IKEA, it's over. I'm leaving you for good.

IKEA, it's over. I'm leaving you for good.


As someone who went a year and a half waiting on Pax units and accessories to become available in a 3 state area to redo a master bedroom closet, I can't even imagine trying for a kitchen now. Getting an extra 8 drawers just to finish was a dream of mine at one time! Waited a whole year for that. Once rushed into the store to get some shelves that the website said were finally in, only to be told "Sorry.". Had to wait 4 more months. Anyone who's been on this forum for the past year and has seen all the stock issues and still tries for a kitchen, may the Lord bless them. They'll need all the help they can get!


Someone is upset because they put their future happiness in the hands of the speed and consistency of IKEA's supply chain. In other news, water is wet. All snark aside, it's pretty well documented on this sub and elsewhere that IKEA is basically a warehouse with a food court, and your mileage will vary with custom orders, delivery, click to collect, or anything else that isn't walking into the store and grabbing what you want. You don't have to like it, and it's a fair criticism of their business model, but at this point it feels like complaining that your $20 particle board table broke when you jumped on it. IKEA is a discount big box retailer whose profit margins depend on a severely slimmed-down distribution system to price competitively. This is why everything is flatpacked and stock will always differ from store to store. You can't expect Amazon-level distribution from a company like this.


They can barely manage being a food court at my store. Last time I went, they randomly closed the restaurant right at dinner on a Friday. What a waste of time this clown show is now.


The problem is, Ikea really doesn't really have much of any competition at this quality for price point. That coupled with supply chain issues because of the pandemic, so much is out of stock. Now the whole losing your order completely, thats an oddity. Also - yes - I think most managers don't have ability to make exceptions to rules because Ikea just isn't setup to logistically do that, though the manager could have explained that to you and been nicer.


So much of their "supply chain issues" are self-imposed. I tried to order a sectional and get it delivered, but was told some parts weren't in stock so it couldn't be delivered. Problem is, some of those "out of stock" items are at the local store according to the website. So where are the "in stock" items coming from? An nearby overflow warehouse for larger items. That's right, IKEA can't juggle inventory at two facilities. So I started playing around with other couch configurations, fabrics, etc. Turns out everything I need for my sectional *is* in stock, if instead of ordering "the corner" I find the item number for the frame and the cover for it separately. For every section of the sectional. And they're all in one building. Now, the nightmare of getting it delivered, complete with the termites, that's a whole other rant. To say IKEA is hot garbage is to slander hot garbage.


The inflexibility of their IT systems is apparently well known to employees, it's very sad that a company can be in business for 50 years and can't get their logistics systems together.


Um.... I get your frustrated, but you are contradicting yourself here... >We were told that the only thing they could offer us in exchange for the absolute clusterfuck that had occurred was to pick out a different countertop and she would deduct the difference of what we paid and not charge a delivery fee. How generous!! ​ >She did give us a $300 gift certificate which she applied to the countertop but we didn't even break even because the countertop was more expensive than the one we originally paid for.


To provide a clearer picture with fake numbers: We paid $1K for the original countertop. They lost the order and told us we had to pick out a different countertop. We then paid $1,600 for the only other veneer countertop in stock. They refunded $1K for what we originally paid and she applied a $300 gift certificate so we were left to cover the $300 difference.


Pays nearly nothing for countertops, gets no sympathy.. and you're surprised? You're paying $1300 for countertops and expecting the customer service of a $9000 countertop. Everybody wants marble service but don't wanna pay marble prices.


Wow, one million for a new countertop?


Lol. Good catch. Just corrected that.


So you paid 1300k for the new counter?


Yes, in total that’s what we paid.


