Man! I forgot about the GT90! I had a 1/18th die cast one as a kid.


I still have mine. XD


I know at some point along the years I stripped it and used the parts for other car models


Still have mine in my room! A staple of Ford Racing 2


Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak. Would love to run it up the mountain.


Couldn't find it either so I made a challenge with a Michelle Mouton inspired Quattro S1. I would kill for the 405 T16 Pikes Peak personally.


Any and all Pike Peak cars they can add, they should. The vw idr was my favorite car in the last game. Would love to see the 919 Evo too...


The ID.R was my favorite too, and I'd love to see it returning. 919 Evo would probably be overkill though.


Speaking of that, why is it the game with a decently sized mountain have the vw hillclimb car not in the launch roster? I imagine it and nearly every other car in horizon 4 will return eventually but just seems odd to leave it out. (Sidenote, it might be op in s2 since gearing on electrics are no longer locked)


they also removed the Hillclimb accessories from the Sport Quattro which \>:( I like my hillclimb cars


Man you just brought back some Gran Tourismo memories


Outch, that would be a nightmare to put in the game. Not only they would need to deal with licensing issues, but with Polyphony layers. XD XD.


Mercedes SLR Mclaren. Apparently there are some licensing issues, even though both companies are in the game 🤷‍♂️


Mercedes and McLaren don't have licensing issues with Playground Games, they have issues with each other because they're bitching about what company should own the car.


That's dumb. The car was made by both. Can't they just share it 50/50?


Nope. It's much more complicated than just 50/50 split. McLaren engineered and manufactured the car, while it had Mercedes badging and engine. It had a problematic existence from day one. Mercedes wanted a super grand tourer, McLaren wanted it to showcase F1 tech and supercar characteristics. In the end it was neither here nor there and nobody knows who to blame. Then McLaren got involved in the 2007 Spygate scandal, which forced Mercedes to pony up a portion of the hefty fine because of their stake in the company. They weren't happy that their name and company were dragged along by the team's shenanigans. The final nail in the coffin was McLaren starting McLaren Automotive and building the MP4-12C to enter the luxury car market. Mercedes is very good at memory holing embarrassing and bad parts of their history, see the flying Benz at Le Mans in 1955 an 1999.


Yep, this hits the nail on the head. Tumultuous era for 'McLaren-Mercedes', and even though McLaren F1 are a customer for Mercedes engines now, it's a completely different relationship. The SLR is essentially the blameless child that got caught in the middle of a brutal divorce.


Mercedes has no blame for 1955. It's an accident that was going to happen sooner or later if no changes to the circuit were made. They didn't even create the incident, it was created by Mike Hawthorn in a jaguar swerving in front of Lance Macklin, in an Austin Healy so he could head to the pits, due to him braking right in front of him Macklin had to swerve into the path of the Mercedes driver, he hit him at high speed and the car was launched into the crowd. Mercedes left Motorsport untill the 80s when they started doing DTM again, and then Le Mans and Formula 1. If anything, out of the 3 brands involved in that accident they are the least to blame and the brand that most took responsibility, since hte other 2 brands kept competing like nothing happened, while Mercedes retired from that race and from every motorsports competition. As for the 1999 flying benz. It wasn't the first or last time a car took flight in Le Mans, hardly an embarrassment. If there is a place in their history that they're happy to forget about, look into WW2 and the Nazi regime.


Of course Mercedes wasn't to blame.never said they were to blame. I just said they don't want to remember the bad parts. The 1955 incident caused them to pull out and swear never to take part in Le Mans until their partnership in Sauber bore a Le Mans win. The 1999 incident also caused Mercedes to sell off their whole CLR fleet and wipe away its existence and kill their entire Le Mans programmes just when they were on the cusp of winning with the CLK-LM.


Never ask a woman her age, a man his salary and a german company what were they doing form 1933 to 1945


>Mercedes is very good at memory holing embarrassing and bad parts of their history, see the flying Benz at Le Mans in 1955 an 1999. or the 6 wheeled car used by a certain famous Austrian.


