5th Generation, First impressions vs Reality

5th Generation, First impressions vs Reality


Polka hitting right in the heart








The humor is just a coping method ( ‘ A\`)


"I have to make constant noise to drown out the demons"


She's Pagliacci :(


Always has been.


Botan: "nicest one" Flashbacks to Polka begging Botan to let her into the safehouse during L4D collab.


And laughing as she shut the door.










I love this. So much... Everytime I see it fills me with joy








"Omaru will be fine"


Narrator: *"She was not going to be fine."*


*you just have to say that you're fine, when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand*


Uso de aru


She was feeding the poor, starving zombies. Very nice.


Botan: *asks Watame to get on the plate*


To be fair, she asked her about her preferences. Very accommodating.


Don't forget when Polka needed healing, Botan was like "She's fine"


Pro gamers will insist you only need healing when you go black/white and you're under 10hp


Order by the O5 council All of data containing of this scp should be restricted to the level 5 or higher.


The context for that clip was that Botan was actually trying to open the door for Polka, but both of them kept hitting the interact button at the same time, which made it close.


I have tried to "help" my friends like that before.


Yeah, I dunno where he got that one from, lol. If anything, Nene seems like the cinnamon roll of the group.


That’s what I was thinking.


Lamy is still sweet elf mommy tho. And I love it.


Lamy IS a sweet drunk hyperventilating elf mommy :D


Happy cake day!


Sweet fifties housewife elf mommy who needs a little pick-me-up around 5 o'clock. And 3. And noonish. And about ten or so. And of course a cocktail after dinner. And obviously a little bit of a nightcap before bed.


And a couple shots of Fireball to wake up in the morning!


I think the difference is that everyone was expecting "Sweet Elf Mama 🤗", but instead got "Sweet Elf Mommy😳".




wine mom.


I'll be honest I thought I wouldn't be that interested in Nene after her debut stream, but she's pretty awesome. Her running around and spraying literally everything (including the other 3) with bullets in L4D2 and dying like 6 times in a row in Minecraft was cracking me up


Everyone is on a predictable *x* and *y-axis*. While Nene is the unpredictable *z-axis.*


I think she is in the fourth dimension


4 parallel universes ahead of us


Except she doesn't know how she got there.


She probably met Gambier Bay somehow.


Nene turned out to be the funniest out of all of them, imo.


Her existence brings me joy. She reminds me of the childhood I never had.


So u telling me u came out of the womb fully grown?


You dont do that nanora?


Your pfp is very interesting


she also has a very good singing voice. i really liked her cover of [rising hope](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT5bdZVHtLg).


Yep, professional idol is different indeed.


Yeah, she STILL hasn't tapped into her full potential, can't wait for the 3D debut.




Fun fact: In Nene's latest Minecraft stream, she wanted revenge on the lava pit. After dying so much in it during their first MC stream, she finally conquers it [here](https://youtu.be/d0EAmUiOUwM?t=2259) on her first try!


Pain. Thank you for including Aloe though


Pain Peko.


Pain nanora




Pain Chuba


Pain DoDoDo


Pain Nanodesu


Pain aru


Pain "I'm Horny!" -Senchou, probably


Pain yab


off topic but which video did Pain peko come from.


I think this meme was because she once tweeted just "pain-peko."


I'm pretty sure it was fake tweet actually. Iirc the screenshot said "Twitter for Carrot"


I remember seeing the tweet but I'm not entirely sure...


oooh so it was a tweet. It just makes me laugh. lol


There will always be five members!


Holofive forever


It's really beautiful how much everyone still loves Aloe. [Her page](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgZuwn-O7Szh9cAgHqJ6vjw/about) is still gaining subscribers, even now. Personally, I hope she can reach 200K without any videos, if nothing more than to give the antis a gigantic middle finger and show Aloe we still care.


she actually dropped 3k subs sometime during this month I think but it returned to 166k after sometime. people are really still looking out for her channel


Correct me if im wrong. So, aloe retired because she got doxxed and her irl identity was exposed right? What did she do that makes people so mad actually?


iirc she did a test stream somewhere that showed off her Live2D model too early and forgot to delete the VOD. She was given a 2 week suspension for it since it was a breach of contract. After that someone leaked her personal info and people used it to start calling both her and her ex-boyfriend to harass them. Why people got so mad about it? I dunno, the worst thing it should've warranted was memes, so why in God's name someone decided to dox and ruin her career over it I don't understand. Some people are just scumbags, I guess.


