me feel.


I think the body standards perpetuated by the media only really hold sway in the minds of immature and inexperienced men. The older I get and the more women I've been with, the more I've realized that women of all shapes and sizes can be extremely attractive. I still have preferences of course but I appreciate a much wider variety than I did as a teenager.


Sadly the world is run by immature and inexperienced men then since study after study shows whether you conform to mainstream beauty standards can affect quality of life, such as job opportunities, mental health, income, etc. In other words, people discriminate based on whether someone is "beautiful," and that's a reality we need to acknowledge and try to address.


Actually no; where the power of influence was shifted about too, and when it comes to beauty standards, from the late 80s ish until the rise of the internet, the fashion (and associated clothing models and magazines) were led by women and gay men, which is why you get the drive towards extreme slimness and tomboy/heroine chic look. #Notall etc but like any self selecting, prejudicial community, the fashion industry exagerates the worst, most narcissistic opinions of those who want to be part of that community, and for most of the years I was growing up, the fashion and modelling industry was distinctly anti-woman... but it was coming from self hatred and wanting to turn the models into something closer to the Twink image for gay men, and then play dress up with them. Heterosexual men have usually prefered women to look like women however; if you want to see the kind of distortion that leads too, you want to specifically be looking at *pornography*, not fashion. Big boobs, exagerated curves on petite frames so the man looks bigger. Long legs? It's like boob jobs, more "woman" for you... the closest mainstream fashion comes to that is the 80s and earlier, and then you would have an argument for saying it was dominated by immature men in positions of power; but the late 80s to mid 2000s, you're looking at the Cosmopolitan generation of influence, and that was specifically *not* heterosexual male led. The modern big butt look today? These things are always impossible to talk about without sounding like the kind of trash you are criticising, but it comes from the dominance of RnB pop culture now, which is back to being corporate product led; and the immature suits assume it to be stereotypically "Black", so they're pushing what are assumed to be "Black" beauty standards. Big lips and butts. And the thing is... human population continued to grow and grow through all of these different shifts in power and perspective; it's not like women stopped being found beautiful during any of these eras. The only question is; who do you choose to *listen* too when they say what they think about your body? People who either outright hate you for being a woman, or want to exploit you to treat you as a disposable commodity to sell crap... or someone who loves you for who you are? And can you learn to practice to love yourself too? The enemy isn't straight men, gay women, or anyone else... it's those who treat your body as a tool to push their own prejudices and agendas. We all have *preferences*, but all that means is that you literally are beautiful to someone else *somewhere.* Modern beauty standards are only relevant if you think fashion and trends have anything valuable to say. They don't.


Another thing to note with the 1400-1700 one is that while women wore corsets and stays, a lot more of the silhouette was achieved with padding and similar type garments like petticoats, bustles, crinolines, hoops, etc. In fact padding out your hips and bust to make your waist look smaller by comparison was super common.


many times they were also painted way differently from how they actually looked


We have looped around to an age where you don't really know what people you have not seen with the naked eye really look like.


Also, the people painted in the 1400-1700s were mostly aristocratic and had access to food and alcohol. It’s really hard to say what the beauty consensus was back then.


I mean, don't we also base our beauty standards on the rich and famous?


Now, maybe, but back then not a chance. Most people did not see the aristocratic class nor paintings of them. Most only saw those that were around them in real life.


I'd think looking at religious art of the time may give a better idea, since that was more likely to be seen by the masses. But, I think you'd have to also take into consideration the social status of the artist, since they would have had some input on what was considered beautiful.


There are many trends that began because rich or powerful made it popular. This has been a thing going on thousands of years likely going back to Egypt at least.


I'm not sure that this is true. After all, QueenVictoria inspired the white wedding dress as a fashion standard.


Queen Victoria was the 1800s, with modern-ish newspapers and mass media. Photographs. 1500s would have been very different


That's a very fair point! My mind was just thinking "influence in history" - thanks for pointing that out.


1400-1700s Queen Victoria Pick one


I think you may be overestimating how much people who worked until they dropped and literally had to worry about surviving to the next day cared about beauty standards Worrying about the shape of your nose or your butt is a privilege that people who are actually starving don’t have. The pyramid of needs and the pyramid of worry are pretty much the same.


growing up during the heroin chic phase was a real mindfuck


Early to mid 2000's was also skinny-trend time. Nicole Ritchie comes to mind & the super low-rise trend.