That's a shame, why can't they just have the 722 as a McLaren and the "non" one as a Mercedes? that way everybody wins :D


Technically the 722 is still a Mercedes licensed name. Coming from Stirling Moss' milie miglia record holder. McLaren did "resto-mod" the SLR recently to create the MSO SLR. Maybe there might be hope for the SLR to be represented in another form.


The game would have to list is as one or the other, that’s the issue


…can’t they just list it as a McLaren-Mercedes?


You think that Merc wouldn't be insisting it be listed under "Mercedes-McLaren"?


The solution is to call it the MM SLR. That way both M’s can stand for either brand and either can be first depending on just who you ask.


Idk. They do this for years now, I think we will never see this car again in a videogame.


This is why we cant have good things. >:C


The car was made by McLaren in the UK, but Mercedes owned 40% of the company, designed the concept and provided the powertrain (I think; the division of labour isn't as clear-cut as I hoped). Thing is I always remember it as a McLaren SLR (even though it had a Mercedes badge on it), and yet now it seems to be listed as a "Mercedes-McLaren" everywhere. I can see why there are issues at least!


That's funny how perception can vary, I always saw it as a Mercedes made in partnership with McLaren. But that's maybe because of gran turismo that featured the car under Mercedes since they didn't even have McLaren back then


Gran Turismo has had the car since GT4 in Mercedes' dealership... that's an odd issue for McLaren to have


This is because when the car was new, GT got dibs on a great license. This was just before the two car markers started fighting about the rights of the car. If and when that license deal expires, we might not see it again. Licenses are hashed out on car by car basis. You either get total years allowed or a set number of game releases allowed. A good example is the 928. PG / Turn 10 have to work out a deal each release. It's only been licensed per game. That said, [Kaz](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazunori_Yamauchi) is very much liked by the automotive industry. There is also the chance that he rings up someone and just has the license renewed. He has some pretty close relationships with employees in the field.


Everyone knows Yamauchi is a respected car fanatic and his relationship with manufacturers definitely exceeds Forzas relationships with them. Take the GT Vision cars for example. They literally work with Polyphony to make concept cars which is awesome. I know its irrelevant to this post but GT7 is gonna be sick!


This is one of my most wished cars since FH4


That's a fact. Everyone wants this car back.


Yeah, a shame. It's hard enough to deal with Mercedes and Mclaren alone, but with both at the same time? Talk about a headache. But still there is a chance it appears in the game. Then I ask again. What about a car that would be completely 100% impossible to appear in the game?


Haha, yeah here’s to hoping. It would be cool, but I doubt they’d ever put my car in the game; a 2012 Honda Crosstour. I’d love to put that thing through it’s paces as an A class cross country machine.


I'd like to see a gumpert Apollo or Chrysler me412


Ah yes, I remember the Gumpert Apollo back on FH1. It was a really good car.


Checked the comments to see if someone said the ME412... that thing looks absolutely beautiful


Best exotic to use in Midnight Club 3.


I saw that too, definitely a hit of nostalgia, I all but forgot about that thing. I remember it in test drive unlimited back in the day


Gumpert Apollo could actually make a return if they wanted. The guy who owns the branding is the same one that made Apollo IE and EA was able to get the licensing back for it with the Hot Pursuit remaster.


Or maybe they could add the Apollo N, the final variant of the Gumpert Apollo


Mazda Furai


Aaaahhh, just remembering what happened to that car is painful. Good choice thou.


Cadillac Cien


Took a lot of scrolling to find someone with this comment. I'm surprised the Cien isn't in any games besides Gran Turismo and I think some older games.


Makes me think of midnight club with the Sixteen


MC3 had one of the coolest car lists of any game. I loved all the early 2000s concept cars, and I hope we'll get to see them again.


