Why do so many guys and girls say size doesn't matter? Do they genuinely believe this? Because it does matter for me....

Why do so many guys and girls say size doesn't matter? Do they genuinely believe this? Because it does matter for me....


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Somehow they have confused “size doesn’t matter” when it comes to being a person worthy of basic dignity and “size doesn’t matter” when it comes to being a sex partner. Bigger isn’t always better (there’s a subreddit for that), but there is certainly a bare minimum for PIV sex to be enjoyable. If a man doesn’t meet that and insists on PIV sex as the main event, he’s gonna have as much trouble impressing the ladies with his member as he did impressing the gents back in the locker room. Maybe such a man could sign up for lessons with a prolific lesbian? I think that’s the only sex work I could get behind. :D


Intensity/preferred location of orgasm is different from person to person. Some women like clitoral stimulation others prefer PIV. I'm so sensitive that clitoral is painful so PIV is what I go for and I need a decent size for that to happen. I abhor pain during sex or intimacy, so too big is too painful (which is even worse because my bc leaves me pretty dry). Everyone has their own specifications but I think it's dishonest to say that size doesn't matter. Nothing wrong with having preferences or requirements because shitty sex is a drawback.


What matters is the shape and size that works for your maximum pleasure and honestly small and thin isn't pleasurable. That's just the simple truth.


For me it’s even irrelevant whether a woman is a size queen. Why is the cock so goddamn sacred? I had to grow up listening to men sing their “preferences” out loud with a full chest, and if women objected, we were told to “lighten up” or get breast implants or something then. They are always just like “sucks to suck I guess” and they aren’t fussed about any woman’s feelings. It does not EVER phase them to say heinous shit. Too fat (landwhale), too skinny (real men want dat ass), flat chested (pancake/fried egg tits), too buxom (ewww they sag and have stretch marks unlike porn!) too tall (Sasquatch), too dark/hair too kinky (racist), p*ssy shaming (roast beef, stinky, slimy, etc), sl*tty (too sexual), prude (doesn’t let me choke her), the list goes on and fucking onnnnn. So no I won’t bust out my tiny violin for these clowns. Hypocritical assholes. 🎻🤡


lmao they're allowed to talk shit about skinny/overweight/obese women and tall women and basically any kind of women but god forbid we talk about cock right? Why do they get to tell everybody their preferences and we don't? Frankly that doesn't sound like equality to me


Exactly. Don’t get me wrong, men should feel free to state their preferences, because it’s a great free red flag for women when a guy is classless and piggish, braying about boobs and asses. But miss me with that fake outrage bullshit they do when women state what they like (in a far kinder way that any man might I add). They just don’t want women to talk. They just want to keep that bar in hell.


The joke is really on them though, the less we are allowed to talk about what we like in men the more we will congregate in places like this subreddit where we can actually speak our minds and strategize together. I may not mention out loud that I like big dicks because I'm scared of hurting the male ego but that doesn't mean I won't leave a guy if I figure out he's small and we're anatomically incompatible.


All I know is my chest size won’t prevent a man from having an orgasm


From now on, if any LVM in my life ever dares to ask why I am single I will be frank. I will say that there has not been a man with a cock as big a his hearth has to be in my life. And I will watch in glee their reactions. Haha, die mad, flabby and short manlets 🤣🤣🤣


Because we literally live in a society build on the belief that “Penis” is god. We moved from believing that women and their power to give birth was magical to dick as the symbol of power. When that wasn’t enough to get rid of religious believes of “the goddess and her magical vagina” they had to move on to the one true god. If you want to know more read: “Who cooked the last supper: The Women’s History of the World”


LVX actually asked me to get breast implants LOL so you are 100% right about this.


I think the reason why a lot of women say that size doesn’t matter is because regardless of size, most men are *still* unable to satisfy us. So, if PIV doesn’t result in orgasms anyway, why would size matter? If it’s large, they lack the patience and so sex is painful. If it’s small, they don’t compensate by doing other things. And if it’s average, well, they still couldn’t give a fuck about your pleasure. Anyway, my ideal is on the larger size of average, but not too big. Size does matter to me, but I can understand how it’s unimportant to other women if size has not impacted their pleasure either way.


It matters. If it’s too small I can’t feel anything. If it’s too big it hurts. 6-7 in. is *chefs kiss* I used to tell men that were smaller that it doesn’t matter and that theirs was OK because I felt bad criticizing a part of their bodies that they have no control over. After how they treated me, I should’ve told them that their micro penises would’ve never gotten me anywhere.