Sadly IKEA seems to have lost their way. Going to an IKEA store used to feel like a glimpse into a modern world where things were done sensibly. Now, the stores tend to be messy, disorganized and strangely stocked. New products are proudly introduced when existing product shelves remain empty for months. Employees never have any actionable information about when products will arrive. The website stock numbers are regularly inaccurate. I get this situation last year in the middle of our unexpected COVID world. But now, everyone has learned to adapt to COVID. IKEA needs to slow down the traditional catalogs and new products and just focus on delivering the products they already advertised and people are waiting for. If suppliers are the problem, maybe go back to the days where they manufacture their own products in Sweden instead of outsourcing everything to China. I will keep shopping at IKEA now and then, but only in person and only buy into systems that are fully in stock when I am there.


Girl! You are not alone!! My hubby and I are currently doing our kitchen and it has been a NIGHTMARE!!! we finally got all of our cabinets but it wasn't easy. I could go into detail but I would just be waisting your time seeing as you already know how crazy it is! I'm sorry yall had to deal with all that! Just know, you're not alone and vent all you want! I'm here for it! I'm breaking up with them too!


I have been waiting 4 months for my local ikea to have pax closet stuff. Everything is backed up


So sorry to hear about this. That manager should be fired and I work for the company in Canada. She should have done everything she could to help. I wouldn’t go back either- if only this woman knew she is solely responsible for losing a customer for good, and her organization does not know what a useless ass she is. Burns my ass.


I’d have suggested giving Wren Kitchens a go if you hadn’t followed through, but they only operate in NY, Connecticut and Pennsylvania at the moment


I am sorry you had this experience. Just received my last two cabinets yesterday for our kitchen. The associates in the kitchen section in my Ikea were very helpful and I had a total opposite experience. Hope your finished kitchen eases the frustration some.


That all sucks. I’m sorry you had to deal with that all. That said, this is how a lot of kitchen remodels go…no matter which big box you go through. Parent’s kitchen was delayed 2 months by Lowes. Took two separate countertop installs since the first got messed up. So…I get that you are done with Ikea and don’t blame you. But just be prepared to deal with similar problems no matter which big box retailer you work with. And definitely don’t expect things to go smoothly during covid.


...I mean. We are planning a kitchen renovation for post-COVID (if that ever happens!) but I certainly wouldn't risk it *right now* in the middle of a global pandemic. Regardless of the supplier, it's not logical to expect things to go smoothly when we're all well aware of major supply issues across the globe. IKEA fucked up, yes. But their supply issue isn't unique to them. A new kitchen isn't an urgent need.


OP’s problem seems more as a result of employee incompetence than supply chain though.


I would agree with this. The global supply chain in just about every industry is messed up and looking to be messed up for a while.


How many times have we seen this same story? What makes you think over the past year and a half that ordering anything from IKEA was a good idea due to their pandemic stock issues? I understand your frustration, but you clowns and your white girl privilege “how dare they” mentality gets old. Remodeling a kitchen in a pandemic, I just don’t understand. You even said in your own story “whatever, worth the risk.” You took the risk that hundreds of people have posted about over the past year and change, and you lost, like you were practically guaranteed you would. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me hundreds of times with people warning you over and over not to do it, you don’t get to complain anymore.




I will be surprised if IKEA ever fully recovers from the public relations train wreck they brought on itself. The number and intensity of the customer rants on their social media accounts should have been addressed, but nope. People still found themselves on hold for hours then disconnected or emailed to pick up click-and-collect that just wasn't there. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.


They don't need to recover, it's been a record setting sales year.


This is what happens when you have no real competition.


That's good to hear because they employ a ton of people. (And there will always be a new generation of customers.) But, the the horror stories have been pretty horrible.


True, my store has been hitting our goals and more.


Yeah we might get the bonus this year for hitting goal lol


No, we will get our One IKEA bonus this year!


It sucks when you can’t get the stuff you want, but also, have you looked around? There’s shortages in every market. You could be a little more understanding.


Are you missing the part where they totally lost OP's order? The rude, unhelpful manager?


Did you miss the fact that it’s ikea and you literally get what you pay for? This is a known issue for that business. IDK what they expected.


Tbf there is also a service staff shortage nationwide so maybe they can’t afford to be picky with who they keep on the team. Not excusing it but just thinking of reasons their service has fallen so much lately.


