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Long skirts aren't just for old ladies... They are for princesses too 👸




>Or does she look ridiculous No way. She looks adorable ☺️ Look up kawaii Outfit aesthetic on pinterest - there's inspo of wide long pants and longer dresses that are modest and perfectly fit the aesthetic.


I love the kawaii aesthetic. 🥰 A word from the wise though: Don't limit what you wanna wear based on some made up rule, ie "long skirts are for old women" Live your life the way you want, by your rules (as long as they don't conflict with Islam of course). Don't let others tell you what colors to wear, what prints, what lengths, etc... One life is all we get, enjoy all the fashions available to you. Have fun!


I lived in Japan for a little bit and long skirts are DEFINITELY not just for old women. There are so many long skirt kawaii variations out there and think they are gorgeous. J-Fashion can be weirdly compatible with Islamic modesty if you take a closer look ❤️


Nah this looks adorable.


I loveeee maxi skirts, definitely not old woman vibe. But the long skirt in this style and this outfit isn't nice to ME but if you like it go for it


I think she looks super kawaii! I wear that stuff and don't care if I look like an old woman, old women have class! Wear what you want, don't worry about what other's think in regards to looking old or young.


“Long skirts have old woman vibes” yikes seem like western standards have taken over. Long skirts show modesty and elegants, old people can be that but also young people. This outfit is sooooo cute. I love it!!!


Bruh I don’t what kind of west yall live in but midi skirts and the like are very popular here and I see tons of women wearing them.


she looks so prettyyy


Super cute! Go for it. :)


SO cute!


so cute!


Looks great Not something I would wear personally as I prefer the good old sweatpants but i can appreciate how cute and we'll put together that outfit is!


This is so cute i love it its so innocent n pretty 🥺


i've grown to love long skirts but i don't have any


No the long skirt looks beautiful with those colors, and everyone gets to look pretty in them, no old lady vibe at all.


It doesn’t look ridiculous at all. Longer skirts aren’t just for older women. But if you want, you could use a shorter skirt with pants🤔 depends on which you prefer/feel comfortable with.


Kawaii outfits are meant to be cute and im worried longer skirts just contradict the aesthetic and make u look old. Idk tho, longer skirts seem to be more trendy nowadays. Still not sure about using them with kawaii clothes though


Thays fine don't feel pressured to go with the style u want and if u want to become more modest in ur styling I the future there's examples online, hope ubfimd what ur looking for !


maybe you can try putting tutu maxi skirt in to the mix! tutu skirt are kawaii-ish


if long skirt ain't it maybe try flapper pants or palazzo pants they give the same structure


With the aesthetic she's going for, she pulled it off with a maxi skirt well.


I don't have the courage to wear something like that but... It's so cute!!!


It’s cute. Softer colors would probably fit the kawaii/harajuku aesthetic more though.


i agree, but harajuku is different to kawaii. they can come in darker colours too, or even look edgier. they usually have a “cute but deadly” thing iirc


You’re right. I mixed them up haha


High waisted skirts are the only ones I look decent in. Basically what she is wearing, if I wear anything longer I look like I am wearing a blanket, lol. That's cause I am more a curvy girl and find it easier to hide my curves properly with skirts with what she has. You can also use a loose shirt over them which makes it look great but very modest.


I think she looks so cute!! Honestly I wanna pull off that style too. You should 100% go for it, it's fashionable and adorable!