This right here. I only ever got the "bigger is better" talks and I went too big once and that shit hurt... But smaller guys just don't do it either. There's no satisfaction. A healthy, girthy, medium is where it's at. Size matters.


100% agree, I had an ex who was 5'10" with a 6.5" penis. Those proportions were so good for me! I'm sick of coddling men who don't live up to my standards when I know EXACTLY what I'm after.


Yeah, it definitely matters. It sounds so nice to say it doesn’t but that’s just not anatomical reality.


yeah like I was reading about the anterior/posterior fornix yesterday which I think might be why it feels so good for me, and I realized that there is literally biology to back up why size DOES matter for some women...penis size was selected for throughout history for a reason lmao. the male ego seems to get in the way of us all collectively admitting this...


The male ego gets in the way of everything.


Dude. Anterior/posterior fornix is SO important to me, way more than gspot and probably more than clit actually. If a guy isn’t long enough to reach back there I’m so sad. That’s why it also drives me crazy when people say “size matters but it’s girth not length; the vagina is only 3-5 inches long” like uhhhh I guess if all you care about is your gspot? 🙄 Also if my vagina is 5 inches long and I want you to hit my fornix (1 inch behind the cervix top and bottom) I’m gonna need you to be longer than average too…


The biggest joke is that the 3 to 5 inches they're quoting is the unaroused vagina. UNAROUSED All to not "hurt men's feelings" they lie to women about our anatomy.


Wow I didn’t even know that. This is all such a scam.


TIL a new thing about my anatomy.


It absolutely does matter, they say that to front and to I guess trick themselves. Of course it does, hello.. They have no issue pointing out the flaws of women.. like how incels pick apart women’s bodies. They want constant sex but it’s your choice to not want to have sex with a man that has a small penis or is terrible in bed. Most of the time it looks like a nub in some ratty bush, all deformed looking. 🤣 *shivers then laughs*


like a little thumb? lol. incels have their "roast beef" insult we need some word for micropenises/slutty or pornsick dicks


Thumbs are actually useful, though.


This is 100% only said too assuage fragile male egos. They love to dish out body criticism but they can't take it themselves.


I too am guilty of saying size doesn't matter to a guy when he repeatedly asked me (at first I didn't understand that he was talking about the junk). BUT hear me out. I did not even know that micropenises existed. What I percieved as small was a size that is the length of my hand...


I am one of those who doesn't think bigger is better. Big hurts me, but there's also been some that are too small still. So yeah, I'm the goldilocks of dick.


Especially because in my experience, guys with Big Dicks think that just because they're packing, it means they don't have to utilize foreplay or anything just for the woman's pleasure. They really think we'll come in three pumps 🙄


And they think we'll be instantly aroused by looking at it. Sir, no.


Same. 6-8 is perfect and I can’t go bigger.


“I’m the Goldilocks of dick” 😂


Yeah, same. Had an ex with a big one. Was not nice at all. I like a good average size 😆 The likelihood to cum is also a lot higher.


Same, one of my ex’s really hurt me, there was nothing wrong with him, but eventually I didn’t even want sex because of the thought of it hurting. I’ve also experience where it’s way too small, that actual penetration never happened. I’m with someone atm who is just right lol Everyone’s Goldie lock dïck is different, but I agree size definitely matters.


I think it depends on your experiences. Big can be subjective. Like my ex had a dick 10 inches long with the width of a coke can, after seeing/feeling that I adjusted my opinion to "some dicks are too big"




Too big and too small both matter. Too long and too short both matter. Too thick and too thin both matter. Shape matters. People have different vaginas. What feels good for one person might not feel good for someone else. People who say these things don't matter aren't being factual, they are being "political" they are living in a theoretical fantasy-land where it shouldn't matter but the problem is that it DOES. Penis isn't just about what's pleasing to the eye, it's 100% about what's pleasing to the vagina. I don't care how much you feelings get hurt. My vagina is Goldilocks, your dick can't be too this or too that, it has to be JUST RIGHT.




yeah i've actually thought about that, it's going to be harder to leave a LVM if the sex and penetration always feels good haha. I have an idea to prevent this though - preventing PIV as long as possible with a guy. So like 3 months in, just oral and hand stuff for as long as you need to to make sure he cares about your pleasure. About 1-3 more months should be enough to know for sure if he's worth it


That's true. Being able to cum from PIV isn't always as good as it seems when me don't bother to satisfy in other ways.