The ‘size zero’ days


I distinctly remember being about 12 or so and walking past a shop in the local mall with an advetisement of a gymnast and the phrase 'size zero is the perfect 10!' and feeling so sad and discouraged that I wore a size 1 😭


You can tell your 12 year old self that they probably fit into the size 0, cause they likely changed size for that marketing.


Yep, there was obviously an overlap.


You guys remember the "thigh gap" craze?


"Hotdogs or legs? "


Yes! Totally remember in mid-2000s when I kept seeing Rachel Zoe in the "news", who styled people like Ritchie and Lohan by basically giving them a diet of lattes and cigarettes and dressing them in boho chic.


Take me back to happy hour.


I remember how I wish I wanted a thigh gap. I regret not just embracing that I was okay. Embrace what you have now :) you are enough




No. If you choose your haircut and style, it is very much an expression of you


One great thing about the thigh gap is your jeans last ages. But that is really the only benefit.


The most ridiculous thing to me is that we are supposed to have huge hips and giant asses but somehow our thighs can’t touch. I don’t think that is naturally possible on anyone ever.


sumo pose


I wonder what’s the next body type after small waits big bum era


imo it seems like we’re either heading back to heroine chic or breaking the whole stupid body fashion thing all together and accepting all forms.


As long as there is money to be made from fashion/beauty/ fitness products these trends are going nowhere


ding ding fucking ding right here. there is no acceptance and no true body positivity until diet culture and the dangerous aspects of the fashion industry (and capitalism as a whole) are gone.


God not the heroin chic again. I mean, yeah, the current trend isn't exactly achievable without pads or surgery either, but afaik heroin chic is WAY more unhealthy.




Inflation chic


inflation 🤨




Nah. It’s muscle mommies next


Strength. We have neglected the fact that us women can be strong. It may be harder than it is for men but we can show them we can be physically strong and not need a man to do things for us. My SO definitely appreciates that.


The big booty trend started off with fitness but getting a butt lift or training only legs is a lot lower effort. I hope they get it right this time but it's always some dumb shit. My money is on more plastic.


I'd add fitness to that. There's been a pretty noticeable increase in fitness and strength in women being attractive thanks to social media trends in the last few years. A lot of young women/teens have grown up seeing their social media idols eating healthily and hitting the gym as a routine, and a lot of young men seeing the same in "influencers" the algorithm tells them they should be attracted to


The 90s were harsh. Heroin chic was in, and us girls were subjected to unforgiving standards, where even a pinch of skin was picked on and pointed out in school. We were so self-conscious, insecure, and anxious about our figures. I don't miss those days at all, and I can totally see why there was a backlash to this, with the pendulum swinging in the other direction to the "Big is beautiful" idea.


I was skinny AF during this time and people still thought I was gross because I wasn’t attractive with nice clothes.


Or they rag on you for being thin out of jealousy veiled as concern. My poor bff got it so bad for being tall and thin even though you'd think those are desirable traits to have.


I had a tall, thin friend as well back then and she also still didn't feel like it was good enough, because she didn't conform in other ways. I see pictures of her back then and I can see she was depressed af :(


I’d say that heroin chic extended even into the 2000’s and early 2010’s. At least it did when I was in high school (2007-2011.) Low waisted jeans were in. Skinny jeans too, to show off how skinny your legs were. Small butts were in. Washboard flat abs were in. All the popular girls at my high school fit the “heroin chic skinny” appearance vibe. Being thin was in.


Girls Gone Wild and the general advent of internet porn extended the 90s body image beyond its normal life span.


That sounds accurate to me.


yeah you can really see it in Christina Aguilera during the Lady Marmalade performance


Remember the Stripped album cover? God, I envied her.


Thigh gaps


Ugh low waisted pants were the worst


It’s disappointing how many people have forgotten that the expression “real women have curves” started because advertisements and fashion magazines were literally photoshopping women’s hips and butts off.


And teenagers were literally starving themselves to death chasing that body type.


Dude that paired with the emergence of the low-rise jeans that were never meant for a body with hips... fucking *brutal.* So many girls still literally going through puberty bemoaning their "muffin top" that they didn't realize was straight up just ill-fitting pants. Not looking forward to the low-rise coming back.


I literally had that realization yesterday while Jean shopping! I was talking about how clearly early to mid 90s jeans were back full force, then immediately pictured low rise jeans and cropped tanks and thought “oh no, we know what is coming next.”