The worst part is, her "ex-boyfriend" wasn't even her ex-boyfriend. He was just a friend and people got the wrong idea.


> she did a test stream somewhere that showed off her Live2D model too early and forgot to delete the VOD The test stream was password protected, so the only thing that leaked was a thumbnail preview of one frame from the stream. Also, she had her manager's permission to do the test stream. Her error was just forgetting to delete the stream. It was a mistake, for sure. But a smaller one than some people might want us to believe. And she got a two week suspension for it, so... > After that someone leaked her personal info and people used it to start calling both her and her ex-boyfriend to harass them. The haters seemed to be in some kind of self-righteous fury over the fact that, before she ever became Aloe or signed a contract with Cover, she talked in a stream about some of the ugly downsides of working for a bad VTuber company (aka not Hololive/Cover). Basically, the "black" companies have unreasonably restrictive contract conditions. Like not being allowed to have a boyfriend (even in secret), and not being allowed to collab with male VTubers. She also said that a VTuber named Chitose Kudo had left the biz because of these kinds of issues. The antis said that talking about business contract conditions is a huge breach of Japanese business protocol, and tried to justify their doxxing and harassing her and her family that way. Which ironically, pretty much proved that she was right...


To be fair: As a western fan I do not know (and don't claim to know) what is culturally acceptable in the east and what isn't. If our JP bros want to come and tell us their side of it, I'd love to hear what they have to say. This page tries to summarize the argument from both sides. But I know that personally I only agree with about 70% of what it says about the western fan's perspective, so... https://nyannet.com/hololive-5th-generation-mano-aloe-controversy-divides-fan-base/


I cannot explain in my poor English well. However, I do not want you to simplify this problem. (e.g., Japanese viewer VS Overseas Viewer) It is not an opinion of the representative Japanese fan that is introduced by the article. We were waiting for return of the aloe, too. However, the anti was like insanity, and the action of the company for it was not good tenaciously. ​ Supplement: One of the base of the anti (Niconico daihyakka)was stopped recently. However, it was too too slow.


Wasnt there the whole thing abt her saying she knew why some vtuber from another vtuber company retired? I think that kindof added to the prob as well since, frm what ive seen and understood during that period, its generally not right to do so as u can cause some conflict, be it between companies or with the public as there may be public outrage. Most of the jap fanbase did tell her politely that it was a quite a serious mistake on her part and she shld learn frm her mistake (frm wht i saw in twitter), but there were some anti-s who took advantage of the minor issue to stir trouble and make a big deal out of it, and using it to justify them doxxing among other unforgivable actions they hv committed. Ofc this is in addition to the probs u hv stated b4, which was prlly used to further justify their actions


>Wasnt there the whole thing abt her saying she knew why some vtuber from another vtuber company retired? On her talk about how scary being on a company is, she said she knows one vtuber, and said her name, that quit due to being stalked. That's it, they were mad because she TALKED about it.




Last I check it's 161k, now, it's 166k Like, WHAT?


Yeah, it's amazing. I've personally been subscribed since her debut, and I'm going to stay subscribed, until they scrub the channel. Anything to show her she still has fans


We're basically making a move of support. I hope she notices it and makes her feel better at least


Pain nanodesu.


Have been watching Polka for a month, and just realized that the way she do live streaming actually quite similar to Fubuki. Both of them like to make a lot of jokes and talk about anime references


I want to see more Polka. I love it when she uses that phone of hers.


Girl has a whole arsenal of props just sitting next to her it's great


Oh fuck the data redacted really had me laughing for ages


It was a pretty great way to include her while still being funny and not a mood killer.


Aloe is the secret char that was available for a very limited time. Now, nobody knows how to unlock her - yet.


Her picture should have been slapped with an EA logo, because that DLC is going to be worth a fortune. haha.


Okay now i want a explanation of that censorship for somebody who just entered this sub


It's in jest. Aloe was a fellow 5th gen member who unfortunately got doxxed and harassed IRL by some angry people shortly after her debut. The harassment led her to retire early. She is still mentioned by the talents (Coco wished her well on her Asacoco segment this Monday) and is featured on art props shown by 5th gen members on stream (Nene has her on her Twitter banner etc). *Also, there's a LOT of fanart of her circulating around here, and they're not being brought down. There isn't censorship. edit: The [DATA EXPUNGED] thing is from the [SCP Foundation collaborative writing project](https://scpwiki.com).


i think the guy was talking about the [Data Expunged] censorship in the meme


In the case he was taking about the [Data Expunged]: [DATA EXPUNGED] is a term commonly used the the SCP community, and it means that information is removed outright or deleted, or otherwise only available to those with the highest security clearances (Like the O5 council)


O What council?