The manager was rude. Yes. It the order was also only checked on the day before the delivery. Even if it weren't a pandemic. Things should be checked on before then.


Similar experience. Ordered a kitchen on 5/21, delivery 6/12. On 6/11 they delayed the order to 7/12, then on 7/11 I got an email the entire order had been cancelled. A nice kitchen employee scrambled to redo the order to be delivered 7/28, but I'm skeptical.... In hindsight, we regret choosing Ikea and wish we had paid a few thousand more to go with a company that is able to effectively communicate delays (I get it, there is a pandemic and the supply chain is fucked... just be transparent!!!). Also, since frames come into stock in my local store 1-2 at a time, I wish I had been monitoring this and picking them up as they come in. It's possible I would have had all the frames by now and could just cancel that part of my order (or return them if they were to actually show up).


Welcome to the cluster that IKEA has that is a non-unified inventory system.


Miachels sucks too. Called ahead to the store. Because it is not close by me. I called to check if they had a product in stock. Which she wasn't able to tell me. Which she was the only one at the register. But the website just says in stock. It doesn't tell me how many. Could be 1 or 10. And they didn't have any at the location that's actually close to me. So i had to drive out of my way to risk getting a item that i might not get. Also at that location turns out they had them stored behind the cashier's. -_-. I was anxious till i got to the store and then even more anxious when i couldn't find it in the store. Because the website told me check asile 22. Which is not behind the cashier. I only found out when i went to the cashier to ask for help.


i'm so sorry for your stress. it's been my experience as well, that if you don't get what you want and need directly from their stores and into your own hands, you're shit out of luck with their ordering and delivery systems. it's a damn shame, as shopping in person is an absolute pleasure to me typically.


Why not just go with a non-ikea countertop at this point and get what you want? Pick it out on site at a granite/marble place and they measure and install. If it was butcher block/I think they have that at Lowe’s/HD. Honestly, I think this plan would have gone poorly even before covid. I’ve been involved in three ikea kitchen installs (DIY or unaffiliated contractors) and parts being out of stock or missing was a problem then. For anyone planning and reading this- don’t gut your kitchen until your order arrives and is inventoried.


Home remodel is stressful all together. I wished a bathroom remodel oh goodness stressful. If i ever buy a place i am not going to remodel until it's basically broken. Paint fix up sure if it needs it needs. But tear down and stsrt all over again nope. Not unless it's extremely needed


fr; I fully believe that a thick enough coat of semi-gloss paint fixes 98% of house issues.




we ordered a full kitchen of appliances and a house full of flooring from HD in march. we have half of the appliances and getting the flooring and carpeting done was a nightmare. absolutely ludicrous. still trying to get independent electricians to install the other half of the appliances that have been sitting in boxes in our house for months.


Yeah, we considered going that route. We definitely took a stupid chance with scheduling the install before doing inventory. Note to self, never again.


Ikea never wanted to have a good ordering system. Their business model is built around you going to the store and then being so stunned by their floor that you buy more furniture than you originally intended. It's clear by their approach to the pandemic that they are not interested in updating in the least, and instead hoped to just coast during the pandemic until everyone was thirsty for their stores again. Well, that didn't happen. One of the long term effects of the pandemic appears to be that people just aren't anywhere near as interested in buying things in person. And even when they are willing, it leaves a bad taste in their mouths when they're forced to. Ikea's lost a lot of customers over this, but they still don't seem interested in changing their strategy. There are probably a few dinosaurs running the company who now realize they made a mistake, but would sooner die than admit it.


I buy basically all my stuff in person. I've really bought stuff online. Also i just wanna add i am not a 90 grandma/grandpa. Probably also because online order can't tell you if a shampoo smells nice or overwhelming or if a couch is stiff or comfy. Like 99% of my stuff.