VW W12 Nardo


Good idea, a dlc centered on concept cars would be interesting, even if the performances are not astonishing...


And add short history to forzavista, about why they created concept car, people behind construction, or other little intresting information will be amazing


Good one. That was a very nice concept car.


Yes! That's all I want, that car is so cool


I would love to see the VW Karmann Ghia again, one of my favourites in FH4, and I would love to see the Skoda 110 R, but, that's unlikely...


I think its safe to say that the Ghia will return eventually.


Škoda Octavia RS would've been nice to


A history of Skoda would be a great DLC


Not really impossible but I just want some normal cars. I would love to bomb around in an Odessey (witch was actually in fm7). I would also like Saab, but that would be a licensing nightmare.


Same, I want my personal car, 2015 tlx and like a Camry maybe and a few suvs?


Or like Subarus they've pretty much got all the legacies apart from the BM9s they've got the wrx version but not my one. If only the headlights weren't ugly


mclaren f1 lm, this car gets no love, or even a conversion kit for the regular f1 to transform it into the lm version


Aaaaah yes, Thats a good pick. But in my opinion it did not has to be a brand new car. If it comes as a body-kit for the regular Mclaren F1 I would be equally happy. Don't say it can be done, They did something like that on FH4 with the Lancia Stratos.


My favourite car in midnight club 3


Toyota Chaser


How there hasn't been a Chaser in any Forza titles is a mystery. Not sure if there have been many (if any) MkII's or Crowns either


I need it…. My dream car


If they do add it I hope it has decent customisation. Like a few of the Origin Labo kits, Vertex etc. I would love the Chaser to be added but any 1JZ 4 door would be good


Good news! The Dacia Sandero!


GREAT 👍 Moving on


Oh no! Anyways… Would be amazing to have a car produced in my country!




BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R


This was my favourite car in Need for Speed 2


Same here, along with the Ford indigo and the Lamborghini Calá.


Talking about these old Ford concept cars has me reminiscing on playing Ford Racing 2 on the PS2


You guys are really hitting my feels with NFS2 lol I still think that game and test drive 4 are what really got me into cars as a kid


I remember the game labeling it as the Italdesign Cala, wonder if it was based on your region what they called it.


No you're right it called Italdesign Calá for me to. Only latter I found out it was actually a Lamborghini designed by Italdesign. But this isn't a particular hard guess now is it?


Yooo that game was foundational for me. It was my first real introduction to sports car racing. I watched the videos for the cars over and over. I played split-screen with my dad on PC, each using a different side of the keyboard. Man… good old days.


Mazda Furai or the Mercedes Vision avtr


Mazda Furai would be sick. It was a rattlesnake in FM4.


Mazda Furai, also known as: Mazda Fire


Top Gear flashbacks


to this day the best looking racecar and you can't change my mind on that. still looks like it could have been designed this year.. or rather looked, am i right?


We need the Saab 9-3 Viggen! Perfect sleeper car that imo looks really nice. Sadly there'll probably never be any Saabs in Forza games...


The jet or the car?


What’s with Saab and using the same names for the jet and the car? Are they different companies?


900 turbo obviously would also be incredible and honestly, i don't really like the 9-3 because it just doesn't look good in my eyes but the 9-5 was and still is gorgeous and ahead of it's time and also got a 300hp v6 version that weighed like 2 tons. that would be a cool saloon imo.


Was looking for a Saab comment !!


Alfa Romeo SZ


Any Alfa really, at this point. I miss my 4C.


They're coming.


The Viper GTSR Concept for sure. That thing still makes me feel things everytime I see it even 20 years later <3 Still IMHO the single most stunning modern American car ever thought up.


Mazda 6 any 2014 or newer versions. I literally have not seen it in any game ever.


Forza needs more normal-ass sedans we can turn into sleepers!


I agree heavily!