The O5 council is a committee made up of the highest ranking directors in the SCP foundation. Basically the top of the top in the foundation.


Well, for 99% of everything that goes on with the Foundation they are, but the remaining 1% would go to the one above all of them. The Administrator.


Oh yeah, I forgot about The Administrator


O5 Council, basically the leadership of the entire SCP Foundation


Overseer council, top level of officials in the SCP Foundation.


I thought otherwise, but I'll add that it's an SCP reference now.


I think he meant the "[DATA EXPUNGED]" part.... or at least I did.


I really thought otherwise (I read it as "I'm new to this, why is that girl censored?"), but I'll add that it's an SCP reference.


Yeah i know about the scp foundation and i was interested in what happened with that girl and well now im sad after hearing what happened to her


Nene-shachou still pure Aru. This is libel aru! As the legal representative of NenePro (totally not a black company btw), I suggest you amend this or face charges (or get punched by Nene, whichever comes first.)


seconded aru\~ Nene is our GOD CEO


As an employee of KFP I must disagree on principle.


It's treason then. *Nene slingshot locked and loaded, target acquired* MINNA HAPPY!!! *bang*


I haven't left my cubicle in 5 years aru... I wanna see my family aru...


I am not up to date with Nene lore, I NEED TO GO DEEPER.


She pays all of her workers 4 million yen per day. We are all very very rich and free, many such cases yes yes.


>!Just don't mention it's in Taotao money, and the actual equivalence is 300Y or roughly $3 per day!<


But there is no way out of NenePro, so you can only spend your millions in the cafeteria.


[( X )](https://static1.srcdn.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/press-x-to-doubt-la-noire.jpg)






The last time a clown was depressed, it didn't turn out well for everyone.


\*Girl goes to Yagoo. She says she's depressed. Says that life seems harsh and cruel, and she feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Yagoo says "***Treatment is simple. Polka from Hololive is streaming right now. Go and watch her, that should cheer you up".*** *Girl bursts into tears.* ***"But Yagoo... I am Polka"***.


Good joke. Everyone superchats. Stream ends.




Send in.... the clown...




"We live in a 社会"


Kind of cool how the kanji for society looks like some kind of guild-house.


*We simp in a society*


**Do You Have the Slightest Idea How Little That Narrows It Down?**


Before her debut I expected Botan to be a serious, mature character based on her design. It kind of threw me off when she wasn't but I think I love her more now than I ever would have if she matched my expectations. She's such a goofball, always smiling and laughing and cracking jokes. Can't get enough of her spaced out gamer face. https://i.imgur.com/jLDVaRF.png


Even if she's not serious, she's a lot calmer than a lot of the members, which is a nice change of pace.


More calm than Lamy even at times lol. Elf mom too busy scolding the two bratty kids trying to kill the questgiver in Craftopia.


She's Okayu evolved form.


I initially thought that she would be a kuudere-type but it's hard to stay kuu when your colleagues and senpais are chaotic




Nobody ever asks the Clown if they're happy...


I see SCP reference take my upvote


Hi there, I stumbled upon your post on r/popular and I’ve got a few questions if you (or anybody reading) don’t mind To set a baseline of what I know, I’ve seen Woolie and Temmie (and Jacksfilms ffs) use this tech so I get that, and I’ve seen the eekum bokum original video (and a bit of her stream that it came from) Could someone explain to me what these are? Are the people voicing these Holo love characters the same people playing the games? Or are they just reacting to the gameplay as the characters? I vaguely am reminded of when my little sister tried to explain to me what vocoloids are, but I understand I may be way off with that association. I appreciate you reading this, have a nice day. Edit: to clarify, from what I understand the vocoloids’ voices are computer generated and I know these people have real people behind the voice, I guess my thought process was you’re not seeing an actual person but a character on-screen in both examples. Edit 2: I appreciate all the answers I’ve gotten. I apparently wasn’t clear enough, I have seen other people use and talk about the tech on their YT channels and a podcast, but I didn’t know specifically about these Hololive characters whether the VAs with the webcam pointed at them are the people playing the games or not.


