Looking for a Non-simultaneous co-op game for couples?

Looking for a Non-simultaneous co-op game for couples?


This sounds like a great opportunity for minecraft, or any of the open world scavenge-build survival games


I agree with this. Sounds exactly like what you want if you want to log in and see each other's progress. For both of you to play separate but in the same world you would need a hosted server. Hosting your own survival game server I think is the best idea if you two like those kind of games. A few that my wife and/or friends and I had fun with: * Minecraft * Valheim * Grounded * Ark: Survival Evolved * Conan Exiles For some of those games (Ark and Conan) you may need to do a tiny bit of research into the best server settings for 2 players. You have to understand that those games are meant for clans of a dozen+ players working together, luckily the settings are numerous and you can change multipliers all day.


~~I can't speak for all of these, but regarding Valheim, one person "owns" the save, as far as I know, so anyone who wants to play in that game would require the host to be online and present.~~ ~~Disclaimer: Valheim is Early Access and it's been a few months since I played last, but there were no dedicated servers, nor intentions to create dedicated servers when I last played.~~ I am mistaken. You can stop telling me about it now.


You set up your own server to run it off of, not incredibly difficult to set up but not the easiest thing either.


That's good to know! I might get back into it with some friends if there's asynchronous play now.


It was there from the start, and isn’t exactly a supported feature. But like most (if not all the games listed above) you can host or rent a server for it.


Your mistaken. I played with a group of friends within the first few weeks of release. My buddy hosted a dedicated server, off his own Microsoft Azure cloud - the dedicated server is available to download from Steam. Like any dedicated game server the client and the server version had to match so you can connect. Whenever there was a patch he had to go in and patch i the server but it wasn't a big deal - took him 5 minutes. We would play all the time without him logging in - it wasn't any different than Minecraft, Ark, etc...


Host does not have to be online, but the dedicated server has to be running. Source: we ran our server day and night when all our friends were playing together Dedicated server is setup outside the game itself - gotta do it from Steam, not from Valheim. Google "Valheim Dedicated Server setup" for a step by step guide.


Don’t be put off by Minecraft just because there’s such a huge youth fan base. It is far from a kids-only game. There’s a lot of depth to it that younger kids especially can’t grasp. It’s the most “it’s what you make of it” game I can think of, and it sounds like exactly what OP was asking for.


"That younger kids can't grasp" Cut to me and my two mates years ago in my early twenties getting made fun of by a 12 y/o for manually farming and not having a Redstone computer auto farming and sorting the crops. Then mocking us for not knowing how to make an automatic sorter


Hey happy cake day!


Oh, thanks! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.


Valheim fits the bill, but someone would need to run a private server


True true! There's also No Man's Sky. Basically like valheim/minecraft in an infinite universe w/ space travel


If you feel you've already minecrafted and have played it out to boredom, try modpacks. It sets you back a version or three but adds just oodles of content. Best yet it's very easy and stable. Forge modpacks from Curseforge are for versions up to 1.16 and you can download a couple launchers. The two easiest IMO are overwolf based (curseforge and feed the beast) but there are more manual ones too (eg. MiltiMC) that you just download the pack from curseforge's website and point the launcher at it. It handles a whole separate instance of minecraft and java to keep things simple. Getting a server is just slightly harder than vanilla minecraft, and it still has the option if just opening a couple ports on your router and leaving the server running on your PC. Both of you log into that server, and you're good to go. (If playing on the same PC the IP is "localhost" and for remote just ask a search engine what your public IP is)


No mans sky? It’s pretty fun to go visit your planets bases etc


Not sure if you're into strategy games, but something like a hotseat-style game of Civilization could be fun. You can both take turns throughout the day as you find time, or sit down for a joint session and knock out a whole bunch of turns back to back. It doesn't have to be competitive either - you can agree not to attack each other, and instead form an alliance against your AI opponents. On second thought, this wouldn't really be at your own pace since the other player is always going to be tapping their foot waiting for you to finish your turn. Maybe this is a bad recommendation.