[Renault Espace F1](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/69/54/33/6954334c669c01459e25e92f23ad5381.jpg) I highly doubt this car will ever make it into a Forza game, but I think it'd be awesome if it did!


Wanna know a car that won't appear in a million years? 2001 Renault Talisman http://www.diseno-art.com/encyclopedia/concept_cars/renault_talisman.html


Oh wow! That's a pretty interesting looking car for sure. I'd drive it. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thumbs_up) I know another Renault that I can't ever see appearing in any Forza game, the [Renault Twizy](https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-WYnnKjcWIo8/UK03VgihQHI/AAAAAAAADF8/PShxYoJ-R04/s1600/2012-11-20-Renault-Twizy-05-(carwalls.blogspot.com).jpg). It's a funny little thing & I'd love to see it tuned. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


Vw golf w12


Ooohh, classic.




Panoz Esperante GTR-1. I had a hot wheels car of one when I was a kid, and I don't think I've ever seen one in a video game. Edit: an xbox racing game.


Wow, I just Googled to check and I had that same Hot Wheels car, I probably got it at least 20 years ago. I remember it from Midtown Madness 1 and 2 on PC.


Hennessy Exorcist, we have the RTR and Hellcat, every demon needs an exorcist.


Vector W8, DeTomaso Pantera and Mangusta, Jensen Interceptor, Vauxall VXR8 Bathurst, Ford TS50, Mitsubishi FTO


VW Golf GTI W12, because even the thought of it is bonkers


Nazca C2


Honda Odyssey


Saab 93 estate


Or any Saab right? Who even owns the licensing for them?


That’s what I said. Any Saab. There can be so many though….


I wish we could get the Mazda Furai


In case you don't know (Witch I really doubt), this is the 1995 Ford GT90.


I wouldnt be surprised if those that didnt grow up with video games from 1999 to 2005 dont know of it. I have only seen it from ford racing 2 back in the day, and I think it was in gran turismo 2 but I dont remember that game all that well. I am definitely a fan of interesting concept cars through the years though, as video games are the perfect world where these wild one off cars are drivable.


I learned about it from a coffee table book called Dream Cars.


Holy crap, now you’re hitting the way back button. I had that same book. Still do, somewhere…


Yes, it was on Gran Turismo 2. But the biggest fanbase of this car, myself included, came from driving it in Need For Speed 2 SE.


I actually had no idea, I got into need for speed with most wanted (original version), it a really cool looking car though!


I remember this car from SEGA GT 2002


Not impossible, but I’d love to see a 3rd-Gen Honda Prelude Si 4WS.


Yes! I always wondered why all the preludes in games are the early 90’s models. The 3rd gens were always the better performers and more popular


My first car was an ‘89 Prelude Si with the slushy automatic, so I have a soft spot for the 3rd-Gen models. Even after upgrading to an ‘01 S2000 and now a ‘20 86 GT, I still find myself missing the Prelude. 134 bhp never felt so fun.


F150 Lightning both the old one and the new electric


All three generations, please.


Fiat Multipla, Renault Twizy, or Top Gear P45


Quad turbo V12 is just a wild concept back in the 90s.. no wonder it never made it to production.


Top Speed: 407-KPH/253-MPH 720 horse power. Chassis and 5 speed gearbox straight away from the Jaguar XJ220. And all of this stock. Yeah, it would have bean the actual fastest car in the world in the 90's. Destined to become a classic. Such a shame we never got it.


Ford GT90 Shelby Cobra Concept (last seen in MCLA) Ford GR1 Concept Chrysler ME412 Cadillac Cien Cadillac Sixteen VW Golf W12 Mazda Furai Ram T-Rex 6x6 AB Flug Supra / RE Ameniya RX7 / MINE's R34 / Tommi Kaira Impreza \[or at least the body kit conversions for them\]


Ford Mondeo


A lada Riva. That is all.


We could also add a Yugo. Can you imagine? a 1000HP Yugo? XD It would be as funny as the Bmw Izetta.


