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I assume this means it's a coin op laundry machine in your building. There's a method involving straws and shoving them into the coin slots but it seems to be difficult and relatively time consuming to accomplish properly. Your best bet is either to figure out the make and model of the washer and get a replacement key for it. Otherwise just buy a tubular lock pick and you'll have it open in approximately .5 seconds. Edit: I say a tubular lock pick because in my experience washing machines tend to have tubular locks. You'll obviously want to figure out what kind of lock is on the machine and buy the appropriate pick/set.


If you have access to a bathtub, throw your clothes and detergent in it and swish them around. rinse, then ring out. Dry on hangers and/or clothes line in room. Not illegal, just annoying.


Go on Facebook marketplace and find someone selling a washer and dryer. Meet up with them and ask if you can test it out before you buy. Do a load of laundry and then say naw it's too expensive and bounce with ypur now clean laundry




Wash your stuff down at the river.


I think fake coins could be found online?


If it's coin operated, try to find the key on Amazon. I'd imagine they sell a master key for them.


If it takes quarters, find a cheap foreign currency that has the same size coins and use those instead


Sell the laundry machine at the recycle center


Shower with your clothes on.


YouTube. To Lowes, look for those little metal disc's haha are the size and thickness of quarters. I forget what they're called, but they'll fool most coin operated machines.


Electric panel knock outs


If it's coin-op you can spoof a key for it. There are some things kept around the house you can use for that. I used a tin can and needle nose pliers when I use to use apartment washing machines.


Break his machine then he can’t make money off you


All the ideas I had have already been posted. Only other one I have is buy the same clothes as one of your roommates and sneak your dirty clothes in with theirs, obviously you'll have to steal them back once cleaned. πŸ˜‚


From my experience years ago, Mom & Dad’s In-Home Laundromat was the cheapest. Bonus: It also had food shopping capabilities. All you need is agreeable parents (or know when the cool parent is the only one home) you need dirty laundry (limit to 2 loads as a courtesy) and one shopping bag to fill after rifling through refrigerator/pantry (limit one bags worth again as a courtesy) oh and must be agreeable to engaging in quality one-on-one convos with any/all family members you encounter.


You don't give your clothes to the laundry. Simple.


Buy your own washing machine


Maybe you could get a second job?


Not wanting to pay for a commodity thats provided by 99% landlords in my city and being broke arent the same thing. I have a fulltime job and a second job thankyou. Dont be pretentious maybe?


Buy new clothes that are the same as your dirty clothes, then return the dirty ones claiming their the new ones.


Put your coins in a sock, so when the laundry machine tries to take your coins, all it gets is sock






My cousin used to shove dryer sheets in the coin slots and it would work. Also if the lock has a # on it that is the key code, order one off ebay.