Civ 6 actually had an asynchronous game type. You get a notification when it's your turn, and it works across multiple platforms


It does! Some friends and I played around 100 turns of a game that way a few months back. Our experience was... hit or miss. **Pros:** You're alerted when your turn comes up. You can click the alert to load right into the game session and take your turn. It's pretty slick. **Cons:** The alerts come as Steam notifications which are near invisible. We ended up having a Discord server where we would just @ the next person when we finished our turn, to let them know to check their notifications. The next turn notifications sometimes took up to 5 minutes to send out after a turn completed. If we were all online and taking rapid back-to-back turns, the game would not behave normally. Instead your game would sit in limbo until it was once again your turn, at which point your client would kick you back to the menu and go through all the initial loading again (which, in Civ 6, is pretty long even on an SSD) before allowing you to take your next turn. The verdict: We ended up dropping this game \~100 turns in due to frustration. Reaching that point took us over a month. When we came back to Civ 6 a few months later, we instead scheduled a weekly play session akin to a D&D campaign where we would all be online at the same time chatting and taking turns using the standard online multiplayer mode, and we just wouldn't play when all four of us weren't there. That resulted in a significantly more fun game that we could look forward to throughout the week. Edit edit: I'm really looking forward to Humankind and hoping to get the same group to agree to the same setup. 2-3hr Saturday Morning sessions for our shared multiplayer game. With the turn-based 4X genre, that's the best setup I've found.


Terraria. Awesome game that sounds like it would tick all your boxes, plus you can set up a private server that both of you can play on in your own time


The word you are looking for is "Asynchronous" Co-Op or multiplayer - See if searching for that helps. Other comments used the few suggestions I had. Good luck!


~~Stardew Valley? You can each have your own farms and invite the other when you want to play together.~~ Misread the request.


Requires playing at the same time, can't do it in same world at different times.




Final Fantasy 14. It's an MMO, so there is a monthly fee, but there's a free trial to lvl 30 I believe. You can play together or separately. Plenty to do. Hours of fun. Husband and I have played it off and on for 6 years now.


Are you referring to the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, which is currently on sale for 60% off and has a free trial up to level 60 with unlimited playtime including the award winning first expansion Heavensward?


Where is it on sale? I went to the square enix store and it looks like it is full price


Looks like it's on sale right now on the Square Enix store. Maybe NA only? - [https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en\_US/sale/saleffxiv](https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/sale/saleffxiv) It's not on sale on Steam. I don't know how any of this works with upgrading from the trial account.


Thanks! I want to play this, but need to figure out how all these expansions and monthly fees work


Starter pack = ARR, Heavensward. Endwalker pre-order = Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and up-coming Endwalker. Should be good to go. Probably the cheapest way to get into the game with all expansions incl the unreleased Endwalker, plus pre-ordering Endwalker gets you a 30% exp bonus earring. In 30 days, you'll have to pay $12.99, assuming you only have 1 character and no extras.


Thank you for the explanation!!


Worth noting that if you pre-order Endwalker now, you won't get access to any of the other expansions (Stormblood, Shadowbringers) until Endwalker actually comes out in November. I would rather get the Complete Edition now which includes everything except Endwalker on sale for $24. Then by november if you get that far you can purchase it separately for $40


So if I purchase the complete edition for $24, do I still need to pay the monthly fee after I get to level 60?


You will always need to pay the monthly fee as soon as you add any purchased edition to your square account, even if you're not through level 60 yet. Unless you get a free 30 days I'm not sure if they give that still


Unfortunately if you pre-order Endwalker now, it doesn't give you access to SB and Shb until Endwalker actually comes out in November. You have to buy the Complete Edition right now if you want to play up through Shadowbringers.


Oh, really? That's disappointing.


I think it bears noting that FFXIV is designed so that one character can play *every* class, so having only one character isn't as debilitating as it sounds compared to other MMOs where your class is typically permanently locked in.


Green hell


You need board game apps. Or, check out board game arenas website. Plenty of co-op board games that you can play asynchronously.


Starbound if you like terraria. No man's sky if you want almost endless playtime. Valheim if you want something a bit more challenging. World of warcraft if you want a single game to play for life jaja (it demands si much time that you won't play others).


There's a fair amount of turn based strategy games out there that allow for asynchronous play. Civilization 6 and Endless Space come to mind. Like others are saying, there's a fair amount of open world base building games y'all could play together like no man's sky, terraria, minecraft, rust, Valheim, Starbound. You create your own world that you both share and can progress together at your own pace. Minecraft and Terraria are good ones since you have a lot of options for designing your own village/town that gets populated by npcs. You kinda get to see it grow over time


If you don't mind getting a switch, Animal Crossing.


Heroes of Hammerwatch, Children of Morta


Animal Crossing on Switch is great for this. You both make your houses and contribute to building the town/island together. I think the game really shines when you have more than one person per household playing it.


most arpgs somewhat fit. diablo, path of exile, torchlight, etc... can solo level and get gear and such and still come together to kill stuff. they don't have a persistent world so you can't really asynchronously see each other's progress, but when you play together you'll be able to see character progression.