How many of us really prefer a 4 inch pencil dick? Let's be real. LOL.


The unfortunate 15-30% of us that experience pain with penetration. My vagina is so small even menstrual cups feel like torture devices; I can’t use them. Pencil dick is actually my preference because it can reach from certain positions but never stretch me past my comfort zone. Come talk to me instead, boys! LOL 😆


Size totally does matter. You don't have to like huge dicks to say it either. It matters to me in the way of I don't want a super huge one and I don't want a small one either; I prefer the classic mid-sized peen. Some of us will not be able to enjoy it if it's too big and painful, and some of us like vaginal intercourse and can't get that from a micropenis. There are plenty of reasons to care about it. People who gripe about "size queens" and try to make you doubt your preferences are grossly insecure.


Size does matter to me too. I’ve met a man with the right size I preferred. He was big but not too big. There was one man I was seeing for a while who had the biggest dick I had ever seen and I hated it. Realized there’s such a thing as too big. I’m still a size queen but I won’t go bigger than a certain size. I feel like women need to honest about our preferences because it does affect the the quality for piv. Some women have smaller canals and some larger naturally so it makes sense to have a preference. Like I won’t date a man that’s not at least average because I won’t feel anything if he is too small. It’s 100% okay to dump a man for this because this is a man you’re considering having sex with for a very long time.


Hell yes, size matters. Tf. People are out here constantly trying not to hurt someone's feelings. Not me. Sorry, not sorry.


There was only a few months between the last time I had sex with my ex and the first time I sex with my husband. So everything was fresh on my mind. My ex never made me come. He was slightly below average size. I thought I just didn’t like sex and couldn’t come from PIV. Then I got with my husband. My SO is very above average. (8 inches and thick) And that made a huge difference.


Size queen 👑here. Can confirm.


The micro-pp stories I hear on this sub scare me lol. I'll kick a man out for that. 😂 The best sex I've had has **always** been with guys who are above average in size. Size matters a lot to me. When I was younger, I gave one of those "motion of the ocean" losers a chance, and ugh. He was so insecure.


Im also into bigger dudes (6+) but the main problem with that is they're fuckboys


yeah the extroverted ones are. I attract a lot of introverted sorta quietly confident guys who aren't fuckboys. Don't use dating apps because everyone on there is a potential fuckboy, whether he's average or small or big or whatever


I concur. The larger penis men were whores


Even if size genuinely doesn't matter to you their attitude should. Small dick guys are insecure and have no confidence, you'llbe constantly trying to make them feel adequate. I truly believe in big dick energy. They don't need constant reassurance


It matters!! 📢I like big Ds. The way they feel and the way they look. They are just better imo. They feel manly and mighty. They look proud. I like to actually feel it inside me when the sex happens. This is not a prefferrence that's gonna change for me no matter how many doctorates and studies out there confirm that size doesn't matter. Just like a man being tall and well built, it simply attracts me cause I find it sooo manly🥰 "Ooh, but I have no control over it" That's too bad "But you are so tiny, it will hurt you" No, it won't, cause I won't be dry. "Oh but there are other ways a guy could pleasure you" It would only make make me feel bad for him, not aroused. And a big guy can do it too. Edit:format


> there are other ways a guy could pleasure you They always say this and it's true buuuut.... a guy with a small D isn't any more likely to do those things than a guy with an average or big one. So best bet is to go with what you actually want.


They act like men with big dicks can't eat pussy or rub your clit lol


btw I don't know of any studies out there that attempt to confirm size doesn't matter. I do know that there are studies out there that indicate the complete opposite...like for example, did you know that they've found the cervix, when stimulated, gets a brain reaction right alongside those of the clitoris and the vagina? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3186818/


I'm not surprised at all🙄 Sounds like something that 'moashyn of the oashyn' could not achieve alone...


yeah hands do Not feel the same, period


Because we’re socialized to not hurt men’s precious feelings 🥺 Size definitely matters. The bigger the better 😌


I wanna walk funny the next day jk 🤪


I’m a size queen and will always be!!


"size doesn't matter" only if you want to feel nothing. Women are expected to passively accept what's given and not ask for anything more. If a man isn't making me cum every time I will leave and go fine one who will. It's my lowest bar a man has to meet for me to even look at him. Big dick or get out.