Something to note about your theory also is that IKEA is not publicly traded, so less pressure to perform


what’s frustrating is how impractical their business model is for people in cities— living in the types of housing their furniture is designed for— who rely on methods of transport other than cars. i would have been first to completely refurnish my new apartment with ikea but i bought none of their items because their store is impossible to reach, and delivery is expensive and spotty at best. as a swedish company it seems bizarre how heavily their model relies on large, personal cars.


I think this might depend on area. I’m in Northern Italy and they offer delivery options to your curb or inside your home (a bit pricey but not excessive if you buy big furniture) or you can rent a small truck directly from them to transport on your own (i think it starts at 2hr) which is cheaper. I’ve also heard of people ordering for in-store pick-up and hiring a third-party with pick-ups to do the transportation. Idk, I always found city distribution/size/density to be much different between Europe & US, and maybe their model doesn’t translate quite as well to the US.


I'm in the US and my delivery for a giant kitchen reno was $69. into my house.... Not sure what determines if something is expensive or not but that sure seemed reasonable for like $5k of product.


Nope, not really able to hold boxes. May be able to make exceptions at times, but it depends on the available space, because it needs to be separated from the warehouse. In my store, we put them in our hand out department which is also the department where we put returns when they are shipped to us, for instance. And overall, we are not supposed to.


Yep seconded! When I worked there our hands were tied as well. But sorry the manager was rude to you OP - I can understand your frustration.




Thanks for the info! Sounds like the managers hands were ultimately tied on that decision.


Been there done that and not paying $30k for custom cabinets We all wish there were other options, but in the end no other RTA cabinet makers would even call me back. So, even though IKEA is got garbage (and they will admit it) they are trying harder than others.


Just finishing up our kitchen. Had similar problems, but not whole orders disappearing. Had countertops done by separate company. When everything was ready, they told us there would be a month delay. Now the countertops are in... but the plumber won't be able to get to us until the end of the month. I haven't had running water in my kitchen since April. Washing dishes in the bathroom sink suuuuucks.


Oh god, I’m so sorry!


Ikea's biggest failing is their ordering system is, quite bluntly, crap. It's great for single items, for small-scale projects, for this and that and odds and ends. If you can find it on the shelf at a store. . .great! If you can order it online. . .place the order, but don't count your chickens before they hatch. For huge projects where you need everything to come in? No, I wouldn't trust Ikea for that. I wish I could, but I wouldn't rip up a room in advance before getting everything needed to rebuild it.


the nice part is that their kitchens come in flat boxes so don't take up a lot of room (compared to how much room the completed cabinets fill) so it's not a big deal to wait for boxes to come in to gut. Agreed the large projects ordering is a mess, you can't break up an order between delivery and in store pickup with one order, or even from multiple stores or ship items between stores. There's small items that have been out of stock in Ontario for months which are sitting in stores out west. Meanwhile they can break up orders for multiple deliveries no problem.


This is my husband's rule for a project. No demo until everything is on site. We do our own remodeling though so it works for us.


Yeah, that's a pretty basic rule of thumb I also abide by (and would never have considered otherwise, to be frank)


Customer service at businesses of all types since Covid started has been HOT GARBAGE.


No, many companies have improved their customer service. Ikea is uniquely bad in how they've handled it.


Really?? I've not dealt w/ better customer service since COVID..anywhere, except if you count Target's ordering and delivery to your trunk :)


That super sucks. Reasons like this are why I never start tearing down for a project until all the pieces are in my possession. I am kind of in the same place with my bed except we did have a spare bed frame I could use until the one I want is back in stock. I had already promised my bed frame to my cousin who is stationed out of state before I thought to check if it was in stock. And he was coming home for the weekend and was going to take my bed back with him. Thankfully we had an extra queen size frame so I didn't just have to chuck my mattress and bedspread on the bare floor.


kitchen employee here. really sorry you had that experience :( things have definitely been a disaster. i totally understand the frustration and honestly agree, the system IS hot garbage. things randomly disappear and communication with distribution SUCKS and things constantly change at such short notice. its always a hit or miss if things are gonna go super smooth or be a disaster, it’s not professional or acceptable. as much as i love what i do, the way of doing things right now, inventory issues aside, is SO inconvenient for the customers! makes me wish i could go in there and fix that whole damn system myself sometimes. one can dream… hopefully one day you will at least be at peace with the store again. those cinnamon rolls may call to you eventually…….