Hi, welcome. The hololive characters are indeed playing the games; they are pretty much identical to most Youtubers excepting they use a digital character avatar instead of their own faces. In a way, it's similar to Pro Wrestling in that they are characters with a backstory, but instead of wrestling, they are doing let's plays, or singing, or just chatting with their chat or each other. Vocaloids are programs that can be used to provide vocals to people creating songs; instead of having to either sing yourself or hire someone to sing in your original song, you use the program to sing for you. Each Vocaloid character is a different voice. Thanks for your interest in our community and I hope you stick around.


Thanks, I had actually typed out and erased a reference to pro wrestling, so that’s perfect. Thank you for your answer and have a great day.


hololive specifically is one agency, there are others. It has a very particular brand in how it selects for its talents. One of the biggest in-jokes is that they select for idols. It's true enough, though. You can tell many of them take that seriously. Most are at least passable singers on top of any other entertainment they provide. Many are *excellent*. I like to say hololive redefined idols into something greater for this era. ​ Since there's literally dozens of them out there I will only spend more words here talking about a few of my personal favorites, but if you are interested I recommend watching the highlights for any of them that interest you. ​ Watame is a very chill experience. She's usually doing her own thing in games, she's a great singer, and few things are as funny as her smug meme face when she's up to something. ​ Mio shares a similar place to Watame, in that she's a good singer and chill player, but she's a bit more serious...until something cracks her up. Usually another hololive talent doing something *demented*. ​ Miko is a living legend of memery and weird gameplays. She's one that will get you laughing no matter what she does. She famously burned down her house in minecraft twice through sheer big brain. ​ Korone is a cutebomb of joy and weird retro games with a splash of dark humor. She asks for your fingers, you cut them off and give them to her. Or she'll prank you like she pranks the cacodaemons in doom (her doom 2016 gameplay is one of the best introductions to her experience you could have). ​ Subaru always has something interesting to say, and her energetic attitude leads to a humor all its own. Her meme voice is only surpassed by her singing voice. ​ Aki is a cute clumsy nerd with a dangerous lewd undertone. Her singing is great and there's always a highlight or three of something funny or impressive she did in ark. One memorable moment is when she forgot to play the bgm and sang the whole thing a capella and people thought it was on purpose. ​ Coco explores limits few dare. She's a memelord with a tenth of the filter the others have, and her productions threw the whole company upside down, for the better. Lots of english viewers connected through her because she is fluent in english. ​ Pekora is a walking meme as well. She's *always* up to something. Her antics with Miko are legendary. ​ ​ ​ The EN branch is too new for me to say much just yet, but there's a few gems shining through already. Calliope's a badass rapper, Gura's a great singer and walking meme, Ina's a chill artist (ina ross!), Kiara's gameplays and occasional memery are hilarious to watch, Amelia's an excellent salty fps gamer and otherwise chill experience.


A bit of a crash course on how Hololive works: 1. Unlike some other VTubers you may have seen (e.g. Kizuna Ai), they mostly stream live instead of releasing pre-recorded skits or segments. 2. Their real life and past internet life personas are secret. Talents debut within Hololive and aren't connected to any past fanbase or outside activities. 3. They roleplay as characters, but the characters are mostly just a slightly abstracted version of themselves. Hololive streamers are usually pretty honest about their personal lives (as much as they can be without causing trouble for themselves), and sometimes even directly contradict their own character lore. 4. Most Hololive members use a technology called Live2D, which animates a collection of 2D artwork components based on facial tracking. The newer Live2D models and rigging are so good, they can actually look better than face-tracking 3D models (in my opinion) 5. Additionally, Hololive members are given a full 3D model after they've been with the company for a few months. The 3D model is usually only used for special occasions, with full-body tracking equipment that is only available in the Hololive headquarters' recording studio. 6. They are the ones playing video games on their own streams, yes. They also do live singing, just chatting, special events, talk-show style games, etc. 7. Most Hololive talents debuted as part of a "generation", i.e. a group of 4-6 who all debuted at the same time. Members of a generation are encouraged to have strong bonds with each other, support each other, and collaborate with each other often. 8. Their stream activities are mostly independent. They have managers, but the managers are mostly there just to provide advice and prevent them from doing anything that would get them copystriked or banned by YouTube. Managers play a larger role when Hololive organizes official events (like concerts, advertisement tie-ins, or special 3D streams)


As someone who's made a couple crash course posts myself when Watame and Aki's posts went to /r/all, you did a much better job crystallizing the Hololive experience. I'm saving this comment for reference.


the people that are playing the games + their voice when they speak are the same person that is doing the motions on the character. essentially the streamers use a software that capture their motions in real time and reflect the same motion on the "character" on screen. so what you are seeing is real people doing real stuffs, they are just replacing their webcam with the animated character. there are possibly someone who can explain how the software works better than i can, but that is an easy explanation of some of your questions.