I want a lot of Volvos. Volvo Estate Concept, XC70, XC90 R-Design/Polestar, V90 Cross County, S60 R-Design, XC60 R-Design, XC Coupe Concept. And some of old fascinating beauty’s like the P1800, P130/120 Amazon, PV544, 242/244/245, the little 66 or the strange 480. And other ones. But seems that the developers don’t like Volvos. (Sorry for the bad English)


Agreed! Missed opportunity on the latest V60 Polestar, V60 Cross Country, V90 Cross Country, XC60 and XC 90. Plus a return of the C30 would be fun to drop AWD into!


Wish they would put more common-seen SUVs in the game (Tahoe, Yukon, etc)


There’s some good rare ones too like the gmc typhoon that should get added


The typhoon was in FH4, should be added soon enough to FH5


Sedans also


I'd totally drive a turbo forester on the dirt races


I'd kill for my irl truck in game, just a humble '99 tahoe


Fj cruiser


I would love for the FJ, 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra and the Lexus GX460 etc to make their way to FH5. Also more Lexus cars than the LFA.


Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4


Bugey wrx wagon please! Or AT LEAST make the bugeye a kit for the 2004...


A Prius


Genesis coupe😭


Lamborghini Sian


I wouldn't doubt that in two years we get the Sian as a DLC. Its quite possible.


Autozam AZ-1


Any Tesla. They were in FH3, but never again.


Any reason why?


Tesla is really touchy when it comes to legal stuff


Tesla is super against advertising and don't want to appear in games anymore (at least from what I heard). Kinda weird because Elon wanted Cybertruck in Cyberpunk and CDPR wanted it too.


Dodge Copperhead Concept...still a complete missed opportunity for Dodge


Do you want to know of Dodge's biggest missed opportunity? 1996 Dodge RAM T-Rex https://blog.consumerguide.com/forgotten-concept-dodge-ram-t-rex-6x6/ They could have bean the one that popularized the 6X6 instead of AMG. But NO. They had to screw it up. The same thing with Ford and their terrible decision to shelve the GT90. That could have bean the first V12 American Super-car.


Exactly, a ton of missed opportunities with concepts...just like the Chrysler Pronto Cruiser/Pronto Spyder, could've been actual cool cars but instead turned into the PT Loser by the time it hit production...so many sad stories from Detroit in the 90's/00's


Well now I want to play the OG Gran Turismo games. Haven’t thought about the Copperhead since I was 9.


I want my Eumos Cosmos


Suzuki Samurai/Jimny 2nd Gen (1980s model) BTW, I remember driving your car in Need For Speed, OP (the second one I think)




They could just make a GTR body-kit for the regular P1 and it would be enough.


Pontiac Aztek. Would definitely be a car you could engine swap a 1500 hp v12 into. That would be hilarious.


I’m waiting to get a Xbox series X before I get FH5, but I’d like to see a Ferrari 550 Maranello if it isn’t in the game already. I’ve loved that car since I was 10 years old.


2022 F1 car


I'd love to see it, but I feel like that would have to come with the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez... I mean sign me up for it.


that would be so fucking awesome. then you could just have street races with just f1 cars. I'd be in heaven.


Nissan r92cp


787b, 88cv, sauber c9, xjr 9, p956.. just gimme any group C cars...


I’d kill for the GT90 in game. Along with the Italdesign Cala. Maybe the Chrysler ME412. The McLaren F1 LM. The bend McLaren SLR. The VW W12. There’s a lot


I just want a bunch of normal daily drivers to be added. Like some 04/10 Impala, Toyota Prius, Saturn S-Series, Buick Park Avenue... Just super normal stuff for shits and grins of tuning in races.


SLR McLaren, Audi LeMans Quattro, Spyker C8 and Mazda 787B. These bring back memories of my early racing game days (Gran Turismo and Midnight Club: Dub Edition Remix)


Give me back my lancia rally cars :'( and add group S cars that would be crazy


1999 Mercury Cougar


Is it just me, or that car look like a redesign Ford Focus? I'm not complaining, Its a very pretty car.