They're already back. Tube tops have dominated the past nine months, largely ushered in by the year of corsets that came before. It's inevitable that the low rise was coming, as it's the most flattering pairing to a longer tube top.


I hate how much I get my mom now. I get the mom jeans. I get the granny panties. She was right the whole time and I was a fool for even calling them mom jeans when they're really just functional ass containment equipment and being comfortable is worth waaaaay more.


As someone very short and pear shaped I'm pretty happy about it. I've found it so hard to get jeans the last few years that I don't need to alter myself. My prefernce is mid rise but as ultra-high waist has become more popular what "mid" seems to mean has slowly risen along with it. My main hope when low rise does inevitably come back is that we'll still about to actually get all the other fits people seem to prefer. Fashion does seem a bit less homogeneous than it did 10/20 years ago.


I don't know what it's like in the US but where I live I'm just going to be glad if "mid rise" doesn't go half way up my ribs any more.


Even as a male teenager at the time I remember being aware of how sick and unattainable it was, but couldn’t escape from the standard it set, and it fucked us all up for a long, long time.




You’re a hot girl today too (:


Ikr! Take me back EDIT: but not really because I would be a slave


No you can't go back to Constantinople.


It's actually a bit comforting to know this when I'm feeling bad about myself. Visiting an art museum and looking at the 1700's section usually makes me feel better cause all those Venuses look just like me, like damn I would've been THE girl back then.


Photoshop in 1400 was known as Witchcraft.


Or oil painting with artistic liberties cause I KNOW some of these nobles aren't as fine as their portraits


My favorite part is how my body type has never been trendy- eventually someone is going to like the “average body”- not skinny, not curvy, not small waist, not big boobs/butt.


Me too. I’m short and stout, I have thick thighs and short legs, pudgy tummy, but a small butt and not at all curvy. All “thicc” beauty standards still seem to revolve around a smooth/toned stomach and a big round ass.


As a guy, it's weird to call these "standards". Everyone looks different, and every person has different preferences. Even if someone fits a specific body type, style and personality are a major factor of attractiveness too


These are just samples, not comprehensive.


TIL I woulda been a hit in the 1920s


Honestly from the 1980s down.


And I look like non of them /saddab


The 1400-1700 isn't correct though. Yeah some artists had people "full and curvy" but there was definitely a trend towards other body types in art. This renaissance sculpture definitely doesn't look like her example. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nymph_of_Fontainebleau


I love this. And her changing the picture on the wall was a nice touch.


So in the 20th century we went through a bunch of different ideal body types, but there was only one in 300 years between 1400-1700?


It’s a gross oversimplification. The ideal silhouette (and other beauty standards) changed considerably across both time and geographical location in those centuries.


Also with faster media in modern times, trends and what’s considered fashionable change more rapidly


kind of. the oop oversimplified for the sake of quickness, but multiple centuries of European beauty standards do tend to follow a basic silhouette of 'thin, high waist, a pronounced stomach and hips, full but not overly large breasts, and pale skin'. usually with blonde or light brown straight hair, as well. if you look up century by century what the beauty standards in specifically some parts of Europe were, then you would absolute see a general agreement of the above. a soft and 'voluptuous' body topped by a youthful, rosy-cheeked face with a small mouth and clear eyes were the constant for hundreds of years. consistently across all of those centuries, though, there was a standard that large muscles were unattractive! they were seen as a peasant look, whereas toned, fit muscles from aristocratic sports were very In. I think this also glossed over the 1800s somewhat, which is a shame, as in the 1800s there was a sort of movement away from the physical aspect of beauty and towards the focus on a woman being charming and pleasant to engage with. the reason that the late 1800s up til now had such wildly shifting beauty standards is-as I say all the time on this subreddit-because of modern capitalism in the western world. the faster trends change, the more products you can shill to the masses. it's not at all shocking that as the western world, specifically america in all of its consumerism, would find a way to commodity the female form. the rich were only getting rich off of men for a while, but women entering the workplace meant that women had money to vulture upon. so yes, because of a myriad of socio-political reasons, we had one standard body type for hundreds of years and then shifted into a perpetual motion machine of different industries sucking money from people. but like I said, that applies more to the western world. places like mesoamerica, the middle east, Asia, Africa, and the indigenous peoples of various places all had their own standards of beauty that aren't necessarily the same as the (very Christian and white and capitalist) western world. even in different areas of what we'd now call Europe, it was different, but it's harder to get information on many of these places because some of those societies either kept historical records verbally and were lost to time, never bothered to keep records on what was or wasn't beautiful, or were exterminated/cut drastically in numbers by colonization.