From what you know, is there any decent way to check the stock of cabinet frames? We're waiting on a single high frame, and our store's kitchen employees claim that since the store never actually receives cabinet stock, they can only check a distribution center in CA. And since it's a distribution center, there's no way to estimate when things will be in stock, and it won't ever show up online. I've been told that I have to call them twice a day to check stock. This can't be the only way, right?


hey! calling twice a day sounds absolutely RIDICULOUS. i can’t imagine how slammed those phones are, and how inconvenient that is for YOU to keep calling. im not sure how things are at the high capacity stores like yours, since i’m at a pretty small midwest location, but we normally check on stock every other day from the distribution center ourselves. it just feels really crappy to hand someone a no stock list and go “good luck!” and push em out into the world. we ARE given a rough estimate on weeks when certain cabinets will be back in our distribution center(im not sure if that’s because we ARE such a small market or not), but things tend to sell out so quickly that that number ends up being unreliable at times and we have to break the bad news to people. not fun :/ we’re in charge of the customers that we set up the purchase of so everything comes from one person and it’s a bit easier to organize and keep track, and if anything comes in we contact them. again, im not sure if things are different at busier stores, so kinda take this with a grain of salt. there isn’t really anything else except throwing it in a shopping cart online and trying to purchase it that way. im not sure if your design team meant that it won’t be available online AT ALL(which isn’t true), or if they meant that it won’t show up as in stock at the store, since all cabinet frames are distro only. it tends to try and pull from other distros to book it, so trying to do that once a week or so might give you better results. wishing you luck on getting that pantry! if you have any other questions lemme know and i’ll try to help out best i can!


Actually, there's something I still can't get a clear answer on! When we ordered everything, we were looking at article number 204.874.15. Apparently that doesn't register in their system anymore, even though that's what's still on the website/app. The store is saying we should be looking at 502.654.46. Which one is correct for the 30"x24"x80" Sektion frame? I'm worried that we've been looking at the wrong article number and that we'll miss it even if it does come in stock! It is pretty inconvenient, but I know a lot of people have been dealing with similar issues. I don't mind waiting, I just wish the process wasn't so tedious and opaque. We were told by the designer that it'd be a few days max, and it's been a few weeks. I don't think my store gets estimates, nor do they assign anyone to each customer. It's sort of a free-for-all, but the store is *constantly* packed, so I definitely understand!


so. we recently switched our appliance manufacturer, and because of that some of the appliance sizes changed. the 30x24x80 is one of the cabinets that can hold an oven and/or microwave, so its sizing had to change too. the 504 number says it’s been retired on the website, but that makes no sense because it follows the numbering system our cabinets go by. i wonder if whoever put that stuff in the website mixed up the article numbers. that’s very, VERY possible. they either just put in the 204 number instead of the 504 one and are still checking the stock of 504, or they accidentally kept up the wrong cabinet and they’re accidentally keeping track of a discontinued item. ive never seen that before but it’s a 50/50 chance. id double check what’s what on our side of it, but im not actually at work rn so i’d have to get back to you. this is actually a rare situation where i’d check in with the store. would you be able to email the team and specifically ask to keep track with/for you? or call them and ask if they can correspond over email? again, not sure if they would because of how busy your store is, but it’s definitely worth a shot… it sucks that your team’s been so crappy about transparency though. especially that couple of days thing? no one should be making those kinds of promises with the way the stock has been. id rather tell someone the truth and potentially disappoint them than lie to make a sale and screw them over in the long run. it just makes things harder for everyone. hopefully this helped a little bit! wish i had better news though :///


Haha, let’s be honest- I probably will come back for a bun at some point. That statement was more my attempt at humor, which I don’t think came across very well lol. 😊 I do think that what happened was a system error and not an employee error. I wish the people we’ve been working with were more empathetic about the situation and less rude. More than anything that’s what’s upset me the most. Thanks for the feedback!


of course! wishing you luck in the rest of your kitchen journey!