Yup, that was Ford's 'new edge' design era. It's actually remarkably similar to the Ford Puma that's in FH5, so I pretend it's the Cougar.


I’m pretty sure it’s the same platform. I think that Mercury just isn’t popular overseas so they got the puma and we got the cougar. Same as how Honda had the integra overseas but we got it badged as an Acura.


Mercedes 560 sec amg That or my 2001 Ford ranger 4.0 v6 that will definitely never be in the game.


I have plenty of cars i’d love to see in Forza that I doubt we ever will. Like the Vector W8 or the Mastretta MXT, the MXT would be perfect for FH5 as it is a Mexican car.


The gt90 would be sweeeeeeet Mine wouldn't be anything crazy, just a 92 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. You can get the second gen gsx in fh5, but it would be cool to cruise around in the first gen. My runner up: Pontiac Fiero (with option to upgrade to the Northstar engine conversion)


Any F1 car. We got nascar, why not F1?




This has always been one of my favorite concept cars ever. Ford is making a mistake having 10+ Mustangs and zero GT90s in the games. My dream car in this game would be a '91 Chevy Lumina. It was my first car, owned first by my great-grandfather, then by my grandfather, who gave it to me.


It’s nothin crazy but why have we never gotten Chevy Silverado 1500’s or Ford F-150’s? They’re easily the most popular trucks in the U.S almost and the aftermarket parts that could be added is endless


Luxury cars. It would just feel cool to drive them. Obviously stupid because well, heated seats don’t really work in a video game


We got one car from Italdesign, I'd like to see more from them like the Scighera, the Cala, or the Nazca C2.


Hyundai Genesis Coupe


2014 Genesis Coupe 🥲


Chevy Silverado ss


Yes! More sport trucks! I want the Ford lightning too


Ferrari 333SP. They have it FM7 but I would love to see it in Horizon


Peugeot 306 XN.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


renault sport rs1


All the cars from forza Motorsport 4!


I’m with you 100% on the GT90…liked that thing since need for speed 2. I was just thinking about that thing the other day when I saw they put in a GT70 (which I have never even heard of) but they don’t have a GT90


The Volkswagen W12 Nardo Concept.


ELF. Since this game to my knowledge has no EVs to my knowledge I doubt we'll be getting one where you could argue whether it's a bike or a car. It could be cool to go head to head with the BMW Isetta and the Peel cars if they make it back in. Not as pipe dreamy, but Mustang Mach-E. Mostly because that car living rent free in car nerds' heads is funny to me. But again, does this game have any EVs? A Saturn S-Series. Saturn doesn't exist anymore so GM probably doesn't want to promote the brand, and it's ultimately not iconic, but I'd like to see it because it's nostalgic to me. I want a Bricklin SV1 entirely because my dad was a nerd for them. A Blue Bird school bus. Toyota Corolla Sport. North American variant of the AE86, but I doubt they'd put time into making a car which the more popular version is already in the game. An open-wheel car. I'm going to guess F1 and other leagues don't want a more "motorsport as a hobby" based game to have these, but it'd be cool. The Dale would be cool, but given that car was never in a working state I doubt it's feasible. But the game does have two fictional cars (Bone Shaker and Warthog) so I wouldn't say it's completely impossible. GM EV1 is a cool and important one, but I don't think GM wants that part of their history highlighted given how it ends. Glad to see I'm not the only person who wants the GT90, along with the other missing Ford GTs (GT40 MKIII, IV, and V, the GT40 Roadster and J-car, and the 2020 GT MKII; the GTX1 got leaked.) The GT90 is the most important one though since it's not a revision of a car in the game. Really the GT90, EV1, Dale, and maybe one or two others could be a good "Limited, Unreleased, and Unmade" Car Pack.