My theory is that’s their coping mechanism. If you have a big dick, great. If it’s small and you “know how to use it” and size REALLY “doesn’t matter”, why would you joke about it? Do you expect people to laugh and make you feel good about yourself with the countless “awh of course it doesn’t matter I aCtUaLlY pReFeR tHeM sMaLlEr”


Like everything, men are socialized not to feel shame and women are taught shame. Can’t talk about women’s preferences cause that’s shaming men! And “oh well fine then it’s not sexist for men to say they only want women with large breasts!” Men shame every inch of women’s bodies and condition women to diet and have eating disorders a bur god forbid women have sexual preferences thats “oppressing men” and “just as bad.” They think we exist to sexually please them, that’s why. And they are entitled.


Size absolutely matters! I’ve literally broken up with two quality boyfriends because they were too big for me. It made sex painful and I hated watching them be cautious instead of enjoying the moment. Size matters.




It’s all about not hurting the feefees of some fragile scrote. They are conditioned to think they are perfect and when someone criticizes the size of the thing they value the most, then the world has to burn.


It matters. Under 4" is too small to do anything with and a woman will not be happy (although a pickme may lie and say it's fine). Whatever a guy is, even if way under average, will convince himself he is average. 6" guys. 6" is average and 6"-7.5" is the only size women are most happy with. If you're under 5" guys, get good at oral and buy toys and incorporate them into sex.


For me PIV isn't the most important part of sex. I get off more from other things, so size isn't what matters most to me. That being said, I do have a preferable size, which is thin but of average length or longer.


There is absolutely no point in having PIV sex if the dick isn't going to bring you to orgasm and satisfy you. I ain't taking on the risk of PIV sex just so some small dicked dude can get off. My crotch isn't a charity, I will not fuck because I "care". I will not let some tiny dicked dude rub his meat inside of me because "It's nice to be close" fffffuck that dumb shit. I do NOT care. Go straight to hell


Can we stop with this lie that men care about our orgasm, and the harmful idea that we're all supposed to "work towards a piv orgasm". Most of us CAN'T. Telling men that the right dick will make us come just puts the idea in their stupid heads that they are the right dick and we need to start all over again with the months of experimenting for no orgasm, all for their ego. If men cared about our orgasm, they'd all learn to give oral, listen when we tell them how to finger us, or stfu when we use a vibrator. They'd *like* if we orgasmed while they pumped away getting their own. But they *don't care* if we don't. In fact they blame us for our anatomy "not working". My clit works just fine. Stop being penis-centric. Your precious dick will not make most women come.


Size totally matters and anyone who says it doesn't it trying to avoid hurting male fee fees. I personally don't like them too long because they touch my cervix and hurt, but I prefer them...girthy.


Some of the best lovers I’ve ever had also had the smallest penises. Hence why I’m so over their concern about size. Fucking learn to please a woman, Chad.


Size doesn't matter to me ...Because I'm asexual and don't like sex ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


It does matter. Not too small and not too big is the best.


Yeah I'd say it definitely matters when the guy is no bigger around than the diameter of a quarter... :-/


It definitely matters. I want them circumcised too.


For PIV it does matter. Like I can't cum fingering myself because finger is just too short so I measured how much a minimum dick has to be to touch that spot so it has to be at least 5.5inch / 14cm which is pretty average actually. But it still counts as that size in fact do matter. Also thick feels better too. Ofc some scrotes love to blame females for having some preference in that matter like that we have lose vagina but if giving a birth to a baby isn't making it lose then definitely even a horse dick isn't going to do that.


Anyone who says that is lying. There is definitely a Goldilocks Zone regarding dick size.


Doesn't matter to me because penetration can't get me there. It's fine when I have it, but I wouldn't miss it if I didn't. My current partner has no dick, but the sex is the best I've had. I had a dude legit get into a fight with me in the comments over the fact that penetration does nothing for me.


Size does matter but it’s not all. I’ve been with huge dicks that didn’t make me orgasm and I’ve been with average size that would make me orgasm.


It doesnt matter to me but im demisexual. I really dont care for size except if its too large then its a no for me


It doesn't matter much *to me* (what matters to me is effort, enthusiasm, willingness to give and take feedback, etc) but I always shy away from saying that around here because I'm afraid it will be misinterpreted as pickme-ing.


based on info from my "slutty" friends - don't matter the size, most guys suck in bed regardless




It absolutely matters. If it's too long, my cervix WON'T take it. I've had that problem with previous exes. On the other side, if i can't feel it... yeah it feels horrible. I was one of those that thought that size didn't matter until i met a 3inch man. NEVER AGAIN! UGH


LVM just shove it in there. Dry or wet, all they know is that they need to hurry and cum because it only lasts 3 minutes or so.