Lol I realized I have trauma around these looks when I instantly thought the early 2000s thin with fake boobs was the best look by far 🥴🥴🥴


It's really sad how these body trends result in so much plastic surgery. Today's butt implants and the boob implants of 20 years ago go out of fashion.


I was a young woman in the 90's... and let me tell ya, it was a depressing time to have an hourglass figure.


I was in high school in the late 80s/early 90s and thought I was so fat. I was not fat. I still struggle with idealizing that body type to this day and it’s very hard to achieve when you’re pushing 50.


2018 looks the most ridiculous out of all of em tbh


Ah yes, i too, was born around 1400-1700.


Not to be pedantic but that last one is covering a period of 300 years. Kinda a stretch


The biggest thing I get from this is that the fashion industry has been messing with people's body images for a really long time. I like the 50s one but the 1400s one is closer to sanity for most women I think. The giant ass trend is just gross to me.


Can I just say I really don’t like 2018 body type.






The current trend is even more cartoonish. Thin upper body + massive ~~logs~~ legs. It's like they're walking on stilts.


It's the only one out of all of these that looks extremely unnatural (because it is). I could probably go to the grocery and see a woman who has each of these body types, except 2018.


Well if u saw me in the grocery store u would see it! It’s not common but some women do naturally have small waists and big hips/butts. I hear where you’re coming from but its unfair to call it ‘extremely unnatural’.


Depends on the ratio tbh and what person


She's an amazing editor tbh


Do men have in style body shape trends too?


They do but I don’t thinks it’s as drastic as women’s. Some that come to mind are the lanky skater grunge/punk boy, lean pretty boy, typical muscular man’s man.


Ah, yes. I don't think of those as being related to different eras as directly as women's types.


I believe having muscular legs was the big thing back when men rode horses. That's linked to the stereotypical 18th century tight pants, stockings and heels look.


How come men get to keep their same body? 😫😫😫


So being a teen in the 90s is why I like heroin chic?


Take me back to the 1400’s


It's not accurate. Rubinesque was just one of hundreds of trends over that time period.


It was also just him. He painted his wife so so many times because she was his ideal. You can play "spot Ruben's wife" in any painting with a crowd. The norm was a little slimmer, judging by other paintings in the era. The big skirt with a lightly structured corset (basically a long line bra, tight lacing wasn't easy before the grommet was invented) was flattering on most figures. The skirt floof made everyone's waist look small.


I’m the other end of the spectrum, I belong in the 1920s and exactly no where else.


I was born 300-600 years too late 😔


I will make this scientific breakthrough for us my brother.


Or however many years early since trends repeat.


Ahhhhh yes. The 1400’s—such a fun era to be born in! Fun without the modern comforts of things like antibiotics and understanding how germs and sanitation works. And have fun with the sewage disposal system literally just being you and all your neighbors dumping chamber pots of human waste straight into the streets. But at least we could fit the beauty standard. 😂 Or probably not because like 90% of us would be skinny starving plebeians. 😅


Speak for Europe. Sewage wasn’t like that elsewhere


shout-out to the hella advanced mesoamerican cultures. shame that....Europe happened to them.


I personally prefer the 1400-2018 look


pls the fact that my body has never been a trend💀


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Brilliant! The one thing that seems to be consistent thru out, is a thin, defined waist.


Small waist big butt still resembles hourglass shape


2000s would be way way more tiny and straight. Almost no curves


Why must I be living in the time where it’s only attainable by high risk, expensive surgery?


Why does the ideal figure keep changing?


Meanwhile, men: Being tall is good, and hopefully I don’t lose my hair. Otherwise I’m all set.


All of these trends disregard the midsection and the fact that if you want a big anything, you’re going to get a belly too unless you’re genetically lucky or have it sucked out.


Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s has created a lot of self loathing for me.


Respect, this should be an Eye opener to those teens who think everything is real on social media or instagram.


Wow, her editing skills. But how did she manage to not warp the background while editing?


I blame the big butt/ small waist trend on Pixar moms.


Tbh, 90s have *WAY* too much waist 😔