I’m sorry this is frustrating, but it’s also the experience of anyone else going through a kitchen remodel during the last 1.5 years too.. especially with IKEA. It’s well-known there are delays at this point, and to anticipate things going wrong. I know you’re frustrated, but there’s literally nothing in Judy or Betty or anyone’s control. They can’t just magically give out discounts when their profit margins are already so low.


I feel very empathetic to your situation and can’t imagine the frustration…. That said, this is the most mellow dramatic introduction to a Reddit post I’ve seen in awhile Edit: It is not a dramatic that is mellow, but rather a melodrama. I am amazed.


> mellow dramatic Wow. That's actually what you thought that word was. That has never occurred to me.


SO dramatic lol. The TLDR should’ve just said “IKEA kitchen order delayed after being lost” and we would’ve all said “okay.” This is why we don’t gut our kitchens until after the pieces arrive, and that’s been a standard advice given across the board.


One would expect ikea to give a heads up if your shit wasn’t going to come in. It sounds like they didn’t say anything. I would have said I was done as well. Especially if I had a young child and was displaced due to horrible communication.


They clearly didn’t intend for that to happen. They didn’t even know. Mistakes happen. Mistakes have been happening this whole damn pandemic. The whole r/ikea is filled with stories of kitchen remodels being delayed. The expectation for everything to be perfect while the country is facing a bottleneck of delays from the pandemic is entitled. The lividness with this all when common sense dictates to prepare for mishaps before gutting your whole kitchen is immature.


You would expect a company as large and profitable as Ikea to have something in place to check inventory and to notify customers about delays. They have an inventory system for Christ sake. It sounds like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. They straight lost the order and didn’t even offer to deliver the countertop. They wanted the customer to drive hours away for their mistake. Expecting a billion dollar company to communicate and get a high dollar order correct isn’t entitled at all. Its a reasonable expectation.


Welcome to 2021. Ask any other company that makes anything that has to do with kitchen remodels how behind they are and how many things have gotten delayed and missing. You act like someone sat there intentionally plotting to fuck OP over. If you don’t want to deal with hiccups, then hire a custom cabinetry company that only sources shit from within the United States for 5x the price.


Nah, it’s called customer service. You ship them the counter top or allow them more than 1 business day to pick it up when they have to drive hours away. This really shouldn’t be that difficult. If you mess something up, make it right.


Sounds like you have zero experience with kitchen remodels.


Super sorry about that kitchen from IKEA hell! It's never an easy job to buy a full kitchen from IKEA but it's as bad these days as it's ever been. Also, even though there's rules in place about holding products, as you may expect, there's always, and I mean *always* exceptions.


I'm so sorry for your experience! I'm not sure what's going on. I've been waiting on a simple parcel delivery (no furniture, only a few kitchen accessories) for over a month. Website says estimated delivery 7/13 and it hasn't been updated. I tried to call, but gave up after being on hold for 1 hour, 4 minutes. I could have had next day delivery from Amazon for similar items. I'm not sure if they're short-handed or if they've changed computer / inventory systems or what, but it seems like a mess.


I'm sorry you experienced this! Did you get your kitchen in the end?


Not yet- fingers crossed for the first week in August!


Glad to hear it. Send pics to this group when it's complete. And expect hiccups. Getting a new kitchen built is up there alongside funerals and wedding planning when it comes to stressful life events. And funerals and weddings have all kinds of glitches that can happen along the way. The rude person in the Kitchens department you spoke to is the equivalent of a shitty wedding photographer. She's just one shitty link in an otherwise decent chain. But in the end, you'll end up with a kickass kitchen.


Yes, great way to put it. Thank you!