Yeah, thank you, i must not have been clear, I’ve seen a person named Temmie use it and a guy named Woolie both use it on his YT channel and talk about it extensively on his podcast, so I do get the tech but it was the specifics of how these hololive characters work, I appreciate your response in any case. 😊


Was that the lady Woolie I remember seeing a bit back?


Yeeee-up. I love how he handled saying the GTA line other vtubers were saying, cracked me up


Imagine a normal facecam person but instead it's a real time render of a stylized character.


i'm deeply hurt by how accurate this is


Shishiron is “one of the guys”


> [DATA EXPUNGED] Reminded me of that woman named >![DATA LOST]!< in Fate/Grand Order. Both are never forgotten.


Both, both, both is true. But id lie if i wouldnt say comfy dad adidas lion and depressed hime polmao werent VASTLY exceeding expectations.


Botan is probably the only non EN member whose content I watch live sometimes, because even if I can't understand Japanese, I know the games she plays well enough to still have a good time.


she was scp-001-ex a good girl. Gone to soon :(


It's ok guys,The Foundation has successfully contained Mano and is in Site [REDACTED].


Item \#: SCP-6644 Object Class: Safe


Clown who duct taped a monitor screen to a potato wall and called it a computer


Hololive idols are never what they seem, we still get tricked everytime though.


I can relate to the second Polka on a spiritual level.


Good meme well done


My god what scp would that be


HololiveSCP when ?


Botan is the best.


Nene recently sang Happy Synthesizer in tribute of Aloe, +1 for the sweet category.


Yeah ikr, that was precious. Nene is such a sweetheart


SCP <3


Botan just BM'd a lonely driver on warzone


I just wanted to see them play SCP Containment Breach


I love Polka's reality xDD


I'm sorry, but the aloe one made me laugh


What does Derp shachou mean?


Derp CEO


That drunk hyperventilating elf is still Mommy


why is SCP foundation here?


Am i a Polka?


Laughed and cried.


Whenever one thinks about this SCP they're overcome with a mysterious sadness.


Turns out Aloe was actually SCP-166.


Me hearing about depressed and lonely Polka for the first time: **PANIC! PANIC! PANICK! PANIIIIK!!!!**


My Room > Spirit Origin > [Data Lost]


You came here SPECIFICALLY to hurt me


Well not you specifically, just Reddit. I'm an NA only player and someone spoiled me to that because they didn't properly spoil mark their post


[DATA EXPUNGED] BY ORDER OF 05-*** that hit hard


We all know Aloe is the true SCP-001


Seeing Aloe's retired that way was painful. If there's any consolation to any of this though, is that Yagoo is, from what I heard from Hero Hei's video, using every legal means to track down the antis and make them pay (tracking IPs, sending out legal letters and etc). Not sure if that's real. But I'm going to just assume it's real. I want this to be real, imagining this plays out in my mind... ------------------------------------------------ Yagoo: Now listen carefully. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you’re doing this for memes, I can tell you I don't find it funny, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. You've hurt my daughter. So, I will look for you. I will pursue you. And I will make you beg me to kill you. Antis: But it was just for the memes. And we were upholding the righteous cause of punishing her for revealing the things behind-the-scene in Vtubing. It was nothing personal!! Yagoo: It was all personal to me. ------------------------------------------------ And yeah, Holofive forever.


Hey, nice SCP reference.


She is really a depressed clown? D:


I second this question. I'm at a loss here. :(


What is hololive and why does it keep showing up in my feed


This comment might help you. https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/iy6zw2/5th_generation_first_impressions_vs_reality/g6bxcl7


why’d you gotta hit me with another one about Aloe tho


RIP Yagoo's dreams.


I don't think I've ever seen Botan make a serious face or have her eyes open as much as what her debut art looks like.


They’ve escaped


fuckin 05 council man.